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Latest stories Taboo Step Sister Walks in on Me (part 2)

“Carrie who the hell is that?” “Kevin, I told you it’s your surprise.
” I was really panicking since both my step sister and I were fully naked, after pulling out of her pussy to take a break.
“Oh Kevin, you think you’re taking a break? Well you’re going to be fucking this cunt of mine the whole day.
” “Carrie seriously, who’s at the fucking door?” Carrie got up quickly and ran downstairs to answer the door, while she was still naked.
“Wait Carrie your clothes” but it was no use, she ignored what I was saying.
As I listened at the top of the stairs, I can hear both my step sister’s voice and another female voice that I recognized, but who? “Oh my god, it can’t be,” I whispered to myself, stunned by who it can be.
“Hey Kevin,” the voice yelled.
 “Kevin get your ass down here, your surprise is waiting.
Oh and you better still be naked, because if you’re not, I’ll come up there and rip them right off.
” Carrie called up to me.
As I slowly walked down the stairs with nothing on and my cock swinging back and fourth, so many thoughts were running through my mind of who it can be.
I got to the base of the stairs and continued to walk slowly into the next room where my surprise guest was waiting.
Carrie met me halfway and led me to the family room and there sitting on the couch was who I guessed, Kyla.
Before I continue, let me introduce you to Kyla.
Kyla and Carrie have been the best of friends since middle school and they are inseparable.
Kyla is seventeen years old, the same age as Carrie.
She is about five foot five inches, has an amazing petite, but athletic body, and the most beautiful face.
To tell you truth, I have had a crush on her for about a year now.
  “Hey Kevin, how have you been? It’s been a while,” Kyla said in a soft and friendly voice.
“Well, I’ve been really good.
” “Well that is always good to here.
So I heard, you and Carrie have been fucking each other all morning.
” “Uh.
yeah and it was great.
” “Haha, well what would you say if you were to fuck a second virgin today.
” “Oh wow, this is really turning into a great day.
” “Oh and Kevin, Carrie told me you had a crush on me for a while now.
To be honest, I love you too.
I always wanted to date a guy that will not only fuck my pussy, but his step sister’s as well.
” Sorry about that everyone, I forgot, I told Carrie that I had some feelings for Kyla, but would never want to cross that boundary since they are friends.
Just then, Kyla slowly stood up swaying her hips in a sexy way and began unzipping the sweatshirt she was wearing.
As the sweatshirt was unzipped, it exposed her chiseled abs and her amazing chest.
Kyla had such amazing tits, even though she had a smaller breast size like Carrie, but I really don’t care as long as I can we can fuck whenever possible.
As Kyla kept slowly swaying her hips, her hands wrapped around the waistband of her pants, she slowly pulled them down revealing her cherry red thong.
“You like?” she asked.
“I don’t like it, I love it.
” While all this was happening, Carrie was becoming very horny and had to please herself, while watching her best friend stripping for the both of us.
Kyla’s cherry red thong slowly was pulled down exposing her beautiful bald pussy.
She even spread her legs to show her cute pink pussy lips that were begging to be fucked.
“Now that I’m ready, let me play with that big cock that you have.
” I laid back on the couch and Kyla knelt down between my legs.
She wrapped her little cold hand around my shaft and paused to admire what she had in her hand.
“Kevin, here’s my phone take a picture of me” she said as she put her face next to my cock.
As I took a picture I noticed just how big my cock was when it was almost the size of her face.
She then started jerking my cock and fondling my balls.
“Isn’t his cock huge?” Carrie was asking Kyla.
“Oh it’s huge,” she said in reply.
“Kyla just suck my cock and Carrie help her out in a little while,” I said as Kyla continued messaging my cock.
Once she was ready, Kyla hovered over the head of my eight inch dick.
Online Now! Lush Cams TammyBros Then it was time.
Kyla inserted my cock into her warm mouth and she was able to fit about six inches in her mouth before releasing.
My cock was so hard and she was really exciting me to stay rock solid.
Kyla’s lips stayed air tight around my shaft as she bobbed her head.
At times she like to excite me by sucking and jerking my cock at the same time.
“Oh shit, that feels good.
How do you know how to do that?” “You know what they say, practice makes perfect.
” “Kevin, I was with her, we practiced with vegetables” Carrie said, cutting into the conversation.
Just then Carrie slid off the couch and moved in between my legs next to Kyla.
Kyla pulled my cock out of her mouth and let Carrie engulf it.
Once again, Carrie worked all up and down on my shaft, making me feel like I was on cloud nine.
“Hey Kyla, start sucking his balls while I work his huge prick,” Carrie instructed.
Kyla did what she was told and sucked one of my balls into her mouth.
I think I seriously was on cloud nine when seeing both my step sister and her friend, sucking my cock and balls.
The feeling was crazy good and both girls kept switching places, giving me a great sensation.
“Girls, get on your knees, my cock need a good deep throating.
Carrie you know what to do, I’ll let you go first, and Kyla you follow,” I demanded.
As the girls got into position I got in front of Carrie’s beautiful face and had her open that mouth of hers.
“Now watch Kyla, because this is what I’m going to do to you next.
” Carrie’s mouth was watering, hungry for cock.
As I got closer, I put my hands on the back of her head and guided her onto my cock.
I slowly pushed her head, letting it take in all eight inches of my dick.
I held her head for a second, to feel how far I was down in her throat, until I pulled out giving her air.
I shoved my cock back down her throat a few times making her gag.
I don’t know what is is, but letting your step sister give you head and some deep throat really feels good.
“Holy cow Carrie! I can’t believe you can get that whole thing in your mouth,” Kyla said in awe.
“It’s really not that bad, even though his cock goes deep down my throat, it feels really good.
You’re definitely going to gag though, but it only lasts a second before he pulls out,” Carrie said comforting Kyla for what was to come.
“Plus since Carrie’s spit is all over my cock, it’s going to slide down your throat much easier.
” I added.
When we thought Kyla was ready, I positioned my cock in front of her face.
Kyla opened her mouth and I placed my hands on the back of her head.
I pushed her head allowing my cock to slide into her mouth and deep down her throat.
I stayed in her throat for a quick second until she gagged.
“Holy fuck, I can’t believe I got your whole cock in my mouth.
” I took her head again and let her engulf all eight inches.
I had to leave my cock in her throat for a second more to adore that face of hers.
I pulled out and repeated the deep throating for a few more minutes.
I could tell she didn’t like it at first, but the more I fucked her throat, the more she liked it.
“Oh girls, I’m going to cum.
” Both Carrie and Kyla, knelt down in front of my cock as I began jerking it.
I felt it coming quick and all of a sudden I exploded.
My white hot cum was gushing out, spraying these two hot girls, right in the face.
I plastered both of them, shooting loads of my seed all over them.
“Oh shit,” both girls said once I finished.
They cleaned the cum off their eyes and were amazed at how much I dumped on them.
“That was amazing Kevin! Let’s go take a shower altogether and start our fuck session,” Carrie suggested.
And that’s exactly what we did next.
To be continued…



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