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It was Sunday afternoon.
Kara and Dirk were sunbathing in the courtyard.
She had been living with him for three weeks.
She reminded him, “Don’t forget you have to pick up what’s-his-name.
” Dirk glanced at his watch, then looked over his newspaper at Kara.
“I’ve still got a little time.
His name, by the way, is Tim Taylor.
” Kara offered Dirk a bottle of suntan lotion.
He looked at it quizzically.
“But it’s late in the day and the sun is nearly gone,” he protested.
“Well,” Kara replied with a mischievous grin, “I was hoping I might be able to get your nose out of that newspaper.
” Dirk smiled back.
Closing his newspaper, he took the bottle of lotion from Kara and undid the cap.
They were naked, face-down on loungers next to the pool.
Dirk sat up, poured lotion in his hand and rubbed his palms together.
As he did so, he asked, “Did you read the thing this morning, about that woman complaining about the fracking?” Dirk started on Kara’s upper back.
As his hands worked the lotion in, Kara pressed for clarification.
“You mean the one up the road, in Denton, where they’re fracking in her backyard?” She let herself go limp as Dirk’s hands worked their way into the small of her back.
Dirk shot another quick look at his watch – no time for what he really wanted to do.
He continued the conversation.
“Right, the one in Denton.
” Dirk’s fingers slid into the upper crack of Kara’s butt.
He choked, but forced himself to keep talking.
“Yeah, Denton.
I was thinking when I read it.
if that woman decides to take legal action – and it sure looks like she ought to – well.
” He took a deep breath.
it might be something you would be interested in.
” Kara was a fourth year associate in a prominent Dallas law firm.
In spite of how much Kara was enjoying the feel of Dirk’s hands caressing her naked body, she was also aware that time was in short supply.
She slowly released the pent-up air in her lungs and lamented, “Oh, I’d be interested alright, but no way would Grayson Locke ever get involved.
” Kara, believing there was nothing further to be said on the matter, changed the subject, “So tell me again about Mr.
Timothy Taylor.
How do you know him?” Dirk, attempting to tame his raging libido, moved to Kara’s feet.
“We’ve known each other most of our lives,” he shared.
“Met in the eighth grade.
” Kara continued with what little she remembered, “He lives in California, right?” Dirk poured lotion on his hands and started up Kara’s legs.
He knew that stroking her thighs was going to be like pouring grease on a fire and fought desperately to keep his mind on the meaningless conversation.
“Right,” he murmured, “actually San Jose.
” He cautiously spread the oil along the insides of Kara’s thighs.
Kara spread her legs, urging the moth toward the flame.
“And why is he coming?” she struggled to ask.
Kara squirmed as Dirks’ fingers lightly applied the lotion to her pussy lips, but he quickly moved on, trailing upward, over Kara’s anus, and through the crack in her butt.
Dirk nervously endeavored to answer.
“When I started my company, Tim put up a large chunk of the money.
” He continued, taking his time with the explanation.
“Even though someone else takes care of the day-to-day operations, I have always been the chairman, and Tim has always been a director.
” Dirk grabbed up the bottle of lotion, his hands trembling as he spilled the protective oil onto Kara’s perfectly sculpted butt.
With a gentle touch he spread it over the flawless cheeks.
Kara’s muscles tightened at the feel of Dirk’s hands.
“But why does he stay here, instead of at a hotel?” she asked, feigning indifference to Dirk’s ministrations.
He took his time.
“When we first started we didn’t have much money.
” Dirk’s hands continued to trace lightly over Kara’s backside as his narrative continued.
“Tim paid his own way here, three week advance tickets, and stayed with Joyce and me to keep from paying hotel on top of that.
” Kara moaned as Dirk lifted his hands from her butt and sat back.
“Now that the company’s successful, Tim gets reimbursed for his plane ticket, and if he wanted, the company would pay for his hotel too, but he is my best friend and he’s always stayed here.
” Kara turned on her side, facing Dirk.
Dirk had been having enough trouble maintaining control while working on her backside, but now he was looking at her bare tits and bald pussy.
He bit his lip and said to himself, This is not fair.
With his eyes flicking rapidly from one swatch of bare skin to another, he continued to squeeze out the rationale, “I enjoy Tim’s visits.
Joyce did.
and you will too.
He’s a fun guy.
” Kara had a smirk on her face.
“Yes, you do have to do the front too.
But while you’re thinking about it, answer me this.
When you were married to Joyce, and Tim came to visit, like uh, what did you do? Anything in particular?” “Well, sometimes we went out to dinner.
Sometimes we went to a club.
But most of the time we stayed home, sat in the hot tub, drank wine and talked.
” Dirk picked up the bottle of suntan lotion.
“Tim’s eating on the plane, so tonight it’ll likely be the hot tub.
” There was a question Kara was dying to ask, but was afraid to do so directly.
Lying flat on her back, looking skyward, she attacked it obliquely.
“He uses one of your suits?” she asked.
Dirk removed the cap and poured a generous amount of oil onto Kara’s stomach as he answered, “Not sure I’ve ever seen him wear a suit, at least not in the hot tub.
” Kara continued staring at the clouds as Dirk began to spread the oil over her very flat midsection.
She was pretty sure she already knew the answer to her next question, but still felt a need to ask it.
“Just you and Tim? Or Joyce in there too?” Dirk removed his hands and looked at Kara’s naked body.
His cock hardened as he envisioned Kara in the hot tub with the two of them.
“Yes, Joyce was in the tub too, and before you ask, yes, we were all naked.
” Kara turned her head and looked at Dirk.
does that mean you’re expecting me to take off my clothes and get in the hot tub with you and Tim?” Dirk answered carefully, “What you do is up to you, but I would suggest.
“ “Uh huh.
” “… that you hold off for the first night, anyway.
” Dirk could see that Kara was confused.
“On the other hand.
I wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose not to wait, and I’m sure Tim wouldn’t be upset either.
” Kara stared at Dirk a few seconds, still confused, then asked, “I guess I’m still not sure what you’re expecting.
” Dirk responded carefully.
“That is strictly up to you.
You do what you want to do.
” Kara turned her face and eyes back to the sky.
Dirk watched as Kara’s expression remained blank.
“But you’re not going to mind, either way?” She turned and looked hastily at Dirk’s twitching cock and then stared into his eyes.
“Whatever you decide.
It is totally up to you,” Dirk affirmed emphatically, then quickly changed the topic.
“Anyway, you said earlier that Grayson Locke would never get involved in that fracking thing.
How come?” Dirk resumed spreading lotion over Kara’s body.
His hands glided sensuously over her abdomen and the tops of her thighs, but he carefully avoided any further attention to the spot between her legs.
Kara relaxed and laid her head back, enjoying the feel of Dirk’s hands on her body.
“Well for starters, we don’t take contingency deals – strictly hourly billing – so no way could that woman afford us.
” Kara paused, a shiver of excitement passing through her body.
She put her hands on Dirk’s, guiding him.
With some difficulty, she resumed answering Dirk’s question.
“There is another thing though.
might be even more important.
” She spoke authoritatively, “Grayson Locke will never go against the oil and gas business.
That is like God and country in Texas.
” She sighed and tugged Dirk’s hands to her breasts.
Continuing her response with considerable difficulty, she added, “And besides, the company that’s doing the fracking is a Dallas company.
Their offices are even in the same building as us.
” Dirk pinched her nipples.
“Oh my god! ” she murmured , then continued, “ And although I’m pretty sure they’re not already a client, I would bet that at least one of our partners is an investor.
” Kara closed her mouth and eyes as she leaned back.
Dirk rubbed lotion into her breasts.
She resumed thinking about what Dirk had said about Tim.
“Is he good looking?” she asked.
“Is who good looking?” “Your friend that you got to pick up in a few minutes.
” “Oh, Tim! Well he’s not Tom Cruise good looking, but certainly pleasant enough.
” Dirk continued to rub oil into her breasts.
“At least Joyce thought so.
I’m sure you’ll like him alright.
” Kara raised her hips as Dirk continued toying with her nipples.
and he is definitely going to like you too.
” Dirk leaned back, letting his mind visualize the scene.
“So then, you going to get in the hot tub with us?” Dirk’s eyes roamed over Kara’s naked body.
“Not sure,” she replied.
Kara took a deep breath and let the air slowly out of her lungs as she added, “Probably not the first night.
” Dirk nodded, relieved, but maybe a little disappointed too.
“Well,” he began, attempting to sound supportive, “that is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.
” Kara’s breathing became labored.
She stared at Dirk as she said, “You know I like being naked.
but Tim is your best friend and well… I’ve never even met him.
” “Look, you do whatever feels comfortable to you.
I’m not sure Joyce got naked the first time Tim was here anyway, and he was the best man at our wedding, so she definitely did know him.
You wear a bikini or whatever you want.
It’s not going to be anything I’ll obsess over.
and Tim certainly isn’t going to care either.
” Dirk was actually disappointed, but then again, he had been the one to suggest that she probably should wait.
Kara was sensing Dirk’s mood.
She squirmed a bit, and after some time, spoke haltingly, “But if you’re sure you don’t mind.
and if I do get horny enough.
” There was a long pause before Kara softly allowed, “Well, maybe.
It is possible.
” “Possible?” Dirk’s eyebrows went up.
“So you think you might?” “Jesus, Dirk, I don’t know.
” Kara shook her head.
She was clearly exasperated by the whole line of questioning.
“I mean, who knows? Me get naked with you and your friend? It could happen.
Who knows?” Dirk’s cock turned to steel at the thought she might do it.
He quickly spread some oil on Kara’s stomach as his hands worked their way once again down to her pussy.
“So you might do it.
Get naked, I mean.
” he probed, not sure what response he really wanted.
“Could be.
” Kara was tweaking her nipples as Dirk’s fingers stroked her pussy.
“Jesus,” she said, “I am not believing I’m actually considering this.
Me naked with two guys? Scares me.
But, it does make me horny.
just thinking about it.
” Her eyes had been wandering but they once again fixed on Dirk’s.
“So how about you? You sure you’d be okay.
if I did get a little crazy?” She looked down to see Dirk’s erection.
The little head was certainly approving, but she wanted to hear it from the big head too.
She looked up apprehensively.
Dirk studied Kara’s eyes.
He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
“I’m going be okay, whatever you decide,” he said with considerable conviction, Kara hastened to clarify, “Now, I don’t know that I will.
but I might.
” Kara pressed Dirk’s hand reassuringly between her legs.
Dirk looked once more at his watch.
As strong as the temptation was, he knew there wasn’t time for any more fooling around.
Dirk pulled his hand back.
“C’mon, lets go,” he said, “We’ve got just enough time to meet Tim’s flight.
” Kara sat up.
“You go by yourself.
I’ll get a bath while you’re picking him up.
” —- Dirk leaned on the horn and shouted at the car on his right, “Stay in your own fucking lane, asshole!” The recipient of his rage jerked back across the line.
Dirk had picked up Tim at the airport.
The two were ‘catching up’ as they made the thirty minute trip to the house.
“So… you got you a new ummer.
” Tim said.
Puzzled, Dirk responded, “Ummer?” “Yeah, like live-togethers usually introduce each other – this is my uhm er… uhm er.
” Tim explained.
“Oh, I get it, you mean Kara?” “Right! So how’s it going with her?” Dirk off-handedly replied to Tim’s question, “It’s okay.
” Then with a little more enthusiasm he added, “Actually, pretty damn good!” “You going to marry her?” Tim asked.
“Are you shitting me? I haven’t even known her two months yet.
” He kept his eyes on the road.
A grin came across Tim’s lips.
“And just how long had you known Joyce when you married her?” “Not long enough, apparently.
I’m trying not to make the same mistake twice.
” “Sooo.
” Tim began, drawing it out as if it had a whole bunch of ‘o’s, “You are serious, I guess.
” Dirk acknowledged, “I suppose so.
I mean she is a lot of fun and we do seem to get along pretty good.
” “Just pretty good?” “Okay, really good!” “Take her to ‘Without Care’ yet?” “Once.
” “She like it? Want to go back again?” “Yes and yes and before you ask anything more, yes, she is somewhat of an exhibitionist.
” “Like Joyce?” “Maybe a little more so,” Dirk allowed.
“Whoa! Sounds as if I’m really going to like her! She going to get in the hot tub with us?” “Probably not tonight.
” “But you wouldn’t be upset if I talked her into it.
” “Of course not, but there is a slight problem, she’s too smart to fall for your bullshit.
” Tim fired back, “Really? But she must have fallen for yours.
” Dirk momentarily took his hands off the wheel and raised them in a sign of surrender.
“Okay, okay.
If you can talk her into it, fine with me.
” “That’s better now, so how’d you meet her?” “A party for your brother, after he got elected mayor.
” “She work for the firm?” “Right, lawyer, associate there.
” Dirk’s voice switched from informational to commanding, “But don’t even mention your family connection.
” He became more confiding, “She knows we’re friends and that you’re a director in my company and that is all I want her to know for now.
” “Sure, not a problem, but are you going to tell me why?” Tim asked.
“Well, I wasn’t going to tell you but I guess I better.
Your mother and stepfather do not like that Kara is living with me,” “Huh? Why would they care about that?” “Look,” Dirk said, turning briefly in Tim’s direction, “I don’t really know, but somehow they’re afraid, or so they say, that somehow we might embarrass the firm.
” “Embarrass the firm? Where do they get that shit?” Dirk’s hands shot up in the air, again mimicking signs of surrender, then quickly back to the wheel.
“I don’t know.
Only thing I can figure is that picture in the paper of me and Joyce, shit-faced at some club opening and her with no bra and her blouse unbuttoned to her navel.
Course they couldn’t do anything about that because I’m a, quote, important client, and Joyce didn’t work for them.
But with Kara it’s different – she does work there.
” “So what would they do, fire her?” “Don’t have to.
Just not make her a partner, like they’ve already threatened to do.
She’d eventually quit of course.
” “And they really did threaten that?” “Yeah, Winston called her into his office and said as much.
Also told her your mother thought it’d be a good idea if she and I got married sometime soon.
I guess your mother doesn’t like us, quote, living in sin.
” “No, no, now it makes sense.
That’s not it all.
Don’t you see? Mother’s worried about Winston and your girlfriend.
Must be he’s said something about her being good-looking or sexy or something that’s got Mother worried.
Mother either wants her off the market, like married to you, or out of the firm.
One way or another, Mother wants to wipe out the threat.
” “Well, whatever,” Dirk allowed, “That might be it.
But no matter the reason, I don’t want Kara to know who your mother is, or that Winston’s your stepfather, and don’t mention that the mayor’s your brother either.
Kara’s uptight enough about how she should behave around you without knowing all that.
” “Okay, understood,” Tim agreed as they turned into the drive.
Dirk hollered for Kara as they came through the door.
Tim’s plane had been late and it was already close to nine – Kara didn’t answer.
Dirk looked into the courtyard and spotted her waving to them from a lounge chair near the jacuzzi.
He turned back to Tim, “Looks as if Kara is expecting us to join her at the hot tub.
Drop your stuff in your room and I’ll meet you there.
” “Right on and don’t forget the wine.
” Dirk pursed his lips.
“There are some things I don’t have to be reminded about.
” Then grinning, he added, “Meet you at the tub.
” Kara waved again.
Dirk hollered, “We’re coming, just give us a minute.
” Dirk went to the bedroom, stripped off his clothes and put a towel around his waist.
At the bar in the den he selected a couple bottles of wine.
Remembering the concrete surrounding the tub, Dirk also selected some acrylic wine glasses.
He went out through the sliding doors.
Dirk poured himself a glass from a bottle of red and sat down next to Kara.
She said, loudly enough to be heard over the jets, “I called the airline and found out the plane was late.
” Dirk looked her over.
It was clear that Kara was not dressed for the hot tub as he had expected.
She was wearing a nearly knee-length dress, shiny lime green with a boat-neck collar.
Certainly stylish and tucked in the right places to show off her figure, but nothing overtly sexy about it.
“I know we were late getting back, but I was sort of hoping you might be planning on joining us in the hot tub.
” Kara turned her face toward Dirk’s and responded somewhat matronly, “I haven’t ruled that out, but I did want to show some sense of propriety the first time I met your friend.
” Dirk knew that Kara’s conservative dress was probably the sensible choice, but it didn’t keep him from being disappointed.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco “You’re probably right, but I hope you will still join us.
” With a controlling look on her face, Kara responded, louder than really necessary, “I said I might.
Give me some time to get to know him.
” Dirk threw up his hands.
“I give up,” he said in exasperation.
The door from the den opened.
Dirk lowered his voice and again spoke directly into Kara’s ear.
“Sorry I barked.
You do what you want.
” Tim came across the courtyard.
He was wearing only a towel.
He took in Kara’s appearance and immediately felt out of place.
Tim tried to cover his embarrassment.
“Uh… easy to see why my friend speaks so highly of you.
I’m Tim.
” He extended his hand, holding the towel with the other.
As Kara took his hand, Tim said apologetically, “I guess I got a little anxious for the hot tub.
Can we forget that I was wearing just a towel when we met?” “Yeah, well I’m probably the one at fault here.
” She gave Tim a pretty thorough once-over.
“I do hope you’re going to join us.
Dirk said you might.
” Kara dropped Tim’s hand and looked toward the tub, just as Dirk dropped his towel and stepped in.
Turning back to Tim she replied, “Oh, most likely.
I just need to sit here for a bit first.
” “You take however long you need,” Tim said as he stepped behind Kara to the hot tub, dropped his towel and climbed in.
Kara repositioned her recliner to face the tub.
The three finished off a bottle of wine while discussing the prospects for an upcoming game between San Francisco and Dallas.
The four-hundred pound gorilla loomed large though and Dirk finally addressed it head-on, “So what do you think, Kara, are you going to join us?” “I’m still thinking about it,” she replied somewhat stuffily.
Tim coaxed with, “I was thinking you might want to get your clothes off.
” “Oh, and why would you think that?” Kara asked with an impish grin on her face.
“Well, Dirk did say, when we were coming from the airport, that you were a bit of an exhibitionist.
” Kara feigned astonishment.
“Oh, he did, did he? I wonder where he got that idea.
” Dirk hastily shot a ‘shut your mouth’ type of look at Tim and rebutted, “I said nothing of the sort.
I merely suggested that you really looked good with your clothes off.
” “But not with my clothes on?” Kara challenged.
“Not what I meant,” Dirk protested, “Of course -” “Oh, I do understand what you meant,” Kara said, cutting him off.
The impish grin reappeared.
“And I’m not all that sure I have a problem with it.
In fact, I kinda like the way you’re thinking.
” “So, does that mean you’re going to join us?” Tim asked.
“It could be fun.
” Kara paused for effect.
“I am going to have to get rid of this dress.
” She got up and headed into the house.
In her dressing room, Kara stripped off the dress and her underwear.
Yes, she had even been wearing a bra.
Good thing Dirk didn’t know about that, she thought as she took it off.
Kara pulled on a longish t-shirt and returned to the courtyard.
Her arrival was met with silence.
The guys did not want to spook her.
She had said she was going to join them and they did not want to do anything that might cause her to change her mind.
Without removing the t-shirt, she slipped into the tub next to Dirk.
“You going to leave that on?” Dirk asked with a tone of incredulity.
Kara tried to sound as if everything she was saying was perfectly logical.
“Well, the night is kind of chilly… but the water is hot, and if you and Tim don’t mind… I might want to take it off.
” “If Tim doesn’t mind,” Dirk said as if there might actually be a question, “I don’t suppose I would either.
” Kara knew she was teasing and very nearly broke out laughing at Dirk’s response.
She managed not to though and looked across at Tim, as if she wasn’t sure he’d approve.
But of course he wasn’t going to object.
“No, I don’t mind,” he said in a quite straight-faced manner, “Okay by me!” Kara managed to squelch a smirk as she lifted the t-shirt over her head.
She tossed it behind her, onto the pool deck.
All but her head and shoulders were hidden below the frothy surface of the water, and try as he might, Tim could not see a thing.
The conversation turned to world affairs and surprisingly, all three were quite well versed on the subject.
As the wine continued to flow, Kara put her elbows on the pool deck and lifted herself until her nipples broke through the agitated surface of the water.
Tim stared.
“Not just smart but good looking too.
” Kara lowered herself slowly into the water until Tim looked up at her face.
Then barely loud enough to be heard over the jets he stated, “Smart does not happen to be a requirement, but it could be a plus.
We’ll have to see.
” Kara studied Tim momentarily, finally saying in a voice loud enough to be heard over the jets, “Well at least I’m smart enough to know you shouldn’t be sitting over there by yourself.
This tub might have been built for eight but there’s only three of us.
Sit over here so we don’t have to shout.
” Tim looked at both of them.
“I don’t think that is a suggestion I should turn down.
” As Tim got up and moved around the tub Kara watched intently, especially between his legs.
She observed that while he wasn’t fully erect yet, he also wasn’t totally limp.
Tim sat down with his hip against Kara’s.
He turned, looking her over and asked, “How’s that?” Kara swiveled toward Tim and smiling said, “Fine with me.
If I can’t get Dirk’s attention, I like that I don’t have far to go.
” Tim continued the flirtatious talk, “Anytime Dirk’s not paying you enough attention, just let me know.
Of course we might get a little static from Connie, that’s my wife .
” —– It was close to eleven.
A goodly amount of wine had been drunk.
Dirk had returned to the den several times for a fresh bottle.
And although they were each naked, they had avoided the topic of sex.
Doesn’t mean that no one was thinking about it though.
Kara had been actively teasing the guys for the last hour.
She had been putting her elbows on the deck behind her and lifting herself up until her tits were above the water, like she had done shortly after removing the t-shirt.
But she was letting her body float upward too, until her hips were just below the surface.
Dirk watched as Kara, stretched out, floated just below the surface of the water, her naked body screaming for attention.
A short gasp escaped her lips – pleasure likely, astonishment maybe, but possibly even pain.
“What is it?” Dirk demanded in a voice loud enough to be heard above the jets.
“A muscle spasm,” Kara shouted in reply.
Then turning to him, in a voice low enough not to be heard by Tim, she added, “It was actually Tim’s hand.
He’s brushing the underside of my leg.
” Dirk wasn’t sure he had heard correctly.
Continuing the privacy of the conversation, he sought confirmation, “His hand is on your leg?” “Actually, just barely touching it.
You don’t mind, do you?” Kara asked quietly.
Dirk continued similarly, “As good as you look, and the way you been teasing, a bit of touching is not all that surprising.
If it’s okay with you, I wouldn’t make an issue of it.
” Kara had gotten the answer she wanted.
She hadn’t really told Dirk the whole story, but it had been enough to discern his general mood.
In actuality, both of Tim’s hands were on her body – one gently cupping the soft flesh of her butt, helping her to float, while the other lightly caressed the underside of her leg, and ever so slowly and sensuously, moved upward and between her legs.
Conversation was no more.
Dirk excitedly watched the rise and fall of Kara’s breasts, while Tim, his hands hidden by the frothy water, acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
Kara, feeling guilty over the pleasure she was deriving from Tim’s hands, turned to Dirk and whispered, “It seems to have gone past the point of innocent touching.
” Kara’s breathing was somewhat labored and Dirk struggled to understand as she continued, “Tim’s rubbing the inside of my thigh, and he’s getting close to my pussy.
” “You could ask him to stop.
” “That might not be best.
unless of course, you object.
” “Not if it’s not bothering you.
” “I can handle it okay.
I was more concerned about how you might react.
” Kara’s excitement level was so obvious that Dirk wasn’t terribly surprised when she suggested, “You could put your hand on the other leg.
” Dirk was anxious to comply but pushed past the suggested ‘leg’ thing.
His hand instead slipped between her legs and stroked her pussy.
“How’s that?” he whispered.
“Oh yeah,” Kara moaned, “But do my clit.
Gently though.
” Dirk’s hand slid upward until his fingers found her clitoris, tracing a light circle around it.
“Oh, yes,” Kara urged, “Right there.
Just like that.
” She put her mouth to Dirk’s ear and whispered breathlessly, “I am not believing this.
You massaging my clit while – oh jesus – Tim is now playing with my pussy!” “Like it?” Dirk asked unnecessarily.
Kara blurted aloud, “Oh shit! You guys really do know how to get a girl’s motor running.
” She added screeching, “Yeah,” as she wrapped one hand around Dirk’s cock, the other grabbing Tim’s leg.
Kara put her feet on the seat across from them and arched upward.
Her head on the pool deck behind and her body just under the surface of the water.
She looked to be spread out on a table, waiting to be eaten – a thought likely on everyone’s mind.
Tim played with Kara’s pussy lips while Dirk toyed with her love button.
Even though Kara’s body was mostly submerged, her breasts still proudly pierced the surface of the water.
Dirk leaned over and bathed one of her nipples with his tongue.
Tim went eyeball to eyeball with his friend and lightly chewed on the other.
Kara moaned and squirmed and thrust her hips higher, trying to break free of the water.
Tim clutched her ass firmly and pushed her pelvis upward.
His fingers slipped inside her while his thumb traced her anus.
Kara’s breathing became quick and deep.
She gulped the air as she neared the top of the mountain.
Kara abruptly thrust her hand between her legs, pressing Dirk solidly against her clit and jamming Tim’s fingers deeply into her pussy.
Her body trembled, her mouth opened, the sounds of pleasure rushed forth.
For a few seconds she let herself drift through a sensuous world.
Then, as the tension drained from her body, she lovingly pushed the pleasuring hands away.
As Tim and Dirk withdrew, Kara shuddered, her body sinking slowly to her seat.
Continuing to breath deeply, as if she had just finished a marathon, she managed to stammer, “What an appetizer.
Thank you both so much.
That was certainly to die for.
” “You up for the main course?” Dirk asked grinning.
“Oh yes, but let me catch my breath first.
” “If Connie were here,” Tim interjected, “I would likely be in trouble already, so it’s probably best I leave the two of you to your own devices.
” He grabbed his towel, waved goodbye, and walked off toward his room.
Dirk lifted Kara up to the pool deck, positioned himself between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock along the folds of her pussy.
Kara may have been soaked, but she was also wet and slippery from her own juices.
Dirk was hard, as hard as he’d ever been.
Both were still highly charged.
He slid his cock slowly into her, her eyes widening as he did so.
“You okay?” he asked.
Kara put her arms around Dirk’s head and pressed his face into her breasts.
“Oh yes, it feels so good,” she gushed.
“You’ve had fun?” he asked, testing her reaction to the earlier doings.
“Of course!” Kara hastily affirmed.
“You just can’t imagine what it was like having both you and Tim driving me to such a frenzy.
I was absolutely on fire.
” Her breathing deepened as Dirk increased the tempo.
Kara’s butt was perched on the edge of the tub and although she had less than an inch of movement, she met each of Dirk’s thrusts with a counter movement, causing their bodies to slam into one another.
“Fuck me!” she urged.
The strokes came faster, punctuated by Kara’s cries of “yes,” each one louder than the previous.
Tension lined Dirk’s face.
The muscles of his body rippled.
A guttural scream came forth.
His cock erupted, bathing the walls of Kara’s vagina with its hot sticky liquid.
Her head jerked back.
She let out a primal scream and ground her pelvis into Dirk’s.
They clung to each other as the rich sensations flowed through them.
—– The next morning, as Kara was leaving for work, she walked past the guest-room door and heard, “I lov



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