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I had always thought that Jack was a little odd.
I just got weird vibes from the guy.
Maybe it was the way he walked down the halls of our school and people seemed to magically move Out of his way without him saying a word.
Or maybe it was the way he seemed to just appear places.
A lot of my friends were cool with him but for some reason I had never gotten to know him.
He was like a wild animal to me, dangerous and exotic.
There was just something about his aura that made it hard for me to approach him, and that that’s without mentioning how beautiful he was.
I had always wondered what was up with him, who he was and what he was like.
Well, that was until the night my questions were answered.
It was Friday the 13th, and for normal people the most unlucky day of the year, but for me it seemed to be the best.
I had been hanging out at my friends’ house watching movies and just chilling.
When there was a knock on the door no one seemed to give it much notice and when Jack waltzed into the house no one looked but me.
I eyed him as he entered and then closed the door behind him, watched the way his muscular body moved under then thin material of his t-shirt.
He quietly made his way to the couch where everyone was seated and began to greet the people who knew.
He didn’t say anything to me and I wasn’t expecting him too.
I was shocked when we locked eyes and in that moment the temperature in the room dropped.
I felt my friend next to me shiver, giving sign that I wasn’t the only person that felt the cold air.
He looked away after what felt like forever and sat next to me on the floor.
Everything was normal and quiet except for the low mumbling from the people above us on the couch.
I had never been this close to him before and the proximity mad the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.
I couldn’t stop looking at him and I silently hoped he had hadn’t noticed the way I kept checking him out.
His long jet black hair was unbelievably perfect his skin flawless and his scent was beyond words.
Again we locked eyes and a chill ran down my spine.
I made my mind up to ignore him then.
As the movie went on I noticed something.
He had moved closer to me.
I tried to ignore this but I couldn’t and soon I excused myself from the room and went to the upstairs bathroom.
My heart was beating hard, fast and I could clearly hear it like a drum in my ears, my palms were sweaty, and my legs felt unsteady.
When I made it to the bathroom I paused at the mirror above the sink and loved at myself.
“What’s wrong with me?” I asked out loud as I pushed my hair behind my ears.
“He’s just a boy, that’s all.
” I lowered my head and just as I began to chill I heard a quick knock on the door.
Before I could say a thing the door silently opened.
Jack quickly stepped in and closed the door behind him.
I looked up at him confused.
Did he not see me? I began to open my mouth just as he looked at me.
Again I felt that same chill, that same over powering feeling.
I closed my mouth and waited for him to speak.
  “I came to see if you were ok, you looked kind of sick down there?” he asked his voice low.
“Yeah I’m fine.
” He lowered his head and attempted to look into my eyes.
Feeling self-conscious I looked away.
“It’s me isn’t?” I was shocked.
“No!” I responded as quickly as possible.
“I just didn’t feel well for a sec.
” Jack shook his head.
I wanted to focus on the conversation but I found it to be hard when looking at him.
“No,” he went on, “it’s me.
I’ve seen the way you look at me.
How you keep avoiding me.
” he passed for a short moment “…you know.
” I wanted to ask a question but couldn’t form the words.
Instead I watched as a pair of fangs crawled out from his gums.
My heart began to race again, this time harder than it did the first time.
I stumbled backwards as my head began to swim.
“Fangs?” I mouthed to out of breath to actually speak.
I knew I had to be tripping there was no way this was actually happening.
I closed my eyes and counted to ten then opened them again nothing changed except for his eyes which now glowed a brilliant, electric blue.
I watched, half frozen in fear, as he silently came towards me.
All I could think about were movies I had seen and one word repeatedly ran through my mind.
But that was stupid.
Vampires weren’t real.
Were they? I felt his hands touch me and looked down to my waist where he held me then I looked back up.
Online Now! Lush Cams Jacob_Miiller He gazed down at me and I became entranced in his beauty.
I felt my back bump against the sink and I then realized that I had been moving away from him.
Not out of fear but out of some newly found desire I had obtained.
I looked at him and then away to the sink that I was almost sitting on.
I was shocked at the sudden images that rushed through my head, a picture of myself with him, my nipples hard and his head between my legs.
I shook my head trying to get the image to leave me.
He moved his head down and gently kissed my neck.
He was pressing up against me and undoing the button on the ripped jeans that I wore.
His skilled fingers quickly released the button and he guided my jeans down my legs until the hung around my feet.
I let my head fall back as me moved on me.
His fingers moved aside my pink thongs and slowly begin to finger me.
I was confused and shocked but far too aroused to ask any questions.
Instead I opened my legs for him.
He slowly ran fingers up and down my slit.
Every so often he would move beyond the entrance and to rub my clit.
He did this until I became slippery.
I wiggled my feet to free them from my pants and propped myself up on the sink.
My nails lightly scratched down his shoulders as I moved my hands down his back and then under his shirt.
Gripping it, I effortlessly pulled his shirt off of him and marveled at what was under it.
He came closer to me, pushing his body against mine as he ran his fingers through my hair and lavished my neck and chest with kisses.
I could feel His cock stiff between our bodies.
I took his face between my hands and drew his mouth to mine, kiss him.
As my lips lingered on his, my hand slid down his hard chest, and into his pants.
He sucked in a sharp breath as my hand closed around his thick cock.
With my free hand I yanked at his pants until they here below his ass and his erection was free.
I held it in only for a short moment admiring its size and weight before I received a command.
“I need you to rub it,” he breathed into my ear as he nibbled on it.
I moved my hand up and down its length and to my shock it became harder.
Jack removed himself from me and ran his hands seductively down my thighs and too my knees.
He parted my legs farther and then moved again closer to me.
I felt the head of his cock touch my opening.
I had never before wanted something as much as I wanted him inside of me at that very moment.
He was smiling and I knew he knew the desire I felt.
He was enjoying teasing me.
Finally like a long awaited surprise he rammed his cock into my depths.
I wanted to scream and probably would had if he hadn’t had placed his hand over my mouth.
Mercilessly he fucked me like I had never been fucked before.
I thought I would have felt relief or release but instead my desire only grew.
I could hear things falling off the sink behind us but I didn’t care.
Then I became aware of a different feeling.
I realized that his fangs were lodged in my neck and blood dripped over my skin.
I felt pleasure running through me and became completely relaxed.
As he removed his lips from my wound I struggled to lift my head to look at him.
I could see the hungry look in his eyes as he lifted his head and looked down at me.
“You’re mine.
” There was a knock at the door and both our heads turned together in the direction.
“Yo!” I heard a friend’s voice call from beyond the door.
“You all ok?” she asked.
I felt him withdraw and for a moment I found myself trying to pull him to me.
He just shook his head at me.
Ok?” he whispered.
“Yeah, I’m ok,” I called out as I picked my pants off of the floor and put them back on.
“Are you sure?” she asked I heard her jingle the door knob.
“Why is the door locked and have you seen Jack?” When I looked over to Jack he was already fully dressed and leaning calmly on the nearby wall.
“Oh I didn’t know it was locked.
” I walked towards the door just as I reached for the handle Jack grabbed my hand.
“The blood,” he whispered.
I then remembered that the side of my neck was covered in blood.
I took my dark colored shirt and whipped it away before opening the door.
“See I’m ok.
” I said as I walked out the door.
She gave me an odd looked as I passed by her without another word and Jack followed closely behind.
I saw them from the corner of my eyes exchange looks and I could have sworn she asked the question.
“Does she know?”



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