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Latest stories Straight Sex Cottage Living – Part 1

Paul pulled off the county road, up a long gravel track leading to his friend’s cottage.
It had taken about two hours just to reach the turn-off from the highway through the usual heavy weekend traffic.
As he drove slowly over the winding bumpy road, a few entrances to other properties passed by, and the vegetation grew up higher between the muddy tire tracks until he could hear it quietly scraping the bottom of his small car.
Eventually, the trees opened a bit down near the lake, and he saw the cabin.
Sam, his friend, was actually the grandson of the cottage owner.
Grandma was getting old, maybe too old to make the trip up north this summer, but Sam had promised her he’d take good care of the property for her.
Sam’s girlfriend Linda was a frequent and welcome visitor there too, for she got along very well with Grandma, who thought they made a good couple.
Paul was now Sam and Linda’s guest at Grandma’s for the weekend.
He dearly needed to take a break from a very hectic work schedule, and it looked like the weather was going to co-operate.
Paul pulled up beside Sam’s car, turned off the engine and immediately noticed how peaceful it had become.
Opening the door, he inhaled the clean air deeply, as a soft breeze gently rustled the leaves of the birch trees.
He had finally arrived for the weekend, and was very much looking forward to relaxing with a beer in hand after a tough week of work.
Sam and Linda were nowhere to be seen at first.
Paul walked around to the deck overlooking the lake, and took in the view.
Shortly, he heard Sam moving around in the cabin behind the picture windows as he emerged from inside a tiny bedroom, shoving his shirt back in his shorts.
Evidently Paul had arrived at perhaps a bad time, but Sam waved him inside the cabin.
They greeted each other heartily, shaking hands.
Sam directed Paul to dump his stuff in the far bedroom as he explained that Linda would be “out in a second.
” No doubt she too had to adjust her state of dress because of Paul’s arrival.
Sam’s ruffled hair was a giveaway that Paul could have come at a better time.
He regretted having to interrupt their pleasure, but then again the idea of them making love nearby was exciting.
He was fairly certain he’d be hearing them late at night in the small cottage.
In addition to his work being stressful, Paul had not seen his fiancée in over a month.
Due to her summer job far out of town, and his own crazy work schedule, she had not had much chance to be with him for the past two months.
Paul was really feeling her absence, and it did not help when Linda popped out of the other bedroom in a bikini bottom and a cut-off tee that fit tightly enough to emphasize her perfect little breasts and taut nipples (just barely showing through the fabric, Paul thought).
She smiled at Paul, and said “Hi”, or something.
He was not really paying attention to her words.
He had difficulty moving his eyes from her fine body to her green sparkling eyes framed by bedroom locks of beige hair.
She walked over and hugged Paul, and he could feel her nipples press against him oh so briefly.
Linda certainly was in great shape, and had a very friendly and open personality.
Sam was definitely a lucky guy to have her as a friend and lover, Paul thought.
But, he knew he had to “stay good” with Linda, lest he mess up his friendship with Sam, and his own engagement too.
The three of them had a pleasant dinner before they climbed in the small open powerboat, and took a trip about a mile down the lake to Sue’s cottage.
Sue was an old friend of Sam’s.
They had known each other since high school.
Sue was also the daughter of a retired pharmacist who had obviously made a ton of money when he decided on early retirement and sold his business.
Sue’s father had custom-built their “cottage” of 3000 square feet, and it was as well decked out as any monster home in a city suburb.
The cottage stood sixty feet up upon the tree-covered rock forming an isolated peninsula on the lake.
The property could not be more perfect or precious.
Sue’s family was definitely rich, and had the toys to prove it.
Sam had an interesting warning for Paul as they approached Sue’s cottage.
“Watch out for Sue.
She likes to screw new people, so don’t be surprised if she hits on you.
” Paul thought briefly about it, but didn’t see how one visit, when he was already engaged, would make any difference.
They landed at Sue’s place, and parked on the long dock extending out from the boathouse, whose size matched, and whose creature comforts easily exceeded, Grandma’s cottage.
Sue saw them coming, and walked down the hill from the main building to greet them, on some guy’s arm.
Evidently, she already had her next conquest lined up.
So much for Sam’s warning, Paul thought.
True to form, Sue couldn’t resist being openly suggestive with Sam as they met.
She was intrigued by Paul, but could not be too friendly without really pissing off her boyfriend.
Sam introduced Sue to Paul, and made a point of mentioning Paul was already engaged.
Sue pretended to be surprised that Paul’s fiancée would let him out of her sight, because he could easily attract the attention of any woman.
Paul smiled politely, assuming this was just Sue’s flirty personality at work.
Sue’s boyfriend looked pissed, and distant.
The five of them chatted for a while in the great room of Sue’s “cottage”, then Sue’s father wanted to take them all for a ride in his big boat, perhaps to show off the dual 240 horsepower outboards.
Sue was a competitive slalom water-skier in past years, and her father suggested everyone could go for a ride, so she (or really her father) could show off her waterskiing skills.
Sue quickly donned her one-piece inside the boathouse and they all departed aboard the father’s big boat for a tour at top speed.
Out in mid-lake, Sue jumped out, and her skiing demonstration began.
She was a bit of a show-off, but her dad choreographed a lot of it as he drove up and down the lake.
She was really good at waterskiing, but Sue’s boyfriend looked bored and disinterested, while Linda and Sam were discreetly holding each other close and pawing each other.
Paul, wanting to be polite and not wanting to dwell on the fiancée he was missing, served as the lookout.
He watched Sue bob and weave as she was trailed behind the powerboat moving at over 30 knots.
Her skills were impressive, but finally she wiped out, flipping at least one complete somersault in the air before plowing to a stop.
When the boat turned to pick her up, she was still a little disoriented, and had had enough.
Paul helped lift Sue out of the water (the boyfriend did not care much) and the speedboat returned to the Sue’s place.
Sue went in to get changed out of her suit.
Her boyfriend slipped away quietly from the group after she had been gone a few minutes, but neither Sue nor her boyfriend were seen for some time after that.
Sue’s father kept the others entertained in the great room with his many “war stories” about the retail pharmacy business.
Then, the boyfriend appeared alone, headed out the french door, and down the deck stairway to his car, silently.
Sue appeared shortly after that, her hair still stringy and damp, with an unhappy look on her face.
Not much was said as she took a seat, and continued to dry her hair.
Paul assumed the two had some sort of private disagreement about what constituted fun, and so the boyfriend had decided to bail.
Sue grabbed herself a drink and tried to relax as her father continued with his stories.
Paul soon became aware of Sue’s increasing attention on him.
She frequently looked his way during conversation and turned to face him, while subtly positioning her legs and her athletic body for his appreciation.
Paul noted that she looked great in short pants and a knotted shirt that bared her midriff, and that had large gaps between the buttons.
It was hard to see if she had any bra on.
She was laughing a bit too much, and playing with her hair a lot while she finished drying it off.
Soon, Sue got her Dad to leave them alone by reminding him that the baseball game was on the TV.
He graciously took the hint, and left the “youngsters” for whatever huge room in his cottage happened to have the home theatre.
Meanwhile, Sue intensified her interest in making conversation with Paul, and Paul tried his best to be sociable.
As expected, Sue was hanging on Paul’s words.
Paul was finding it difficult to keep the conversation going without getting lost in imagining a physical encounter with this woman.
He wasn’t much impressed so far with some aspects of her personality, but the “attention” he had been receiving from Sue, and missing for weeks from his fiancée, and the alcohol he had been consuming, were getting to him.
He was feeling that familiar pressure building in his groin.
He started wondering how he would gain some relief in the small cottage he expected to be spending the night in, with Linda and Sam within whispering range on the other side of the thin wall, probably humping each other most of the night.
Sue was noticing Paul’s state of exciting discomfort, and the way he shifted around in the sofa to try to discreetly realign his growing erection.
She felt a pleasant tingling growing within her also.
Paul somehow got on the topic of stargazing during the discussion as twilight had come.
He mentioned that the growing darkness would give rise to an opportunity to see the annual Perseid meteor shower, as it was August 11 th , near the time that the Perseids peak in number.
The clear night with a late-rising moon over the remote cottage lake would be perfect for seeing meteors.
While Linda and Sam seemed to be mostly silent and busy pawing each other in the gathering gloom of their corner of the unlit sunroom they had moved to, Sue rose from her position and reached a hand out to Paul.
She said, “Let’s go out and look at the meteors.
I want you to show me.
” He took her hand, warm and inviting as she gripped his firmly.
They walked out the french door, and crept silently down the forty yards of darkened path to the balcony of the boathouse.
Sue stood closer to Paul, and explained how she and her boyfriend were probably going to break up shortly.
That made her very sad, and she really needed someone to talk with, or maybe just be with.
Paul, she said, seemed to be a nice guy, and she knew he was “safe” because of his fiancée.
Having Paul reminded of his fiancée didn’t really help him much at all, and he wasn’t really feeling “safe” either.
As they looked up to the chilly clear sky, Sue spontaneously moved in close beside him and put her arm around his waist, holding herself close to him.
At first, Paul did not obviously respond, or was trying hard not to.
Soon, Sue said softly, “It’s too cold out here without someone to be close to, even if it’s just for tonight.
I just want to… hold you … because you seem to be a really nice guy.
” Paul’s resistance was melting fast.
Sue’s scent was intoxicating.
Paul silently put his arm around her shoulder as she held herself to his left side.
Her hand took his, and held it close to her over her collarbone, almost covering her cleavage and left breast.
He felt her warmth permeating him from everywhere he was in contact with her.
Because of her touch and her warmth, he grew hard, his erection throbbing at an uncomfortable angle, partway down his right pant leg.
She had started slowly caressing his back as she held herself close to his side, His excitement was causing him to throb, so much so he thought she could probably feel his whole body twitching with excitement.
Online Now! Lush Cams Dimitri_Jhonson She took his left hand and let it fall on her chest, just above her cleavage, and so he spontaneously started soft little circles on her skin with his fingertips.
Her breathing told Paul that Sue liked his soft strokes.
He liked it too…very much.
Finally, he had to break away to adjust himself discreetly, to relieve some of the discomfort in his pants, and try to prevent a wet stain forming.
A good excuse materialized as he saw a slow-moving point of light rise up well above the horizon.
He pointed out to her a satellite circling the earth, seemingly like a small, slow-moving star passing slowly overhead.
As they watched its slow progress across the heavens, a small meteor suddenly streaked nearby.
It was the first meteor Paul had seen that night, and probably the first Sue had ever seen.
“Wow! What was that? Was that a meteor?” Sue broke her hold on Paul as she looked up and pointed to where she had caught the meteor out of the periphery of her vision.
“Yeah, that was one.
We might see one or two each minute on average, during this meteor shower.
” To further test Sue, to see how serious she was about flirting with him, Paul proposed a little contest to see who could see the most meteors.
She agreed after a pause, and added in a seductive, appealing voice, “But what does the winner get?” Paul had a bold idea, “How about stripping? If one of us sees a meteor first, the other has to undo a button, or unzip, or untie something, or ultimately remove a piece of clothing they are wearing if there’s nothing left on it to undo.
” “Whoohoo, I’m game!” Sue nearly shouted, until she realized she better not make much sound outdoors at night because sound carries so far.
More quietly and seductively, she said, “Okay… let’s start.
” She began eagerly scanning the skies for more meteors as she leaned more into him.
Paul smiled inwardly, and wondered how far he could carry on the game in his favour without her knowing.
Based on his knowledge of how Perseid meteors appear to radiate from a point in the northeast night sky, in the constellation Perseus, he focused his attention appropriately on a northerly region of the night sky, while Sue was looking all over.
While she did see the odd meteor, Sue was pretend-whining that she was running out of things to un-do, and she was going to get really cold if she actually had to take anything off.
She would also hug, or rub up against Paul occasionally “for warmth”, and it was already obvious to Paul that her nipples were as hard as he himself was between his legs.
She was chilled by the cold clear night sky, or was excited.
He hoped both were true.
Paul lay down on a chaise lounge on the boathouse upper deck they had been standing on, and reclined to face towards the night sky he knew the meteors would be found most frequently.
She sat close to him at the foot of the chaise lounge, and seemed unaware of his advantage.
He easily racked up his meteor count, and probably Sue had fewer items on anyway, although her top had a knot and two buttons.
He had to intentionally ignore a few weak meteors and let her find more of her own, to keep the game fairly even and to let her get even colder, and more in need of sharing warmth.
Every time she saw a meteor, she would squeal in delight and grab his leg.
He swore he could see her breasts jiggle invitingly against the dark sky as she announced each discovery.
He was barely winning their contest, and most items that could be unbuttoned, undone, and removed had already been undone or removed, and now they were down to only the last items.
She was probably shivering a little, as he could hear her voice quiver a bit, but she played on.
Paul had lost his tee-shirt, and his zipper was down, but she had unzipped pants and all buttons undone.
Paul’s next sighting would force her to untie her top, or remove her shorts that covered her thong.
Suddenly, he saw a bright exploding fireball above.
She had already abandoned the game to let him win, and was staring at his face when a bright fireball lit him up briefly.
Turning quickly to look at where Paul pointed up the sky, Sue smiled wickedly as she saw the fading trail in the sky it had left behind.
Then she turned back to Paul, and said, “I guess you earned this… even if you are cheating!” She slowly untied her shirt, and slipped her top off, showing no sign of any shyness.
Either Sue had figured out Paul had an unfair advantage, or did she mean something else by “cheating”? Her breasts were barely visible in the weak outdoor lighting from the distant main house, but Paul’s eyes had dark-adapted fairly well.
He could see their perfect shape, the hardened nipples begging for touch.
Sue continued to gaze at him with a lustful look of her own.
From her sitting position at the end of the chaise lounge he lay in, she lusted greatly for him, now bare-chested himself, his zipper fully lowered, and his tight bikini briefs barely restraining his hardness from bursting out from under the waistband.
Paul noted her staring, and seductively opened the two halves of his unzipped pants, revealing to her the full length of his hardness, still encased by his bikini briefs but throbbing for release.
Sue ran her hands slowly up his legs, and over his shorts.
She leaned in closer to him, as he shifted to one side to let her get closer.
She could feel his heat radiating to her, warming her.
She slowly ran her fingertips over his briefs, feeling the material straining to contain him.
She could feel the heat and moisture building in her.
Caressing her fingers over his bulging rod made him squirm and groan.
“I see some of your parts get hard when they get cold, too.
Is this warming you up? “Oh god yes!” Paul hissed as she gently stroked and grabbed him through the material.
“It’s not fair that my breasts aren’t covered by anything to keep them warm, while you at least have these briefs on…” She reached for the waistband, pulling it up away from his waist, allowing his rock-hard penis to spring free, it’s now slippery head poking invitingly up to his navel.
He wanted her to hold him, but he also wanted to even things up by covering her nipples with his warm wet lips.
Her breasts were cold like icicles, frozen by the naked night sky.
He kissed and nibbled on her rigid nipples and popped them hungrily in his mouth.
As each nipple rapidly warmed in his lips, it never lost its firmness.
If anything, they grew harder with his gentle sucking.
Her soft moans, her caresses on the back of his neck holding him close to her, told him he was definitely doing the right thing.
She almost came just from the sudden burst of heat she experienced from his oral attention.
She hoped that those same lips on her vulva would feel ten times more explosive.
He contorted to get his pants and briefs off with just one hand, while she held him close to her breasts as he feasted on them.
She stopped him long enough to stand up, and help him undress, so she could lust for his shaft sticking proudly straight up to the stars.
He didn’t give her much chance to stare.
In a flash, he had flipped his thumbs into her waistband, and started pulling down her shorts and thong in one swift motion.
He could already smell her passion, her readiness, and barely gave her time to step one leg out of her clothes before he dove head first for her sex.
He kissed, licked and probed her, tasting her hot honey as she stood by him, guiding his head and tongue to all the right spots.
He held her with hands on her buttocks as his tongue licked.
Somehow, she managed not to make too much noise, nor lose her balance, as she came almost immediately.
He was not done enjoying her taste, and so he teased her to another peak.
Feeling she might stumble, she gently pushed his head away.
He slowly lay back on the chaise.
Seeing him standing fully at attention, she took hold of his hot erection and squatted over him.
With a deep sigh, she impaled herself on him, and then lay against him with her breasts against his chest.
She felt his warmth along her entire front, and deep within, as they hugged each other.
Neither moved at first.
She lay motionless upon him, as they shared their body heat against the cold night.
Except for their breathing, and the throbbing each felt in their groins, neither moved.
It felt so special, so right to just be together, so warm, so intimately connected.
They both wanted it to be slow, exquisite, as they kissed.
Both of them somehow knew the right time and way to start moving.
She rose upright, and he caressed her breasts as he felt his cock apply pressure on her g-spot.
He moved his hands down to her knees at his side, and gently tickled her inner thighs, encouraging her to open up a bit wider.
She shifted, wiggled, and started slowly rotating.
He slowly moved a thumb up to the wetness dripping from her core, and played it gently around her lips, making little circles.
She could not stay still any longer, and started slowly rising up off him, only to descend again, to bring him back fully, deeply.
Slowly she rose and fell, feeling his hardness rub against her g-spot.
His fingers and his cock were hitting all the right spots, and it was making her cum almost continuously.
His thumbs over her clit were doing their magic, and he could feel her gripping him in response.
Her passion built very slowly at first, but soon she was whispering “Yesss… rub me… Yesss… Yess! Ram me! Ohh Ohh OHH.
” Paul became a wild man, thrusting up into her, raising the two of them with each thrust.
She rode him hard and fast.
They both grunted to a tremendous mutual climax.
They lay still and deeply joined, enjoying the afterglow of their mutual orgasm, but amazingly he stayed hard inside her for several minutes.
She gave him a squeeze, as if to silently thank him for being so good.
The afterglow lasted for several minutes, until the cool night breeze and the ice-cold of a cloudless sky forced them to reluctantly dress.
After quickly dressing, they hugged together in the chaise lounge for warmth, as they shared the uncountable stars and Milky Way together in silence, until it got too cold to stay out any longer.
It would be Paul and Sue’s only time together, and they would soon have different lovers, but they shared a special moment they would remember always.
Paul left Sue’s place late that night, returning in silence with Linda and Sam in their small boat to Grandma’s humble little cabin.
The three all immediately prepared for bed on their return, with Linda giving Paul some final words.
“You’ve had your fun, now be good!” Paul understood what Linda meant, and felt a brief twinge of guilt, but it passed quickly when Linda, in her super short nightie, gave him a long and reassuring hug before disappearing into Sam’s bedroom.
The little cottage was soon quiet, except for the sound of a distant owl, and the faint breeze through the trees.
Paul recalled the night’s events as he lay in the unfamiliar cot.
He smiled at the thought that maybe Sam and Linda had set him up.
In the total darkness of the open country except for the thousands of stars above, and in the midst of his friends’ growing lovemaking on the other side of the paper-thin bedroom wall, Paul fell into pleasant erotic dreams of his coming reunion with his fiancée.



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