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Latest stories Taboo First Encounter After Online Relationship Part 4

(This is a continuation from an existing story, be sure toread the first parts to set the stage) I have a very long afternoon and evening at the conference after seeing Nikki and meeting Laura for the first time.
My mind races all day wondering if you were serious if Juan did call you and you’re having dinner with him right now or were just messing with me.
The more I think about it, the more confused I get – I could see you doing it or I could see you saying it to torment me.
I try and focus on my conference and around 8 o’clock, I get an email from you and I open it and it’s a photo of Laura dancing with a black guy who is young, built and at least 6’5 and you wrote “Great choice on Laura’s outfit, Tyrone has been playing with her ass all night.
” My mind starts racing and then another email comes in and I open it.
This time, it’s a picture of you sitting on Juan’s lap and I see his hand is in between your knees and you wrote “God this is a great restaurant.
Juan keeps checking out my chest, he even asked what the key was for on my necklace.
Maybe I will tell him after another drink or two.
Be good Mattie.
” I can’t concentrate at all as the evening drags on and on.
I finally get down with the dinner and banquet around 11 and head to the room.
I lay down for a second and since I’m exhausted from last night of no sleeping, I fall asleep.
Suddenly, I’m woken up by a text and it says “Where the hell are you?” I’m startled and confused and then I see you sent an earlier text that said, “Meet me in the hotel lobby in 15 minutes” and it was sent 25 minutes ago.
I hurry up and get my shoes on and come down as quickly as possible.
I don’t see you at first but then see you and Laura sitting in a round booth in the corner.
I come over and you don’t look happy.
As I come over I say “I’m sorry Mi…Nikki” I correct myself before calling you Mistress Nikki in front of Laura.
You look at me and say “I’m disappointed Mattie, I thought you’d like to have a drink with two beautiful women” you scold me in front of Laura.
“Well you were late and these two gentlemen offered to buy us ladies a drink” as you point at two guys coming back over to the table.
As they get to the table, you say “Go sit at the bar by yourself Mattie, I will let you know when you’re needed.
” For the next hour, you sit and have several drinks with Laura and the two new guys.
The music starts and you start dancing with them.
You look over at me several times and you’re more touchy feely than you with Juan last night.
Laura is having a good time and I can tell she is pretty drunk as she’s wobbly in her heels.
You notice I keep watching you as you drink and dance more and the club starts to clear out.
The guys give you a hug and I see you kiss the guy you were dancing with and then write something down on a piece of paper.
You look over at me and use your index finger to point at me and then curl it up, telling me to come over.
As I walk over, you are sitting at an open booth.
You look at me and say “Look what happens Mattie when you’re not focused on me.
I was going to have drinks with you tonight but you were late.
” I hang my head as you scold me in front of Laura.
I see you like the reaction and say “God, my feet are killing me from these heels and dancing all night” and then you point down to your feet.
I think you are wanting me to kneel before you for a foot massage, but I’m scared stiff with Laura sitting there.
You look at me and say “MATTIE, I said my feet are sore” and you point again.
I can tell you’re a little upset so I get down on my knees, unbuckle your heels and start to massage your feet.
You look down and say “That’s better.
” You see Laura look at me as I do it and is a little shocked but you start to talk to her about the dinner you had with Juan and Tyrone.
“God that was a great place, I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.
“ You start to tease Laura “I thought I’d be going home alone for as long as your and Tyrone where missing in action.
” She giggles and says “Well, we found a dark corner for a while” and then adds “But you shouldn’t say anything to me, I saw what you and Juan were doing in the car” and I look up and you just smile and put your finger over your lips to hush her.
You take the one foot and move it and put the other one in front of me and I unbuckle it and start to massage it.
You keep chatting with Laura “Shhh, I can’t believe I was in a strange man’s car for so long, god that was dangerous” you giggle more.
You stop for a minute and say “God, what kind of a host am I? Matt offer to rub Laura’s feet, she’s my guest.
” She looks shocked and I’m stunned silent.
You look at me and say “Mattie?” I look at Laura and say “Would you like me to massage your feet Laura?” She looks stunned and says “No….
no, that’s okay.
” You look at her and say “It’s okay Laura, Mattie is a pleaser.
” She still looks stunned but slips off the heel and I move over and start to massage it.
She looks down and says “That feels good” and then asks what you mean that I’m a pleaser.
You look down at me and smile and then spend the next 20 minutes telling her an abridged story of how we met online and where we are today.
She is completely shocked as you tell her everything and isn’t sure if she believes you or not.
You look around and see the club is empty and you tell me to stand and you reach to pull down my zipper.
My hands come in like I’m gonna stop you but you give me a nasty look and swat them away.
You undo my belt and pants button and pull them down just enough to show her the chastity belt I’m wearing.
She turns beet red and giggles and I lower my head in my chest as I’m completely humiliated.
You say “See, that’s what this key is for” as you show her the key on the necklace as you instruct me to buckle back up.
As I finish, you point to the ground and say “Other foot Mattie” as I take off Laura’s heel and start to rub her other foot.
You two watch and giggle more.
She looks at her watch and says she better be going.
You look at me and say “Thank her for letting you rub her feet Mattie.
” I bend down and kiss each foot as I put the heels back on and say “Thank you for allowing me to massage your feet Ms.
” She is a little stunned still but says “It felt nice, anytime.
” We all stand up as we head out.
As we leave, you tease me more saying it’s cute Laura is taller than me.
As we leave, she stops and turns around and says “I know I shouldn’t ask, but does it hurt Matt?” as she looks down at my crotch.
I hang my head a little and say, “It really depends.
It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but doesn’t really hurt unless I start to get aroused and it wants to get erect.
Then it hurts because the body wants it one way but the belt won’t let it happen.
It’s not excruciating, but it’s not easy either.
” She smiles and says, “Well did it hurt when you were rubbing my feet and trying to look up my skirt?” she teases.
You look and say “Were you trying to look up her skirt Mattie?” I turn a million shades of red as she nods and I say, “I was just massaging her feet, you made me kneel, her skirt was short, I may have looked up.
” You giggle and say “That’s okay Mattie, she’s a hot woman.
Tyrone was doing the same thing all night.
” And then you said, “Do you think a woman like Laura would want to fuck a man like you? I mean I had to get the small size chastity belt for you.
” I hang my head and turn beet red.
I’m surprised when Laura gives me a hug and then pats my crotch, feeling the chastity belt “Don’t worry, Mattie, you’re cute and good at foot massages.
” She gives you a hug and says “Oh, by the way, what time are we meeting Tyrone and his friend for the city tour tomorrow.
” You smile and say, “I think Mattie starts at 10, so let’s say 10.
” She leaves and we head to the elevator.
You see I’m embarrassed.
As we get back to the room, I look at you and ask “Why did you have to tell her? Was it because I was late?” You sit on the bed and point for me to kneel before you.
“No Mattie, I didn’t tell her because you were late.
I did let the other men buy us a drink and dance with them and flirt with them in front of you because you were late though.
” You lift your foot for me to massage and I do as you continue.
“I told Laura because I think that is what is best for you.
You are a good boy, a pleaser, wanting to serve women.
She asked questions about you all night and it was hard to avoid them.
So instead of lying or being uncomfortable, I thought it was best to tell her the truth.
So now when you see her the rest of the week, you can be yourself.
” You see my mind is racing and then ask, “Are you going out with Juan again tomorrow?” You giggle and say “No, I’m not, he’s working tomorrow and couldn’t get off.
But Laura’s date Tyrone said he would show us around the city while you’re at the conference and he had a friend he knew would love to be my escort.
” You stand up and slide down your panties and sit on the bed and say “Worship my pussy Mattie” as you guide my head in.
I’m a little slow and you say “I bet you wondered all night if Juan fucked me, fucked this pussy and left you a present” as you pull my head in a little more.
“Worship it Mattie, but don’t worry, he didn’t fuck it, we just played around in his car.
” Your pussy is soaked as I keep licking it as you rub my head.
You look down and say “It was so sexy to see you embarrassed by Laura, on your knees rubbing her feet.
I love that you listened like a good boy.
” You cum for a second time and then look at the clock and say “God, it’s almost 4 am.
We better get some beauty sleep.
” You add, “I should probably punish you for being late to the bar, but you were exhausted and feel asleep so you get a pass – but just this time.
I’m not going to clamp your nipples either, you need some sleep tonight.
Go get naked.
” I come back to the bed naked and you’re wearing a sexy pj set and say “Night Mattie, you can spoon and caress me but no monkey business.
” Before long, the alarm sounds and you get up and head to the shower.
I wait for you and then I get in the shower to get ready.
As I get out, you’re sitting at the vanity, doing your hair and make up.
You look back and smile “Mattie, I’m running a little late, pick an outfit for me for today, we’re sightseeing and lunch.
” I look at you at ask, “What do you want to wear? How do you want to look?” You smile as you put on your lipstick, “Pick an outfit you’d want to see me in if you were my date” and continue with the make up.
You finish and come over and take off your robe as you look at what I picked out.
You smile and say “Dress me Mattie.
” I’m a little in shock at you saying that but then hold out your arms like a Barbie doll.
I get the bra and put it over your arms and then put your breasts inside the cups and fasten it.
Online Now! Lush Cams James_Olsen You smile as you watch me fasten it and say “Mattie, kiss the key and thank me.
” The key to my chastity belt is right in your cleavage and I lean in and kiss it and say “Thank you Mistress Nikki for holding the key to my chastity belt, you know what is best for me.
” You lean down and kiss my head as I do.
I get the dark top and put it over your head and help you get it over your arms.
It looked great on the hanger but it is much tighter and lower cut than I expected with your curves.
I help smooth it out.
I get the panties from the bed and kneel and have you lift each foot and slowly pull them up.
As they get over your thighs, I see your bare pussy is getting wet, enjoying me help you get ready.
I pull them up and you turn around and I fix them over your ass.
You look at me in the mirror and say “Does my ass look good in these?” and then giggle “You may kiss my ass Mattie.
” I moan and say “You look great” as I lean in and gently kiss your ass through the panties.
I get the skirt and help you get it on, and zip it up.
It’s snug and about mid-thigh.
You smile and say “Did you forget the shoes?” I go the closet and get a pair of strappy sandals and buckle your feet into them.
As I do the last buckle, I kiss each foot.
You smile as you look down at me and say “Do you think Tyrone’s friend will like me in this?” I say “Yes Mistress Nikki, any man would love you in this outfit.
” You tell me to get dressed as you finish your hair and perfume and say “We’ll walk down together.
” As we get in the elevator, you whisper “You did a good job Mattie.
” We get to the lobby and Laura is there waiting.
She looks really good, more casual than last night but still looks good.
She comes up and says “Holy shit Nikki, it looks like your tits are gonna pop out any second.
” You giggle and adjust a little and say “Well, Mattie picked the outfit for me and dressed me, he said he thought Tyrone’s friend would like me like this.
” She laughs and says “Yeah, he will, unless he hates hot women with great breasts.
” You give me a hug and say “Have a good day Mattie, I know we will.
” Laura gives me a hug too and says “Good choice on outfit.
And after a long day of walking and sightseeing, it’s good to know I know someone who gives good massages.
” You both giggle as she torments me.
It is a long day at the conference, wondering and guessing what you’re doing.
I struggle to concentrate and I get a text from you asking what time I will be finished with the conference today and I reply at 6.
It’s a long day, my mind is going like wild and as I get back to the hotel, I get a text that says “Meet me in the bar now and bring the nipple clamps in the drawer too.
” I get the clamps out and put them in my pocket and come down to the bar.
As I get there, you and Laura are waiting in the lobby.
You give me a little hug and I can tell you’ve had a few drinks.
You take my hand and lead me to an isolated hallway in the hotel and start to unbutton my shirt and ask for the clamp.
Laura is there as you start to lick and kiss and suck my nipple until it gets hard and then say “Give me the clamp Mattie.
” I hand a clamp to.



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