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Latest stories Taboo What Have I Done Part 2

“I think that you know what I’m talking about.
What’s it going to be?” she asked as she looked at me with her seductive eyes.
” I hope you remember that we are not related” That did it for me.
 I couldn’t believe the words she just said.
It was like a dream for me, yet it was real.
I couldn’t stop myself any longer.
I didn’t care about what society would say or think anymore.
The only thing I cared about were the words she just said.
Any guy would be dumb to turn down an offer like this from someone as beautiful as she was.
My mind wasn’t thinking clearly, so I was unable to think of any words to answer her, but I remembered that someone once said that ‘actions speak louder then words.
’ Taking that advice, I quickly sealed our lips with a kiss.
 The second our lips touched, I felt her arms tighten around me pulling me even tighter against her.
Remembering what she said about the kiss I gave her in the lingerie shop, I gently and slowly caressed her lips with my tongue.
Once again I heard her take in a sudden gasp of air and a faint moan came from somewhere deep within her.
It was as if she was telling me that she completely approved of my decision.
 Instinctively I knew that from now on, I didn’t need to try to hide any erection from her eyes because it was okay.
 Our lips never separated.
I felt her trying to work her hand in between our bodies, so I moved a bit to the side as she forced her hand inside my boxers and grabbed my hard cock with her palm.
This caught me by surprise but I continued kissing her.
She began to stroke it slowly.
 The feel of her touching me that way was more then I could take.
I tried my best to resist, but much to my disappointment, I exploded.
I don’t know if that surprised her or not, but she stopped kissing and started laughing.
“I am so sorry.
It’s my first time,” I said in a dejected voice as I started to push myself up off her.
 I was so embarrassed that I wished I could crawl down a little hole and hide.
Instantly grabbing me, she pulled me back down and held me.
 “Awwh! Sorry dear.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
” Once again wrapping her arms around me, she pulled me back down on top of her.
 After hearing her explanation, I felt a lot better and we started kissing again.
 I couldn’t seem to get enough of those sexy lips.
 Not only were they pretty to look at, but pressed against mine they made me feel like I was in heaven on Earth.
I felt her trying to pull my shorts off, so I rose up slightly to allow her to do so.
 She slowly pushed them down my legs and with some squirming around we removed my boxers completely.
 I was now completely naked and the feeling of my body against hers was heavenly, even though she still wore panties and that bra she had purchased.
I know it wasn’t possible, but it seemed that with no clothes on, it brought me closer to her body.
We lay there for several minutes hugging and kissing.
 Our hands and fingers were busy exploring each other’s body.
 Her large breasts kept beckoning me like a beacon in the night calling all ships.
 There was so much of her wonderful body to explore and I wanted to experience every inch.
Every time I’d nibble on her ear I was rewarded with a moan of pleasure from her.
 Kissing and nuzzling her neck would bring a happy little giggle.
Now, every inch of my body was touching her.
I could feel her breasts being squashed against my chest.
Her nipples were hard and poking through the thin material, sending little thrills through my body like little electric shocks.
 Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to see, touch and kiss her two large breasts that had been almost the sole object of my attention since the moment I arrived at her front door.
The only thing that was keeping me from my goal was that black lacy support bra, the sight of which had caused me to go crazy when she modeled it for me at the lingerie store.
 Even though I had never had the pleasure of unhooking one, I knew that a bra was held in place by tiny clasps in the back.
 I had struggled momentarily while in that dressing room to remove it, but it had managed to thwart my best effort.
 It offered the last line of defense, protecting her two feminine charms from prying eyes and roving fingers, but this time I was determined to win the battle.
 The prizes hidden beneath that shear lacy fabric were worth any effort, and I was determined to claim them.
I wrapped my arms around her, trying to feel for the clasps that held it in place.
 I wished I could find the clasps so I could release her two beautiful breasts from their captivity.
 It took a few moments to locate the tiny hooks and figure out how to unhook them.
All this while she lay there, not moving or saying anything, but with her shoulders off the bed and supporting her weight on her elbows to allow my hands to freely move beneath her.
 Laying the way she was, pushed her already large mounds even higher and closer to my lips.
 I was almost becoming desperate as I struggled with those tiny hooks.
I guess my desperation was showing, because looking down at her face, I saw her smiling sweetly at me.
Was she secretly laughing at my frustration for the trouble I was having at getting that one simple garment off? I wasn’t a bit disappointed as I undid the final clasp.
 She must have felt her bra suddenly go loose, because she lay back down and then she brought her arms forward so I could slide it off her.
The thin straps that held it on her shoulders snagged on her elbows but that was soon overcome and I tossed it aside.
“With as much trouble as I had unhooking it, how do you ever get that thing hooked?” I asked, glad that at long last I had complete access to her boobs.
“It’s not hard once you learn how.
Just takes a little practice,” she giggled.
“I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to get it unhooked, but I could see how determined you were.
 I just hope that now you see what I’ve kept hidden from your view all this time, you won’t be disappointed.
” “Oh Jessica, I could never be disappointed with your sexy body.
 It’s true; I have fantasized about this moment since I arrived.
 You are so very beautiful.
” “Awww thank you.
 You are such a darling.
 What a swee.
” She never got a chance to finish speaking, because I leaned down and gave her a very long tender kiss.
 “Hmmmm” she murmured into my mouth, as her arms once again went around me.
I grabbed her around the waist and lowered my head to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth.
She brought her hand to the back of my head and held me firmly against her as I licked and sucked on it.
 Leaning her body back, she pressed her chest further out towards my face, as if trying to offer every inch she had to my sucking lips and licking tongue.
Releasing that nipple, I kissed my way up her breast and then back down between them.
 Holding each of them in my hands, I pressed them against my cheeks so my whole face was engulfed by her cleavage.
 I then moved across to the other nipple, once more licking and sucking hard.
 The moment my lips left one of her hard nipples, it was replaced by my fingers as they gently squeezed and pulled on that little nub sitting so proudly on top of her female mountains.
God !, yessss.
suck my nipple baby.
Yes, that’s sooo goooddd.
” She moaned softly, before poking her tongue in my ear, tickling the sensitive inside with the wet, warm tip of her tongue.
Having paid a great deal of attention to her upper body, I now decided it was time to explore further south.
My inexperienced mind had no idea what other great treasures that now lay hidden from my view, I might find as I began to work my way down her slender body.
 In the same way I had enjoyed exploring her breasts, I was sure that even greater experiences and sensations awaited me.
 At the same time my fingers were lightly tracing along the curves of her sides, my lips were leaving a wet trail down her firm tummy.
 Her skin was as soft and delicate as a baby and smooth as silk.
 I continued this downward journey until I was met with the last barrier to me seeing her entire naked body.
Just as I had managed to overcome the resistance her bra had presented to me in stopping me from seeing and fondling her tits, I was just as determined to overcome this one last item of protection she was wearing.
 I brought my hands up and over her tummy, my fingers never breaking contact.
 As my caressing fingers met over her navel, I felt her shiver slightly as if cold.
Glancing up at her face, I saw that she had placed an extra pillow under her head and was now intently watching every move I made, every kiss every caress.
 There was a slight smile on her lips, the same lips that suddenly I longed to be kissing once again.
In my mind, I knew that I’d be doing that again soon, but now there were other matters to be taken care of, other new and exciting emotions for me to experience.
Spreading my right hand flat against her tender skin, I slowly let it slide down until it came in contact with that last great barrier to my enjoying all the pleasures she had to offer.
 At first my wandering fingers met with a row of intricate lace, indicating that there was something very tender and delicate to yet be discovered and explored.
There was a moment of indecision, as I had to decide the path my wondering fingers would take.
Would they force themselves under that lacy barrier and continue their probing, or go over the top and explore that slight mound with the faintest hint of a valley running down and out of sight between her legs? Then something else caught my attention; I noticed that over that mound there was a dark spot.
 Curiosity got the best of me; that was something that definitely needed further examination.
 The moment my finger tips reached that spot, I realized that not only was it darker, but it was also very moist.
Pressing against that soft spot, I immediately heard a moan coming from my her lips, and I noticed that her legs spread a little further apart.
Unable to see what lay down between her legs, my hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it continued its downward journey, until my palm was fully cupping that little mound.
 Without any effort on my part, my middle finger seemed to automatically fall into that shallow valley and lay there quite comfortably.
If a slight pressure against her would earn me a moan of pleasure from her lips, I wondered what an even greater pressure would create.
 Pressing harder, I brought my hand back up towards that lacy top, but never broke contact even with my palm.
As the tip of my index finger trailed along that valley, I pressed even harder, forcing the fabric of her panty deeper into that unseen crevice.
The moment my finger tip reached the top of that valley, her whole body suddenly seemed to tense for a moment.
Her hips jumped up, pressing even harder against my hand, her legs spread further apart and there was a loud “Ooohhh,” from those tender, luscious lips of hers.
“That was fun,” I said glancing up at her face.
“I’ll have to try that again sometime.
” I couldn’t resist giving her a little mischievous grin.
“Anytime you want to will be fine with me.
” For a moment I was tempted to repeat the process, but there were other things on my mind.
 “Rise up; I want to take your panties off.
” She immediately started to obey my instruction, but another idea came into my mind.
Something I had read about long ago, and now I was given the perfect opportunity to experience it.
With my hand I pushed her back down onto the bed.
“That can wait.
There is something I want to try first.
” For just a second a puzzled look crossed her face, but then she relaxed and seemed to trust me.
Wiggling my fingers, I forced them inside her panty waistline.
Now I had full contact with her hot skin as I worked my way down into unseen territory.
 Many of my late night dreams involved sliding my hand down into a lady’s panty and now those dreams were becoming a reality.
Once again encountering that little hill, I marveled at how soft and tender her skin was.
If anything it was even softer and smoother then her tummy was, or was it just my imagination? This time I didn’t have to apply any pressure; her tight panties were forcing my fingers to press into her.
Again more shivers seemed to overtake her as my probing fingers once again encountered that wet valley that was between her legs.
“Ohhh yes.
 Oh that feels so good.
 Right there, press hard.
” One of her hands shot down and pressed hard against her panty covering my finger tips.
 For a few brief moments she held my hand, as more tremors seemed to momentarily overtake her body.
As they died down, she removed her hand and once again let me have my way with her.
 With my fingers now free to continue their wanderings, I noticed that that little valley seemed to be much wider now then it had been just a few seconds earlier.
 It also seemed to be wetter with a great deal of moisture there.
 Unable to stand the suspense any longer, I knew that the time had come for me to uncover her last hidden treasure trove.
As I began pulling my hand out from her panties, she complained, “No.
 Please don’t stop now.
” To silence her, I leaned forward and cupped her face in my hands.
Then I rewarded her with a long kiss, though I do think that I enjoyed that reward as much as she did.
Placing my hands on each of her hips, I started to lift.
 She immediately realized what I wanted and planting her feet firmly against the bed, she rose up and held herself there.
 Once again I worked my fingers inside the waistband of her knickers, only this time it was for another purpose.
 Getting a firm grip on them, I wiggled and pulled the frilly cotton panty down over her hips.
 The last guardian of defense was now being removed; nothing would be left to protect her from my prying eyes.
 As I continued to pull them down, I was rewarded with the most beautiful sight my young eyes had ever seen.
Gradually that hidden area that only my fingers had encountered now was becoming visible to me.
 I was now facing her pussy.
The clean shaved pink pussy was directly in front of me.
 That one mysterious part of the lovely female body that men have dreamed of since the beginning of time, and will probably do so forever, was now only inches away.
 For a few wonderful seconds I stopped all downward movement of my hands and stared at the wondrous sight that I had uncovered.
 I forgot where I was at and who I was with, because all time seemed to stand still.
I guess she realized what was happening, because I had already told her that I’d never been with a girl before.
She lay there quietly, not moving a muscle as she let me enjoy this moment, a moment that would never happen again.
No matter what happened in my future, I’d never again have the chance to experience that wondrous thrill of the first time.
“Now, since my panties aren’t doing me much good any longer, you might as well remove them completely.
 After all, that is what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asked, giving me a mischievous grin.
“Ummm, well… yes it is,” I stammered.
“I’ve dreamed of removing a girl’s panties for a long time,” I admitted a bit sheepishly.
“In that case, I’m proud to get to be that girl.
” Settling back onto the bed, she raised her legs slightly.
Pulling her now useless panties down over her long well shaped legs, I held them over the side of the bed and let them go.
I turned my attention back.



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