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“Bye, Dad! I’m going to school,” my daughter shouted, “and don’t stay in bed all too long, you hear me?” A few frustrated groans no one could hear left my throat before I turned around and tried to enjoy a few more minutes – or in my case usually hours – of sleep.
Before long, I felt the blanket being torn off me.
My daugther’s tone was rather pissed: “I mean it!” “What the fuck? It’s not even noon,” I yelled with a broken, incomprehensible voice.
She yanked the curtains open, letting the morning sun light up my room.
As a reaction to the bright light, I flipped my body around so I didn’t face the window and held my hand before my eyes.
“Fuck! Keep those curtains closed!” I yelled.
“No! It’s almost nine in the morning, Dad!” She definitely had inherited the temper of her mother.
As she wanted to walk over to my bed and tear me out of it, I heard the distinct noise of a foot hitting a glass bottle.
Oh man.
She spared me nothing this morning.
“Have you been drinking?! Again?! Dad! You’re impossible! Not only am I the only one in this house working and bringing money home, no, if you keep wasting my savings like this I’m never gonna make it to college by the end of next year’s summer!” Of course she was right – to some extend at least.
There had been better times indeed.
Times when out of love I married her mother, turning down a once-in-a-lifetime million-dollar job offer for that.
And what had love brought me? A costly divorce, losing my not-so-well-paid desk job, and a consequently unaffordable check from my lawyer.
On top of that, I got to look after our daughter, since my ex had bought the adolescent psychologist over to testify that it would not be good for the development of our daughter to live with a single parent who had such a demanding job like her and would thus not be around too much.
Hard cash.
Some have it, other’s don’t.
Take an educated guess to which kind of people I belonged to.
Now that I had been unemployed for over two years, all the more.
At least I got to keep our smallish house for the time being thanks to our rather sluggish bureaucracy.
Luckily, my little daughter had found herself a part-time job that paid rather well.
So at least we didn’t have to starve all that much.
Convincing her to start raising her own money if she wanted to go to college had been hard though, given that I didn’t have a job myself and was not exactly motivated to get a new one.
I need to admit that I would have scored poorly for the father of the year award.
What her job was, I didn’t know – didn’t care.
Judging from the obnoxious amounts of cash she brought home for the comparably little time she worked for it, it had to be some kind of modeling job or so.
Why not? She was young, pretty and had a beautiful face, a cute smile, and the exact type of body boys her age were hungry for.
An every father’s little darling; and also the cause for an every father’s sleepless nights, if you know what I mean.
Not her.
At least she spared me these teenage adventures.
Little did I know how wrong I was, but soon enough should I be taught differently.
As soon as she had gone off to school, I lurked to my computer.
Checking e-mails.
Most certainly there were none for job offers or replies to job applications in my inbox, but rather the daily newsletter from my favorite porn site.
Remembering the scene my daughter had made me, the day she found out I actually payed for the porn I consumed, given the little cash we had.
The nature of the porn site didn’t make it any better.
Your typical hardcore teen porn site.
She herself could have perfectly well acted in one of these.
Plus, most of these poor little things were dressed either as school girls or like little brats.
As I said: your typical hardcore teen porn site, targeted at dirty, perverted old men a lot like me.
Dirty old man syndrome? Probably.
Don’t ask.
Okay, I might have exaggerated on the ‘old’-part as far as I’m concerned.
That day’s newsletter seemed pretty promising.
It was about a new girl.
The description alone made my cock swell in my boxers.
It said: ‘Our newest small-town girl Layla has everything our viewers want to see.
We picked this barely legal, cum-craving slut especially for you.
The smart girl gets caught doing her classmates’ graded homework for money by her big brother’s black friend.
His price for keeping mum about her incidental earnings is obvious.
She’s already taking his enormous snake all the way down her throat as his homie shows up.
She is so excited about getting to fuck another big, black schlong that she sucks him off too.
They undress her to find perky little teenage tits, and a bubbly white ass which soon enough gets stretched by these massive black dicks.
Barely 18 and already taking it down the cake? She goes even further! Don’t miss this DP pro taking these two studs in both holes in a genuine kinder milk slice position.
She rides them both until they shoot their huge sticky load of cream right in her ass and cunt at the same time! Watch their goo flow out of this petite teen.
You’ll love it! Just don’t tell anyone she does her classmates’ homework for cold, hard cash.
Click here for the members-only 5 minutes trailer or the button below to watch and download the full-length scene.
‘ I clicked on the link to the trailer.
It was still morning, so I had all day to enjoy the sight of a barely legal girl with cum oozing out of both her orifices.
The trailer should do to quickly jerk that morning wood off, I thought.
I cranked the speakers up to a comfortable volume, lay back and grabbed the half-empty box of Kleenex.
These, of course, had one sole purpose.
Let me just tell you that they were not used for what they had originally been designed for.
Since the video was on auto-play and I struggled a bit adjusting the back rest of my chair, I missed out on the first few seconds where they usually show a portrait shot of the girls face.
The scene started.
The girl was shown from behind, bent over a TV desk, scribbling some stuff on a sheet, some school things spread over the desk, schoolgirl outfit, a skirt short enough to flash her round and firm ass cheeks in her polka-dotted girlie panties.
Again: your typical hardcore teen porn.
The camera was raised a little, and focused on the door on the opposite side of the living room.
A black guy entered the scene from said door.
“Hey, Layla.
Is your brother home?” he asked.
She raised her head and slowly shook it.
The camera was still placed behind her.
“Doing some homework?” She nodded.
He took one of the sheets, and threw a quick glance at it.
“Jamie Morgan? That’s not your name,” he stated, “are you doing your classmates’ homework?” She at him, the look in her eyes confessing her misbehavior.
He put the sheets back on the table and said: “You know that this is against the rules, right? You can get kicked out of school for that.
” “No!” she shot back, “please don’t tell anyone.
Online Now! Lush Cams MistressVivian Pretty pleaaaase.
I need the money! Dad says he won’t pay for my college.
” The sound of her voice and her begging tone rang some sort of bell, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
“I have to report this, Layla.
You know that.
” Finally, a portrait shot of her face and her puppy dog eyes as she begged some more: “Please don’t tell on me.
I beg you.
I’ll do whatever you want.
” I had to gulp down a huge lump in my throat.
That girl was no other than my own flesh and blood; my own little daughter.
The scales fell from my eyes.
No wonder her part-time paid so well.
A model she was indeed.
I wanted to stop the video, turn off the screen, mute the speakers, tear the power cable out of the supply, forget all of this, but my eyes were glued to the screen, not even daring to blink.
My entire body was paralyzed.
That other black dude showed up while my daughter was literally – much like the film description had so accurately suggested – taking the first guy’s ‘enormous snake all the way down her throat’.
The other guy didn’t even bother acting as if something was odd; he just got rid of his jeans and another huge, hard cock sprang right to my daughter’s face, almost slapped her actually.
She instantly took it in her firm grip, and started alternating her deep throat assault between these two black dicks.
Now one of the dudes was pounding her doggie-style on the couch at top speed while she was sucking the other guy’s dick, moaning with every thrust.
The guy that got the blowjob had his hand firmly gripped around her hair as he pulled violently on it every time her head bobbed off his cock.
Seeing my little girl like this stirred up my belly.
It made me sick to see her – my innocent little girl – in a scene exactly like the scenes I consumed on a daily basis.
One dude was now fingering her tiny butthole.
He aggressively asked: “You like that? You love that? You wanna get fucked in the ass?” A close-up of her face.
Fuck my tight little ass with your big, fat, black cock!” I couldn’t see any hesitation in her face; only lust.
This was not an act! She actually was excited! Cut.
The same guy pounding in and out of her ass as though she had done this a thousand times before.
No pain, no resistance, just this cacophony of her lewd screams asking for even more brutal and deeper thrusts.
The guys switched positions.
The one that had fucked her pulled out.
His partner rammed his dick inside her.
She already had the first one’s cock all the way down her throat again.
Still incredulous of what I was witnessing, I covered my mouth with my hand.
My little girl doing all these sexual practices I had so eagerly watched over the years.
Now even ass to mouth.
On top of that, she seemed to enjoy it.
All of this what for? Only because I had refused to get a job and send her to college? Only because I was too damn lazy to get a little cash by honest means? Cut.
Her riding one of the guys anally in reverse cowgirl position, spreading her legs for the other stud to see her pussy juices dribble down his the first one’s balls.
He relentlessly hammered his dick in and out of her tight asshole.
They paused, so she could order the passive guy to fuck her little snatch, her eyes hungry for more: “Wanna fuck my tight 18-year old cunt again, big black guy?” She didn’t even know his name?! For real?! He didn’t let her ask him twice.
He positioned himself to slide his huge cock up her soaking wet pussy.
Her screams were high pitched and full of pure, dirty lust for carnal pleasures: “Ah! Yes! Fuck me deep! And hard!” No way this was my daughter.
No way this was the little girl I had raised.
No way my innocent child would go this far to raise her college money, and yet.
Yes way! This was real.
Tears filled my eyes, I didn’t even bother to fight the urge to cry.
What had I done all these weeks, months, years instead of really trying to get back a decent job? Cut.
She had turned around, now riding the stud that was lying on the couch cowgirl, while getting her ass furiously boned from behind, taking what had to be like 10 inches easily balls deep in her little backdoor.
They had not lied in the summary.
This indeed looked like a human kinder milk slice.
My little girl was screaming her lungs out in pleasure, begging to get filled with cum: “Yes! Please fill my holes up with your juice! My god! Yes! Please! Give me your cum! Give it to me already! Ah! Fuck!” One last mutual deep thrust of both these black guys.
The close-up of their balls gave no doubt that they were pumping their semen up both her pussy and her butthole.
What had I done to my little girl? Alls of this just for the sake of a little cash.
They pulled out and five seconds later, their huge load of sticky, white cum slowly flew out of her orifices.
She smiled into the camera the genuine smile of my little girl, happy to have been fucked so thoroughly.
I watched that face of my daughter, smiling into the camera.
It was so unreal, and yet I felt like I had to puke.
What had I said about teenage girls and sleepless nights again? I was reaching out to find a Kleenex and appropriately use it for the first time in months as I felt a finger tapping on my shoulder.
I turned around to find my daughter standing behind me, arms crossed.
“So,” she said, “whatcha think? You liked it?” I was so shaky, I wasn’t able to answer her question.
She answered it for me: “Isn’t that the sort of porn you like best? Seeing little 18 year-old girls behaving like cock-crazed sex slaves? I thought you might enjoy it.
” I sobbed, struggling for words: “I.
I thought.
you were at.
at school today?” “It’s Saturday, you moron,” she replied, obviously pissed, “so that’s how far things have gotten with you?” She paused for effect.
“Porn was okay.
I can live with that.
In fact, who doesn’t enjoy it? Then drinking.
and now you can’t even get your weekdays straight? Seriously? No wonder I ended up in movies like that.
But wanna know what? I really like that job.
” Her words were like daggers to my heart.
“And one other thing: This might have been my first DP scene, but by far not my first anal.
” I didn’t want to hear that.
I wanted her to stop talking.
I didn’t want to know all that, but still she went on: “I’ve had so many dicks up my ass that they slide up all the way without lube.
Oh, and no spit either.
And know what? I’m doing this because you wouldn’t get a job, and I need the cash.
College, remember? I just need that fucking cash.
” She paused again “I hope this revelation will finally help you come back to senses.
” She left my bedroom, stopped at the door, turned her head, and smiled at me that innocent smile I had known ever since she had been born.
“By the way, Dad.
I left a few newspapers on the table.
I left them open for you so you can find the job ads.
You better help me raise my college money.



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