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Latest stories Supernatural Moving On Part 2 of 3

After dinner, I tried to watch TV, but I couldn’t concentrate on the show.
I tried to check my work email, but the words didn’t seem to matter much.
Money was tight, so I mixed myself a weak whiskey and coke, and sat and stared out the window.
As I returned to my window seat with a second drink, I saw a woman standing on the sidewalk looking at my building.
Her face was in shadows from the streetlight, and all I could make out was the dark hair framing her face.
I couldn’t tell if that hair was longer or shorter.
I was certain that I was about to have a visitor, but I could not tell if it was Kathryn or Catherine.
I tapped on the window and waved at her and then waved for her to come to the door.
She half turned as if she might leave.
She hesitated a moment, then turned back and waved at me as she walked toward the building.
It was insane of me to invite her in.
The look on her face as I met her at the door showed that she knew it was insane of her to accept.
She allowed me to hold the door for her as she walked in.
I said, “Good evening, Catherine.
” She wordlessly followed me up to my apartment.
As soon as we stepped into the apartment, she turned and pulled me down for a kiss.
The kiss was short and sweet, but it did a lot to settle my mind.
With that kiss, I knew that she was not here to be angry or to accuse me of wrong doing.
I will admit that I had worried about that.
As the kiss ended, she stayed next to me, with her hand on my chest.
She licked her lips.
“Invite me in so we can talk,” she said with a smile.
“Offer me a drink and I’ll have what you’re having.
” “Whiskey and coke, easy on the whiskey,” I offered as I led her to the small counter between the kitchen and the rest of the apartment.
“Where would you like us to start?” “You had offered to tell me a story earlier,” she said as I mixed her drink.
“At the time, I don’t think I would have believed a single word of it.
Now I’d like to hear it.
” I gave her the drink, and we walked over to the window seat where I had been seated.
I offered her the tall chair that I had been sitting in because I only had the one.
She had me sit on it, and then she moved to stand between my legs so that our eyes were at the same level.
We both took a sip of our drinks, and then I told her about my unplanned visit to the cemetery, ending at the hospital.
She was a good listener, and she only distracted me a little by caressing her hand along my shoulder.
“You’re a good storyteller,” she complimented and I thanked her.
She took a sip from her drink.
Both of our glasses were still half full.
She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes.
“I know it should be my turn, but will you tell me another one?” “I’m not sure I know any stories that are as odd as that one,” I answered.
“You should tell me if having the book helped you.
I haven’t decided if she was real or something else.
I feel that if she was something else, and if she had a message for you from beyond, I’m not sure that I did what she wanted.
” “I’m not sure that she intended things to happen the way they did earlier,” she said with a gleam in her eye.
She leaned in very close, and I thought she might kiss me again.
“Tell me that story,” she teased.
She ran a fingertip along my jaw.
Her eyes followed it and then jumped back up to mine.
“Pretend you’re telling your friends about it,” she instructed.
“I want to hear how you would tell it.
” I decided that something was suspicious about what she was asking.
She had been there, so she knew what had happened.
I was suddenly worried that she wanted to hear me tell it so she could use my words against me.
I needed to make her talk first.
She took another sip of her drink, and then kissed me before she swallowed.
Her tongue chased the whiskey around my mouth as she kissed me more aggressively than she ever had.
The kiss ended, she smiled at me, and I started talking.
She only interrupted me twice.
The first time was as I described her stepping out onto the porch to see the marks on my neck.
“Do you always let strange women seductively kiss your neck?” she teased.
“I can’t stop myself,” I teased back.
“Does it happen a lot?” she demanded, pretending indignation.
“You will force me to admit this was the first time,” I answered.
She let her eyes fall to the marks on my neck.
She caressed the skin just below them.
Her smile faded.
“I’m almost afraid to kiss them again,” she admitted.
As the silence between us grew, a smile twitched her lips, and she quickly kissed the corner of my mouth.
“Keep going with the story,” she suggested.
The second time she interrupted was near the end of the story.
“I haven’t given a blow job since sophomore year at college,” she admitted with a blush.
“We tasted really good together,” she added with a deeper blush.
Totally at odds with her embarrassment, she let her hand stroke the hardness that was evident in my pants.
Her voice was husky as she said, “I bet I like your flavor straight from the source as well.
” “Keep that up, and you’ll get your wish all too soon,” I teased.
“I think you can tell that I’m really enjoying telling you this story.
” “You better hold back,” she teased as gripped my cock through my pants.
“I think you know that I want this again, and this time for me!” I thought it was odd how she emphasized the word ‘me’.
I am pretty sure her orgasms had not been faked.
I am very sure that she took time to enjoy them when we were very pressed for time.
I was about to ask her what she meant when she said, “Finish your story so I can tell you two of mine.
” I finished the story.
Although I told her that I was surprised by how quickly she had sent me home, I didn’t dwell on how out of sorts I felt because of it.
We had also finished our drinks.
She gave me a quick kiss, and then, with a look, pinned me to my seat.
She took both glasses to the counter, put ice, a lot of whiskey, and a little coke into one glass.
She took a sip as she walked back to me.
She made me take a sip from the same glass.
“Both of my stories are short,” she announced.
“Let me show you how well I multitask.
” She took a drink, set the glass down, and then kissed me before swallowing again.
Her tongue was very demanding.
As the flavors melted away, she pulled me to my feet.
Grabbing the glass, she led me to my own bedroom.
Once there, she took another drink and kissed me again.
By the time the kiss ended, we were both topless.
She pushed me back onto the bed as her lips and hands started to explore my skin.
“I’ve heard stories of Katherine all my life,” she started saying between kisses.
“Kathryn,” I corrected her without thinking.
“Kathryn,” she corrected herself at the same time, and then she blushed and smiled, for no reason.
“They say that my great grandmother and my mother both spoke with her ghost, but I have never believed those stories.
” Her kissing found its way up to my lips, and nothing was said for a while.
“My mother died when I was four,” she said sadly as she resumed exploring.
“It wasn’t long after my sister was born.
I barely remember her.
” She let me offer my condolences for her sad memory.
“They rarely talk about what happened, but I remember my father being angry, and blaming himself.
He took his own life soon after.
” She stopped talking, and let me hold her for a bit.
She looked at the glass but didn’t take a drink as she continued.
“Our aunts have done a good job of raising us.
We have done well enough, although we have always been tight on money.
I’m jumping ahead, but things took a bad turn about a year ago.
I quit an average job to join a group of investors starting a new business.
We pooled our savings and we really had a good thing set to go.
Then the guy holding the money stole it and disappeared, and it all collapsed around us.
So now I have no job and no savings, and we were on our way to losing the house to taxes.
” A quick smile jumped to her lips and she happily said, “That’s not going to happen now, mostly thanks to you.
” Her thanks came in the form of a kiss, which I gladly accepted.
She ended the kiss by pulling me up to a sitting position.
She continued to pull me as she rolled onto her back on the bed.
“You should get us naked,” she suggested as she pushed my head towards her stomach.
“This story is kind of sad,” I pointed out as I gently kissed her belly button.
“Are you sure we should be naked?” “It’s almost to the scary part and the finish,” she replied.
“And I’m sure you’ll like the next story.
” “Tell me the scary part then,” I teased as I kissed my way to the button on her jeans.
I used my teeth to pull the fabric apart to release the button.
She caressed my cheek with a smile.
“Two more seconds of sadness first,” she offered.
At the same time, she lifted her hips and pushed her jeans and panties down together.
I planted a line of kisses down her legs as we took her clothes off.
“I was engaged to a man my first year of college,” she said.
“He died in a car wreck out by the old cemetery.
He hadn’t been drinking, and there was no good explanation for why it happened.
Of course, the aunties all had a theory.
Online Now! Lush Cams Adams_Thomso I cried a lot and told them they were wrong.
But in my heart I knew.
He was bad for me.
It probably would have been a horrible marriage.
I was better off without him, but ghosts aren’t real.
And they don’t kill people!” Although I had managed to remove her clothes, and my own as well, her story was definitely drawing the mood in the wrong direction.
I ended up low on the bed, beside her legs, and I simply caressed her stomach as she talked.
“That’s sad and scary,” I offered.
“We haven’t gotten to scary yet,” she countered, but she caressed my hand with a smile.
“The aunties and I were not getting along, and things were stressful for a couple of weeks.
Then one night I had the scariest dream I have ever had.
It scared me so badly that I went running to the aunts.
They have always been into the supernatural thing and they made me tell them every detail.
When they told me it was a warning from my mother, I believed them.
There was one other thing, though.
” “They said that part of the dream was a prophecy.
They said that one day I would allow a man into my bedroom and that he would be the man for me.
Guess how many men have been in my room since that day.
” “You don’t kiss the neck of every strange man that comes to your door so you can take him to your room?” I teased.
“I am forced to admit you will be the first,” she said with a smile.
“So, does that make us married by prophecy or something?” I teased.
I hoped it was a tease.
“We should probably get to know each other better,” she teased back.
Then her hand joined mine in rubbing her stomach.
“Our daughter will need a good father figure, though,” she teased.
I hoped it was a tease.
“Okay, now I’m scared,” I said with a smile.
“Good, because that story is over,” she laughed back.
“Now let me tell you a much shorter story.
We need happy endings!” We both laughed at the double entendre.
“Like your graveyard story, an odd thing happened to me this afternoon,” she said with a smile.
“Didn’t I just tell this story?” I asked.
“Not the way I am telling it,” she laughed.
Then she grabbed my hands and started pushing them to caress her skin.
“Shush, and remind my body that we want to have sex,” she instructed.
“Be quick,” she laughed, “because this story is very short.
” I started caressing and kissing again.
“A stranger came to my house with a story to tell,” she said as her body moved with the flow of my hands on her skin.
“I was very skeptical about his premise, although he seemed very sure of himself,” she continued.
“I was about to sternly send him packing when he pointed out some marks that he claimed an odd woman had left on his neck.
It struck me as odd that the marks were shaped exactly like lips.
It looked exactly like a woman had put too much lipstick on and then kissed his neck.
I was oddly drawn to the marks, and I remember having the urge to feel my lips on his neck, on those marks.
” As she spoke, I had moved to my knees, and I was kissing and caressing all up and down her body.
I knew where the story went next, and I intended to have her warmed up for a repeat.
At some point, her hand found my cock, and she held and stroked it as she talked.
She knew where the story went as well.
She mentioned the need to kiss the marks, and I turned my head to offer my neck to her again.
She traced a finger under them and with an odd smile, she shook her head.
“I don’t even have words for what happened next,” she said.
“We were on the porch, and I couldn’t stop from leaning in to kiss you, and then an extreme chill flashed through my body.
We had been standing on the porch, but as the chill left me, I was lying on your chest.
I was too surprised to even scream.
And then it got crazier.
Your cock throbbed inside me, and I realized my body was not done cumming.
I closed my eyes as I tried to figure out how I had even started to have an orgasm.
” “You seem to be skipping a bunch of what happened,” I suggested.
Her nipples had tightened up as she jumped to the finish, and I kissed my way down to tease one.
“I’m telling you how I remember it,” she said.
Her voice trembled as I teased her nipple.
“Let me skip ahead in the story,” she said as she pushed my body around to be on top of hers.
She never let go of my cock, and she managed to hold my head at her breast while using the head of my cock to tease her wet lower lips.
She held my cock poised at the entrance as she pulled my face up to her own.
“There was a voice in my head, that was not my own, and she had a lot to say,” she said earnestly.
“Just then, she was begging to be allowed to finish what she started.
She said I was stealing her ending from her.
” Her eyes bored into mine.
“I didn’t know then, but what had really happened is she had taken the beginning from me.
” She paused for a moment, letting her eyes convey her demands.
“For me, this is the first time I am feeling you push into me,” she said.
Her hand released me and her legs lifted wider.
Her lower lips easily consumed my cock, even though it was a snug fit.
Before I was fully inside, she started rolling her hips to demand that I give her all that I had.
I started thrusting hard, and she pulled me into an aggressive kiss.
Almost immediately, an orgasm took possession of her body, and she cried out as she raked her fingers up and down my back.
I slowed my tempo in time with her passion.
As we nearly stopped, her eyes drifted shut, and a very pleased smile covered her face.
I realized that her juices were literally dripping off of my cock and balls, and I decided that I wanted to taste her.
She gave a happy moan as my cock slid out, and she purred as I kissed and caressed my way down her body.
She moved with me as I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, and she pulled her lower lips open in anticipation.
Her moans of pleasure as my tongue pressed into her were soothing sounds of joy.
She tasted incredible as I slowly licked and teased.
I could have slowly enjoyed her flavor for hours, but I also couldn’t wait to get my cock back inside her.
I forced myself to be patient as I continued to tease her body towards more pleasure.
And then she started to laugh.
At first, it was a bit of a chuckle, as she caressed her own smooth lips.
It built into repeated full on bouts of laughter that didn’t seem to have anything to do with tickling or the pleasure I was giving her.
I couldn’t stop from lifting my head to see if she was losing her mind.
“Don’t stop,” she gasped as she lifted her head to see why I had stopped.
She studied my face for a moment, then said, “You’re really good at that, but I want your cock, for me, again.
” She put that odd emphasis on ‘me’ again.
I slid up her body and pushed inside her again.
“What are you saying?” I prompted.
She gasped as she let herself enjoy having my cock.
Then she smiled and said, “I’m saying that my story isn’t over yet.
” She seemed to suddenly notice that my face was wet with her juices, and with that same odd laugh, she pulled me close so she could kiss me and taste her own flavors.
I could feel her insides begin to flutter and warm as she approached another orgasm, so I ignored her insanity, and I kissed her back.
Her whole body moved with mine and she began to cum again.
Her body issued demands, and I moved with her to give her all that she wanted.
As her demands slowed, so did I.
We didn’t stop.
As she caught her breath, she gave me a pleased kiss.
“This is crazy,” she teased.
“It’s probably been too long for me, but it was never like this.
” “It would seem less crazy if you would stop laughing like that,” I teased back.
She immediately started laughing.
“She is so old fashioned,” she explained.
For a moment I had no idea who she was talking about.
She saw my confusion.
“She’s in my head again now,” she said.
“She had a lot to say at my house earlier, but she seemed to fade as you left.
I had no idea what to even say to you when I came down here tonight, but when you waved at me, she was back in my head, and I knew I needed to find a way to tell you about it.
” We were still moving slowly together.
I almost stopped as I suddenly realized what she was saying.
“You’re saying Kathryn’s ghost is haunting your head,” I exclaimed.
“You’re saying she possessed your body and it was her that seduced me earlier!” “You don’t believe me?” she demanded.
“It’s a bit far fetched,” I suggested.
“I’m pretty sure ghosts aren’t as real as the woman in the cemetery was.
” She smiled and shook her head, and then she started moving underneath me to increase our tempo again.
As I met her new demand, she said, “If I were mean, I would wait until I was cumming again.
” Her eyes went round with wonder.
“I didn’t know I could have this many orgasms,” she said with a happy shudder.
Her eyes locked on mine with a look that let me know she was making a serious demand.
“I’m going to want every detail of your next story,” she insisted.
Although I continued to push into her as her body demanded, I am sure that I looked puzzled by her demand.
She smiled and shook her head at my denseness.
Then her hand turned my head, and she pressed her lips to the marks on my neck.



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