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Don Luigi sat uncomfortably on the unpainted weather-beaten restaurant chair intended for the sheep-like tourists that crowded the seaside during the high season for travel.
His domain was well-situated on the leeward side of a deep and protected bay that boasted a long stretch of fine white sand seldom seen in those parts.
He stretched his arms and lifted his impressive haunches from the far-too-small chair taken from the stacked multitudes that lined the unshaded villa beachside dining area.
His belly was rounded like some young female heavy with child and he felt regret at the many “second-helpings” he had been taking advantage of in the off-season.
Speaking to an unseen audience, he gave himself the advice so typical of his much younger Roman doctor to whom exercise was second nature like breathing or sleeping.
The older Luigi considered exercise the curse of some foreign interloper with no concept of the proper use of energy for a specific task.
“Time to start eating more fish and a lot less pasta or your foolish pants will no longer be able to button up properly.
” He looked down and saw that the button was stretched tautly and might be in danger of popping off if he was to bend over or make a sudden movement.
The cleaning lady’s daughter Maria looked over at him like he was some kind of crazy man talking to himself in the lonely, empty restaurant.
He smiled at the girl and promised his diminishing libido that someday soon he would suggest to her that they join together in carnal explorations.
Of course, that depended on the absence of her overly protective mother often out searching for fresh produce in the farmer’s market or discussing the rising prices on the “catch of the day” with the sun-tanned fishermen on the long pier that ran out like a stiff finger into the calm waters of the bay.
He was certain the delectable Maria was no longer a virgin because of the way she constantly stroked her unseen curves of flesh under her servant’s apron in a way that suggested she was remembering another man’s touch in the exact same place.
There was no doubt in Don Luigi’s mind that she would agree to his suggestion because he was not an ugly man and was reputed to be extremely generous with young females that offered him the excitement of a quick tumble.
He was wise enough to use covert methods to escape the attention of either protective mothers or his shrewd and discerning spouse with her “younger woman” radar working when he was on the loose.
The girl blushed, knowing that his ogling eyes were focused on her raised flanks as she scrubbed the tile floor on the patio.
Her heart-shaped bottom swaying with each forceful stroke was a target that would become popular with the male guests and cause her mother much anguish during the approaching tourist season.
He hoped she was smart enough to keep her daughter well-stocked with the condoms that would keep her from early motherhood and the embarrassment of no spouse to win food for the household.
He personally despised the things but knew it was better to give up a certain degree of pleasure to keep his tasty peccadillos in respectable condition whilst they were his employees to forestall any innuendos of improper activities.
His no longer amusing reputation was already stained with several embarrassing situations involving naïve young things placed into his hands by unsuspecting mothers.
  A car pulled up with a pair of Swedish airline hostesses on a short furlough from the international airport down the coast.
They were certainly out of place in the middle of the rustic scenery but would blend in easily once the season was in full swing.
He liked the buxom laughing females from the northern regions because they knew no bounds of behavior once their pretty panties were removed for sensuous mid-day copulation.
Luigi was ever lucky in such interactions as he was gifted with the ability to talk most strange females out of their undies in a way that convinced the poor women it was their idea and not his suggestion at all.
The scent of their unfamiliar womanhood was all he needed to motivate him into action at a moment’s notice.
Their long legs and shining yellow hair was enough to cause him the delight of a stiffened condition that filled his already tight trousers with swollen expectations.
Fortunately, his wife was still at the market and he was able to seat the two well-fed lovelies at a table that gave him a good view straight up their short skirts.
He feasted on the expanse of tanned legs that never seemed to end and a peek at pink panties that looked like they had come from the same package of delicate undies.
He speculated that they did not care who had worn the panties last and intermixed them with a degree of pleasure in not knowing where they had rested the night before.
He was certain the girls were teasing him because they found so many reasons to cross and uncross their legs and open their knees for his continued perusal of their inner sanctums of feminine delight.
The elderly waiter with his wrinkled face and tired eyes had seen it all and knew Don Luigi was like a hunting dog focused in on his prey and would soon have both these poor girls flat on their backs on one of the resting couches in the spacious viewing rooms just above their heads.
Those rooms all had open views of the glorious shimmering waves gently lapping on the sands with the intensity of a lover seeking the depth of complete and total satisfaction.
The waiter was an old man.
At least, he gave that impression.
Then again, it was difficult to tell with these Tunisian immigrants that seemed to be born with old faces filled with the marks of hopeless despair just waiting for the undertaker to check their pulse before burial.
Luigi had never seen the man crack a simple smile and would have been astonished to have heard the sound of his laughter.
Everyone called him “Waiter” in several different languages but nobody knew his name and it didn’t seem to bother him because he liked the anonymous nature of his calling and the fact he managed to blend in with little difficulty.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel He was not quite as old as most people thought and his sexual appetites called for buggering old tourist women at their command like a robot with a hard appendage and complete discretion.
The Tunisian waiter watched Luigi hovering over the pair of fair-haired northerners and rubbed his hands together in anticipation of viewing both of them banged from behind in one of the upstairs rooms.
The meal was a big success for the two women and Luigi escorted them to the resting rooms to allow them to digest their food and converse over complimentary coffee in little delicate cups.
The waiter hid his little smile watching Luigi convince them that it was safe for them to remove their blouses as they both wore bras and it was customary in the south to stay comfortable in the afternoon heat.
Both of the Swedish airline hostesses were well endowed with glorious breasts that would make any Italian artist take up a brush to record their impressive sight.
Neither of the girls was particularly beautiful, but they were nubile and young and their female flesh was curved in all the right places.
The old waiter had no doubt that the talented Don Luigi would soon have their bras removed to free their lovely breasts for his healing fingers in a preliminary massage that would lead to panting release long before their food was digested.
He retreated downstairs before the little dance of removing their undies began knowing that the inevitable conclusion would be of exposed private parts and both girls giggling as Luigi shared his long shaft with them in a fair and equitable manner.
Maria’s mother was clearing the tables and he cautiously allowed his work-worn hands to pass over her bulky bottom as she bent to the task.
“What are you doing, you dirty fellow? Only my husband touches me there.
At least, he used to before he passed to his reward in the next world.
” They both smiled at each other because it was an old record being played once again to break up a boring afternoon in a way that would sustain them until the next time an opportunity arose.
He led her to the little alcove next to the room with the two Swedish hostesses and they could hear the girls giggling and talking in their native language as Don Luigi showed them good old Sicilian hospitality with their faces buried in the soft silk pillows on the couches.
The old waiter pushed up the mature servant’s black dress to reveal the plain white panties and broad expanse of buttocks waiting for his attentions.
It was a well-traveled route they had taken many times and he quickly defeated her sphincter with a touch so light that the woman was startled to find her gut filled with his man-meat in a way that would allow no return until the destination was reached and both were fully happy with the outcome.
His long mean fingers worried her flanks and he spanked her cheeks with firm palms making her shudder in delight and push back against him to get him inside even deeper although that was close to impossible because he was already bottomed out deep inside her yielding softness.
“Don’t stop, you nasty man.
Make Mama squeal like one of the piglets in the filthy sty.
That’s right.
Right there is the spot.
Spank me hard, you bastard.
You know I need it hard so don’t spare my feelings and treat me nice.
I don’t want Mister nice guy.
I want you to take me like a thief in the night.
Make me squeal real loud and I will suck you real nice.
” The old waiter pounded the mature mother of the beautiful Maria and she was reduced to sobs of pleasure and the high pitched whimpers of a young piglet under extreme duress as she was stretched without mercy to the limit of her capability.
Finally, they uncoupled and she rested face down unable to even turn around and look into his face.
Slowly, he groped and manipulated her yielding ass cheeks until he knew every little secret she tried to keep private to no avail.
Then, they both stole over to the tiny hole in the wall and watched Don Luigi hump the two Swedish hostesses to ultimate orgasms and then allowed them to suck his long shaft from both sides at the same time.
It was a display that Maria’s mother enjoyed to the fullest.
The old waiter knew he did not have to wait long.
She went down to her knees and took care of the old waiter’s manhood with her experienced mouth as he continued to watch the scene of debauchery in the next room.
Eventually, he patted the top of her head in such a way that she knew his time had come.
He pulled out until he was just a short inch from her wide-open lips just before he loosed long strings of creamy man-juice into her warm and completely drenched mouth.
At the very end, she sucked the last drops out of his shrinking dick and then displayed her tongue with the puddle of white covering her redness.
Maria’s mother closed her lips and swallowed several times and then opened up to show the old waiter that she had taken his entire load into her generous belly.
Only then, did he bend down and kiss her full on the lips pushing his tongue deep inside to let her know he was the boss and she was there to serve him in the proper order of things of such nature.
It didn’t bother Maria’s mother that he was only an immigrant and she was a daughter of this island kingdom because at her age finding suitable male partners was too much of a bother for a woman with children still to raise to full adulthood.
They managed to retreat downstairs just before Don Luigi and his two foreign female friends called a taxi to take them to their bus and a return to their airport for another flight to some mysterious location and another adventure.
Business was beginning to pick up at the seashore.



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