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“I’m sorry.
Ma’am, but due to the storm.
I’m sorry, sir, can you come here please, you’ve both came from the same place and are going to the same place too,” she said, waving her hand.
I looked at him, and I immediately slathered my lips as he stood next to me.
Even as we both looked at one another, the airport worker kept talking.
“Thank you, but due to an unforeseen storm, you’ll have a layover here tonight.
We’ve taken the liberty of making reservations for you both at the hotel across the street.
It’ll be on us, so we hope you enjoy your stay, and this doesn’t rain on your parades, we just need your signatures on theses,” she said before pushing papers to us.
We both moved to them and signed them, but yet we both turned our faces towards each other.
Needless to say, it seemed that we liked what we saw.
Once we were done signing, we both grabbed our single bags and headed out the door.
He opened the door for me too.
And we both made our way through the snow and got to the hotel.
I certainly enjoyed the eye candy he put out even when he put on his heavy coat.
His handsome and smooth face, along with his sexy demeanor, got my panties wet.
As we got to the hotel, he opened the door for me again.
We both handed our papers to the receptionist.
“Hello, Mr.
Sheppard and Ms.
Roz,” she said, taking them and setting them on the computer.
“Hopefully, you’ll both be off in the morning, but for tonight, Mr.
Sheppard, you’ll be in room 112, and you Ms.
Roz, you’ll be next door in 114.
” Again, neither of us spoke, but indeed smiled at one another.
I had a crack in my chest, but yet, Mr.
Sheppard didn’t check it out, and kept his eyes on mine.
“And by the way, considering you’re both clearly over twenty, we’ve also given you both two complimentary drinks if you’d like to partake in the bar over there.
Other than that, enjoy your stay.
” We both took our keycards and made our way to our rooms.
As they were right next to each other, we walked to them together, but still, neither of us spoke and grinned at each other a few times.
Regardless of what I thought, I kept my cool, and we both inserted our cards.
Even before we walked into our rooms, we exchanged looks again, but of course, we said nothing.
Needless to say, as I entered the room, my smile didn’t fade.
I dropped my bag and immediately went to the bathroom.
There I pulled out my makeup.
I surely had one thing on my mind and reapplied some lipstick.
I also added a little more perfume, even though I thought it was stinky, it didn’t make me have a disgusted face.
I nodded.
“And by the way, considering you’re both clearly over twenty-one, we’ve also given you two complimentary drinks if you’d like to partake in the bar over there,” I remembered the receptionist mention.
I peeked at myself in the mirror and brushed my hair somewhat.
After that, I put the brush down and even brought my hands to my blouse.
I couldn’t resist undoing another button, making my crack even more prominent.
Then I headed back to the hallway and started walking, but I instantly heard another door open.
I had to look back, and I confirmed he was too walking back down towards the bar.
Once again, we only smirked at each other and didn’t let a word slip.
I made it there first and took a seat at one end of the bar.
He sat a few places to my right, and we both had to exchange eye contact again.
Only this time, he did help himself to peek at my cleavage.
“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.
“Whiskey, neat, please.
” “And for you, sir?” “The same as the lady, please.
” I nodded and glanced at him again.
Needless to say, I loved the sexy voice to go with his face.
However, we still didn’t speak to each other.
The bartender gave us our drinks simultaneously, and we both casually grabbed them too.
We drank them as we maintained eye contact.
   “Are you two together?” the bartender asked.
We both shook our heads no.
“Another?” he asked both of us.
We nodded and evidently had a few more drinks.
Although, as we did drink together, we got closer to each other.
We didn’t even speak to the bartender; he just kept pouring us the same drinks.
After six drinks, we sat next to each other, with only a six-inch gap between us.
Even then, we didn’t directly speak to each other or have any physical contact, but there was something there.
As we were that close, I knew we both scanned each other’s hands, and neither of us found rings on each other’s fingers.
Needless to say, that made us all that more interested without actually saying it.
I wasn’t sure what to do, but I still didn’t want to talk.
As I already had my breasts on display, I couldn’t fight the urge to lean forward a tad.
He couldn’t turn down the temptation to look at my thong sticking out, and I knew it because I kept my eyes on him.
He nodded and grinned even more as he got his view, but after thirty seconds, I cut him off.
He didn’t seem disappointed, but then he grabbed his drink and downed it before he got off his seat.
He reached for his wallet and grabbed some cash.
He dropped it on the bar while still keeping his eyes on me.
Although, then he turned away and began strolling.
“Can I get you another?” the bartender asked.
“No,” I answered, reaching into my purse.
I pulled out some cash as well, dropped it for the drinks.
I somewhat swiftly moved to get right behind the man and managed to see him get to his room.
He inserted his card and opened the door a tad before glancing at me again.
I smirked somewhat, but bit down on my bottom lip too.
After a slightly weird ten seconds, he opened the door completely and put his arm outgoing toward the room.
I cheesed and nonchalantly made my way into the room.
I set my purse down on a table towards the door, and he followed me in there.
Even as we were just drinking at the bar, he pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses.
I sat down on the bed as I watched him pour the wine.
After a few seconds, he calmly made his way to the single queen-sized bed and sat down with me.
I took a glass from him, and we both slowly sipped from them.
Needless to say, we still didn’t take our eyes off each other even for a second.
As we finished our first glasses, he poured us both another.
I calmly retook my glass and drank from it.
Although, this time, I gradually placed my right hand on his leg.
I rubbed it easily through his suit pants, and he couldn’t turn down the invitation to do the same.
My g-string was already wet, but as I felt the smooth feel of his hand on my leg, even my skirt, he made me get the bed wet.
All I knew about the man was his last name; he was a somewhat older gentleman with black hair and smooth face, but yet, we both calmly leaned towards each other and met in the middle.
Our lips came together and stayed connected for over twenty seconds as we continued to caress each other’s legs.
After our make-out session ended, we both brought our heads back and slathered our lips too.
I took the lead and came towards him.
He willingly let me got on his lap, and his hands came onto my butt.
He only fondled it then, but I placed my palms on his cheeks and reattached our lips too.
This time, we got more physical contact, and I was; we were both down to fuck.
I was sure even if it just ended with kissing like that, it’d still be a hot story.
Although, after getting to know each other a bit better through kissing, I gently let my hands slip to my blouse, and I undid it the rest of the way.
As I had all the buttons undone, I stole his hands and escorted them to my tits.
I was sure he hadn’t got to see them without my blouse yet as he was busy kissing me, so I had the mystery working for me.
That didn’t stop him from grazing and squeezing them somewhat as our lips didn’t part.
As I had his hands where I wanted them, I moved mine back down to his butt.
I grabbed his butt cheeks the most I could through his pants, which got him to moan.
Soon after that, he gently pushed my lips off his and moved his head down towards my chest.
Then he began kissing my chest all the while; his hands remained on my tits.
I couldn’t resist, but to place my hands on his head and scrub it somewhat.
I surely wanted to speak, but didn’t.
The man pecked me all over my rack and even rubbed his face on it too.
I certainly loved the pleasure, and also from a total stranger, so I let him take the lead.
I even angled myself back somewhat to give him better access to me.
After a few minutes, though, I deliberately moved my hands to my bra.
Although, he swiftly grabbed my hands, and I looked back at him.
I giggled somewhat as he shook his head no, and then he undid my bra himself.
He tossed it and let his eyes feast on my jugs as they widened so much, I thought they’d fall out of their sockets.
Although, he didn’t wait too long before coming back to them and grabbing each of them with his hands.
I leaned back to him, and he helped himself to my right bosom.
All the while, his eyes stayed on mine, his tongue came out and landed on my nipple.
I immediately moaned and let my hands back on his head.
I didn’t pressure his head too much, but certainly implored him to please me as much as he could.
He held my tits tight, but not too tight.
Just enough to keep them in place as I had to jolt a bit myself.
He switched nipples on and off the whole time, but never let his eyes off mine.
I massaged his head for him and made kissing faces for him too.
I had no idea if he liked that sort of thing, but I didn’t care.
Without speaking a word, I had him pleasing me, and I was getting him wet through my thong and skirt too as I stayed on his lap.
I felt his tongue go up and down on my nipples frequently, and he certainly wooed me without even trying.
With every lick and suck from him, he made me twitch a bit, but it didn’t throw him off his game.
He made me lick my lips so much; they were slick as a skating rink.
To make himself even sexier, he moved my tits back and forth, right along with him.
I smiled, featured a pained face, and even exhausted ones that as he just thrilled me without any words.
Although, after five minutes, his hands came to my skirt.
He managed to undo it, but he couldn’t get it off me in that position.
On the other hand, he still lifted it from behind, and his hands came onto my butt cheeks.
With me wearing a thong, there was plenty of room to feel my bare butt.
So, he clutched my butt cheeks while sucking on my nipple.
I moved up and down a bit to deal with the pleasure and certainly felt his crotch a little tighter too.
I could picture him getting an extra hard cock for me, and he had me dying to see it also.
After a couple more minutes, I abruptly got down off him and onto my knees.
I saw him cheese back at me as I took off my skirt completely.
He helped himself to look at me, but I even cut that short as I slanted myself back to him and brought my hands to his pants.
I blindly undid them and pulled them off him too.
As we smiled at each other again, I snatched the end side of his boxers and tugged them off him.
I noticed his hard cock standing up tall.
I featured a surprised face as I didn’t think it’d be that big, but it appeared to be eight inches long and somewhat thick.
I helped myself again and wrapped my hands around it, and stroked it with both hands.
He moaned and leaned back on both hands.
Then his smile disappeared as I pleased him and made the veins in it go nuts.
He also quaked on the bed and had sweat going down his forehead too.
After one minute, I calmly lowered my mouth towards his wood and opened my mouth.
I gently pressed my lips on the head, but let it out.
Then I began to lick each side of it, which made the same ‘wow’ face come out.
I kept both hands at the base of his member and merely teased him at first.
I rubbed my lips on his member a bit from the sides, but that still made him break eye contact from time to time.
Needless to say, I grinned and felt thrilled too.
After two minutes, I blew him a kiss.
He returned the favor, and I went back to his rod.
That time, I opened my mouth widely and let his member go in there about halfway.
He immediately began tapping the bed and moaning again.
I held my lips there for a moment and pressed them onto it somewhat, and he managed to keep himself upright.
Although, he still couldn’t keep contact, though.
I made him have to close his eyes and move his head around a bit too.
I had to smile at that, and once I couldn’t see his eyes, I closed mine and began thrusting my lips ever so slowly.
I loved the taste of his cock as it was a foreign one, I, sure enough, wasn’t about to take the whole thing on just yet.
I wanted to gratify him beyond belief, but I still went somewhere easy on him on our first time together.
I also had my tongue massage it too, but mostly on the bottom.
It kept him staying up, but I knew with every passing thrust, I made his defenses go down a bit.
After a moment, I had sweat coming down my forehead as well, and indeed, my heart pounding in my ears too, but I still felt more than willing to fuck the shit out of him.
As his cock was long and thick, I didn’t take too much of it.
After a few minutes, I calmly rose and let it out.
I saw the dude looking back at me with his mouth wide open as I stroked his cock a little more.
I let the head come onto my right nipple, and I massaged it with the head.
Then he made himself lean back to me, grab my arms, and kiss me.
To my surprise, he placed both hands on the back of my head and made us both go a bit.
Although, that only lasted for twenty seconds before he gently pushed my lips off his.
We exchanged smirks again as I continued his handjob and brought it back to my nipple.
Needless to say, he found out I can be kinky, but loving too, making connections not worth forgetting.
After a minute, I lowered myself back down and reinserted his johnson.
Although, I angled it back so we could keep perfect eye contact again.
He made himself stay up so he could place both hands on my head.
He failed to block my view of his face, though, so I kept my lips thrusting slowly.
I couldn’t thrust as much as I wanted in that position, though, but the sexy eye contact was better than the pleasure itself.
I couldn’t be in his place to feel his rod, but I knew he was a guy to appreciate intimacy more than the physical thrill.
I saw him biting down on his bottom lip and seemingly going down by the minute, but he left me more than curious how long he’d need to last, assuming he didn’t have a vasectomy.
I couldn’t be sure, but he didn’t strike me as a guy that would have one.
I stared right into his brown eyes as he looked back into mine.
The chemistry seemed to be there, and I found myself more than interested to see how far we could get it to go indeed.
His hands went up and down on my head, and he undoubtedly played with my brown hair as well.
So, he did indeed prove that he did recognize my beauty other than my mouth and jugs.
Even with that in mind, I couldn’t help but to bring my hands down to my thong and take it off myself without letting his pecker out.
As I had it off myself, I brought it up and tossed it to him.
He immediately took it and leaned down to peck my forehead.
After that, he transported it to his nose and took a deep inhale.
His eyelids went down, and I plainly saw him getting off on that scent.
A few seconds later, he brought it down to my head and used it to brush it with both the thong and his hands.
Then I slanted my head forwards again to allow myself to rub my lips, even more, on his cock.
Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry I pushed myself to take more of it into my mouth, but not too much to make myself gag.
Nearly instantly, after I took about another inch, I felt the man fall back.
I had to revel in that most definitely and deal with the concept of the pleasure being too much.
Once again, I peeked at him, but he couldn’t set his eyes back on me; in fact, he had to cover his face with both hands.
That didn’t stop me from sucking his pecker.
I was just going at it until I got a real sign that he needed to cum.
Once again, I held the base hard and closed my eyes tight.
I increased my speed and got a small headache from it too, but yet, he had me more than willing to go through with it with flying colors.
I pressed my lips as hard as I could, which also caused some discomfort, but I still didn’t care.
Although, with every passing second, I had him shaking so much, I thought he’d fall off the bed.
He didn’t, but still, after another five minutes, he launched up with me.
I took that as my sign.
So, I released his johnson, brought my boobs to it.
I stroked it and kept my eyes on his.
He managed not to advert his eyes and eyeball me as I milked his cock.
After only twelve seconds, I felt him spit out his first stream on my right tit.
I moved it around to ensure he got multiples placed on my rack.
After each one, he twitched somewhat, but failed to break eye contact.
I felt him dole out five different shots of seed, but I didn’t look at it as it was happening.
I waited until he couldn’t let out another drop, as he bit down on his bottom lip the whole time.
Once he stopped shooting, I kept a hand on his wood, but checked out my hooters.
I featured an impressed face as I loved the results of his handiwork.
After twenty seconds, I angled my head back to him, and he arched his back to me.
His hands went down to my butt, and he hauled me to him again.
We kissed each other once again, and my cum soaked knockers stained his suit, but he didn’t seem to mind.
We made out like lovers and seemed to suck one another in, so to speak.
Our lips moved ever so slowly, and surely enough, he couldn’t turn down the temptation to clutch my butt cheeks.
I loved that feeling, but of course, it mainly came down to the mystery of everything.
Without warning, he flipped us both over, so I landed on my back.
I laughed a bit, and he smiled at me again as he kissed me once again too.
Then he calmly went down towards my twat.
I glued my eyes to him and opened my mouth as much as I could as I saw him bringing his hands to my pussy.
I already thought he was hot as hell, but as he touched me down there, his hotness skyrocketed.
He had me rattle myself, but yet, I didn’t look away.
Although, he did tease me a little bit by massaging my lips somewhat.
Then he gently pressed his tongue on them a few times as well.
I brought my hands to my tits and squeezed them.
Even just that tease was mind-blowing to me.
Although, I didn’t scare him off, he seemed to like it.
I breathed heavily as possible as I finally felt him insert his tongue past my lips, and he yanked his fingers away.
As much as I wanted to then, I had to angle my head back.
I heard a slight chuckle from him, but he didn’t fuck me.
I felt his tongue lick those pussy walls ever so slowly, and he had me vibrating like what I had in my bag.
I couldn’t look back at him, but he didn’t mind.
His tongue moved around freely, and he certainly seemed to know what he was doing.
His face also moved around, which increased the pleasure even more as his tongue made all the right moves.
I just lied down flat while fondling my boobs and tried to deal with the gratification.
I scrubbed the bed with my back and undoubtedly gave the bed more than helpings of my sweat and pussy juice.
For the first few minutes, the guy only used his tongue, but then he did insert his fingers back into the mix.
Needless to say, he did spread out my lips even more and managed to dive even deeper in there.
Even with all the thrills, I didn’t let a single word come out or rattle too much to make it difficult on him, but of course, he was on his way.
My crotch acted as the base for my jiggling, but for the love of feeling him eat me out, I just made my arms and legs do most of the moving.
I also had my jugs moving back and forth then as well, so he got his show at the same time.
With every passing lick up, down, and side to side, I felt a little happier, even when it felt so good that it hurt.
I also had tears rolling out onto my cheeks, but he couldn’t see them.
I knew I’d show them to him, but I wanted to enjoy the luxury for as long as possible.
I got him to tease my clit slightly, just touching down on it roughly every ten seconds, which also spawned mini twitches.
After seven total minutes, I rose to him and caressed his head to show he was fucking me right.
He peeked up at me, but failed to stop.
I saw his eyebrows raise, though, so I knew he knew how much I loved his work.
Needless to say, it was difficult to hold myself up there with him, but then he moved his hands to my lower back.
So, he held me up so we could keep our eyes together yet again.
That didn’t stop him from keeping, my legs separated either, so he hit the trifecta, so to speak.
He fucked me, held my legs spread out, and even helped me stay upright too.
We stared into one another’s souls with only knowing each other’s physical appearances, sexualities, and last names.
I never took my hands off his head, but made sure not to block his view of me either.
I saw his face was covered in my juice too, so it seemed I had him hooked on me, almost like I was like a drug.
He wasn’t to stop once he started on me, but of course, I couldn’t be sure if the guy wanted to go all night, fuck a few times or what, but he had me curious.
He did close his eyes regularly too as he couldn’t deal with all of my juice, but I didn’t mind.
He wooed me perfectly and forced me to close my eyes from time to time, as well.
Then as he got closer and closer to making me scream, I tapped the floor frequently.
He saw the tears, too, so he knew my state of mind also.
That made him want to fuck me even more, so he sucked my lips and even some of my hair into his mouth.
I took an extra deep inhale and then exhaled to deal with such pleasure.
He sucked on them lightly, but of course, it was beyond thrilling to me.
So, I tugged my hands back and supported myself again.
Although, they couldn’t stay still and surely compromised the role of holding myself up again as he yanked his hands back.
Like me, he could only figure out when I needed to explode through a clear sign of it, but of course, I was more complicated because as history had proved, I wasn’t even sure how much pleasure I could endure.
Nevertheless, we went on and on until he cut the ripcord.
No matter how out of control I got, his mouth was glued to my pussy, and as my invisible wick was lit and burning towards the end, I had to move my crotch from side to side too.
He followed it effortlessly, and my slit lips never vacated his mouth either.
So, he proved himself to be extra special and made my heart want to pop out of my chest.
I bounced myself up off my hands numerous times too, which made more discomfort, but was still in preparation to ride out the indulgence.
I got so close to moaning out words, but I didn’t, and he saw that as his sign as I angled my head back.
I saw that he released my lips, but I felt him press his whole face onto my snatch.
I covered my mouth to muffle my moans, not give ourselves away too.
I gave his face and suit a lot of my lady juice for about ten seconds, and each one was a little better than the last most definitely.
I didn’t care how much cum I unloaded, just that a handsome stranger got me to shoot his face.
Then I covered my face with both hands after I couldn’t unleash another drop.
Once I stopped, he swiftly climbed up on top of me and pulled my hands off my face.
He kissed me a few times and rose again.
I watched him undress completely, exposing his somewhat hairy chest, unlike his face.
Once he was naked, he went to his bag.
He fished out a condom, so he proved to be responsible too.
He put it on himself as he made his way back to me.
I moved to the end of the bed, and he got on top of me.
He couldn’t resist, but to get in one more kiss before he grabbed his wood and guided it to my beaver.
Before he pushed it in, he glanced at me again.
I nodded for his approval, and he advanced it right into me.
Once he did, I immediately strained my entire body to fight the pain that mixed with pleasure.
I slanted my head back and immediately felt his cock seeking deep shelter in my slit.
Although, after a moment, he brought my face back and kissed me.
He just smiled even though I had tears on my face.
He let me wear them proudly as his wood began going in and out ever so slowly as he stayed close.
I had to place my hands on his neck and kiss him numerous times too.
I didn’t let him put a gap between us, but he didn’t mind, though.
He willingly accepted my kisses, but still made sure to keep his johnson moving slightly.
His junk felt so much more prominent in my muff than my mouth, so it was a lot to take, but I was up for the challenge, though.
More and more tears formed, but yet, they still didn’t turn him off even for a second.
He sweated his ass off too, so I knew he was getting towards his wit’s end, even though he had only been making love to me for a short time.
We made it known to each other that emotional spikes did take tolls on us too.
Even with his small thrusts, he still got my twat to feel some intense pain.
Nevertheless, nothing and no one was about to stop the twisted pleasure and pain that came with our weird sexual adventure.
My jugs became slightly squished too, but his chest made them tickle, which made me giggle.
His hands stayed on my cheeks for the time being and made sure to keep up the intimacy, too, by kissing me and maintaining that eye contact again.
Oddly enough, he had a bit of body hair south of his face, which surely made my whole body feel good.
Although, after a few more minutes, I released his neck, and he kissed me yet again.
He rose somewhat and grabbed my thighs.
He was freer to thrust his cock even more, and he held my thighs tight, too.
So, we kept each other upright as I snagged his arms to steady as well.
I still had to bite down on my bottom lip as his dick still got the better of my snatch.
He increased the size of his thrusts and made my melons flop ever so slightly every time it came back out again.
Although, they still didn’t steal his attention, and judging from his smile, fucking me alone was quite the prize.
We had the bed creaking as well and even hitting the wall somewhat, but we didn’t fear that.
We just focused on breathing heavily, and each other as if literally, nothing else mattered.
So, we continued our speechless fucking for over ten more minutes.
The whole time, I pushed myself further to please him and me so that I could see the memory as sexy and as long as possible.
Nevertheless, he kept his mystery just that as far as he knew too when he needed to let loose again.
He seemed more than interested in keeping me satisfied, so he laid his character out somewhat well, but I surely knew there was a lot to be discovered.
So, I relished that possibility and kept my chin up to find out more about him.
On the other hand, he could still tell of my discomfort and knew my pussy wasn’t destruction proof.
So, he kissed me again and gently pulled his wood out of me.
I let out a deep breath, but smiled at him.
So, he laid a string of kisses on my shoulder and neck while feeling me up, but kept his lips zipped.
I couldn’t fight the urge to grab his johnson, and I stroked it a bit even through his condom.
I had to peek at it, and there was not a sign of cum, he kept his load on a leash.
My snatch still definitely hurt, but yet, I got onto my knees and then over him.
I grabbed onto his rod and guided it back to my pussy.
I rode him then and made sure to transport his hands to my hooters too.
Needless to say, I felt the pain come right back, but it was still worth it as I made it thrust off his wood.
I took the lead from him, despite my aching twat, and indeed, he knew I was worth seeing again, with or without words.
He kneaded my breasts all around while staying on his back, and yet, our smiles just wouldn’t go away, even though we had been going at each other for so long.
His hands stayed on my jugs, and I set my palms on his stomach.
I couldn’t bounce very high, but yet, I still had his cock getting the job done flawlessly.
A few minutes into riding him, he clung to my tits very hard but not too hard.
That told me he was reaching his limit, but I didn’t have to get off him.
I didn’t even care if he came in the condom, I wasn’t worried, and solely cared about the sexual pleasure of the whole situation.
Although, once he needed to cum again, I was surely going to give him a break just as he did for me.
Needless to say, as I knew nothing about his sexual history, he kept me guessing how long he needed before that inevitable pop shot needed to blast out of his cock.
Until then, I kept my body moving, which thrilled him to no end.
As I took control, I was able to put the pain out of mind and fuck him properly.
So, as I felt like his queen, I put him into ‘King’ status.
Although, then he needed to slant his head back and shuddered somewhat too.
I got off him and somehow felt pleasure and disappointment at the same time.
He was human, but not superhuman.
So, I yanked off his condom and tossed it before I put my butt right above his johnson.
Then I allowed him to cum all over it as he took his pecker in his hand.
In no time, I felt another hot orgasm from him, but down there that time.
He managed to get both, but didn’t submerge it as I would’ve liked, though.
Nevertheless, I got a total stranger’s seed on my tits and ass in a nice hotel room, all without speaking.
When he couldn’t cum anymore, I peeked back at my ass and him.
I touched both cheeks with my fingertips and cheesed.
We both giggled a tad, and then I lied back down with him.
I laid my head on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me.
So, we both let our fumes come off us as we cooled down for twenty minutes.
I wasn’t sure if he wanted to go another round or not, but I stayed with him in his room for those twenty minutes until he got off the bed.
I saw him go his bag, but after a few seconds, he wrote  something on it and returned to me and handed me a business card.
He handed it to me, and it read ‘Sheppard Life Insurance’ with a phone number and location on one side.
Then I flipped it and read, ‘Call me for a quote, or some more action, I specialize in both.
I laughed and went to get a card of my own.
I wrote on it too and handed it to him with it reading.
‘Roz Attorney at law’ with my number and location as well.
My message read ‘Well, we better not meet in a courtroom though, and ironically, we do live in the same city, but you’re the man, so you should call me, but if you don’t invite me to sleep with you now, then don’t call at all.
BTW, my name is Bebe.
‘ He chuckled as we both set the cards down.
Then he snatched another condom from his bag and came to me.



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