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They all tell us about it and we say we believe them, but we don’t truly understand.
They call it being a zombie.
And it may take a week or so, until it happens but then you do truly understand.
When you get here you’re just too busy and too excited and then you get your first glimpse, that’s it, you’re frozen, hence ‘zombie’.
And you do believe you could look at it forever, but you have work to do and within the week you begin to notice it less and less.
Then sometimes, and it happened with me, you begin to wish you couldn’t see it.
It is the most awesome vista to behold but just reminds you how far away you are.
It’s a good job that they do keep you busy here all the time.
Well, normally, all the time.
Life on the International Space Station is a strange affair.
It’s never crowded but always seems cramped.
I thank my lucky stars that I am only here for the one stint.
I am only an astronaut by name, really just a passenger.
Seven years of preparation for the launch into the depths of space for my probe, H.
P, the High Attitude Reconnaissance Platform.
We have a two month window of three opportunities for the space launch.
Three prime times, perfect moments lasting just a few minutes when the gravitational wells of Mars and Saturn are perfectly aligned to slingshot the probe out into solar system and into a stable orbit around Neptune or else it’s one of the most expensive pieces of junk in history.
The first two opportunities have been missed, one because of high solar flare activity.
The second because of a technical hitch on the ground, a euphemism I’m sure for politics and P.
There is still a week till the next prime launch point, but the omens don’t bode well.
The best part of my adult life’s work is hanging in the balance so I’m nervous as hell to say the least.
There is a problem on board, not life threatening, but definitely life ‘uncomfortable’.
All non-essential systems have been shutdown and the most power consuming of all, the Heat Exchange Environmental Control (air conditioning to you and me) is operating at the minimum.
So it’s hotter than hell on board.
It would be hotter except some of the stations internal systems would melt.
Still here we all are floating in a tin can in the barest minimum of clothing.
I’m down to just shorts and as none of my systems are essential and I am unable to help repair the stations own systems.
I am sitting at one of the viewing ports in the accommodation section with fuck all to do and bored out of my mind as well as completely frustrated.
Even the spectacular view isn’t distracting me from the impending failure of my project.
Watching the world turn below me I hear the slap of skin on the handholds near the door.
I gently turn to see Weaver float in through the hatch.
She is quite small and yet dressed in, what seems to be; only a ‘tiny’ bright red T-shirt and loose fitting shorts.
I inwardly groaned to myself.
She is a very attractive woman, dark skin; very light blue eyes, small perky breasts and the standard NASA crew cut.
She’s my liaison for the trip and is totally business, seemingly unaware of how hot she is and how horny I find her.
I try not to stare at her breasts as she glides towards me even though the T-shirt is soaked with sweat and stuck tight to her skin.
Her nipples look painfully erect and must be half an inch long, I try to stop fantasizing about sucking on them.
“Hey, Bishop what’cha looking at?” she grins.
This is the first time I have seen her smile, normally she is totally business-like.
“Just looking down on China,” I reply.
She grabs the centre hand hold in the room and expertly swings to a stop.
Hoping she doesn’t notice my eyes flick down, knowing that if it wasn’t stuck to her skin, her T-shirt would have continued to rise to expose her breasts underneath.
“You know you can’t see it from this orbit, technically you are still in the ionosphere if you can.
” I glance back through the portal watching the Asian landmass slide slowly beneath us.
Turning back a confused look on my face, she grins again and pushes herself gently forwards.
“My bad, figured you were looking for the Great Wall.
” Putting her hand out to the bulkhead to stop her momentum she comes to rest beside me.
“Are you still enjoying the view?” “Yes and no I guess.
” “Love it and hate it, I know what you mean.
This is my third trip, and by far the longest stay, but I tell you when you are back down there…” I look into to those cold steel blue eyes to see an emotion I can’t place.
“Well you’ll dream of this view and no matter how you describe it, the ‘mud’ people just don’t get it” “Watch it!” I reply.
“Some of my best friends are ‘mud’ people.
” She lets a light laugh escape her lips.
Damn but I wanted to kiss those lips.
She twists away and pulls herself down to sit on one of the bunks in the room.
She lifts her tanned legs up to place them on the table, all her movements performed with the grace of a seasoned space farer.
Her breasts sway gently in the zero gravity, no need for the support of a bra, a trickle of sweat rolling upwards from her cleavage.
I lick my lips wishing they were sucking on those erect nipples.
She arches her back stretching her arms out, her ass rising slightly from the bunk, her shorts flapping slightly, my eyes glanced down instinctively.
As I look up I swear that she has been watching me, though her eyes are now shut, she reaches her hands down and squeezes her thighs, massaging her muscles.
“You know I’ve never known it so quiet… it’s strange how you never notice all the background noise of the equipment till its no longer going,” she says.
I cock my head and listen to the silence, apart from the occasional groan as the shell of the station expands in the heat from the sun, the lack of noise is incredibly unnerving.
“I don’t think I have ever known such silence in my entire life.
” I hear my voice echo very faintly off the hard surfaces.
“The middle of the night at the observatory on top of Mauna Loa seems noisy now.
” I even hear the soft whisper of her shorts as she twists her hips.
Looking back at her I see her strong hands kneading her thigh muscles.
“Are you okay?” I ask.
“Mmmm… oh… yeah.
I just haven’t been this idle in years.
Even the workout in the gym did nothing to help,” she replies.
“I feel so restless.
” She rubs her legs back and forth against each other.
“I just wanna get on and do something… anything.
” I feel a twinge in my crotch and realise my cock is starting to swell; lifting my left leg to obscure her view, praying that I am not going to get a full hard-on.
She arches her back again and the short t-shirt rides up higher showing me the lower curves of her breasts and I know that I will have to sit here now till she leaves.
I look away, idly scanning the room when I notice the camera on the wall hanging lifeless for the first time.
Normally it is always panning around, the little red LED permanently lit, but now it droops down dead.
Instantly my mind jumps at the idea that whatever was to happen would be unobserved by the rest of the crew or mission control.
My cock twitches as more blood is pumped into it and the thought of fucking Weaver sticks in my head; I also feel my cheeks begin to blush.
Weaver looks at me.
“The heat getting to you?” “Err… yeah, I guess,” I stammer.
That smile appears again on those delectable lips.
She shifts her position, placing her bare feet on the edge of the bolted down table and her ass against the wall and begins to flex her muscles.
Mesmerized, I watch her thighs tense and relax, she shifts her feet further apart and continues her exercises.
My own thighs twitch as I want to float forward and bring my view round in front of her, to watch the tops of her thighs clenching and maybe get a view up the leg of her shorts.
I settle for watching the side of her strong tanned leg, noting how her shorts appear to have tightened across her waist, I move my hand to surreptitiously squeeze my member behind my own raised thigh.
She’s gently biting her bottom lip when she looks across at me.
“I hope you are doing your regulation exercises?” Her manner is almost all the way back to her total NASA business persona.
“Honestly muscle deterioration can set in very quickly.
” Her eyes flick to my chest and abdomen.
and that would be a waste.
” I smile back at her, mirroring her eyes I gaze down her body.
When I glance back up I see she isn’t fazed in the slightest.
“To be honest this is the fittest I’ve ever been.
Two years of grunt work and only did it to get up here.
When I get back down I reckon the only part of the regime I’ll keep will be the swimming.
” She smiles as much to herself as to me and raises her arms above her head to press on the bunk above and begins to flex her arms and shoulders.
With her eyes closed she asks, “So is this catapult.
” She grins.
drive thing of yours going to work or what?” “What! Probably!” I reply.
“Though, I should point out its official title is the Inertial Mass Drive… and yet we call it the ‘spud gun’.
” She bursts out laughing as I enjoy watching the zero-gee peculiarity of her breasts oscillating and thinking what could be done with nipple tassels in a situation like this and could I possibly get funding for the research.
My mind slips into mass inertia ratios as I try to calculate an equation to predict all the factors involving Weavers’ breasts.
“What are you thinking about now, Bishop?” I guess my tongue was poking from my mouth as it tends to whenever I’m concentrating.
“What! Oh… err… mass, torque and … um… rotational co-efficients,” I bluff.
“Oh!” she replies.
”You must really love your math.
” She smiles and deliberately looks down to my crotch.
I follow her gaze and see that I have dropped my thigh and there is absolutely no hiding the hard-on encased in my shorts.
I feel the colour rise to my cheeks and open my mouth to say something.
“…” “Well I reckon your time in the gym didn’t account for that muscle?” “…” She smiles wickedly.
”So those mass, torque, rotational co-efficients are used to calculate what exactly?” “…” She lifts her legs and pushes off from the bunk to rise to the centre of the room grasping a handhold in the ceiling to stop her forward momentum.
“You do know that up here some of those equations adopt totally new…err, properties, don’t you?” “…?” I gasp.
She smiles at me and folds her arm across her chest and lifts her t-shirt up and over her head.
“For instance…” the sweat soaked t-shirt floats away across the room as she reaches to her large hard nipples.
She slowly stretches them and then releases them to spring back gasping.
Concentric waves radiate out from her nipples and bounce back from her chest to converge back on her areolae.
“…fuck” I breathe.
“Oh I hope so…” she answers to my statement.
My paralysis broken I push forward towards her completely misjudging my impetus.
She grins as she takes hold of a hand hold and braces herself off the table.
As I sail towards her she taps my right hip and releases her hand, wrapping it around my shoulder.
She pulls me into a twisting embrace in mid-air as her mouth moves to mine.
Her legs wrapping expertly around my hips pulling her crotch against my hardness as she slides her tongue into my mouth.
I wrap my arms somewhat clumsily about her as I kiss her back with equal passion.
We spin a foot above the table as my hands move to her ass to pull her even harder against me.
Our shorts are hot and wet with our sweat as well as pre-cum seeping from the eye of my cock and juices oozing from Weavers’ pussy.
Her strong legs pull rhythmically against me as she breaks our kiss.
“And there was me thinking I would have to wait until we were back on terra firma before I could get hold of you,” she says looking me in the eyes.
I slip my hands up into the legs of her shorts, caressing the bare flesh of her cheeks.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmilySense “Shit and I thought you hated me?” “Oh no.
It’s just with all the cameras and the pen-pushers below.
” She slides her wet slit against my erection through the two layers of material.
“I believe “non-fraternization… is to be encouraged” is the phrase…ohhhh.
” She groans as I guess her lips had parted and exposed her clit to the friction between us.
I grasp her cheeks, sliding her crotch up and down against me to be rewarded by a further deeper, more animal-like growl.
She arches her back pushing her breasts up and out.
Without a pause I drop my head to suck hard on her right nipple.
My tongue taps the top as my lips wrap around it tasting the fresh salty sweat of her flesh.
She reaches up to the handholds for purchase and pulls me under as she squeezes her legs around me rhythmically.
My right hand grips the flesh of her ass as I move the other up to her left breast cupping it completely feeling her hard nipple under my palm.
Weaver continues to groan deeply as she begins to rub herself against me harder and faster, our shorts now soaking in her cunt cream.
Looking up at her face I rub my teeth against her nipple, I watch as she throws her head back, the tendons standing out on her neck.
I pull her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger.
The tops of her breasts flush with blood and she begins to growl deeply.
I feel a quiver emanate from her quim as I massage her ass harder.
“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” she whispers through her clenched teeth as an orgasm grows.
I feel her spasms increase till she grunts deeply three times and her body locks up.
Pulling her nipple and sucking the other deep into my mouth I endeavor to draw out her moment of bliss.
Slowly she relaxes till eventually her breathing returns to almost normal.
“Oh god that’s so much better than a solitary finger-fuck during downtime,” she mutters.
“Now…” she releases her legs, letting me drift slightly below her before swinging herself above me.
“Now, about that muscle deterioration I was talking about.
” Her hands find the sides of my shorts, and pull them down and away, leaving them to spin away across to the viewing port.
She reaches between my legs to cup my balls and to stop my movement as my inertia sends me following my shorts.
Her other hand wraps itself around my hard cock, her knuckles rubbing against my closely cut pubic hair (a handy hint they don’t advertise openly concerning life in orbit).
I inhale deeply as she squeezes it hard.
Once she’s happy that I’m floating stationary in the middle of the room she looks me in the eyes and moves effortlessly so her mouth approaches my throbbing member.
I feel her breath for a moment before her lips part above me and her tongue flicks out to lick the drops of pre-cum attached to the helmet of my penis.
I groan as I hang weightless in the air as she slowly lowers her mouth down over my cock, the warmth of her mouth engulfing me.
Her hands cup my balls softly as her fingernails scratch the flesh beneath; I want to buck my hips but, for once, am unable to figure out whether this would propel me from her sucking mouth.
Instead I run my fingers through her short hair as she slowly swallows my entire length.
I look down (or is it up?) to see her mouth slide upwards so that half of my cock is still in her mouth.
She looks me in the eyes, a mischievous glint in her own, as she lifts her body gently away from my legs and places her hands on my hips.
I wonder what she has in mind for a moment when she twists my hips beneath her and let’s go.
“Ohhhh GOD!” I swear as our bodies begin to turn in opposite directions, her mouth swiveling on my cock.
I groan deeply, wanting to shout as I feel Weaver suck harder on my rotating cock.
She touches my hips again increasing the speed of our contra-rotation as a glimpse of her pussy beneath her soaked shorts passes over my head.
I’m lost; the sensations originating from my sucked cock like, well, nothing on earth.
She spins us faster feeling my cock twitch in her mouth, I’m groaning deeply as I feel my balls tighten, I’m mumbling that I’m going to come and Weaver sucks all the more harder taking almost all off my cock into her mouth, her nose brushing my short hairs as it drags around my cock.
I shoot my seed hard, as I never have before, against the back of her throat.
My eyes roll back in my head as I lose all rational thought and my entire focus is purely Weaver’s mouth spinning around my cock.
My eyes tightly shut I feel her mouth slip from my twitching cock as my orgasm subsides.
I’m lost in the moment before Weaver mutters a single word, “Fascinating.
” “What’s that?” I reply distractedly and open my eyes to look downwards.
Her head is still above my crotch as we orbit around each other, her eyes fixed on the spinning head of my cock.
A single white globule of my seed is hovering between us, attached to the slit in my glans by a single thread.
I flex my length and the thread breaks, the drop taking on its own momentum and spinning around its own new axis.
“Hmm,” I ponder as I gently push myself downwards to kneel upon the table, my face now opposite Weavers’, her tongue sliding along her lips.
“Fluid mechanics in a zero-gee environment, got to be a grant for that!” I joke.
“Ever the scientist, Bishop!” she answers as I reach for her head pulling her into a kiss that encompasses the last of my seed.
After about a minute I break the kiss and begin licking down her neck as my hands slide over her body, the friction between us gradually brings our bodies into synchronous orbits.
I reach down and grab her hips as we both spin together hanging in the centre of the room.
Her juices soaked shorts above my mouth; I lick my lips, and spread my lips over her crotch sucking her sweet cream through the flimsy material.
She gasps loudly, reaching around until she can squeeze my cock hard in her hand as I press my tongue against the sodden material pushing it inside her soaking pussy.
She arches her back sharply causing us to tumble on a second axis.
For a moment I feel nauseous as the room appears to spin in two directions at once but remembering my training I simply close my eyes and the feeling disappears and I focus on this beautiful, hot wet cunt.
Fingers pressing into the flesh of her ass, I tongue fuck her pussy through your shorts, sucking her juices through the thin material and into my mouth.
Her groans get louder as I pull her shorts to one side to expose the closely shaven lips, teasing them apart with my fingertips before running my tongue along her slit and pressing onto her hard button.
I feel a change of direction and then a second later the cool surface of the table against my buttocks.
Her cunt presses hard down onto my mouth as she grabs the table in one hand, the other pulling rapidly on my semi-hard cock encouraging the blood to return.
Using one hand I anchor the pair of us, the other sliding over her ass, my thumb rubbing across her tight puckered hole as I suck ever harder on her clit.
She screams mutedly, refusing to open her mouth as her pussy juice flows, almost spurting into my mouth, her mound quivering against my face.
My teeth continue to rub against the hard little nub as I slide a finger inside her spasming cunt and my thumb teases her ass.
Her orgasm crescendos a second time in close succession as she grinds herself down onto my mouth, her hand pumping my cock harder and faster.
Briefly I pull away to watch Weaver’s cunt, her juices flowing and pulsating over her labia in mutual rhythm with the echoes of her slowly subsiding orgasm, the liquid having the appearance of being an entity in its own right.
The characteristics of her juices are fascinating and I push my finger deeper inside her finding her G-spot, my thumb rolling her clit.
Her juices boil up from within her, gravity no longer playing a part as the volume increases and the thick juice bulges out covering her labia.
“Oh fuck, oh God,” I hear Weaver mutter above me.
“You said it,” I reply as I rub her clit faster.
I know I’m probably drooling and I don’t care as the spectacle before me is greater by far than the view through the porthole to the world below.
Her entire mound is covered in a thick film of her juices, tiny eddies and currents visible as her orgasm roll on, pumping more and more of her juices from her glands.
After a minute I plant my mouth over her slit and drink deeply, swallowing the copious amount of juice that had built up, completely in awe of what I had just seen and experienced.
“Oh, my fucking God!” Weaver cries as she goes limp.
When she regains control she lifts herself from my face and gracefully moves down my body turning to face me.
She struggles out of her shorts, letting them drift away.
Holding my cock upwards she rubs her lips against the tip.
I look down amazed that I am hard again as she slowly slips her pussy down onto me.
The two of us groan in unison as she grips my hips and pulls me upwards filling her pussy, slowly swiveling her hips back and forth.
She looks down into my eyes and while still impaled on my cock and lifts her legs up tight against her chest.
She hangs there magically her body only touching me where my cock is buried inside her hot dripping cunt.
Knowing what she wants I reach my hands to her hips and lightly spin them.
We moan in unison again as her body slowly twists and her pussy pivots on my cock.
I increase the rate of spin gradually as she slides her fingers down to rub on her clit, her teeth gripping her bottom lip.
Without being aware that I released my handhold on the table I realise that our combined bodies have risen off the table and I moan with the incredible feeling of this pussy twisting and spasming rhythmically on my pulsing cock.
I almost laugh as watching her spin on my cock reminds me of a satellite being launched from the bay of the space shuttle.
My mind is dragged back as I feel her squeeze her twisting cunt around my hard cock, I know that once again I’m close to ejaculating as I feel my balls tighten beneath her even though it was only minutes earlier since I filled her mouth.
She begins to rub her clit frantically as another orgasm builds, her cunt squeezing my cock hard as I throw my head back.
I grunt as she starts to whimper and my cock twitches hard within her as I fill her pussy with my seed.
I buck up against her, forgetting the lack of gravity and watch fascinated as she slowly untwists off my cock, as her pussy pops of the end of twitching member the last of my cum shoots onto her ass.
A thin trail links our two orbiting bodies for a moment before it breaks.
She lets her legs drop and slides two fingers swiftly into her gaping slit pressing the ball of her hand hard onto her clit.
Grabbing herself hard, her body shivers as her climax peaks.
Still slowly twisting in the air I halt her rise just before her head hits the ceiling, the rise of her chest slows eventually and her breathing returns to near normal.
She opens her eyes, smiling at me and pulls her fingers from her pussy; I reach up and pull them to my mouth to lick our combined juices from them.
She leans forward following her hand and places her mouth across mine sliding her tongue in between her own fingers.
When our kiss breaks she looks deep into my eyes and smiles.
“Jesus, Bishop, that was good!” I laugh.
“Well, you rock my world, Weaver, you rock my world!” She laughs with me for a second till she notes the hum of machinery starting, looking around we realise the systems are coming back on line.
We quickly search for our floating clothes and get dressed.
Just as she pulls on her top the camera comes to life and begins to methodically pan around the room.
She sits back down on the bunk smiling at me as I move back to the porthole.
A moment later Commander Hicks comes in.
“I hope you two haven’t been too bored?” “A little,” says Weaver, keeping the grin from her face.
“Oh, I’ve been looking down on the Great Wall of China,” I reply.
Weaver stifles a giggle as Commander Hicks opens his mouth to say… The End



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