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February, the shortest month of the year and the most romantic.
Men and women go out of their way to buy nick nacks and doodads that they will never use to express how deep their love and devotion is to each other.
When all any of us really want is to be appreciated.
Bruce struggled every year to impress his girl Heather, this year was no different.
He searched online and asked his friends what they were doing for Valentine’s Day, but nothing ever felt right.
On the night of the 13th he took Heather out to eat.
It was a Thursday, so the crowds were thin since almost everyone else would be going out the next day.
He chose a restaurant that was a little more secluded than usual and was near the park by the river.
Heather dressed in a simple gown that shimmered in the light.
It was hunter green which made her eyes twinkle and contrasted beautifully with her golden hair.
She kept asking Bruce where they were going as he drove, but he kept stalling and telling her to wait.
They parked in a lot and walked towards the restaurant hand in hand.
She gasped when they emerged onto the steps above the riverside park.
Spread out in front of her was the river, twinkling with reflected starlight and the distant bridge.
The moon behind them cast a stark white light across the green space in front of her.
She squeezed Bruce’s hand tightly as they walked down the short steps and onto the path.
Bruce led her along the path in silence, enjoying the shared beauty of the moment with her.
It was almost a shame they had to stop and eat.
The restaurant was a small building right on the river with a beautiful view towards the bridge.
Heather and Bruce enjoyed the company of each other as much or more than the meal.
The candle light danced on Heather’s dress, making her curves shimmer and beckon Bruce.
When she slid her bare foot along his ankle and calf he nearly jumped out of his seat.
It had been a while since they had openly teased each other and he had missed it as much as she had.
Real life had been in the way, but tonight the barriers were far away and fading fast.
“It’s been a while since you played like that,” Bruce whispered quietly across the table.
Heather grinned and sipped her drink.
“You do still enjoy it, don’t you?” she inquired as her foot continued to rub his leg.
“I always will sweetheart,” he replied.
“Especially when you are in one of your sexy dresses.
” Bruce made a point to look longingly at the cleavage where her dress plunged into a deep V shape.
Heather flushed a little as he looked at her.
” Green is still your favorite, isn’t it?” She sat up and wiggled just a bit for him.
Bruce let out a small moan as he watched her wiggle.
“I love when you wiggle like that.
If only the bra wouldn’t dampen the jiggle.
” He grinned and teased.
The suggestion was both a challenge and a jest.
He was a bit surprised to see Heather considering her options as the waiter came back to take their desert order.
Before he left, Heather asked about a bathroom and excused herself momentarily.
Bruce sat for a few minutes, his pants getting tighter, as he wondered what Heather might be up to in the bathroom.
When she returned his eyes grew wider.
To outward appearances nothing had changed, but his eyes could now spy the hint of an outline where her nipples raised the dress in a shimmering circle.
Heather grinned and gave a little jiggle in the quiet corner where they were seated.
The movement of her breasts was beautiful in the candle lit gleam of the dress, and for his eyes only.
He squirmed in his seat as desert arrived and they ate.
She squirmed a bit as well, both of them excited by the excitement of the evening.
When the check came she leaned over and whispered “I’ll meet you outside, bring my purse please.
” Then she stood up and he watched her ass shimmer as she went into the bathroom again.
Confused, Bruce took a quick peek into Heather’s purse.
He saw her favorite blue bra inside and her blue satin panties as well! It was his turn to blush red as he snapped the purse closed and looked around guiltily.
The waiter brought the receipt and he hurried to get to the front of the restaurant.
He felt oddly out of place leaving in such a hurry and then waiting on the front walk outside.
Luckily there were very few people around this evening.
Heather came out and slid her arm in his as she reclaimed her purse.
She grinned at his obvious excitement and knew he had peeked.
“Were you a good boy or did you peek?” she asked as they walked back out onto the river walk.
Bruce wasn’t entirely sure what the right answer was, but knew he had been set up so answered truthfully.
“If it is a bad boy you want tonight, I must admit I peeked.
” He wrapped his arm around her and felt the soft mound of her breast press against his side.
Heather wrapped her arm around his waist as they walked down to the edge of the river and along the path.
The waves gently lapped at the concrete along the side of the walkway, filling the night with a quiet serenity that was mirrored by the moonlight beginning to reflect off the water.
Online Now! Lush Cams Anahy They quietly enjoyed the motions of their two bodies melded together for a short distance and then sat on a small wooden bench.
Bruce pulled her close as they sat, his left arm wrapped around her shoulders.
As they sat he gently rubbed the outer edge of her breast with his thumb.
Heather enjoyed the feeling of his touch for a little while before quietly pointing out, “Your rubbing might get a gal excited.
” Bruce slipped the thumb over to brush across the nub of her nipple.
“Your teasing has already gotten this guy excited.
” He leaned in and kissed her gently.
Her response was a muffled moan into his lips as they kissed.
He lifted his right hand to join the left, massaging her through the smooth silky material of her dress.
Their lips sealed as their passion rose along with the breeze.
The cool wind off the river countering the rising heat of their bodies.
Bruce broke the kiss, both of them panting a bit for air.
“You are the sexiest thing to ever happen to me,” he told her then kissed her neck.
Heather whimpered a bit as he kissed and licked his way down.
His lips traced a line of heat down her neck and into the crease between her breasts.
She could feel his tongue exploring and the chill of the wind as it blew across the wet places he kissed.
Her body quivered at the hot and cold contrasts and she held him close to her.
“Oh yes, please suckle me,” she moaned.
Bruce nudged the edge of her dress as he licked and nibbled, but he didn’t touch it with his hands.
He knew the extra time it took would just add to her excitement.
Instead he licked over and took a few sucks on the now obviously raised nipple underneath her dress.
“Such a delicious treat.
” He exclaimed as he licked his way across to the other side.
This time he nipped at the dress with his teeth pulling it tantalizingly across the nipple and exposing more pale skin to the moonlight.
He eventually sat back and admired her.
The green dress had been pulled aside allowing all of one stiff nipple and half of the other to become visible.
They glistened along with the rest of her skin in the moonlight as he looked at her lovely globes.
His hands reached up and he adjusted the dress, pulling it fully aside and licking his lips with a hungry glint in his eyes.
Heather shivered as her breasts were exposed to the cooling breeze and felt chill bumps rise.
She grinned when she saw the look in Bruce’s eyes knowing he would feast upon her just the way she liked, ravenously.
She stood up and turned to face him.
“I might want a little treat too.
” She bent over and rubbed his bulging crotch.
“Anything for another taste of your milky teats,” Bruce grinned.
He watched her breasts sway as she bent over and undid the belt around his waist.
He wiggled and helped her get his stiff cock out.
the swollen mushroom head was already glistening with wetness.
Heather leaned in and took a lick to taste the salty sweetness.
It was Bruce’s turn to moan in pleasure now.
Heather licked and slurped along the ridge of his shaft down to the balls and then back up.
His cock throbbing as it swelled up.
She hummed as he grew inside her warm mouth, tongue dancing along the shaft.
The look in his eyes told her he was in ecstasy as she worked her magic to get him fully erect.
She grinned at him and climbed up on the bench her knees astride his lap.
The dress pulled up over her hips as she spread her legs over him.
Bruce let his hands roam up her thighs and to her smooth mound which was dripping wet.
He looked into her eyes as he guided the tip of his cock back and forth through her moist labia.
When she was ready and he was just right Heather lowered herself onto his throbbing cock, moaning as he slowly sank into her.
They both enjoyed the sensations as their bodies merged into one.
As Heather began to roll her hips, Bruce resumed his feasting on her breasts.
his mouth roamed around and under then over and finally onto her nipple.
She gasped and clamped down as he locked onto her, wrapping his head in her arms and holding him close.
With each cycle a small orgasm shuddered up her spine.
For Bruce it was heavenly, his cock wrapped in her warmth and being milked by the muscles of her pussy each time he circled back around to one of her nipples.
He maintained a steady if somewhat delayed pace so that he could enjoy her all the more.
As the moon neared it’s zenith looking down at the couple they finally shuddered with a groan of pleasure.
Their voices melding as completely as their bodies.
Both feeling the warm slickness as Bruce exploded deep within Heather.
They panted and held each other tightly in the cool breeze and glow of the moonlight.
Once their breathing had steadied and their pulses calmed Bruce looked up at Heather and kissed her.
“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said quietly.
She smiled and kissed him gently back, holding him close for just a moment more as the new day had just been ushered in.



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