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 My wife and I were invited over to our friend’s house.
I’ve known Roger and Heather for as long as I have been married, which is coming up to ten years.
My wife has known them for longer as do her parents, well my mother in law any way, as my father in law is no longer around.
Roger and Heather both live a very extravagant life style, and both are very open in their sexual habits.
They are not married, but have lived together for more than twenty years.
They love each other, but both have given their consent and freedom to each other to see and if they so wish, fuck anyone else they like, even in their own home.
They are what some people would call swingers, although they don’t class themselves as that.
They often hold parties where they invite guests to indulge in what they call a ‘Freedom session’.
This is where an equal number of men and women are invited as couples or singles, but in secrecy.
So, apart from the partner I have arrived with, I don’t know who else is a guest of the opposite sex, I’ll never see them.
My wife and I arrived, greeted by both Roger and Heather, we are then lead away, by either Roger or Heather to separate rooms, one for the men and another for the ladies.
There are between six to eight guests who all know what the evening will hold, but do not have to take part if they so wish.
If there is a ‘loose’ individual, then either Roger or Heather would join in.
I may possibly know the same sex person in the holding room, or I may have just met them in the holding room.
They may have come with their partner wife or just a friend.
You are not permitted to talk about this.
The house is large, with one very large room which holds three beds, and a few large armchairs.
In the invitation I was sent there was a picture of what the room looks like.
That is because when I am lead into the room, the room is pitch black, no lights at all.
So the picture gives you the layout of where things are.
Each person is blindfolded and led into the room at timings chosen by Roger and Heather.
The blind fold is taken off once in the room.
I still have clothes on, it is upto me if I want to take them all off, or just one or two items.
Remember no lights, so might be difficult to find clothes again.
One very strict rule is no one is to speak a word to another guest in the room.
No questions, no help in guidance to where things are or anything.
It was up to me to fumble around and find someone else in the room.
Another rule is that I must find someone of the opposite sex, if I come across the same sex person, then I must move on.
Also, if a couple are already together, I was not permitted to join them, one on one only.
Before, I was picked to go into the main room.
I’ve probably been there for at least an hour where there were drinks and nibbles provided, as I get to know the same sex guests.
This evening there were three other men in the room.
We all chatted and drank along with Roger.
It had been just over an hour, when Roger took the first man in our group.
Roger put the blindfold onto him then guided him to the main room.
Five minutes later another man was led away by Roger.
Then about six or seven minutes later Roger asked me to stand up, and he placed a blindfold over my eyes.
Holding me by the arm, Roger led the way.
He reiterated to reinforce the rules as we walked.
We came to a stop, I presumed at the door to the main room.
Roger said, “Okay, in you go and after I have shut the door, you may take your blindfold off.
” I stepped in tentatively and I heard the door close, so I put my hand to the blindfold and removed it.
I may as well have left it on; there was no difference, pitch black.
I put the blindfold in my pocket and started to hunt around with my hands, arms outstretched in front of me, waving them slowly from side to side in a bid to feel something.
I knew the layout of the room, from the picture they had sent.
I could hear a noise, a woman moaning in the throes of being fucked I was sure.
It was coming from my right, so I thought I should go left.
Moving in tiny steps, still trying to feel something, or more interestingly, someone I hoped.
Again I heard sucking, slurping noises, getting louder as I moved forward.
I moved to my right a bit then forward, I was sure I was going towards a bed, from the image in my head.
A couple of more small steps lead me to something hard on the side of my leg.
I bent down and sure it was a bed.
I ran my hands across it and didn’t feel anyone on it.
Bit disappointed, I kept moving around the edge of the bed, still feeling the top of it as I went.
I reached a wall, so I back tracked my steps, again still feeling the bed as I moved.
I was sure I heard the door close again so there must be someone new in the room now.
I kept fumbling around, and then suddenly I felt a bang on my head, and a voice, “Ouch.
” I think it was another person’s head, we clashed, I reached out towards it, and the other person was doing the same, so our hands touched, fumbling to make out what it actually was, and touching asses wondered whether they were male or female.
We both feel each other to check we were of the opposite sex, yep, I was sure as I felt what were a pair of tits.
I felt I was being touched and I felt a hand on my groin.
I was already hard, so it was fairly obvious to the other person I was a man.
She grabbed my cock through my clothes and gave it a squeeze.
I moved my hands higher in search of her face.
I felt her face as a blind man would, with my fingers trying not to be too intrusive.
With my fingers I felt around her right ear, to check for a small mole.
My wife has a small mole there, no mole, so this was not my wife.
I clasped her face between my hands and moved forward to kiss her, she responded and we started kissing passionately.
We kissed for a while then she reached down to undo my zipper.
She was struggling to get my cock out, so I lowered my hands to undo my belt and the top button of my jeans.
She then managed to pull my cock free and started stroking it.
After a while she stopped kissing, and moved away, I was not sure where she was, she still had hold of my cock, then the distinctive feeling of a tongue licking my cock, sucking on the head, then licking the shaft, back to the head and stroking my shaft.
I placed both hands onto her head, not forcing her but moving with her head, up and down.
It was amazing, being blown off in the dark, not knowing who it was.
All I knew was that it was not my wife.
Her movement slowed, and she took my cock out of her mouth.
She seemed to stand up, and she knew we were on the edge of a bed, so pushed me back onto it and followed me on.
She felt for my cock again, and as she found it.
Online Now! Lush Cams Luca_Hudson She tugged on my jeans indicating to me to take them off.
As I did this, I could not see, obviously, but I think she was taking something off, I think her knickers.
I felt her hands on my legs, checking I had removed my clothing then she traced my legs up to my thighs and grabbed my cock, then started blowing me again.
She twisted her body around my head and I felt her thighs.
Then the very unique aroma of a pussy, very close to my nose, I stuck out my tongue in search of it.
I started licking and poking my tongue in and around, I felt out her clit with my tongue and started sucking on it.
Her reaction on my cock made me think she was in approval.
She started grinding her pussy harder into my face, her sucking got stronger and her grip tightened on my shaft.
I clasped her ass cheeks, one in each hand and mauled them.
After a short while I felt her body tighten, she stopped sucking, but held my cock tight.
She was cumming, I kept flicking her clit with my tongue, as her hips gave out short tremors.
She moved off me but kept one hand on my chest, so I would not move.
Then I felt she sat on my legs, grabbed my cock and stroked it gently a few times, and it got wetter, I was sure she dribbled some saliva onto it.
She moved off my legs, still holding my cock.
I could feel heat on my cock-head, then wetness, then, oh my god, she slid down a few inches, then back up, but not off.
Then slowly back down, till eventually my cock was totally buried, she gave out a gasp, “Oh god, fuck! You’re a big bastard.
” With me fully inserted.
She placed both her hands on my chest.
She seemed to have a dress on, so I ran my hands under it and placed them onto her hips.
She started moving up and down in slow deliberate movements.
I could hear sounds from around the room, other vocal moans, groans, and although against the rules, words, unmistakable words, which were not for love, but outright fucks, ‘Harder’, ‘Fuck me’ ‘Deeper’, ‘Shit’, the sentence I heard most from around the room was, ‘Oh my god,’ repeated very quickly over and over, you get what I mean.
This woman on my cock was now rising and falling with a mad passion.
She kept going for some time.
Then slowed, and ground her clit on my crotch.
She was obeying the rules, but the occasional ‘Fuck’ would come out between her moans.
She stopped, grinding her clit, and an, “Ahh,” from her indicated she had cum again, I felt her pussy walls pulsating on my cock.
She remained there for a minute, just ever so slowly grinding and I could hear low noises of pleasure form her.
Without taking my cock out, she rotated round, and sat in a reverse cowgirl position.
And started humping, I met her stroke for stroke, our flesh making slapping sounds which echoed round the room.
We got into quite a rhythm.
She was getting wetter.
I was getting close to cumming.
Then she again shouted out, “Oh god, oh god, oh god” the last ‘oh god,’ almost a whisper.
She had another orgasm and uttered in a low satisfied toned, “Ahh, fuck.
” Not permitted, but she asked, “You there yet?” I not wanting to say anything, wanting to stay within the rules, but felt I had to answer her, I reluctantly said, “Yeah, nearly,” keeping it short.
She replied, “In me.
” And started moving again, I grabbed her ass and slammed it down onto my cock, again we were banging each other in a wild torment.
It was very sensual being fucked by an unknown woman, totally in the dark, knowing I didn’t have to explain anything to my wife.
She could be in this room right now being fucked by a stranger.
Expletives and curses from around the room of people finishing off.
But as part of the rules, no one can leave until all have finished, and have their blindfolds on.
Everything from around us seemed to go quite, just the sound of this woman slamming on my cock, and her moans of pleasure.
We must have been going for at least another ten minutes, when I was about to cum, this woman stopped again, and shouted, “I’m there again, fuck, fuck,” and then started slamming again.
That stop gave me some recovery time, and we kept going for another six or seven minutes.
I grabbed this woman’s ass hard, almost digging my nails into her, I kept her down and I released my first load, I moved her up and then slammed her back down for another cum load, and again, and again, I felt my cum dripping out of her and land onto me.
I kept pumping more into her, by now she was rising up and slamming down by herself making me cum even more.
She did this several times, I could not believe it but I was still hard, not fully but hard enough to keep pumping into this woman.
We kept going for another five minutes at least, till I came again, I’ve never done that, fuck it was great.
She got off me and we both fumbled around for our clothes, I pulled out the blindfold from my jeans pocket and put it on.
When we were all ready, someone asked, “All done?” a volley of yes’s from around the room.
Then one of us from the inside knocked on the door and then each one of us was led out one at a time, back to our first room.
We all had another couple of drinks, then left.
Roger and Heather made sure no one saw each other unless they came together as I did with my wife.
On the journey home, both my wife and I asked each other what we thought of the experience.
My wife said she chickened out and Heather took her place.
We reached home and my wife opened the front door and I was searching for my phone, I was sure I had it in my jeans pocket.
Shit, I think I must have dropped it when I pulled the blindfold out.
I’ll have to go back tomorrow and ask Roger.
In the morning, I woke up and my wife was already having breakfast, I said to her that I’ll just have a quick coffee and pop over to Roger’s for my phone.
She asked me to drop off a small lamp her mom wanted to borrow as her place was on the way to Roger’s.
I got to my mother in law’s house, lamp in hand, and rang the doorbell.
She came to answer it and asked me to come in for a coffee.
I had not seen her for a while, so I felt guilty, and thought okay, just for a bit then.
We chatted for a while, where I mentioned that I was out last night and had dropped my phone at Roger’s place.
I finished my coffee, and then said to her, “Thanks for the coffee, see you later.
” She said, “Okay, but just before you go, I’ve got something for you.
” I was half way to the front door, when she said that, so turned around and slowly walked back to the kitchen, where she was sitting at the dining table.
She stood up walked over to a drawer then back towards me, gave me a kiss lightly on the cheek, and placed my phone on to the table.
“Nice cock, you ready to go again!”



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