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My first few stories have all been about my early sexual experience that led to me becoming the person I am today.
Okay, the slut I am today.
I have a few more stories to tell along those lines, but before I write those, I wanted to tell you about a more recent experience.
Something that happened this past Thanksgiving break.
This past Thanksgiving I avoided my family and went home with my current fling.
I call Thom a fling, because he’s not exactly a boyfriend and I’m not exactly sure where it’s going relationship-wise.
I can say we’re having fun together and I was looking forward to having more fun with him over the break.
Unfortunately, his parents had other plans.
We expected to share his old bedroom, instead, they forced him to sleep on the couch while I got the bedroom all by myself.
Sure he snuck into the bedroom for a quickie after everyone was asleep, but we both wanted more.
Wednesday before Thanksgiving we went on a hike in the state park near his house.
We didn’t pass a single other person on the trail, so it’s not hard to guess what happened.
We found a secluded spot along one of the trails and it wasn’t long before our hormones took over.
Behind a rock formation, I dropped my jeans and panties to my ankles.
I bent over and he took me from behind.
It was nothing but a quickie.
He fucked me hard and fast, while both of us kept looking around for other hikers.
His hands started on my waist, but drifted into my shirt and squeezed my tits hard.
His hands on me and his cock deep inside of me made me moan.
I bit my lip when I remembered where we were, but not before a few moans escaped my lips.
He came a few seconds later, filling me with his hot cum.
However, neither of us spent too much time enjoying it.
He quickly pulled out of me and we rushed to pull our clothes back on.
In the rush, a lot of his cum ended up on my underwear and I’ll admit I loved the feeling, especially as we continued on our hike.
In the end, we didn’t have to rush.
We didn’t run into anyone else on the trail that day.
Friday we went back to the park again under the guise of wanting to burn off some calories from the previous day’s over indulgence.
This time there were other people on the trail.
I’m not sure if it was because more people didn’t have work or school, or if we just picked a more popular trail.
We thought we had gone far enough, when I had my hand in his jeans.
I was stroking him, when we both thought we heard something.
We froze and it wasn’t just our imagination.
We could hear the voices more clearly.
A man and a woman.
I took my hand out of his jeans and we returned to our hike.
Sure enough, around a couple of corners we found them.
A husband and wife, sitting on a long and sharing snacks.
The way the husband looked at me, said that he wanted to fuck me.
The way the wife looked at me, said that she knew where my hands had been.
Thom and I made small talk, then headed on.
We walked past a waterfall and Thom said, “I’ll bet this is where a lot of people turn around.
” “Let’s go a little further.
” I said with a naughty grin.
We walked maybe a half mile further and into a thick section of the forest.
I couldn’t see more than a ten yards behind us and maybe fifteen in front of us.
In other words, we’d hear anyone coming before they saw us.
Or so I thought.
Thom and I started to kiss and I was about to get on my knees to make him hard with my mouth, when a woman walking her dog came from out of nowhere.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco We walked further on the trail until we came to another section, this time hidden by a small hill.
The sun was starting to go down, so I thought most people would be heading off the trail and wouldn’t be this deep into it.
We both looked around and waited for the sounds of any other humans.
When we didn’t hear any, we both looked at each other with a grin.
My heart was pounding as I got on to my knees.
We didn’t waste any time.
He undid his belt.
I undid the buttons on his jeans, followed by the zipper before I tugged his jeans and underwear halfway down his thighs.
I quickly took his half hard erection in my mouth and within a minute he was rock hard.
I stood back up and again we looked and listened for other people.
No signs of anyone else, so I pulled down my black yoga pants and pink string thong.
I assumed a position bent over, my hands on a tree to support myself.
Again, he wasted no time.
He pushed deep into me and grabbed my hips.
This wasn’t making love.
This was fucking.
Built up lust that needed to be released.
Both of us so horny, that the risk of getting caught didn’t stop us.
Or maybe, it just turned us on even more.
He fucked me hard.
His pulled back and slammed into me, each thrust shaking my whole body.
It felt so damn good, but this time I made sure to keep my moans to myself.
His hands went into my shirt again.
I pulled my sports bra up so he could have better access.
He man handled my breasts, squeezing them roughly and I loved it.
The combination of his hands on me, his thick cock filling me and being out in the open, started me towards an orgasm.
I wasn’t expecting it, so it was a pleasant surprise.
However, before my orgasm could be released, we both heard leaves.
We froze.
Foot steps.
No, not just foot steps.
Someone running? Was it a park ranger? How would I explain getting arrested for this to my parents? We didn’t have time to even try to hide what we were doing.
Seconds later, a jogger came over the hill.
His eyes locked on me.
Luckily, he wasn’t much older than us and he didn’t seem to have any complaints.
All three of us just exchanged hellos as he ran by us.
Afterward, I couldn’t stop giggling even as Thom returned to fucking me.
My orgasm long gone before it ever had a chance.
Thom came quickly after the jogger was out of sight.
After he deposited his sperm into me, we quickly got dressed again.
I still thought it was hilarious.
I’d come close to getting caught before, but never actually caught by anyone other than my brother, which wasn’t hilarious at all.
Thom had a different opinion.
He couldn’t wait to get back to his car.
He was worried that the jogger would report us to the park rangers.
Or if he didn’t, maybe someone else had seen what we were doing.
I guess he had more of a right to be worried.
He lived only a few miles away.
I didn’t ever have to go back to the area.
Either way, we did see other people on the trail as we hiked back to the parking area.
More people than I thought would be on the trail and it made me second guess our actions earlier.
Some of them didn’t look as warm and friendly as the jogger and I could picture them calling the park rangers.
However, we made it back to the car without being questioned and with at least some of our built up lust released.



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