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I closed the front door, not even locking it yet.
I was so physically and emotionally drained from today; I couldn’t take it.
I was relieved to see my boyfriend, Charles’, car parked in one of our two reserved spots for our apartment.
He drove a blue BMW, that had a silver ‘C’ on the driver’s side window; courtesy of me.
He was in the living room, watching a game.
It may have been the look on my face, or my posture; but when I put my bag down on the table, he came running in there.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked, thoroughly concerned.
I couldn’t speak.
I was too tired.
Too, stressed.
I burst into tears and fell into his arms.
He whispered comforting things into my hair.
He kissed my forehead, and wrapped me tight.
“Come here,” he said, leading me over to the couch.
He sat down and led me down as well.
I settled with my head on his lap, and his arm around me.
Charles pulled a blanket over me and we decided to watch a movie.
We decided on a romantic movie, one we hadn’t seen before.
About half way through the movie, I turned to lay on my back, still with my head on his lap.
I smiled at him, he returned it, and leaned down to kiss me on my lips, gently at first.
He began to lean away, but I pulled him back down.
I moved around so I was straddled over his lap.
I felt his warm, strong hand on the small of my back pulling me closer.
I pushed my hips down, to drift over his crotch.
My hands wrapped around his neck as I pulled up from his growing bulge.
“Mhm,” he moaned, not breaking our kiss.
I slid my right hand down to grab his crotch, our signal that we were willing to fuck.
He felt it, and did the same.
Still without breaking the kiss, he picked me up by grabbing my legs on either side of him, where they still were from when we were kissing.
Charles carried me to our bedroom, and lay my down.
As I began to unbutton my top, he was already pulling his off, and then unbuckling his pants.
His eyes flickered up me once I had finished the buttons, and he hovered over me, on all fours.
I watched him part the sides of my shirt, and plant a kiss between my breasts.
Charles began to kiss my front all over, and I leaned up to take off my blouse and unclasp my bra.
He quickly slid off the black lace and started to suck on my nipples.
When done with my left tit, he began to kiss in a straight line down my stomach.
Online Now! Lush Cams AliskaNikson Once he got to my pants line, he looked up at me for approval.
I was so eager, I nodded and took my pants off for him.
He slid off my matching panties, and gasped.
I spread my legs wider for him to see my glistening holes.
“I’ve been waiting to do this for a while,” he said, taking off his pants and bending down in front of me to lick my pussy.
I stopped him and said, “Charles, just fuck me.
” He looked rather pleased at this and took off his boxers.
His 9-inch dick slapped his stomach.
My body got tense; this was the biggest hard-on I’d ever seen.
He must have sensed my anxiety, as he leaned back over me, crotch on crotch, and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll go slow.
Tell me to stop and I will.
I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.
” This was reassuring, so I nodded and spread my legs back.
He positioned his head at my entrance, ready to go.
“I’ll start slow, then build up.
You’ll get more pleasure this way.
” I, again, nodded.
He was the master, he had the dick.
Charles’ first entrance to my pussy was a wave of different feelings.
Pain, pleasure, mystery, warmth.
I wanted more.
He began to build up speed; he wasn’t teasing me at all, he just wanted it to be fun for both of us.
As the pounding continued, I felt less pain and more pleasure.
He had grabbed my legs and was using them as an anchor to fuck me with.
“Mhm,” I said, at a loss for words.
My right hand found a tit, my left found my clit.
We were going so quickly now, it was all a blur.
His face looked so determined, his body so intense.
“I’m cumming!” I said, as the familiar wave of orgasm hit me.
“That was my plan, sweetheart,” Charles said, with a smirk.
He had always told me ‘During sex, I’m rough and witty, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings’.
He was right, but man, did it turn me on.
His large dick found my g-spot, and with repeated hits, made me cum.
I felt my muscles go rigid, my toes curl.
“Come here,” I said, motioning up.
“Cum in my mouth.
” It had always been a fantasy; warm, white cum in my mouth.
He knelt over my head, and began to jack off.
In less than thirty seconds, I felt his hot load down my throat.
I swallowed it all, and he rolled over and lay beside me.
We fell asleep like this, in each other’s arms, naked.



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