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Latest stories Straight Sex My Reawakening – Part 3

My birthday was approaching, and Sally wanted to give me a special present.
We both knew it couldn’t happen on the actual day, so we planned to be together the weekend before.
  She had been sourcing venues for our rendezvous, and found a high rise motel in the city which offered the ‘Enchanted Evening’ suite, and made a one night booking for us.
  We checked in late in the afternoon, putting on our best married couple appearance, which I don’t think fooled the front desk girl one bit.
If we were married, it had only been for five minutes as we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and the elevator ride up to our floor was a frenzy of hands and tongues.
  I swiped the card to unlock the door to our suite, then picked Sally up and carried her across the threshhold to our night of lust.
  The suite was a wonderfully romantic setting, with a king size bed, a spa pool on the balcony overlooking the city lights, and a bottle of French champagne on ice.
  My lover had a big shopping bag, which she said had my present inside, and I only had my briefcase, which also held my board shorts.
We had decided not to go naked in the spa, so as not to put on too much of a show for any of the neighboring buildings.
  Sally went to the bedroom while I opened the bubbles and poured two glasses.
I was sipping mine and enjoying the sunset from the balcony when I felt her arms slide around my waist and her lips kissing my ear.
  She stepped back as I turned around, and asked if I liked her new bikini.
  What a question!  It was hot pink with a top that tied around her neck, pushing her breasts up nicely, and bottoms which tied at the sides, fully covering her pert bum, and causing me to become even hornier than I already was, as she turned slowly, modelling for me.
  “Go and get out of that suit, and I’ll meet you in the hot tub,” she suggested, as she reached for her glass.
I wasn’t in any hurry, I just enjoyed the view of her sexy body as she leaned on the railing, causing the sunset to pale by comparison.
 The gap between her thighs, covered by a mere wisp of pink fabric, had me mesmerised.
 I wanted her so badly – we hadn’t been together for a few weeks – but restrained myself and turned towards the bedroom to change.
  The night air had cooled enough that steam was rising from the tub as I lowered myself into the warm water.
  I refilled Sally’s glass and topped mine up before we snuggled together, enjoying the view, and the sensual feeling of our slippery skin against each other.
  We sipped and kissed, smiling, gazing, letting the rest of the world evaporate from ours, soaking up the bliss of being together for the night.
  After about half an hour of kissing and touching in the tub, we had finished the champagne and the sun had set, so we got out and showered together.
  As the water cascaded over us, we soaped each other’s body and kissed passionately, our tongues wrestling together as our excitement continued to build.
Sally gave my erection a squeeze and announced she was going to the bedroom to dry, and to get my present from her bag, and that I should wait in the living room so I wouldn’t see the present because she still had to wrap it.
  I found myself with only a wet towel to wear after I dried off, as my clothes were in the bedroom where Sally had forbade me to go, so I just wandered about the suite naked.
  There was a second bottle of champagne in the bar fridge, so I opened it and sipped another glass as the evening breeze gently blew through the open balcony doors, making me tingle as it finished drying my body.
  I was looking out at the city lights, thinking of nothing in particular, when I heard Sally’s voice from the bedroom door.
  She was singing “Happy birthday to you”, in an imitation of the famous Marilyn Monroe rendition to JFK, as she walked from the bedroom.
  I turned and watched for her to appear, expecting a cake perhaps, although I couldn’t see any flickering light from candles as she walked down the hall.
  What I did see, when she finally came into the room, made my jaw drop.
  Sally stopped and slid her left hand up the wall as she leaned against it seductively, still singing the final strains of Happy Birthday through her red glossed lips.
  My gaze started at her high heels, up her white stockinged legs, to the white satin panties framed by white suspenders.
  A long string of pearls fell between her bare breasts and circled her navel, and she wore a platinum blonde bobbed wig.
  A feeling of pure joy came over me and my cock rose to attention.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell Sally was my fantasy come to life, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her.
  She beckoned me to follow as she turned and went back to the bedroom, still humming Happy Birthday.
I was like a puppy following her, watching her sexy bum sway as she walked, and the cute dimples on her lower back which always fascinated me.
I was a bit surprised by the scene in the bedroom, but it only served to make me even more excited, if that was possible.
  The bed was stripped except for the crispy white sheet and pillows, contrasted by four black stockings, each secured to a bed post and trailing toward the centre of the bed.
Sally patted the bed and told me to lay on my back, which was a good idea as my stiff cock would never have allowed me to comfortably lay face down.
  Still singing Happy Birthday to me, Sally proceeded to tie my wrists with the stockings.
  I watched her go about her task with lust coursing through my body.
As she leaned across me, her beautiful breasts hung just above me, then she straddled me facing away to tie my ankles, the view of her satin panties straining to contain her arse had my cock bobbing up and down.
  I could feel pre cum pulsing up my shaft.
Sally then turned so she was facing me, though her head was lowered, as she moved up and down above me, her dangling pearls teasing and tickling up and down my thighs, around my balls and cock, up and down and around my torso, over and over, all the time still humming the song, and not making eye contact with me.
  It was a situation new to me.
  I had never thought about being tied down, we had certainly never discussed it, but I soon found it quite exciting.
Sally shushed me when I began to speak, so I just lay back and enjoyed my present.
  She continued circling her body just above me, her pearls dragging across me, tickling and teasing.
  She dropped lower, lightly kissing my chest, sucking my nipples, then massaging me with her soft breasts, her hard nipples tantalising my flesh.
  I was so hard my cock was aching as Sally kept teasing.
  She sat up and straddled my right leg, facing me, but still not making eye contact.
As she reached up behind her neck, her back arched as she unclasped the pearls.
  She was simply oozing sex, and my need for release was becoming urgent.
My cock was so hard,and deep red, engorged and throbbing as I felt her heat through her panties astride my leg.
Sally gently held the head of my cock with her thumb and forefinger, leaning forward as if examining me.
  It was like it was just her and my erection, and I was a third party in the room.
  She was still softly humming the tune as she wound the strand of pearls around my shaft from bottom to top, then wrapped her slender fingers around them and began stroking firmly.
  The feeling was indescribable, and my hips involuntarily bucked as she worked the tight skin of my cock up and down.
I watched the head of my cock swell purple, the whole scene was surreal, like watching a movie, as if it wasn’t me this was happening to.
  It became almost torture.
I needed to cum so badly, but wasn’t sure if I even could.
 It was agony and out of my control.
After a few minutes of her stroking me, I couldn’t remain silent any longer.
  “God…Please,” I managed.
  Sally finally looked into my eyes and smiled as she released her grip and unwound the pearls.
  She slid her panties off and straddled me, lowering her wet, open cunt onto me, taking me inside her in a single movement.
  She felt heavenly, hot, soft, slippery, relieving to my aching cock.
  Sally pulled the wig off and flung it away, then leaned down and held me, our mouths locked together as we kissed.
“I want your cum,” she breathed into my mouth, as she slowly worked her hips up and down.
That’s all it took.
I groaned and thrust up into her, releasing my torrent of semen.
Sally sat up and smiled a self satisfied smile – she had given me the present she wanted to – then closed her eyes and rocked back and forth on my still hard cock, enjoying her own orgasm.



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