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Traveling mainly by night, I manage to bring Rin and I to Cancun.
With it being sunny in these parts Jasco and Draven wouldn’t dare search for us here, though it isn’t impossible.
I figured we’d be safer here since even I feared going out during the day.
Rin hadn’t said much since we escaped.
Even when I got us a hotel suite with only one bed, Rin hadn’t said a word.
We’d been here for three days and I feared I’d never hear her voice again.
Whenever I heard her stomach growl and asked her if she was hungry, her response was a nod of the head.
When she was thirsty she grabbed a mug and got water.
It was maddening.
We also hadn’t touched other than when we went out shopping for food or at night when Rin was tired.
When we went to the markets Rin would loop her arm in mine, or hold my hand.
At night when it got hot in the room, despite the AC running all day, Rin would snuggle up close to me.
She never kissed me again and I never made a move on her.
I figured she just needed time.
Today my good friend Reid is meeting with Rin and I.
Rin needs clothes, though the first chance I got I bought her the bare essentials.
I felt she needed someone to talk to since she wouldn’t talk to me.
What better way to get a girl to talk than talking over clothes? Rin sits quietly on the sofa flipping through channels on TV.
Her smooth legs are sprawled out, tan from spending the day at the beach.
She wears one of my white shirts over top of a two-piece bathing suit.
I shake my head at her.
The AC is on— isn’t she cold? There’s a knock at the door.
Rin jumps and her attention is focused worriedly at the door.
“It’s just Reid.
Nothing to be afraid of, Rin.
” She relaxes a little.
I open the door and choke back laughter.
Reid, one of the only gay vampires I knew of.
He wore one of those Hawaiian tropical shirts, skinny jeans, and sandals.
Strewn together with his blonde curly hair and girlish makeup, it was hard not to laugh at him.
“Oh, no, boyfriend.
Don’t be hating on my glam,” he snaps at me.
I immediately erupt with laughter as I step aside to allow him entry.
Reid twitches inside with his bedazzled pink luggage.
“Where is this mortal, Jay?” I don’t need to answer.
Rin stands in the center of the room in all her beauty.
Even she’s on the verge of laughing at Reid’s choice of attire.
“I see why you’re so into her.
You both share no humor.
” Reid snorts.
“She needs clothes,” I say, trying to conceal my amusement.
“You owe me, and I’m not trying to spend all the cash I have on clothing.
” That, and I need someone to get her to talk.
Reid turns his attention to Rin, sizing her up, hmming and ahhing.
“She has an ah-mazing figure.
Sexy pouty lips that go along with her angel eyes.
Nice tan.
Hair needs a good shampooing.
Maybe a wax.
” He trails off towards the end, but I still pick up on what is said.
“OK boyfriend! Out! Girl time!” Reid exclaims, clapping his hands.
“Hold up, Reid.
I need to talk to you for a sec.
” Reid follows me over into the kitchen.
“I need you to talk to her.
Like really talk to her.
She hasn’t said anything since we got here, and it’s killing me.
” “I got this, babe,” he smiles wickedly.
“Consider it done.
” We walk back out to the living room.
Rin is staring at us from the sofa then stands as I approach.
“I’m gonna leave you here with Reid for a little.
He’s going to take some measurements, take you out, pamper you and make you clothes.
I want you to have fun.
” She nods at me.
I embrace her, though she doesn’t embrace me back, and kiss her forehead before I leave Reid to do his work.
I hadn’t given much thought to what I’d spend my time doing while I waited.
I hadn’t fed in a while and Rin wouldn’t appreciate it if I took blood from her, so I guess I could do that.
———— Hunting had been more difficult than I had anticipated.
I first ventured to the jungle and found a few crocodiles and snakes, more birds than anything.
I then swam in the ocean and had very little luck there since I found loads of smaller fish that hadn’t even begun to quench my thirst.
So I swam out further and wrestled a few sharks.
At the end, my thirst was less than it had been, but not fully satiated on animal blood.
And I managed to stay within a hundred miles of the hotel just so making it back wouldn’t take too long.
The whole time I hunted my thoughts remained on Rin: would she be talking to me when I returned? Or would she be as distant as ever? What were her and Reid talking about? Was she enjoying herself? I drove myself mad asking all these questions, because I wouldn’t know until I returned and that alone had my nerves on end.
We’d been here for days and I knew we’d need to relocate to somewhere remote and private.
I don’t think Rin would object much since we were already staying in a hotel, but this isn’t the life I wanted for her: to be moving around a lot just to avoid my fucked up family.
It’s my fault we’re in this mess.
If I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy myself in her arms Lennox wouldn’t have taken her.
My attraction for Rin was toxic and poisonous, and what would become of it? My kind could breed with mortals, and in doing so the chances of birthing a mortal baby was very slim.
Marriage was even harder between vampire and human; vampires lived forever unless killed and we never aged, and a mortal life is finite.
Not that marriage and having children is something I want right now, but if anything these are things every woman thinks about and Rin deserves a normal, happy human life.
So as I make my way back to the hotel my mind and heart are in chaos.
When the hotel came into view the stress grew.
As I slip the key card to the suit in the scanner and turn the handle, I am greeted by fits of laughter and loud music.
Reid is behind the island counter in the kitchen laughing as he pours a glass of wine.
Rin is hunched over the couch dying of amusement as well.
The sound of her laughter chases away some of the stress and worry I felt, calming me.
“I’m back,” I call out, making my presence known.
Rin is the first to greet me, then Reid.
I walk up to Rin, whom is now sitting upright on the couch, a smile on her face.
Her cheeks are bright red from laughing.
“How was your night?” I ask, kissing her forehead.
“It was great!” She exclaims.
“Reid made me a lot of cute outfits.
Then we went and he took me out to get my hair, nails, and makeup done.
Then we went to a spa.
It was really fun.
” “What can I say,” Reid chimes in.
“Girls need their girl time.
” He said with a smug shrug.
I turn my attention back on Rin.
She’s wearing a green strapless sundress.
Her dark brown hair falls over her shoulders in silky waves.
The makeup on her face is light and shimmery, but my main focus is on those forestry hazel eyes.
At the sight of her on top of her speaking to me again, I start to feel the beginning of a hard-on.
“That’s great,” I say then quickly turn away.
I focus on anything besides Rin, willing my dick to go down.
“What were you guys laughing so hard about before I walked in?” “Reid and I were talking about who you looked like, celebrity-wise,” Rin answered.
And who’d you come up with?” I ask while trying to conjure a celebrity to mind, and coming up short.
I barely paid attention to the outside world.
“Sam Worthington,” Reid said.
I just gave them a smile, not fully understanding who they were comparing me to.
“You almost look identical to him as far as look and body go.
Only your eyes are brown, your voices, and you’re just a tad shorter.
” Again I barely understood, so I just nod.
“He has no clue,” Rin points out, a hint of amusement in her voice.
Reid lets out a sigh as he steps out from behind the island.
“Jayden lives under a rock sometimes, hun.
Does not surprise me.
” “Speaking of living under a rock,” I begin, ignoring Reid’s insult, “Rin and I need to find another place to stay.
” Rin is surprised by the news, but doesn’t voice out any objections.
Reid, though, surprises us all by saying, “You can stay at my penthouse.
It’s private and secluded, and there’s guest rooms.
Although you’ll need to stock up on food.
” “That sounds.
perfect actually,” I comment.
Rin nods approvingly.
“Thank you.
” Reid gives us the address and we discuss arrangements.
While Rin packs up her belongings, Reid and I step out onto the balcony overlooking the beach.
We talk about where Reid’s penthouse is located and transportation.
It’ll be a two day drive, assuming we don’t make any pitstops.
Reid handed me the keys to a black Mazda 6.
Everything is settled.
I run my fingers over my cropped hair, nervousness taking its toll on me.
“So what did you and Rin talk about?” Reid stares out at the ocean, sighing.
“Can’t tell you.
Girl code,” he says.
“But I will tell you that she’s an amazing girl, definitely better than any I’ve ever seen you with.
She’s good for you.
I can tell that she has feelings for you, and you for her.
” I nod in agreement.
Rin is good for me, but I can’t help feel that I’m no good for her.
We sit in silence for a while just listening to low waves clash along the shore.
The sun is low on the horizon, the end of another day.
Rin and I will be heading off soon.
I didn’t know how I felt about this.
All I knew is that I would do anything, go anywhere, to keep Rin safe.
———— The drive to Reid’s penthouse was long and exhausting.
Rin slept most of the time, and when she was awake she sat in silence.
Yeah, we were back to that.
I tried making small talk, and it was just that: small talk.
She would make comments here and there, and tell me when she was hungry or needed a human moment.
Other than that, not much talking happened.
When we finally made it to our destination, Rin gasped as it came into view.
Reid’s penthouse was huge and luxurious.
Excited, Rin ran right up to the door, and with the key Reid gave us, walked right in as if were her own home she hadn’t seen in ages, while I carried in our luggage.
“It’s so big!” Rin squeals.
“Looks like something Reid would buy,” I say.
The interior is just as luxurious and extravagant as the exterior.
I set our luggage down, shutting the door behind me.
“I guess go pick a room.
” “What are you going to do?” she asks.
The excitement is gone from her tone, replaced by worry.
“Reid said I need to stock up on food.
So I’m gonna go into town and get some.
Is that okay?” I ask.
Just hurry back.
” She says before taking off up the stairs.
I’m not gone long, maybe an hour at most.
Rin is nowhere in sight when I walk through the door.
I hear water running upstairs and the sound of singing.
 She’s probably taking a bath.
After I put the food away, I go up stairs in search of a room for myself.
I pick the master bedroom.
I unpack my clothes and put them away in an empty drawer to one of the dressers.
Then I decide to take a shower myself.
The shower felt great, it helped my muscles relax.
I walk back in the room wearing my briefs and a pair of shorts, and find Rin sitting on the edge of the bed.
She’s got a plum colored robe on, tied off and concealing.
I watch her as she kicks her heals on the bed frame, my eyes lingering on her smooth legs.
She looks up and notices me.
“This place is amazing,” she speaks.
Despite her words, there’s mild interest in her tone.
She appears withdrawn, nervous.
It is.
” I reply in a detached tone.
I’m still staring at her legs.
Eventually my eyes drink the rest of her in; her long hair falling down her chest, the smoothness of her exposed neck, the slight view of her cleavage.
My blood begins pumping faster and I know my dick is getting hard as I stare, but thankfully my briefs keep it confined and the baggy shorts help.
There’s an awkward silence between us before Rin decides to break it.
She’s probably feeling as nervous as I am.
“Are you about to go to bed?” I nod.
Her head falls a little almost as if she’s disappointed.
Good night then, Jayden.
” “Good night, Rin.
” I return.
She gets up off the bed, heading to the door.
“If you need anything.
” “I’ll let you know,” she says with a weak smile before disappearing out the door.
I stand there staring after her for a few minutes, confused.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers What was Rin’s real reason for seeking me out? Surely it wasn’t just to talk about how amazing this house was.
So what had been her real intentions? Defeated, I shake my head then walk over to the wall to turn the lights down.
I’m pulling the covers back on the bed when Rin comes rushing in.
“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, something Reid brought up to me.
” “Oh, yeah?” There’s no hiding my surprise.
Rin stands there fidgeting, chewing on her bottom lip.
I wait for her to start, but she just stands there staring at anything but me.
“What did you want to talk about?” I coax.
“Reid had talked to Lennox before he came to see us, and, well.
er, um, did you really have sex with her with me in mind?” she asks sheepishly.
My surprise deepens.
Lennox told Reid about that? “Well?” Rin spurs me on when I don’t answer.
“Why do you want to know?” I ask, taking a step toward her, then another until there’s a few feet between us.
Rin’s cheeks flush a bright red, making my cock throb.
“Because I want to know what it is you feel for me.
” “I feel a lot of things for you, Rin,” I admit.
God, did I ever! This girl had my mind reeling since the very moment we first met.
Why? I didn’t know.
Rin is just different and gets to me like no girl had ever done before.
“But what does that have to do with Lennox?” “Do you still love her?” Rin asks.
I notice her hold her breath after the words come out.
I can tell she’s desperately clinging to my every word, and what I would say next would either bring about her happiness or pain.
I don’t answer right away just so I can see her reaction.
Rin remains unmoving, waiting, still holding in her breath.
Finally, I give her an answer.
“I gave up on Lennox years ago.
Do I still love her? No.
I fell in love with her while she was human.
” “But?” she coaxes.
“But I didn’t realize I didn’t love her anymore until a week ago.
I stopped loving her the moment you asked me to dance with you three months ago.
” Rin’s eyes bore into mine as I confess my feelings.
I know she is taking this all in, processing and memorizing everything I just said.
Rin doesn’t say anything after that.
She just stands there watching me, her eyes darting from my eyes to my lips.
Her breathing becomes uneven and I can tell my confession has aroused her.
I know this because admitting all of this to her face has my dick pressing hard against my briefs, begging for release.
Deliberately, I close the distance between us.
I watch as Rin pulls at the knot in her robe and lets it fall to the floor.
Underneath the robe she wore a white transparent bra and matching thong.
This is all the incentive I need to crush my mouth on hers.
Moans vibrate in Rin’s throat as we kiss fiercely.
I reach behind her and, with both hands, grab her ass and pull her hard against me.
I then slide my hands along her thighs and hoist her up.
Her legs wrap around me tight.
I bring her over to the beg and gently lay her down.
My body presses down on hers causing her to let out a deep moan.
Giving her a chance to catch her breath, I begin trailing kisses from her jaw to her ear.
“You’re so beautiful, Rin,” I breathe in her neck then begin kissing down her neck.
I take joy in feeling her writhe in need underneath me.
As much as I find her lingerie sexy, it’s in my way.
So I take no time tearing it off of her slender body.
Fully exposed now, Rin is bare for my eyes to have the pleasure of witnessing.
I lean in and kiss her as I rub her wet cunt with my hand.
Immediately she lets out a cacophony of moans.
Her body is quivering as pleasure seizes her.
She cums before long, but we’re far from over.
Next I slip a finger inside of her, feeling her tight virgin pussy squeeze my finger.
I fuck her gently using one finger, driving her to moan more.
Once her walls are relaxed enough I add another finger.
Rin is practically begging me to fuck her with my dick at this point.
“I want it, Jayden,” she cries.
“I want you.
” I pull back and slip out of my clothes.
Rin opens her eyes and takes me in.
At the side of my erected cock her breathing hitches.
She lunges forward to sit upright as she stares at my member.
Tentatively she reaches out and wraps her fingers around the shaft.
The feel of her gripping my dick in her hand feels so good, precum seeps out at the tip.
She peers up at me, locking our gazes.
Suddenly, she leans forward and takes my swollen cock in her mouth, slowly jerking me off.
I can’t help but to moan.
Her mouth feels incredible.
As a virgin Rin struggles to suck me off, but her effort isn’t wasted.
So when she pulls back, giving up, I climb on the bed next to her.
It doesn’t take her long to straddle on top of me.
Arms wrapping around my neck, Rin kisses me passionately and I return in kind.
The feel of her scrumptious lips on mine and the taste of her.
I can’t get enough.
When she pulls back I see that she’s ready, but is hesitant.
“You okay?” I ask.
“Yeah,” she whispers.
“I guess I’m just nervous.
” “We don’t have to do this, Rin.
If you’re not ready—” I try to say, but she shakes her head, cutting me off.
“I want this.
I want you.
” She says, her words final.
Kissing me softly for comfort, Rin lifts up.
She takes my dick in her hand and tries positioning it with difficultly since she can’t see.
So I wrap my hand over hers and help her.
With my other hand on her back, I help to keep her steady and close.
The head of my cock is right at her virgin hole.
Juices coat my dick and slowly travel down the shaft.
Rin takes one breath and inches herself down on me.
Stifling back sobs of pain, Rin stops moving completely.
I’m half way inside of her and the wait is excruciating, but I can’t rush her.
I ask her if she wants to stop.
She says she just needs a moment.
I pull my hand away.
Soon after I take my hand away, she pushes herself down hard on my dick.
I hear a popping sound right as soon as her pussy has swallowed my cock whole.
Rin’s arms wrap tightly around me at the exact same time I heard the popping sound.
I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight.
Her body trembles in my arms.
The smell of blood assaults me.
“Are you okay?” I ask, trying to ignore the scent of Rin’s blood.
“It hurts, but I’m okay,” she mumbles in my neck.
“Are you?” “You’re bleeding and the smell of your blood is making me thirsty,” I admit.
I don’t know what to do from here.
I’m afraid to continue with this raging thirst that’s taking over.
“If you want,” Rin starts to say, “then bite me.
” Before I can get a word out, Rin is slowly lifting up and down, wincing a little.
Her pussy is tight as she moves, constricting around my prick.
I try to remain in control to not fuck the living daylights out of her at the same time to not bite her and drink deeply.
I let her go at her own pace while I get a hold on myself.
Eventually Rin’s winces turn to moans, and by then I no longer feel the hunger.
I reach around and grab her ass while holding her in one arm.
Her motions quicken in pace, juices gushing from her sweet tight cunt.
We both moan due to the feel of one another.
Soon Rin is bouncing fast along my cock, and I can’t help but to lay back on the bed.
I watch her breasts bounce along with her body, the look of pleasure on her face as she bites her lip.
“Your dick feels good,” she moans.
“Want me to make you feel even better?” I ask.
Her hazel eyes glaze over as she looks at me and nods.
I grab her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, and begin thrusting into her pussy.
Rin falls over my chest, moans ripping through her.
“I’m cumming!” She shouts.
I’m not ready for her to cum just yet, so I stop.
“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Her pleas turn me on even more.
Rolling us over, I look down at her.
“Oh, I’m not going to, baby,” I say then slam down on her.
She yelps at the suddenness.
I feel as though I may be being too rough, but I’m too aroused to stop, and Rin isn’t telling me to stop either.
So I pump into her fast and hard.
“Your pussy feels so fucking good, Rin.
I fucking love it.
” “Me too.
I love it!” She moans back.
Pushing her legs apart as far as they can go, I ram into Rin’s pussy.
She bounces up and down against the bed, and I’m loving the sight of her perky tits jostling around.
I take hold of a breast and squeeze.
Rin’s pussy gets wetter, nearly causing me to slip out.
When Rin tightens up again, I pull out knowing she’s about to cum.
I bend down and lap at her sopping cunt with my tongue, tasting the sweetness of her cum and blood.
The hunger returns tenfold.
Ravenous, I flip her over and she grabs hold of the headboard.
I quickly assault her pussy again and grab her shoulders to pull her body back.
In this position the walls of Rin’s pussy are even tighter.
I let loose and cum inside her without even asking for permission.
The ecstasy I’m in further takes over.
Next thing I know I’m pulling her hair aside and sink my fangs in her neck.
“Jayden,” Rin tries to say but is choked back.
At this point I’m pounding vigorously into her with my vampire speed.
Her ass claps I’m being so rough.
“I-I-I’m c-cum-cumming,” she says in that same choked voice.
I release her and pull out.
Her legs are quivering with her ass in the air.
I have a nice view of her asshole and twitching pussy.
Rin is oozing with cum of both mine and hers, and I’m far from finished.
I turn her over onto her back and push her legs over my shoulders.
Then I plunge deep in her pussy.
Rin is writhing beneath me, pulling me down for a kiss.
“I love you,” the words come out breathless.
“I love you, Jayden.
I love you!” Her declaration makes her walls clench even tighter around my dick.
“I love you, too, baby.
” I know I mean these words even if I am lost in Rin’s incredible pussy.
“I’m about to cum, again.
” “I’m gonna cum, too,” she moans.
I pump faster and harder into her.
Our moans grow louder.
“I’M CUMMING!” she screams right as I’m nearing an eruption of my own.
“Here it comes!” My thrusts grow even harder now.
I slam into her as hard as I can.
Then, pushing as far as I can deep into her pussy, Straight and true, I release my nut directly against Rin’s womb.
My dick twitches as my cum flows out inside of Rin.
Once I’m finished cumming, I topple over on top of Rin.
We’re both panting, though Rin is struggling to calm her breathing while I feel as if I just got done jogging.
Rin is covered in sweat; her hair clings on either side of her face.
We lay there like that for what feels like hours, my dick still inside her.
Neither one of us are ready for me to pull out.
We’re enjoying the sensation of being one too much.
I’m the first to speak.
“I busted inside.
” “I know.
I could feel it.
” Rin wraps her arms around me, her hands rubbing slowly on my back.
“It’s fine.
” It didn’t sit well with me that she found my nutting inside of her as ‘fine’.
But there was no going back now, so I left it alone.
Finally, my dick got soft so I pull out of her.
I roll us over with me on my back and Rin laying on top of me.
Rin peered up at me.
I gaze deep into her hazel eyes and felt a swelling sensation in my chest.
Place my hand against her cheek, I say, “I love you.
” “I love you, too, Jayden.
” She returns looking me dead in the eye.
“I know saying those words costs a lot for you, so I’ll never take them lightly.
I’m not Lennox.
I’ll never fail you like she did.
” Her words were a knife in my heart, because she was right.
I had loved Lennox with all that I had, and that had cost me centuries of pain and anguish.
But as I look at Rin, telling her I loved her would cost me everything if I ever lose her.
With every fiber of my being I love Rin like I never loved before.
“Telling you I love you,” I start to say, “costs me not a damn thing, Rin.
Because you’re nothing like Lennox.
” Rin leans in to kiss me.
I hold her tight against me.
Exhaustion overtakes us both.
Rin yawns then I yawn.
We cuddle close together and fall asleep in each other’s arms.
To be continued.



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