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Latest stories Straight Sex The Perils of Paula Plenty – Chapter One

Paula Plenty’s dreams were interrupted by the ringing of the alarm clock.
Her hand reached out to turn it off but merely succeeded in knocking it to the floor where it continued to ring, forcing her to get out of bed to retrieve it.
Silence at last! She looked bleary-eyed at the clock.
It was 7 o’clock and it was Monday.
Was there a worst time of the week than this? Paula doubted it and debated returning to her bed.
No, she thought, you’ve got to get moving.
Slowly she stood up and headed to her kitchen to put on some coffee.
Once the coffee machine was doing its business she went to the bathroom and switched on the shower.
The hot water felt good on her body and Paula quickly began to soap herself down.
Memories of her dreams came back to her.
There was a tall man, possibly Middle Eastern, beckoning her to his bed.
They were both naked and he laid back, his enormous erection reaching to the sky.
Paula stood over him and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, savouring the feeling as it stretched her pussy walls and filled her with pleasure.
As the memories came back, Paula’s hands moved across her body.
Her breasts were large and she played with these for a while, tweaking her nipples between her thumb and forefinger before letting her hands slide down her soapy belly to the region she knew so well.
Paula had always believed that you couldn’t expect a partner to pleasure you if you couldn’t do so yourself and she allowed her fingers to mimic the fucking of her dreams, sliding them in and out of her pussy and teasing her clitoris with her thumb.
It was not long before the combination of her memories, the warm water rushing down her body and the action of her fingers brought Paula to the point of orgasm.
Furiously she continued to finger-fuck herself: two, three and even four fingers spreading her pussy lips wide and sending paroxysms of pleasure from between her legs to all parts of her body.
Her juices trickled over her fingers and down her legs and her knees buckled as she was lost in orgasm, her cries sounding louder than ever in the confines of the shower cubicle.
Gasping, she stood motionless for a while, allowing the remnants of her orgasm to dissipate and for her to get her breath back.
After a while, she turned off the water and stepped out of the cubicle to dry herself down.
Now fully relaxed, she dried her herself with the towel, relishing the feel of its softness on her body.
Fully dried, Paula headed naked into the kitchen for coffee.
She rarely wore clothes indoors and stopped to check her reflection in the full-length mirror.
She knew that her body looked good; a perfect 38D-24-36 figure standing a couple of inches shy of six feet.
Her legs were long and slender and her dark brown shoulder-length hair was matched by the colour of her eyes.
Many thought her skin was well tanned but her darker tone was natural, inherited from her Indian mother.
She took good care of herself, running and swimming three or four times a week watching what she ate.
Her fingers slowly ran down her still sensitive body, over her breasts, across her stomach and down to her cleanly shaven pussy.
It was only the ringing of her phone that stopped her from once losing herself in pleasure.
“Hello?” “Paula, it’s Tim.
Can you come in? Something urgent has cropped up.
” Tim was her boss at the agency and if he was calling on a Sunday morning, it must be urgent.
“No problem, I’ll be there soon.
” She cursed as she’d been looking forward to a rest.
What could be so urgent? Well, she’d soon find out and headed to her bedroom to dress.
Paula’s journey to the agency headquarters was uneventful and she went straight to his office.
His PA was at her desk, and told her to go straight in.
“Paula, glad you could make it.
We have an emergency.
” She sat down and Tim sat on his desk.
He was a good boss, and they had a special relationship.
Tim had recruited her to his special operations division as soon as she had left university and she’d worked her way up until she was now his chief agent.
“Our main laboratory was broken into last night and a secret formula was stolen.
It’s imperative we stop it falling into the wrong hands.
” “Do we have any idea who stole it?” Paula asked “We think it’s the work of Doctor Zed.
Our sources tell us he’s been planning world domination for some time and this formula will help him achieve that.
” Paula’s curiosity was aroused.
“What is the formula? Can you say?” “Yes,” replied Tim “it’s for a new drug that makes people lose their inhibitions.
Those exposed to it  just want to have sex all day long without another care in the world.
” Online Now! Lush Cams tasty_Heidi Paula began to laugh and took a drink of water.
“A good thing, surely?” she asked.
“In small doses, you’d be right, but not for what Zed has planned.
We think he already has an antidote that will leave him free to rule the world whilst everybody else is engaged in one mass orgy.
You’re booked on the next flight to Amsterdam where you’ll meet our agent there.
She’ll brief you on what to do.
” With that, Paula got up to leave.
“I’d better get back to my flat and pack a few things,” she said.
Tim stood up.
“Don’t rush.
The flight doesn’t leave until this afternoon.
” Paula looked at Tim.
She guessed what he had in mind and she quite liked the idea herself.
Tim was a good fuck.
“I’m sure we can fill the time!” she said, getting to her knees and unzipping Tim’s fly.
She took out his cock, a good seven incher, and immediately began to suck him to erection.
Whilst she was busy pleasuring him, Tim removed his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers, allowing both those and his underpants to fall to his ankles.
Paula slurped greedily at his now rock hard member, fondling his balls as she did so.
After a few more minutes of activity, she decided it was her turn.
She stood and began removing her own clothes; first her white blouse, followed by her black skirt and then her bra.
Finally, she unpeeled her knickers to stand in just her heels putting her at the same height as Tim.
He went to grab her, clearly intent on getting his cock inside her as quickly as he could but Paula had other ideas.
She sat on the edge of his desk and spread her legs wide, popping two fingers of her right hand deep inside her.
She offered them to Tim.
“Taste good?” Paula asked as he licked them clean.
“Nectar of the gods,” replied Tim, licking his lips.
Then eat me!” And with that, Tim got onto his knees and buried his face between Paula’s legs.
He worked his tongue deep into her pussy and Paula grabbed his head, pushing him deeper inside her.
She felt him lap at her labia, licking the whole length of her slit, from the very bottom to the top where he sucked gently on her clit, knowing what turned her on.
She bit her lower lip; she wouldn’t last long under Tim’s relentless licking and threw her head back as the first waves of orgasm hit her.
Her moans were loud and she cared little that they would be heard outside.
Tim stood, his face wet with her juices, and they kissed deeply.
“I’ll fuck you when you’re ready,” Tim said.
Paula bent over the desk.
“I’m ready now!” She felt Tim’s hands grab her waist and his cock at the entrance of her vagina.
Slowly he began to enter her and her pussy walls expanded as his length filled her.
When fully inside, Tim moved his hands to take hold of Paula’s breasts.
She loved having her nipples tweaked and he knew this, rolling them between thumb and forefinger and kneading the ample flesh in his hands.
He then began pumping inside her, his cock sliding in and out, each thrust setting her nerve endings alight.
Paula rarely orgasmed through fucking alone and she moved a hand to her clit to enhance her pleasure.
With Tim’s relentless fucking, his hands working their magic on her tits and her own fingers teasing her clit she knew another orgasm would soon be upon her.
Each of Tim’s thrusts was accompanied by a grunt and Paula worked harder at her clit, wanting to ensure she climaxed before he did.
It didn’t take long.
That familiar feeling of release emanating from between her legs but swiftly spreading to all parts of her body was upon her.
She almost screamed in pleasure, her juices flowing from her cunt to soak her busy fingers.
Tim, too, now let out a gasp as his own orgasm arrived and she felt his cock twitch and quiver inside her as his semen shot deep inside her pussy.
Spent, they collapsed in a heap on Tim’s desk.
Paula felt Tim’s cock shrink inside her and her pussy muscles eventually forced it out.
He moved back and allowed Paula to stand.
They eyed each other; Tim’s now flaccid cock still wet with her juices and her own pussy dripping with sperm.
They had one more kiss before Paula headed to Tim’s private bathroom.
“My flight leaves soon, I’d better clear up, she declared.
“There’s some flexibility,” Tim replied following her into the shower.
“I think we can spare another hour!”  



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