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You really need to read “Obsession,” the first part to this story, first.
Tina came down for breakfast about ten looking like she had woken from a hundred year sleep and was immediately hugged by Jessica.
She smiled and mumbled a good morning, which I responded to with a polite nod.
Jess and Tina went to the lounge, talking at some length about Richard, while I served fresh croissants and coffee.
I chose to withdraw to the garden to give the two women some space.
I guess my love making to Tina would be on the agenda and I didn’t want my ears burning.
Round about lunchtime the girls came out to the garden to find me.
“Come and sit down, David we have got something to tell you,” Tina said gripping my hand and pulling me towards the garden bench.
Jess said, “We’ve had a long chat and Tina has agreed to stay here with us until she can sort out renting a suitable house.
She has also decided to meet up with Richard and discuss getting a divorce.
” I responded, “That’s, good Tina.
Don’t you think for one minute of going back? But what about…” “Ah, we’ve also talked about that too,” Jess cut in.
“Well, what did you say?” “Tina told me the only sexual satisfaction she ever got was from masturbating secretly.
Richard never once gave Tina a proper orgasm, not even when they first met.
Selfish bastard.
I still can’t comprehend how frustrated Tina has been all these years.
” “What a prick!” I interjected.
“Point is Tina was shocked by how your love making made her feel.
She had no idea that a normal intercourse could be so gratifying.
I think Tina is due some catching up.
” Tina continued, “What Jess is trying to say, is that It’s OK for you to educate me sexually.
She told me you have a really high sex drive which she finds difficult to satisfy.
You are going to have to keep both of us happy now.
” I grinned.
How often does a fantasy like this come true? Then an idea popped into my head, “Why don’t we invite Tina to the Cottage? She could do with a break; it would give her a chance to look at things with afresh.
” “Yes, what a great Idea.
Tina, why don’t you come to the cottage with us for few days and get away from it all?” Jess agreed.
“I think I’d like that,” Tina immediately replied, “Getting away from Richard, right away is just what I need.
He can stew ‘til I come back, then I’ll tell him I want a divorce.
” Tina had another thought, while we digested what she was saying, “I know we talked about Dave having sex with me, but I don’t want to ruin your marriage, one ruined marriage is enough, so we have to agree that everything must be out in the open.
Agreed?” “Agreed,” I said.
“Agreed,” Jess said almost at the same time.
I drew both women close to me on the bench and kissed each on the cheeks.
This was going to be something really special.
A few days later we drove down to the cottage in the remote Herefordshire-Welsh Marches.
The cottage was small, made of local stone and had a slate roof.
It was on a small river that drained into the Wye about three miles from the nearest settlement.
We used the cottage as a retreat from our busy lives, preferring the tranquillity of the Black Mountains hinterland to the sun resorts of Spain or Portugal.
The drive was several hours and we arrived just after dark.
I lit a log fire in the grate, while the girls prepared a simple meal of pan fried brown trout, which I had caught on a previous trip and frozen.
We washed the meal down with a crisp white Burgundy which went down really well.
Feeling relaxed and mellow after our meal, we moved to the leather chesterfield in front of the fire and got cosy.
I played some music in the background while we chatted amiably.
It wasn’t long before the conversation turned inevitably to Tina’s sex life or lack of it.
So the conversation drifted to the pleasures of masturbation and our fantasies.
Tina had slid down on the sofa and was resting her head on my shoulder, while Jessica too had flopped over, rested her head in Tina’s lap.
As we laughed and chatted, I couldn’t resist letting my hand slip down Tina’s unbuttoned blouse.
She immediately guided my hand down to her braless breasts, which I proceeded to touch lightly, brushing my fingers casually over her engorged nipples.
Naturally, I was becoming quite aroused and Tina was encouraging me resting her hand over my growing erection.
At this point I had no idea how things were going to play out.
Would Jess watch me making love to Tina here in front of the fire? Or would she join in and make my wildest fantasies come true? Then Jess, who had innocently placed a hand on Tina’s thigh, pushed her hand up Tina’s loose fitting skirt and was started massaging her pubis.
To my knowledge Jess had never shown any inclination towards other women before now and this added a whole new dimension to the already sexually charged atmosphere.
Tina didn’t seem to object to Jess’s attentions and was becoming more and more aroused.
She pushed her legs apart, willing Jess to ease her tights down and press her fingers into her moist cavern.
I helped Tina’s remove her blouse, which exposed her petite, milky white breasts, while Jess pulled down Tina’s tights and panties.
Online Now! Lush Cams ElektraBlack Both of us were competing to seduce Tina as she lay stretched out on the sofa.
We were now both kneeling before the alter that was Tina.
I worshiped her breasts, lips and neck as my wife was massaged Tina’s thighs and stomach seductively with one hand and masturbated her wet vulva with the other.
Tina was groaning in ecstasy and couldn’t have been far off a huge orgasm when Jess did something even more unexpected.
She suddenly buried her head between Tina’s thighs and started to slurp and lick at her cunny.
I have never watched anything more erotic than that sight of my wife bringing my lover to the point of no return with her mouth.
Tina wasn’t going to be able to resist this for much longer and very soon after, shuddered violently as she was overcome by a powerful orgasm.
“I just had the most intense urge to taste your cunny,” Jess said after Tina’s came down from her climax.
“It was incredible.
What does it taste like Jess?” “It’s sort of sticky and musty, but surprisingly pleasant.
You were producing gallons of fluid.
” “You’ll have to let me check this out, I feel as if I’m losing out,” I chipped in.
“We can’t have that now, can we,” Jess said pulling her own clothes off.
Still kneeling Jess bent over the sofa and splayed her bottom out, inviting me penetrate her from behind.
I ripped off my trousers and knelt behind Jess, gripping her breasts.
My cock slipped into Jess’s cunny, which was as moist and slippy as Tina’s.
We fucked urgently, desperate for our own gratification.
I had never been so wildly turned on and fucked Jess with ferocity.
Now it was Tina’s turn to do something unexpected.
She came behind me and gripped the base of my cock as I slammed it ever harder into my wife’s cunny.
Using her other hand she started flipping her finger over my anus.
Maybe she knew about the male sensitive spot or maybe she remembered the other day and wanted to return the pleasure I had given her, because Tina instinctively found the right spot as she pushed her digit into my bottom.
There was no restraint, my cock immediately started pulsing out semen and set off Jess’s own orgasm.
One finger, two insane orgasms triggered almost instantly! “Let’s go up now; it’ll be comfier on the bed.
” Jess suggested.
Leaving our clothes in a heap we went upstairs to the converted loft area which served as our bedroom.
The bed was a standard double set against the far wall and had a large white, real duck-down duvet.
We climbed in.
Jess and Tina were either side of me.
At first we just snuggled up to each other, enjoying the afterglow of our initial sexual release.
After a short while Jess said, “David, make love to Tina now, but slowly.
” I knew what she wanted me to do.
We knew each other inside out, physically and emotionally.
We could tell instinctively whether the other wanted to fuck violently or make love tenderly.
She wanted Tina to experience something tender and loving.
“Yes, make love to me, David,” Tina pulled me over so that we now faced each other.
I lifted Tina’s leg over mine and guided my cock carefully into Tina, who was still incredibly moist.
I made love, slowly and gently, while Jess touched and encouraged us both.
We held off for maybe twenty minutes before we finally allowed a mutual orgasm to wash over us.
It was slower in coming but was deeper and more satisfying than our first hungry encounter.
After several minutes of basking in the afterglow of our orgasm, I removed myself from Tina and turned over to make love my wife.
I pushed my erection, which hadn’t abated and was still coated in a mixture of our sex fluid, into Jess.
We made love gently this time, melting into each other and becoming one.
This time Tina provided the extra hands that made our love making even more intense.
Our bodies crept slowly, oh so slowly towards heaven until we coalesced into a tantric, full-body orgasm, something we had only ever achieved once or twice before.
You can feel the orgasm in every part of your body and it doesn’t seem to end.
To those who have never experienced a full body orgasm, it is like the dull ache of tooth ache in every muscle as opposed to a normal orgasm which is more like sneezing.
It’s intense but over very quick.
“Jess, I love you more than ever,” I whispered.
But Jess was already in a deep sleep.
Her peaceful face told me she knew she was loved and radiated her love back to me.
Tina was hugging onto me strongly.
She said nothing, but I knew she was greatly affected by what she had witnessed.
Maybe she too would find her soul mate.
During the course of that marvellous week we explored many aspects of our sexually.
Somehow sharing sex with Tina had bought Jess and me even closer together, but we both learned to love Tina too.
Satisfying my obsession opened a whole new world of possibilities.
I shared my wife with my lover for several more weeks until an offer of a job in the South saw Tina move away to start a new life.
Tina’s divorce came through recently and the last I heard, she was in a new relationship and was very happy.
We are still in touch with Tina and are hoping to invite her and her new boyfriend over for a long weekend.
Now I can share my obsession with my wife.
But that’s another story.



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