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Latest stories Straight Sex A Day In The Hot Sun Part 2

I woke up the next morning on my stomach, with my arm around Chip’s chest.
He was lying on his back, sound asleep.
It took me a moment to figure out where I was.
 I turned and looked at the clock.
It was just after nine o’clock, and the sun rays had already begun to heat up the apartment.
I got up and used the bathroom, I had to pee badly and had a nasty case of morning breath.
I found some mouthwash, took a big swig, and gargled.
I stood there, looking in the mirror.
My hair was a mess, and I was slightly hung over.
The apartment was quiet, no one was awake, and I had no way to get home.
 I had promised Debbie that I’d meet her at her house at noon.
I decided that I’d go into his room, get dressed, and hope that they had coffee that I could make.
Experts say that women reach their sexual peak in their mid to late thirties.
I think that they’re right, because I always wake up horny.
Today, I woke up more horny than normal, but didn’t want to wake up Chip and his room mates.
I fell asleep almost immediately the night before, and don’t know how late they stayed up.
I’m sure that I was the topic of their conversation, which doesn’t bother me.
When I walked back into Chip’s room to get dressed, he was awake.
“Good morning,” he said, looking at me.
“Good morning, baby,” I replied, as I jumped on his bed.
I lay on top of his body, and kissed him so hard, he thought that I’d rip his tongue out.
I rubbed my tits against his chest as I kissed and licked his neck.
I was being aggressive again, and this time he liked it.
Last night, he fucked me.
This morning, I was going to fuck him.
I kissed and licked his chest downward until I got to his already hard cock.
It seemed to be harder and bigger than the night before, it feel like steel.
I guess that’s what guys mean when they use the term, “morning wood.
” I didn’t attack it like I did the night before, I took my time.
I wanted to tease him.
I was licking the shaft and head, and occasionally putting in my mouth.
It was so hard and thick, I got wet just looking at it.
Chip squirmed on the bed as I licked and stroked his cock.
I could tell that he wanted to fuck me again, but I wanted to tease him.
I did this for about ten minutes, then I decided that it was time.
“I want to fuck you,” I said , looking him in the eyes.
“Missionary only.
” “Huh?” he replied.
“Missionary only!” I said, as I got on my back.
“Give me that hard cock.
” I moaned as he grabbed his cock, and rammed it in me.
I raised my legs with my knees bent, and began moving my ass up and down on the bed.
Our bodies moved in unison, like a perfect machine.
The bed squeaked loudly below us, and the headboard slammed against the wall.
He saw the look of determination that I had on my face, I think it turned him on.
“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard,” I said, looking right in to his eyes.
He picked up the pace, and his thrusts got deeper.
“Come on baby, fuck it.
Fuck my pussy,” I said.
He started pounding away at me now.
The sounds of sex were was deafening.
I was getting quite vocal, and loud.
“Give it to me, give me that cock,” I said.
Chip moaned, “God, Sara.
” I looked him right in his eyes, “Fuck the shit out of me baby.
” He grabbed my legs, and opened them wide, in a vee shape.
I draped my legs over his shoulders.
“That’s it baby, fuck me,” I said loudly.
For another two or three more minutes, I was the aggressor.
Talking dirty to him, telling him what to do.
He seemed to like it, because the more I talked to him, the faster he went.
Again, my ass and hips were moving off of the bed like a fulcrum, but harder and faster than the night before.
I could feel every inch of his cock inside of me, and I could feel another orgasm coming soon.
“Fuck me like a dirty whore,” I said The whole time, he was quiet.
The night before, he did most of the talking.
I just took it, whimpering and screaming.
Now I was doing the talking, and I don’t think that he had experienced that before.
I was sweating again, as was he.
This was loud, dirty sex.
“Come on baby, make me cum,” I said.
I felt an orgasm coming on, not as intense as the night before, but intense enough.
Online Now! Lush Cams ClaireSweety I felt my body stiffen, and as usually happens, my legs began to shake.
“Make me cum!” I commanded.
“Cum,” He replied, as he pounded away.
I could hear walking around; his room mates were awake.
We were actually louder and more vocal than the night before.
I am absolutely certain that they could hear everything.
That turned me on even more.
I got light headed.
My head was bouncing off of the pillow, and then our eyes met.
“I’m gonna cum baby,” I said loudly “I’m gonna cum.
” My body shook beneath him, and I screamed.
“YES, YES, BABY!” I turned my head to my left, and emptied my lungs.
“OH FUCK!!” We continued for another eight or nine minutes, changing positions once or twice.
We were making a racket.
There were people who lived up stairs, two more college guys who rent the top floor.
I think we woke them up too.
I’ve never minded anyone hearing or seeing me have sex, I’ve always found it a turn on.
This morning was the best of all.
There were four or five young men, in their late teens or early twenties, listening to their friend fucking a thirty seven year old soccer mom’s brains out.
I decided to give them what they wanted.
I could feel that Chip was getting ready to cum, he couldn’t go much longer.
I got back into the missionary position.
As he entered me, I wrapped my legs around him, put my hands on his ass, and started talking.
“Cum for me baby, cum for me,” I said, “Cum on my tits.
” “Oh God,” he moaned.
“Come on baby, let me see it.
Let me see that hard cock cum,” I said.
He pumped away at me, his face was getting red, and his body began to tighten.
“Cum on my tits baby, cum on my tits,” I said.
“Oh God,” he replied again.
“Do it baby, cum for me.
Cum for Sara,” I said.
After a few seconds, he responded loudly, “I’m gonna cum.
” “DO IT!” I commanded.
He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of me.
Moving forward, he let out a loud moan as his hot cum hit my tits.
I squeezed them together.
“Yeah, baby,” I said, in a slutty voice.
After emptying the contents of his ball on my tits, he collapsed on the bed next to me.
I looked at the clock and was stunned to see that it was almost ten o’clock.
We fucked for almost an hour, changing speeds and positions.
Debbie once told me that young men in good shape can keep going and going.
Boy was she right.
After chatting for a little bit, I told Chip that I needed to go home.
I had to meet Debbie at noon, and needed a hot shower.
He seemed a bit disappointed when I said that.
He jokingly said that I used him as my boy toy.
Maybe he was right.
I won’t have a relationship, or even date, a man this young.
Having a boy toy at my beck and call, is very convenient.
As I got dressed, I assured him that I’d see him again.
When we walked into his living room to leave, his room mates just looked at me.
I felt like such a slut, but it didn’t bother me.
I wasn’t embarrassed.
“Nice meeting you boys,” I said as I left.
I asked Chip to drive me home in his car, not on his motorcycle.
I was a bit hung over from the night before and didn’t know if I could handle a bike ride.
When we got to my house, I thanked Chip for a wonderful time, and gave him a big kiss.
I told him that he could call me again.
When I got to Debbie’s, her and Krista were sitting by the pool.
She could tell that I was hung over, and she had a huge smirk on her face.
“Someone had a fun night,” she said.
Her and Krista listened intently as I told them about what had gone on.
“I told you about young men, didn’t I?” Debbie said.
“Mom, I think that you’ve converted her,” Krista said.
We all laughed as I replied, “She sure has.
” To be brutally honest, that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had.
I didn’t get paid for it, and it wasn’t just the alcohol.
I had needed a hard fuck for a long time, and I got one.
It was natural, spontaneous and raw.
The End.



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