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We left the party.
I followed her up the stairs in the wake of her exotic perfume.
She slipped her key card into the door lock, I followed her in and stood in the middle of the short hallway of her suite.
The lights were mostly off and the remaining lamps gave her skin an almost shimmering glow.
She had come across as stern, but passionate, so this didn’t worry me.
She wore a tight black party dress, sleeveless, that only just reaching mid thigh.
She was toned and fit; about a foot shorter than me.
Black, straight hair fell nearly to her shoulders.
She stood there looking at me with an odd half smile, and she stared straight into my eyes as I shut the door and walked slowly to her.
I leaned down to kiss her.
Her hand lashed out and slapped me across the face.
I stumbled back, shocked, her hand mark burning on my cheek.
She wagged a finger at me.
She smiled.
“This is my game and you play by my rules, or fuck off.
” This wasn’t what I was expecting, but I was turned on by her and the prospect of getting it on.
 So, I stood there straight with great posture.
To attention.
“Good,” she purred, pulling me by my tie into the bedroom.
I stood in the middle of the room.
“Get undressed!” She stood there, arms crossed, as she watched me remove my tie and shirt leaving me bare chested.
“Nice body,” she said matter-of-factly.
“I am looking forward to this.
Now get the rest off!” I undid my belt, unhooked the catch and let my trousers fall.
Kicking off my shoes and socks left me naked before her.
 I stood to attention again, still and silent, my breathing deep with anticipation.
My dick was now rock hard and thrust out waiting for action.
I could stop looking at her great legs and short, short dress.
She walked around me.
My head followed her instinctively, and her hand flew up and struck my other cheek.
“Face forward!” she snapped.
Once she had made a complete circle of me, she told me to sit on a chair that was stood in front of the balcony doors.
It had been a hot day and the cool breeze was refreshing.
The pool outside was deserted at that time of night, but anyone looking from the right balcony opposite would have got a good show.
I sat down as directed.
Now place your arms behind your back.
” I did so.
This lowered my shoulders and raised my chest accentuating the pecs and pulling my abs tight.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnaHathor I sat legs slightly apart, my dick proud.
She walked round and moved my knees together.
My dick twitched in anticipation as she straddled my thighs.
Still clothed, and sat down on me, mid-thigh.
She smelled amazing and her legs looked incredible.
I got a good look at her cleavage – a nice palm full of firm breasts.
Tanned and femininely muscular.
Pulling her panties to one side, she took hold of my cock rubbed the head slowly up and down her labia.
I desperately want to grab her hips, but I knew how she would react.
My cock head was covered in her juice, and made little “shlup” noises as it passed along her lips.
I resisted the temptation to thrust my hips.
My good behaviour was rewarded as she then grasped my cock, lifted herself, and lowered herself down on it.
I bit my lip in silence; as she lowered herself down she let out a stifled moan of pleasure that sounded like “mmmmm,” inside her closed mouth.
She held onto my shoulders and slowly eased herself up and down my cock from the head just inside her, then moving deep down onto my balls, make a soft slapping noise as she landed.
Her legs were spread wide to take me in, her eyes were closed apparently enjoying the ride.
The bottom of her dress was just low enough so I couldn’t see my dick sliding in and out her.
But, oh, I could feel it! The muscles in her thighs strained and she lifted and lowered herself.
Surprisingly soon, her breathing began to quicken and her thrusts became shorter, grinding her pubic bone against mine.
Her fingers and nails dug into my shoulder and back.
She was so wet that she was almost friction-less.
I wasn’t in danger of cumming.
Luckily for me! She then came hard on me.
Her lips finally parted letting out a loud “Ahhhhh!” She physically shook on me, grinding herself down on me so hard it hurt.
My balls wanted to explode then, but I gripped my lower muscles and steadied my breathing.
She composed herself quickly, opening her eyes and looking down at me.
“Well done,” she said softly as she eased herself off my still hard cock.
“Now – you can fuck me however you like.
” She stood there with her hands on her hips as though nothing had just happened, apart from slightly ruffled hair.
I got up off the chair and walked slowly around her.
Now it was my turn!



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