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George and Veronica wandered about the party, a mix of old friends and new faces.
George spotted a couple he’d never seen on the other side of the pool and gently nudged Veronica.
“Look at those two,” he said, motioning his head subtly at the tall man and lithe woman.
Veronica followed George’s gaze and smiled.
Even though everyone was nude, these two stood out.
Their bodies were completely smooth from the neck down, every nook and curve of their tanned skin visible in the afternoon sunlight.
“They look about our age,” Veronica remarked, looking happy to see another couple in their early forties.
“Let’s go say hi,” George grinned, and Veronica nodded.
They made their way through the crowd towards the couple, who smiled warmly as George and Veronica approached.
Initial introductions revealed that the pair, Bob and Debbie, were married.
“May I ask, your style is very striking.
We couldn’t help but admire it.
Do you shave?” Veronica asked Debbie quietly, as Bob roared with laughter at a joke George had finished.
Debbie grinned, looking down at her body, running her fingers lightly over her smooth mound.
“Yes, we visited some friends in France.
We shared a villa together, so we got to know them quite well,” Debbie smiled at the memory.
“We’ve been shaving ever since!” Debbie leaned in close to Veronica, theatrically whispering, “The sex feels amazing!” Veronica giggled as the men turned to join their conversation.
“Sounds like something we might have to try,” she said, winking at George.
George grinned.
“So,” George asked, “What do you two do for work?” “Um.
” Bob started.
“Please, excuse me,” Debbie said.
Her voice was tight and her expression sad as she turned away, and began to hurry towards the house.
“Did I say something wrong?” George asked, watching Debbie’s retreat with alarm.
Bob smiled uncomfortably.
“We’re in the, um, payday business.
she gets uncomfortable when it comes up.
” “Oh, I’m sorry!” Bob shrugged, eyeing George and Veronica to gauge their reaction.
George smiled reassuringly, and said, “We’re not ones to judge.
If you’re not comfortable talking about it, that’s fine.
” Bob grinned and huffed in relief, gathering George in an enthusiastic hug until people nearby began laughing.
“I’m going to go see if Debbie’s okay,” Veronica said when George’s feet touched the ground once again.
She wended her way towards the house, where she had seen Debbie disappear.
It didn’t take long to find her sitting alone in a bedroom.
Debbie looked up, wiping her eyes as Veronica peeped her head into the room.
“Would you like some company?” Debbie chuckled and sniffed.
She nodded and Veronica entered the room, closing the door behind her.
Veronica sat next to Debbie on the end of a large double bed, putting her arm around the other woman’s shoulders.
“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but for what it’s worth, it doesn’t matter to us what you do for a living.
” Debbie looked up at Veronica in surprise.
“Really?” “Of course not,” Veronica smiled.
“You’re lovely people, and I think we could all be good friends.
If you want?” “I’d like that,” Debbie smiled and leaned up to kiss Veronica’s cheek.
“What are you and George doing next weekend? Would you like to come visit our place?” “I’m sure we’d love to!” The following Saturday, George and Veronica pulled into the driveway of a neat little house.
Debbie opened the door before they had even reached the stoop, and ushered them into her home enthusiastically.
She wore a blue sarong, which hugged her figure closely, highlighting her nipples through the thin material.
“Bob’s out the back, finishing up the cabana,” Debbie gestured vaguely towards a large yard visible beyond a set of back doors.
“Come with me!” Debbie gave George and Veronica a brief tour of the house, before leading them to a bedroom where they could undress.
After disrobing, George and Veronica joined Debbie in the kitchen before they all went out into the spacious yard.
Bob bounded over-enthusiastically, embracing George and Veronica in turn before scooping up his wife into a tight hug.
He planted kisses on her neck until she giggled, squirming in his arms.
The movement loosened the sarong until it slipped from her figure, revealing her smooth skin.
Eventually, Bob released his laughing wife, and he gestured for his guests to make themselves comfortable in the furnished outdoor lounge.
“I want to share something with you,” Debbie whispered in Veronica’s ear as she was lounging near her new friend.
She threaded her fingers through Veronica’s and lead her back towards the house.
Veronica glanced wistfully over her shoulder at the rippling pool, the jewel of the enormous private yard shaded by tall evergreen trees.
George was dipping an exploratory toe into the warm waters, while chatting happily with Debbie’s husband, Bob.
The men disappeared as Veronica was whisked through a pair of French doors into the small, but beautifully kept house.
Debbie continued down a narrow hall and into a large bathroom, with Veronica not far behind.
Debbie began rustling through a nearby cupboard, withdrawing folded towels before turning to face a bemused Veronica.
“Before we begin,” Debbie said, “I just want to thank you.
Last weekend, when we met… You were incredibly kind to me.
To both of us.
” “I meant what I said then.
It doesn’t matter to us what you do for work,” Veronica smiled warmly.
“You’re both wonderful people, Debbie.
” Debbie smiled widely and stepped forward to hug Veronica.
Veronica wrapped her arms around the other woman, before stepping back to look around the large, tiled room.
“What are we doing in here?” Veronica’s question was answered with a sly grin as Debbie withdrew a razor and shaving lather from the vanity cabinet.
Veronica looked Debbie up and down; her sun-kissed skin was smooth down to the bare lips of her labia.
Veronica looked down at her own small tuft of curls and grinned back.
“I think I know where you’re going with this.
” Fifteen minutes later, Debbie was leading Veronica back through the house, now wearing a bright sarong that whispered over her newly bare skin, causing thrills of arousal that only increased when Debbie steered her to stand before George.
George was eyeing the sarong appreciatively when Debbie tugged at the tucked corner of the material.
The garment fell easily from Veronica’s body with a faint swish.
Veronica felt newly exposed as all eyes were on her body, drinking in each curve of her bare skin.
Veronica saw Bob’s penis swell as he looked her up and down, making her nipples harden.
George smiled and stepped closer, running a finger down Veronica’s stomach and bald mound, curling between her labia to tickle her clitoris.
Veronica sighed at the pleasure, but it was short-lived as Debbie drew George away with a wink.
Veronica pouted playfully as they disappeared into the house.
Bob chuckled and sat himself down at the pool’s edge, lowering his feet to gently splash in the shaded water.
He glanced up at Veronica, lingering over her shaved vagina, and patted the tiles beside him.
He smiled when she sat, gasping at the cool of the tiles on her skin, and slid her feet into the blue water alongside his.
She kicked gleefully at the surface, sending up a spray of droplets to catch the sun.
She turned towards Bob as he ran gentle fingers through her hair.
He slowly leaned in towards her, stopping just shy of her lips.
Veronica closed the distance to meet his soft kiss.
Bob’s erection was full when they broke apart, and he grinned sheepishly as she ran her fingers up his length.
He kicked some more water into the air and Veronica giggled as they both jumped down into the pool.
Debbie stood before George, now holding a new razor.
George eyed the glinting steel warily.
Debbie smiled disarmingly.
“Don’t be nervous, I’m very experienced.
” George smiled back and nodded.
Debbie’s eyes brightened and she immediately went to work.
She set the razor down and lathered her hands with a sweet-smelling cream.
Crouching down, she carefully applied the cream to George’s pubic hair, starting above his penis, before massaging her hands down and over his testicles.
George’s penis hardened as Debbie expertly began to shave him, gripping his length to ensure it was safely out of the way.
Online Now! Lush Cams LucyGabriela Before long, there was a small pile of hair on the bathroom tiles, and Debbie was scrutinizing her work, causing George’s erection to twitch in response.
She carefully trimmed the spots she had missed, running her hands over every inch of his sensitive skin, eventually pronouncing him smooth.
George enjoyed the cool tingle of the air against his shaved skin, and smiled down at Debbie.
She looked up at him, running her fingers lightly over his erection, both slick with shaving cream.
She toweled the excess away before kissing the tip of his penis.
As she rose to stand, George brushed his lips against her forehead.
“Can I ask you a personal question?” Debbie asked, with a slight tilt of her head.
George chuckled.
“I feel we know each other quite well by now.
Ask away.
” Debbie looked at him a moment before leaning into his chest, pressing her lips to his ear.
“Do you…” she licked her lips, a motion that tickled against George’s ear lobe.
“Do you perform oral sex on Veronica?” George raised his eyebrows in surprise and nodded eagerly.
“I do.
I love making her orgasm that way.
Sometimes it seems I have to peel her from the ceiling afterwards!” Debbie quirked a sad smile.
“Bob doesn’t do that for me.
I’ve always wanted to try it, but…” George opened his mouth in surprise, before she hastily continued.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love our sex life.
I just, I want to know what that feels like.
” Debbie’s face was full of naked enthusiasm as she leads George to the master bedroom.
She sat on the edge of the neatly made bed, her breasts bouncing with the soft impact, and looked up past George’s full erection to meet his eyes.
“Will you do what you do for Veronica? Will you do that for me?” George smiled, nodded, and dropped to his knees in front of Debbie.
Placing his hands on her knees, he gently coaxed them apart, revealing her plump labia.
Her clitoris was visible above her pink inner lips, already slick with arousal.
Debbie lay back on the bed as she eagerly spread herself for George.
He spent several moments exploring her body, probing into her with his fingers, following the exquisite rise and fall of her breasts with each breath.
George lowered his face to her vagina and, with a few small licks, began to explore her with his tongue.
Debbie moaned and clenched the sheets in her fists.
Applying more pressure to her swollen clitoris, he pumped his fingers in and out of her, steadily increasing the pace.
George gripped her hip with his free hand as Debbie arched her back into him, moaning with increasing pitch until he felt her clench around his hand.
George continued to lick her, slowly and rhythmically, drawing out her orgasm as she writhed against the sheets.
Her face was flushed when she sat up, tears tracking down her cheeks.
Alarmed, George wiped them away with a gentle brush of his knuckle.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked.
Laughing, she shook her head and pressed her forehead to his.
“That was wonderful.
Thank you.
” When Debbie and George returned to the poolside, they were surprised to find Bob and Veronica playfully splashing at each other in the water.
Debbie laughed and hurried to dive in to join them.
George watched happily from the tiled poolside, occasionally kicking out a spray of water as they swam by.
As the sun passed overhead, easing itself into the afternoon, Veronica joined her husband by the poolside as Debbie and Bob continued swimming.
George delighted in exploring Veronica’s newly groomed vagina.
She leaned back on propped arms, widening her legs so that he could get a proper view.
He ran his fingers over the smooth skin until he could feel her grow wet with arousal.
He stopped, and she looked at him questioningly.
“Let’s move somewhere a little more comfortable,” he murmured, gesturing with his head to an outdoor lounge suite in the shade.
Veronica smiled eagerly and climbed to her feet, pulling George up with her.
He placed his hand on the small of her back as she strode slightly ahead of him, before sitting to recline on the seat.
George climbed on top of her, positioning himself between her eagerly parted legs.
A quick glance back to the pool revealed Bob having sex with Debbie near the shallow end.
Veronica followed George’s gaze, smiling at the sight of Debbie’s head falling back in pleasure, her arms flung wide against the pool’s edge as Bob thrust into her.
The sight made George’s erection harder.
Veronica moaned as he entered her, dipping down to capture her nipple between his lips.
He flicked his tongue over the sensitive flesh as he moved in and out of her.
She wrapped her legs around his back to draw him in deeper.
From the sounds Debbie was making, she was close to orgasm.
Veronica had tilted her head towards the sound and was vigorously thrusting her hips, encouraging George to hasten his pace.
The warmth of Veronica’s smooth body entwined with his own, combined with Debbie’s high vocals, quickly sent George over the edge.
Veronica stroked her hands up his back as his climax waned, and he cuddled her close.
In the distance, George heard Debbie reach her own climax, and then Bob shortly after.
George continued to nuzzle into Veronica’s neck, kissing down and along her collarbone.
Veronica giggled and reclined her head back to give him better access.
There was the sound of splashing as Debbie and Bob climbed out of the pool to dry themselves.
George had reached Veronica’s breasts when Debbie approached.
Her shadow fell across Veronica’s face, and they both smiled up at her.
“May I?” Debbie asked, her voice husky and her cheeks flushed.
Veronica propped herself up on her elbows as George rolled off and sat on the edge of the lounge, his penis stirring at the sight of Debbie leaning down over Veronica.
Veronica smiled and tilted her head to meet Debbie’s brief kiss.
They broke apart and Debbie sat down beside George, cupping Veronica’s neck with one hand as she kissed her more deeply, brushing her other hand over Veronica’s breasts.
George watched them happily, allowing Debbie more room as Veronica responded enthusiastically to Debbie’s probing fingers.
Debbie reached down between Veronica’s parted legs to rub her clitoris in circles.
Veronica moaned into Debbie’s parted lips, thrusting her hips forward against Debbie’s hand as she rubbed faster.
Bob strode up quietly to join them, his penis thick with growing arousal as he casually stroked his length to full erection.
Watching his wife being explored by another woman, George felt his own penis stirring once more and reached down to grip his erection.
He began to slowly masturbate, enjoying the slow-building pleasure as his eyes roved the two women.
Veronica had thrown her head back and was writhing against the pillows.
Debbie’s light fingers worked fast over Veronica’s clitoris, while her tongue licked up Veronica’s neck.
Veronica spread her legs further, enjoying the thrill of being watched as she felt her orgasm close to peaking.
Veronica opened her eyes to watch Bob masturbate himself with long pulls, before meeting her husband’s eyes over Debbie’s shoulder.
Veronica climaxed with George smiling at her.
As the sensations faded, Veronica stretched out her shaking legs with a light laugh.
“How about that for Southern hospitality,” George quipped, and they all chuckled.
As the afternoon faded into a tranquil dusk, Veronica and George gathered themselves to leave.
Bob gave them both a rib-cracking bear hug, while Debbie pecked them both on the cheek and embraced them affectionately.
“Thank you, again,” Debbie whispered to Veronica as she released her.
Veronica smiled back and offered a quick wave as she walked down the drive to meet George by their car.
With a final image of Bob and Debbie framed in the light streaming from their doorway, waving heartily beneath a velvet sky full of stars, George and Veronica drove away.
The sad ending is Bob and Debbie moved back to the Midwest and were killed in a DUI incident.
It broke Veronica and sent her into a bad depression for a month.
While this happened twenty years ago, she always remembers them and wouldn’t want to have another relationship again.



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