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Latest stories Straight Sex Bad Girl – Chapter 2

As Pam lay there, she struggled against the restraints, trying to free a hand, but Gerry had done a good job of tying her down.
She thought to herself she had asked for this, so she might as well enjoy it.
Besides, she was still horny as hell, even after three orgasms.
What Gerry had been doing was turning her on.
After what seemed like an eternity, she finally heard him coming back into the room.
“How are you doing, babe?” “I’m okay.
Are you going to untie me now?” “I’m thinking about it.
I might like you like this.
Besides, you still haven’t told me what you bought.
Let’s look under that pillow and see if you bought some new toys.
” Gerry looked under the pillow but just found another dildo.
Then Pam heard him walk around to her side of the bed and heard a drawer open.
She panicked a bit and pulled on the scarves.
“Oh, looks like there is something in here you don’t want me to see.
What could it be? Now, what is this? Butt plug intermediate training pack… interesting.
And a Hitachi.
What does this do?” Pam heard the hum as he turned on the vibrator and the different tones as he changed the speeds.
She felt Gerry parting her lips and exposing her clit, then felt the vibe pressing against it.
Gerry wedged it in so it would stay in place and turned it on.
Then she heard the package of plugs being ripped open.
“Hmmm, this one is smaller than me, and this one is about the same size as I am, so I guess we won’t need them.
And this third one is only just a little bigger than me, and after the reaming I just gave you, you would barely notice it.
Now this one is better.
” Pam heard him walk up behind her, then felt some more lube dripping into her crack.
She felt him press the tip against her hole and push in.
She pictured in her mind the size of the plug and wondered if he would be able to get it in her.
Without warning, Gerry pushed the plug in with one thrust.
She heard the pop as her ring closed around it.
“AAARGH!” “Hey, just thought I’d get it over with quickly.
Now, just what did you buy and how much did it cost?” “I barely bought anything.
” “Barely anything?” Gerry pushed against the plug, then tapped on it hard.
Then he readjusted the Hitachi, finding just the right spot.
Pam’s entire body jerked as the familiar feeling started.
“Honest, daddy, I just bought a new blouse and a pair of earrings.
” “Ah, earrings! Now we’re getting somewhere.
I think you need another spanking.
” “Yes, daddy, I’ve been a bad girl and I need to be punished.
” “First daddy needs his cock sucked ‘til it’s nice and hard again.
” Gerry climbed in front of her again and slid down until he was sitting right in front of her, then picked her head up again so she could take his cock in it.
He began moving her head up and down his cock, pushing it further in her mouth as he hardened.
Finally, he stood up and moved behind her.
He moved the vibe out of the way and pushed into her pussy again.
Then as he stroked in and out, he picked up the hairbrush and started using it on one cheek, then the other.
He made sure that every few strokes; he hit the base of the butt plug.
Pam knew her husband well and having cum once already, it would be a while before he would cum again, especially as intense as it was the first time.
If he kept up this spanking and hitting the plug in her ass, it was gonna be a while before she could sit down.
She smiled.
She could hardly wait to see how red her ass was, and maybe she could even convince him to take a pic of it for her.
He finally stopped spanking her.
“Has my bad girl learned her lesson?” “Yes, daddy.
” “And is she ready to cum again?” “Yes, daddy.
Please make me cum.
” He reached under and began rubbing her clit.
She was so close already that within a minute, her whole body tensed, then exploded in her fourth orgasm of the night.
Gerry grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against him as he shot a load of his seed into her cunt.
Then he sat back on his heels and pulled the blindfold off.
He got off the bed and untied her legs and finally her wrists.
Then he pulled out the plug in one quick movement.
“Okay, so let’s see these earrings.
” She grabbed her camera and handed it to him.
“Will you take a picture of my ass for me first please, daddy?” Gerry took the camera and took several pictures of her butt, then Pam went to the bathroom to clean up.
While she was cleaning up, Gerry yelled he was going back downstairs to the living room.
She threw on some lounge clothes and headed back downstairs herself.
Gerry had found the cake she had gotten for dessert and cut them each a piece.
He had a movie on the TV and patted the couch next to him.
She had grabbed the bag with the blouse and earrings.
“Uhm, I think I will stand for a bit.
” “Babe, you are one kinky little girl sometimes, but whatever got you going seemed to have gotten me going too.
I hope I didn’t hurt you.
” “Well I will let you know when I sit down, but I’m pretty sure I’ll live.
Anyway, this is the blouse and earrings I bought.
” Gerry took the bag from Pam and pulled out the blouse and earrings, and checked the price tags.
“Babe, these earrings were only twenty bucks.
” “I know.
I told you I hardly bought anything.
” “Then just what did you do? Did you have an accident with the car? I didn’t pay attention when I came in.
” “No the car is fine.
And I didn’t get a ticket or anything else like that.
I ran into an old friend at the mall and we went to lunch and then sat around talking for hours catching up.
I lost track of time and by the time I headed home, it was too late to cook dinner.
That’s why I picked up the chicken.
I know you don’t ask much of me other than having a good homemade meal for you and keeping the house clean.
” “Awww, you make me sound like a monster; you know I don’t mind if you see your friends or do what you want.
The dinner was great anyway,” “I know, but I feel guilty ‘cause you work so hard.
But there is something I want to talk to you about.
You know it’s my turn to plan the next short vacation, and I think I know what I want to do.
How would you like to go camping with me?” “Camping? Isn’t that more my thing than yours? You don’t want to go to the seashore and hit all those antique stores and little shops? Or maybe spend a few days in New York City seeing a couple of musicals and checking out MOMA?” “Well, it’s not exactly regular camping.
It’s called Kinky Kamp.
They have lots of activities, but your level of participation is up to each person.
So if you want you can just sit around the campsite all day, or swim in the pool or whatever.
We can bring the grill and a bunch of steaks, maybe some ribs and you can grill to your heart’s content.
” Online Now! Lush Cams CristalBlake “Uh oh… Kinky Kamp? What kind of activities?” “Let me show you the website and you can see for yourself.
” Pam pulled out the laptop and called up the site and let him read through it, then brought up a forum that discussed some of the previous events and the sorts of classes and camper led events that had been held.
They both read through some of them and saw where some of the campers offered coffee in the morning, some even made pancakes and bacon.
Bacon seemed to be like currency at camp.
“And you really want to do this? Would I have to walk around naked? Or do you want to walk around naked?” “As I said, you can do as much or as little as you want.
And they do fundraisers to support a local food pantry.
All the guys that do the cooking for the meals volunteer their time.
And any money they make beyond the cost of the food itself is also donated.
Campers can also volunteer for things like driving the golf cart ‘taxis’ around and donate any tips they get.
” “Well, our deal has always been that whatever you pick when it is your turn, the other person goes along without complaining and participates as well.
So if this is what you want to do, then go ahead and make the plans.
” “The only thing is that it is five days instead of our usual four, though we could just do the last four days if you can’t take the time off.
” “Well, if you want to do it and it’s five days long, we might as well get the full experience.
So go for it.
” The next day Pam spent several hours reading through the forums about the last few events as well as some new threads about the one coming up.
None of the activities were listed yet for the upcoming camp, but she got a good idea of the types of things that go on.
Even though the event was still over three months away, the spaces were already about half filled.
She went ahead and filled out the application and paid the fee.
About an hour later she got an email welcoming her and confirming a reservation for two for the full five days.
Directions were included on how to get to camp along with the warning that the name and location of the camp were not to be given to anyone else or mentioned by name in the forums.
She immediately started making plans for the trip.
A couple of days later, she got a call from her former Mistress.
“I saw your name on the reservation list.
I’m glad you could make it.
Did you have any trouble talking Gerry into going?” Pam told her of their arrangement with their trips each year.
Then she asked her a bunch of questions about the camper led activities, and the money raised for the charity.
“What I was wondering is if the people who cook the food would take donations of food instead of just money? I was thinking like if they used eggs, or made pancakes or French toast, we could bring eggs, pancake mix or bread; maybe butter and syrup.
Something like that.
I figure if we bring the makings, that saves them money they don’t have to spend on supplies so they make 100% profit on what they sell.
That would be more money than we could donate.
” “I don’t know for sure, but I can check for you.
Let me get back to you on that, kitten.
” “Thank you, Mistress.
”  About a week later, Pam got an email from someone she didn’t recognize but the subject was food for camp.
Inside was a list of things that they would accept as donations as long as each item was new and unopened.
Pam began making a list of what they could bring.
She also read that besides monetary donations, they collected non-perishable food items for the food pantry as well as other things like soap and toothpaste, even cat and dog food.
Pam figured if she bought a few things at a time or when they were on sale, and hit the discount stores, she could accumulate a fair amount of stuff by the time camp rolled around.
Pam kept working on Gerry to get him a bit more adventurous, eventually getting him to a couple of fetish events.
One of them was a ‘Taste of Kink’ and a vendor was there selling rubber floggers.
He asked Gerry if he would like to give a couple of them a try on Pam.
She removed her blouse and turned her back to him as the vendor showed Gerry a few moves.
Gerry took over practicing a bit on her back, then Pam hiked up her skirt and bent over.
The vendor suggested a paddle to try and Gerry gave her a few pretty good smacks on her butt, leaving some pretty good red marks.
Pam had been expecting the sting of a flogger, so the thud of the paddle took her by surprise.
“Owwwww!!!” Pam stood back up and the vendor showed them a flogger that looked a bit like a paintbrush.
He showed Gerry how to flick it at places like the breast or genital areas, adding it could be used on either sex for that, then he winked at Pam.
Gerry took the flogger and used it on Pam’s tits watching as red streaks quickly appeared.
“I love it, daddy! Please buy it for me.
Please, please?” “Well, okay.
If you really like it.
” “I do.
Thank you, daddy.
” After another hour, they were ready to leave and went out to the truck.
Gerry opened the door for Pam, but instead of climbing in she hiked her skirt up again and put her hands on the step.
“I’m so horny right now.
Fuck me.
Take me right here.
” Fortunately, where the truck was parked, they would not be visible from the street.
And there was not much traffic in the parking lot.
Gerry lowered his zipper down and pulled his cock out with one hand, he reached down to his wife’s pussy, pushed her panties to one side and started fingering her, while the other hand coaxed his cock into an erection.
Pam was already damp and slippery and the fingering only increased the wetness.
Gerry slipped inside her with ease and moved his hips back and forth slowly, feeling her arousal build.
As he increased the pace, he placed his hands on her hips pulling her into him with each thrust.
Pam was moaning softly, almost a purr.
As he increased his pace, her moaning got louder, her arousal was also making him harder as he looked around to see if they were attracting any attention.
It did not take long before he felt himself getting close.
He stopped for a few seconds before continuing.
Pam knew her husband well and knew he was close.
“I’m ready, daddy.
Fuck me hard!” Gerry began pounding into her pussy until he exploded inside her, shooting semen deep into her as she moaned loudly.
He held her close until he was spent, then slowly slid out.
He pushed his member back into his pants and zipped up while Pam pulled her skirt back down and climbed into the truck.
Gerry walked around to the driver side, climbed in and they drove home.
  to be continued.



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