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Here is the story of another particularly memorable guard shift.
       Well it was a Saturday night, and there I was, stuck on CQ (Charge of Quarters-guarding the soldiers barracks while they sleep.
)  CQ is a 24 hour duty, and can get pretty boring sometimes, so I called my husband, Joe to come keep me company.
  He picked up the phone and said he would be there in about 20mins.
The other soldier on guard is what we like to refer to as part of the ‘geek squad,’ or the group of soldiers that prefers to lock themselves in their room playing  various board games rather than interacting with the rest of society, so he was providing no conversation whatsoever.
  While I was at the desk I just checked my email.
nothing special, just the usual spam and credit card bills.
      Joe arrived about half an hour later and I was stunned by his appearance.
My husband is a die-hard jeans and T-shirt kinda guy, and today he was wearing a smooth jet black button up shirt with some jeans and dress shoes, and I must say he looked exquisite.
For a quick description he’s black and mexican with delicious caramel colored skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a 5’11” athletic build.
He strolled in the door and gave me a kiss, which was unexpected and sent shivers down my spine.
 (This is a no no, PDA’s or Public Displays of Affection are prohibited under military law.
)        It was relatively early, so we sat and made small talk for a few hours until the other soldier plugged in his Playstation and tuned out the rest of the world.
At this point Joe looked at me with a devilish grin on his face.
“The Commander’s office is open-I checked the lock earlier.
” When he said this I instantly started getting wet.
he was gonna fuck me in it.
He took my hand and led me to the Company commander’s office and closed the door behind us and pushed me against the wall and started furiously kissing me.
When we broke apart I started to protest, saying if we got caught we would get Court Martialed (military prison).
He pushed me against the wall and looked at me with fire in his eyes and said, “Did I tell you to talk? Now I am going to fuck you right now and you are going to like it.
” When he said that I instantly was soaking through my panties-I love it when he dominates me, he makes me feel like such a slut and yet sexy all at the same time.
      We started kissing again, and his hands were all over my body, exploring all of my curves and I was loving it.
My pussy started aching to be filled with his big beautiful cock.
By this time I had completely soaked through my panties, and when his hand drifted south he could feel how wet and hot I was through my uniform bottoms.
He looked in my eyes and told me, “Get on your knees and suck my cock like a good little bitch.
” With that he grabbed the top of my head and pushed me to my knees.
I undid his pants, and was almost hit in the face by his already rock hard manhood.
I pulled back a little to admire it, it’s about 8 inches long and thick, and gets incredibly hard, and was already leaking pre-cum.
He looked down and said, “What the fuck are you waiting for? Did you forget who’s in charge here?” I said “No sir!” and proceeded to take him in my mouth, tasting his pre-cum.
I love it, because his is sweet and sugary, and knowing that i’m driving him crazy makes me feel incredibly sexy, and only makes me want him to use me like a slut even more.
     I was really getting into it, and Joe’s cock was hard as ever, and I had to turn my head to deep throat him.
(He loves when I do this, because i’m the only girl he’s been with that’s been able to take all of him.
) As I did this I watched him throw his head back and moan with pleasure, and I could feel his body shake against me, and I was loving it.
When I had taken him all the way down to the base, he grabbed my head, and proceeded to fuck my face furiously until I pulled up for air, at which point he pulled me up to my feet, and said.
Online Now! Lush Cams MadissonEvans “Now bend over the desk and tell me what a slut like you needs.
” I love it when he talks dirty, and uses me like a slut, so I begged like one.
“I need your big black cock, please give it to me, my pussy is aching for it.
”      He smiled, and said, “That’s a good little cock slut, now bend over the desk, bitch.
” I did as I was told and bent over my commander’s desk, and felt Joe’s strong hands grab my waist, and I felt shivers run down my spine as I waited for what came next, and there it was, I could feel Joe rubbing his swollen head over my lips.
it was so good-but then he stopped, leaving me confused and wanting more.
He replaced his cock with his tongue, and soon he was licking and sucking my clit while one finger dipped inside me and his other hand teased my nipple.
I was going crazy with pleasure, Joe is a master at eating pussy and I was melting in his mouth, and his hands.
I could feel an orgasm welling up inside me, and Joe flattened his tongue and just pressed on my clit hard, which sent me over the edge, and I could only whimper and bite my hand to keep from screaming.
As my orgasm subsided, Joe leaned over me, and turned my head to face him, with his face still smeared with my love juices he kissed me, and I could taste myself on his lips.
I tasted sweet, and it only made me hotter.
     After I have an orgasm, my pussy aches to the point that it hurts for a big hard cock to fuck it, and this time was no different.
Joe knows this and pushed me back down on the desk and once again started to rub his cock on my dripping wet pussy, coating it with my slippery wetness, and then with one big thrust, he said “Take it bitch,” and was in me so deep I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of delight.
He positioned himself, and grabbed my hips and started thrusting deep in me, and I couldn’t help but look back and watch the way his muscles flex as he slammed my pussy with his massive member.
Watching his chiseled body work and seeing the fire in his eyes as he dominated me was driving me wild, and I could feel another orgasm building up.
Joe’s thrusts started becoming more forceful to the point that the desk was moving underneath me, and knocking over pens and plaques and such but I didn’t care.
I could feel his cock swelling up and getting even harder and I knew he was close to bursting.
Joe started moaning and pushed deep inside me and I felt his cock start pulsing and felt the splash as his cum hit my cervix, and he cried out, “Oh my god your hot pussy is making me cum Leslie!” This was too much and my pussy started spasming as his cock filled me up with his white hot cum.
He just kept cumming and cumming, and soon I could feel him running down my leg and leaking out of me onto the carpet.
As we came down from our orgasms we just caught our breath, and I could feel him softening inside me, and it was beautiful.
After a few minutes he pulled out of me and sat down in the commander’s chair.
       I pulled my pants up, without bothering to clean up, (I like feeling him on me, I don’t know why, but I just feel incredibly sexy when I walk around with his love juice all over me and no one else knows.
) Then I walked around the desk and sat in his lap.
We sat there and kissed for a few mins, and then he asked how I liked my new commander, and I told him.
“He’s tough, but he’s the best i’ve ever had.
” He smiled and kissed me and told me that he loves me.
Then he took my hand and we walked back out to the front desk, where the other guard was still playing video games.
He looked up, surprised, and said “Oh I thought you guys had bounced.
” Joe and I looked at each other and laughed and he said, “Yeah some might say that.
”        A couple days later one of the other nurses was talking to me and said that the commander was looking for someone who had trashed his office, and that he wanted an explanation for the madness.
It was all I could do not to laugh, but I somehow managed to act surprised like everyone else, and just think if only he knew.



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