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Opening my eyes, I blinked in confusion.
The ceiling was a dingy off-white, rough spackle that could have literally been anywhere.
It didn’t bother me that I didn’t immediately know where I was.
What bothered me is what was missing.
Taking a deep breath, I blinked a few times and tried to focus on the cracks in the ceiling.
For years I’d endured countless nights of insomnia and the exhausted burned out state-of-mind that accompanied it.
I couldn’t remember the last time I’d woken up and actually felt, not good, but at least okay.
My tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth from drinking something too thick and far too strong.
Breathing slowly, I waited for the inevitable migraine to set in.
But it didn’t.
A rustle of cloth beside me drew my attention as someone shifted.
I could hear heavy breathing and quiet muffled noises.
Sitting up in surprise I took in the surreal scene.
It wasn’t that there was a pretty girl in my bed that was shocking, though she did look very young.
Her long hair was glossy black and spread like a halo across the pillow.
Every part of her was small and delicate, the very definition of feminine youth.
Her breasts while small, were well-shaped and perky with perfect pink nipples nestled on lovely deep brown areolas.
Her tiny waist accentuated her hips and slender legs.
Her face was turned slightly away from me, revealing a delicately slender neck and a small tattoo behind her ear.
‘At least she’s eighteen,’ I thought to myself.
Her presence wasn’t shocking as much as her actions.
Panting softly one hand was locked firmly between her thighs while the other roughly squeezed and massaged her tits and nipples.
Eyes closed her hips shifted and writhed as she pleasured herself vigorously.
As her breathing quickened, she bit her lower lip, one canine tooth snagging and holding her lip in an expression of determined pleasure.
Her pale skin was starting to flush from excitement.
“Sorry,” she breathed between gasps without pausing in her self-stimulation, “I didn’t mean to wake you.
” “You want some privacy?” I mumbled, turning away, suddenly feeling like a voyeur and a bit of a pervert.
It’s, it’s okay,” she moaned; eyes still closed, “I’ve been doing this since I was much younger.
” “Oh.
So, exactly how old are you?” I asked sarcastically.
She grinned wryly and half opened her eyes and said, “Why do you want to know? I’m a legally consenting adult.
” I said, “I just wanted to be assured of that.
” “Asshole.
” She giggled and gasped in surprise for a moment before catching her breath again, “I’m twenty-four.
” Since my presence didn’t seem to bother her, I turned to enjoy the show.
Her hips rocked in small circles as her hand worked rhythmically between her legs.
Every few seconds I could get a glimpse of a small patch of neatly trimmed hair hidden by her occupied hand.
Her free hand drifted from her stomach to her tits and nipples and up to her throat and back again.
Every few minutes she’d shudder slightly, her whole body vibrating as she gasped for air.
“Do you.
want something?” I asked, still feeling awkward, “A drink maybe.
” “No.
” She drew her knees up, arching her back, her mouth wide as she let out a long sigh, “I’m, I’m, I’m, almost, almost, done.
You know how.
how the saying goes.
if you want, something done right.
” “Hire a professional?” I joked.
Her pace slowed, her chest heaving from exertion.
A faint smile on her lips as she finally opened her eyes fully.
“Did you just call me a prostitute?” “No.
” I replied, “I think I called myself one.
” She laughed and wriggled on the bed like a happy cat in a sunbeam, “I think I should ask for my money back then.
” “No refunds, all sales are final.
” I laughed, still enjoying the show, “Besides, it looks like you don’t need me.
” “You are dense.
” She rolled her eyes, “Do I.
Do I need to.
to spell it out for you? Or maybe a diagram.
Would that help?” I slide off the edge of the bed and walked around it.
Normally I’d be a little self-conscious around someone so young, but it seemed like a moot point with her.
“Diagrams are good.
Neon signs are probably better though.
” Closing her eyes she let out a sigh through gritted teeth.
With her free hand she reached out and swatted playfully at my erection.
“You’re not dense.
You’re dumb.
Fuck me.
” Reaching down I grabbed the tangled sheets underneath her and pulled as hard as I could like a stage magician.
With a squeal she half flipped, half rolled over, landing on her stomach, one hand still between her legs.
Burying her face in a pillow she arched her back, thrusting her hips up like a cat in heat.
Climbing back onto the bed I pushed her knees apart so I could settle comfortably between her legs.
I could see her pussy clearly now; it had been shaved smooth except for a soft patch of hair that was wet and glistening from her efforts.
Grabbing her hips, I pushed myself forward, her fingers danced out of the way, reaching back slightly to stroke me as I pushed into her.
“Oh, wow!” She gasped steadying herself with both hands now.
I never considered myself anything but average, but she was narrow enough to make me feel like a porn star.
I was glad she was already so wet, otherwise it would have been rough.
Settling into a slow rhythm I pushed a little deeper with each stroke.
Her hips bucked as she kicked out, lifted off the bed as a I leaned back to pull her to me.
Her breath started to come in rapid gasps as she gripped the pillow tighter and buried her face deeper.
All at once her whole body shuddered and she clamped down on me so tightly I thought I was going to get pushed out of her, writhing she grunted primally from the back of her throat, her teeth locked together on the pillow.
Her body spasmed again as little tremors rocked through her.
Finally, she went limp, collapsing into a heap.
Leaning forward I lowered her to the bed and propped myself on my elbows, holding myself just above her but still inside her.
“What are you doing?” She muttered, unclenching her teeth from the pillow.
I could see the bite mark, still glistening with saliva on the fabric, “Why are you stopping?” “I thought you might need a second.
” I replied brushing her hair out of her face, “I can keep going.
” “You’d better.
” She grinned, “But I want you to really fuck me this time.
Like you mean it.
Like I’ve done something wrong.
” Reaching back I grabbed her hips again and pushed myself as deep into her as I could and started to grind in slow circles.
She buried her face back into the pillow and pushed against me, low gasps forced from her throat were muffled by the pillow, “PHHMM.
” I slowed, not sure what she’d tried to say.
 “What was that?” “Pull my hair.
” She gasped, I could feel her clamping down on me again and knew she was close, “Pull my hair and fuck me dammit.
” Reaching up I grasped a thick handful of hair at the base of her skull and pulled, rocking my hips harder against her ass.
Her mouth became a wide ‘O’ of pleasure and her breath started to come quicker.
Her moans and gasps were like a narcotic, driving me harder and faster.
Unable to keep my balance and pull on her hair I shifted my hand to the back of her neck and pushed her face deep into the pillow.
Pulling back, I thrust my dick forward as hard as I could into her tight pussy.
Her cries became higher and higher pitched as her arms flailed out wildly.
Her slender body trembled and bucked as I pushed harder and harder into her, over and over.
All at once I felt myself getting close and tried to pull back, slow down.
“Don’t even think about stopping.
” She growled through gritted teeth, pulling her face up from the pillow.
Snaking one hand underneath her she reached back until her fingers wrapped around my balls, gripping them firmly but not painfully.
Grinding her hips back she twisted and writhed against me, caught up in the throes of orgasm again.
The sensation was more than I could handle, gasping loudly I could barely breathe as I came deep inside her.
Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, more intense than I ever thought possible.
Collapsing, I fell in a sweaty heap on top of her only to slide off the bed and land, unceremoniously, on the floor trying to catch my breath.
Rolling onto my side I shuddered as the room seemed to spin around me.
“Much better.
”  I heard her murmur from the bed above me.
Still lost in overstimulation I couldn’t think of a witty reply.
Eyes half opened I watched her climb unsteadily out of bed and make her way to the bathroom.
Distantly I could hear her muttering to herself over the sound of running water.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian A few minutes later I could hear the sink shut off and saw her make her way back towards me.
Kneeling beside me she laid something warm and damp in my lap.
Stroking me gently she wiped my dick and balls clean and patted me gently, “You still in there? Or did I kill you?” “I’m good.
” I muttered.
Opening my eyes, I found she’d dressed and combed her hair back, tying it in a ponytail.
I had to smile guiltily; it only made her look that much younger, “I hate to break the mood but.
” “Don’t worry.
” She patted my face gently, “I won’t, or rather can’t get pregnant.
” Standing up she tossed the damp washcloth somewhere out of my sight and disappeared from view.
“I hate to rush off, but I’ve got to get to work.
” “Work?” I asked dumbly, still feeling dizzy.
” She replied, her grin evident in her voice, “You know, that thing the rest of us have to do to make money.
” She stepped lightly around me and looked down with a smile, “Wow! You really don’t remember anything do you?” I shook my head slowly, “I don’t even know your name.
” “Oh this is good.
” She kneeled down to pat me on the head, “Congratulations.
You’re my new favorite toy.
” Her footsteps got distant and I could hear a door open, “Don’t worry.
I’ll definitely see you later.
I still need to get my money’s worth out of you.



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