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We have just arrived home after dinner at my favorite restaurant and a romantic comedy that I had been wanting to see for weeks.
The kids are spending the whole weekend at your parents house.
We have the entire house to ourselves for two whole days and nights.
this is going to be fun.
You’re standing behind me, you move my long, wavy, reddish brown hair over my shoulder and kiss down the side of my neck as you unzip my dress.
You take the straps between your teeth and pull them down off my shoulders.
You kiss and lick down my spine, making me shudder, as you slide down my dress.
Leaving me in just my blood red and black lace bra and panties.
I turn towards you and you grab my ass kneading it with your hands.
Lifting me up slightly so you can press your quickly hardening cock against my grinding pelvis.
My pussy getting wetter by the second.
I kiss you hard and slide my tongue in your mouth then nibble on your lips.
I push off you and start to walk towards the bedroom.
Swaying my hips back and forth as I look back at you and wink.
You start to follow me.
Taking off your clothes article by article.
Until you are completely naked, letting your hard cock lead you to me.
Leaving a trail of clothes in your wake.
When you get to the bedroom I’m already on the bed.
You see my bra hanging from one of the bed posts and my panties dangling from another.
You grab my panties, feeling that they are wet from you pressing yourself against me.
You climb on top of me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
Online Now! Lush Cams Dimitri_Jhonson Then start to kiss, suck and nibble your way down my body.
Paying close attention to my neck, nipples and pelvis.
You push your hand up against my pussy and pull it back to see it glistening with my juices.
You spread it on your cock stroking it as you do.
As I watch you I spread my legs open wide and rub my clit, but my pussy is too wet and I can’t get enough friction going.
You see my frustration and move my fingers out of the way as you move the head of your cock to my entrance.
You start sliding it in slowly, little by little so I can feel every inch of your cock stretching my tight little pussy.
We move against each other slowly, moaning softly.
I wrap my arms around you and tangle my legs with yours.
I’m moaning in your ear that it feels so good.
You’re so turned on that you can’t take it anymore and you grab my hips and start pounding away at my pussy.
Faster and faster.
You’re digging your hands into the soft skin of my hips.
Making me moan out.
Harder and harder till you know I’m right at the edge.
I’m clawing at your back, begging you for release.
You lean down and bite my spot.
I cry out in pain and pleasure as I climax.
My pussy clenching and unclenching sooo tightly around your cock that you can’t take it.
You growl and thrust one last time, filling my pussy with your cum.
You collapse on top of me.
We’re both breathing hard.
When our breathing calms down a little you kiss me slowly, passionately.
We whisper our I love you’s and drift into a deep sleep.



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