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I had been house sitting for the last week while friends were away.
A beautiful home that had a gorgeous pool and hot tub that I had been dying to use.
Unfortunately terrible weather had prevented it until today.
  Today was perfect for a lazy day lounging by the pool and I intended to make the most of it.
I slipped into my bikini, grabbed all the essentials for the day and made my way to a banana lounge where I could read, doze and work on my tan for as long as I wished.
By mid-morning I’d finished my book and was enjoying the light breeze that was circling.
I’d long ago removed my bikini top and the feeling of the sun and cool breeze on my full DD breasts was causing my perfect pink nipples to harden, standing erect and needing to be touched.
It had been a while since I’d had any form of sexual release and I took the opportunity for some self-pleasure.
My fingers gently squeezed my nipples, pulling and rubbing them in such a way that before too long my pussy was throbbing.
One hand slid down my stomach, entering the top of my bikini bottoms and coming to rest on my cleanly shaven mound.
I used my fingers to spread my pussy lips, surprising myself at how wet I already was, and began to circle my clit.
Unbeknownst to me, a figure had entered the yard and was watching from a distance, mesmerised by the sight of me fingering myself and grabbing at my tits.
A quiet cough alerted me to his presence.
Normally I would have stopped doing what I was doing and been embarrassed at being caught but I was enjoying the feeling of my hands so much, in and on my body, that I couldn’t have stopped even if I’d wanted to.
Instead, I simply smiled and offered a ‘hey’ by way of greeting.
Giving me a cheeky grin he asked if I would have any objections to him coming closer so that he could continue to enjoy the show.
A simple shake of my head was all the permission he needed and he walked over to sit in the seat positioned at the foot of my banana lounge.
Once seated I decided if he was after a show, then a show he would get.
I removed my bikini bottoms so he would be able to see every stroke and rub that I made.
I spread my legs, hanging each down one side of the the lounge so that I was fully exposed.
I was so wet by this point that I was able to slide the fingers on one hand inside myself, while using the other hand to continue teasing my pleasure bud.
My new friend, who’s name I later learned was Cooper, began shifting uncomfortably in his seat as his arousal became harder to ignore.
Wanting to put him at ease, I asked to see it and was not disappointed when he stood to drop his shorts, revealing one mighty fine erection.
My audible gasp made him smile and he started to stroke his length, moving closer so I could inspect every inch of his cock.
It was such a sight, him pulling his dick while watching me finger my cunt.
I realised I needed more and reached out my hand to stroke his balls, massaging them in my hand.
This was all the invitation he needed from me and he quickly lay beside me on the lounge where we could explore each other’s bodies.
His hands began at my breasts, grabbing, squeezing and finally licking and sucking my nipples.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven I took over where he’d left off, pulling his cock from base to tip before using it to rub myself.
The sensation of his dick rubbing my moist, hot clit was out of this world and had me riding the waves of orgasm almost instantly.
In that moment I needed him inside me and, using all the the strength in my thighs, pulled him deep inside of me.
His dick filled me completely and as he began to thrust.
I could feel every inch of him.
Our bodies pressed together and we soon became a sweaty mess of limbs.
I came to the realisation that this was not going to be a quick fuck as he moved me onto my hands and knees and swiftly entered me from behind.
He began thrusting again, slowly at first, so deep that I could feel his balls slamming against my ass.
His hands that had been on my waist now moved, one to my tits, one to my mound.
Fingering furiously he brought me to my second orgasm, cumming hard under his hand as he continued to plunge into my now sopping hole.
I had never been with a man with such staying power and Cooper was far from finished.
Like myself, he was keen to get the most out of this unexpected experience.
Since seeing his dick, I had longed to taste him.
I had him lie back and knelt between his legs.
Taking just the tip in my mouth, I used my tongue in light flicking motions to tease him.
I then began sucking, taking a little bit more of him in my mouth each time until I was able to take all of him, deep in my throat.
Looking up I was pleased to see that he was watching.
And what a sight it it was.
Kneeling naked, with my ass up in the air, sucking hard.
Massaging his balls once again I was intent to give him a blow job he’d never forget.
He motioned for me to move and I was surprised, but pleased, to discover he wanted to lick my slit while I sucked his cock.
We quickly moved into the 69 position and he got to work, teasing me with his tongue.
His fingers parted my lips and I could feel his nose pressed against my ass as he licked around my hole and sucked and nibbled my clit.
This was clearly not his first time.
He had skills I had only ever dreamt about and he licked me until I was trembling against his tongue, quivering at his touch.
And writhing with pleasure.
Cooper suddenly stopped me and sat on the side of the lounge, erection harder than ever.
He turned me to stand facing away from him and then pulled me down on to him.
Now I was in control! I leaned back into his chest and began riding him.
My big breasts bouncing with each motion, his hands once again pulling on my nipples as he kissed my neck and moaned in my ear.
I could tell he was starting to reach the point of no return so I increased the speed of my actions, circling my hips and pushing myself down on his erection.
I was fucking him hard and got my desired result.
He exploded inside of me, filling me with his cum as I collapsed against him exhausted.
Both satisfied and completely spent, grateful for unexpected experiences.
I cannot wait until our paths cross again.
Until then, I’ll continue flying solo, while being open to more opportunities I’m sure are headed my way.



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