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Latest stories Taboo My Stepmom, Girlfriend and I At the Pool

My girlfriend, Tori, caught me cheating and immediately had me feeling like shit.
As I already felt depleted physically too, I fell back into the pool.
I was down under the water for about thirty seconds.
During that time, I felt much better physically.
As if I went from massive pain, to none at all in a matter of seconds.
I came back up to them both glaring at me on their knees.
Tori put her hand out.
“I think we need to talk, Eric.
” We exchanged looks.
Her eyebrows were down and her teeth looked to be leaving permanent teeth marks on her bottom lip.
“Just say what you gotta say,” I muttered through my teeth.
Tori stood up.
“Eric, get your ass out of the pool!” she yelled, pointing at the ground.
“Okay, shit,” I said, climbing out of the pool.
I stood up and looked straight at Tori as I tried to catch my breath.
Her hands were on her hips.
After a minute of gathering my thoughts and containing myself, I pointed my finger at Diane while still looking at Tori.
“Well, she told me you cheated.
” Her eyebrows rose.
“And you just believed her?” she inquired, stepping towards me.
“Did she say you could fuck her if you did?” I bit my lip.
“What are you doing here anyway? You made it sound as if you weren’t surprised.
” “I thought I’d come over and we’d have some fun in the pool.
You know, do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff together, if you get my drift.
Also I thought it would sexy to swim when it got dark out too.
I’ve also noticed that you two have sparked up quite a friendship this summer.
Especially you, Eric.
Eyeballing her every time she came out here in a bikini just like that one,” Tori said, before she looked at Diane.
“What is wrong with this bikini?” “Well, can’t you wear something less revealing?” “Hey, I have a sexy body and I wanna flaunt, bitch.
” Tori flipped her right middle finger at Diane and looked back at me.
“I can see you took it to the next level today.
Do you mind telling what the fuck are doing with your stepmom, Eric?” she grumbled, slamming her foot down.
Then Diane turned to her.
“Hey, I told him I caught you cheating.
He is not making it up, so cut the shit.
You aren’t any saint either for letting some other guy, that is not your boyfriend, fuck you doggie style.
How about I ask you what the fuck is going on here?” They both exchanged dirty looks for a minute and I wasn’t sure if Tori was more pissed off at me or her.
“So, are you calling me a liar, Tori?” Diane inquired, pushing her slightly.
“Yes, you stupid harlot.
I did not cheat on him!” Tori inched towards me and slapped me.
“Don’t you love me anymore, Eric?”  More tears were dispensed as her eyes stayed on me.
“You wouldn’t cheat if you still loved me, bastard!” she yelled, just before she turned around and started walking.
“No, it is not like that at all, Tori!” I yelled, putting my hands up.
She immediately turned back to me.
“Bullshit, you cheated on me and I don’t date cheating assholes.
I’m out of here.
” She turned around and began marching.
“Wait, Tori!” I yelled in desperation, as she was halfway to her car.
“Good bye, Eric.
Enjoy helping your step mom commit adultery.
” I ran after her naked and caught her just before she opened her car door in our driveway.
“Wait a minute.
Just stop attacking me and bailing on me for one minute!” I wailed, prior to wrapping my arms around her.
I hugged very tightly for a minute and shed a few tears of my own.
I had physically calmed down, but then I began breathing heavily as my emotions skyrocketed.
I noticed Diane walked toward us, naked too, out in our driveway.
“I’m so sorry, Tori.
I’ve just had a crush on her for a while now and she knew that.
She just pushed my buttons as she already had my motor going.
That’s it, so please don’t break us up,” I cried, forcing a strong grip on her.
I didn’t receive an answer right away, so I just held onto her for a minute.
My feet tapped the ground rapidly with tears flooding out my eyes.
“Please don’t let one afternoon of lust destroy us.
” She stayed silent for a moment.
“I won’t.
” She chuckled.
“Release me from your grip already, before you break me in half.
” My eyebrows drifted down and I let go of her.
She and my stepmom both laughed and looked towards each other.
“Damn, he is too easy, Diane.
” Her eyes came to mine and I felt a little out of it emotionally.
She placed her lips onto mine and her arms went around me.
“Come on, Eric, hug your girlfriend and let her apologize,” Diane ordered, grabbing my arms and lifting them slightly.
I hugged Tori again, but not with a strong grip.
After only ten seconds, I let go of her and put a one foot gap between us.
“Do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” “Hey, you are the one that cheated here.
Don’t get pissy.
” I just gave her a look and said nothing.
“I’m not mad at you, but Diane told me you’ve been ogling her for two years now.
Is that true?” As I bit my bottom lip, I nodded.
“Well, I told her to push you just like you said she did,” Tori confessed, coming back to me.
“I wanted to give you what you wanted.
” Her small and soft right hand grabbed onto my limp cock, but it quickly came back to life.
She stroked it slowly and killed the gap between us completely.
Even as I stood about ten inches taller than her at five foot eleven, she had me feeling as if I was two feet shorter.
“Tell me you still love me, Eric.
If you don’t, I promise I’ll leave and not judge you for wanting your stepmom,” she made clear, sparking a couple tears.
“You gotta tell me you love me though.
” “I still love you, Tori,” I said, before my lips met her forehead.
“Good, I still love you too.
It is not your fault you are a horny bastard.
” Then we all began strolling back to the pool My eyebrows went down and I seized her left hand.
“For the record, I protested and told her I had a girlfriend.
” “I know and for the record, I’d never ever let another cock slip into my pussy.
It is custom fitted for your cock.
” “What about your mouth and asshole, are they fair game?” Diane wondered, as we arrived in front of the pool.
Tori looked towards Diane and positioned her hand onto Diane’s chest.
They both glared at each other with very intense eye contact for a minute and then Tori pushed Diane right into the pool.
“No, they are not,” she answered, taking off her top.
She looked at me and dropped it.
She bent down and slid down her bottom as well.
I got to see her fully naked petite figure with her brown hair, somewhat small boobs, skinny legs and flat stomach.
I had to focus on her tits, which had perfectly placed pink nipples.
Perfectly sized too.
“All I can say is, ‘Wow’,” I muttered, transporting my hands to her tits.
My cock stood right up, pressed onto her stomach and her hands came right to it.
“Did you enjoy having sex with her?” “Yes, but I didn’t get to finish though.
You came along before the deed was completely done.
” “Oh, so you didn’t commit a full adultery with her?” she asked, looking back at Diane still in the pool.
“No, but the damn sun also slowed me down too.
” She looked at the sky and saw the sun making its way down slightly.
Then she looked back at Diane and put her hand out.
Diane grabbed it and she helped her out.
Water dripped from her rapidly for a minute and I saw Tori ogling Diane.
“Diane, Eric tells me that he didn’t get to finish when I interrupted you two.
So, sense we need to have make up sex anyway, would you like to join in with us?” My cock stood way up and my eyes widened.
“Oh, you like the idea, but, Eric, if your dad finds out about this, we’re dead.
” “We know.
Just watch him when I do this,” Tori mentioned, just before she dropped to her knees.
Her hands went right to Diane’s legs and spread them out.
“Holy shit!” I yelled.
I immediately shot my load right onto Tori’s left arm before I could even see her get close to Diane’s slit.
She just examined her arm for a minute and laughed.
“Fuck me, that was quick.
You are like a cum super soaker,” Tori told me, rubbing her arm slowly.
I fell to my back and felt sleepy.
“It looks like he is down for the count, but this should get him back.
” Tori laughed, just she went right in between Diane’s legs.
She stuck her tongue into Diane’s pussy and began tonguing it with small licks.
My heartbeat tripled and my cock never went back down.
“Fuck me senseless, Tori.
I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more,” I moaned, maintaining a mean masturbation session.
Tori’s hands were on the ground as her tongue began moving up and down and Diane supplied her with a whole lot of lady juice.
My tongue fell out of my mouth and drool fell to the ground.
I got onto my knees and got a close look at the miracle that sat before me.
“Holy mother fucking shit.
You are sizzling, Tori.
” Her tongue came out of Diane’s slit.
“You wanna taste it? She has plenty of love and juice to go around.
” I grinned and she backed away.
“You aren’t gonna get mad at me, are you?” I pondered, looking down slightly at the ground.
She brought my head back up.
“This isn’t a trap, dumb ass.
Just let yourself have her, because you want her.
” My lips came to Tori’s for a second, then I reluctantly brought my tongue right to Diane’s throbbing pussy, but stopped about two inches away.
“No, I can’t cheat again,” I protested, backing away.
“Eric, I told you I’m not mad and you just saw me eat her out.
Let yourself have it,” she told me, putting her hands onto the back of my head.
“Eat that pussy, because I wanna see you cheat on me with this hot piece of pussy.
” She gently pushed my head right over to Diane’s pussy and it immediately hit my nose.
It instantly became doused in her lady juice.
Then my tongue slipped out of my mouth and ventured in between her pussy lips.
“Yes, Eric, stick it in deeper.
I wanna cum all over your face right in front of your girlfriend.
” My tongue slid in a little bit deeper and Tori put more pressure onto my head.
I began moving my tongue slowly, just going up and down.
More lady juice continued to flow out and hit my face.
So much, that I needed to close my eyes.
Then I felt Tori get right behind me.
She pressed her tits onto my back and brought her mouth to my right ear.
“Having sex with your stepmom isn’t gonna get rid of me.
I’ve already infected you and there is no cure,” she made clear, just before she kissed me on my cheek.
Online Now! Lush Cams HailyAndLiam “I love you, Eric.
” She didn’t hear it back, but she already knew it.
I brought my fingers to join my tongue inside Diane’s cherry.
“Oh, he is getting feisty, Tori.
” Diane moaned while she twitched slightly.
Tori gave me another kiss on my cheek and rose up with Diane.
My fingers began thrusting slowly and began to dig a little deeper.
I looked up at them and saw them hugging each other.
I smiled slightly and heard some distant chatter, but nothing could be made out.
I closed my eyes again and brought my arm down, as it was getting tired.
I laid both of my hands flat on the ground and became lost in the love and lust of the situation.
Just licking my step mom’s clit, making her love it and Tori seeming to love it all, I felt on top of the earth.
Then all of the sudden, I felt a big sensation down south.
I looked down and saw Tori giving me head.
“Thank you, dear pretty girlfriend.
” She was thrusting her mouth and had me rather distracted.
My tongue remained inside Diane’s slit, but it halted movement.
After about a minute, she dropped down to her knees right above Tori.
“You aren’t getting rid of me either,” Diane told me just before she kissed me.
We made out for a couple minutes as Tori sucked on my cock as lazily as possible.
I brought my hands over to my ladies; my left landed on Tori’s head and the other came to rest on Diane’s left breast.
Diane’s hands lay on the back of Tori’s head.
“Oh, another boob guy, how kinky.
” I grinned once again and caressed her tit and Tori’s head.
I became forced to breathe steadily through my nose as I felt like passing out again.
The temperature had dropped considerably, but it was somewhat more comfortable.
The sun was nearly set and the ten o’clock hour was breached.
I felt my hand moving along with Tori’s head and I squeezed onto Diane’s tit, which made me want to cum even more.
Diane took her lips off mine.
“Get my big tits, Eric.
I know how much you’ve been inspecting them lately.
” “You are both fascinatingly evil.
” Then I had to close my eyes and open my mouth wide.
I felt my heart blooming, my sexual juices splashing around like a tidal wave and I found myself covered in sweat again even with the cooling temperature.
Tori took several laps around my cock with her slick tongue, stimulating me in the process.
My load was slowly building up as the pleasure just kept becoming stronger.
My hands fell off Diane’s tits.
I fell backward and my cock slid right out of Tori’s mouth.
“You are like evil sex witches,” I muttered, out of breath.
“Oh, he’s getting close, Diane.
Let’s finish him off,” Tori suggested, getting onto her stomach.
She took my cock into her mouth again while Diane crawled over to me.
She went past my face and then positioned her slit right over me with her butt towards Tori.
“You didn’t think I was gonna let you let the job go unfinished, did you?” Diane pondered.
I smiled slightly and stuck my tongue back into Diane’s wet pussy.
It didn’t go in too deep though.
“Come on, fuck me hard, Eric.
Just because Tori is blowing you right now is no excuse not to pleasure your stepmom.
Do it, or I’ll bust your ass.
” So my tongue went in there deeper and I invited my fingers into the party as well.
I began thrusting them in and out of her slit as I had my tongue slipping up and down and side to side, about three quarters of it lodged in there.
“Oh, yes!” Diane screeched, as her hands fell to my head.
I looked over at her to see a vibrating Diane with a watering mouth.
“Shit, your juice is stinging my eyes,” I muttered, before I shut them.
“Yes, yes, yes, Eric.
Keep going and I’ll give you your big pay out.
” With those words in the air waves, my sexual juices just became a little too rapid.
I began to vibrate a bit and my fists clenched again as my tongue extracted from Diane’s slit.
Tori took my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it immediately.
“Give it to me, boyfriend, because you love me.
” After about five seconds, my cock shot cum all over her face and tits.
At least five good shots hit her, only to splash her all over.
“Fuck, my cock is burning now,” I moaned, sparking a couple tears.
“Yes, but that never gets old,” Tori said, after letting it dry for a minute.
Diane checked Tori’s face out and cheesed.



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