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While I was in graduate school, Sarah and I lived in a house with two others, who went home on the weekends.
And so, with the exception of Saturday daytime, when Sarah worked, the weekends were when Sarah and I enjoyed each other.
We were “body-buddies” and had been for about a year.
More than that, Sarah was my teacher.
What I knew about teasing, anal sex, group sex, I had learned from Sarah.
This particular Saturday night, Sarah was out with her lady friends partying and celebrating someone’s birthday.
I went to bed, knowing that if Sarah was horny when she came home she wouldn’t hesitate coming to my room, waking me up and crawling all over me.
I was almost asleep when my bedroom door opened.
Sarah walked in and sat on my bed.
“I need you downstairs,” she said.
Half awake, I didn’t understand.
“What?” I asked.
“I need you to come downstairs.
” She left my room.
Intrigued, I put on a T-shirt and sweat pants and followed.
In the living room were two other ladies, Jill and Beth.
Jill was one of Sarah’s best friends; I had met her before.
Tall, attractive, short blond hair, and with a swimmer’s long and slender body, Jill was a lady that just looked like she would be good in bed.
Beth was the birthday girl, and someone Sarah had just met that night.
She was short, very cute, with long black hair, parted in the middle, and down to the small of her back.
All three had been drinking, and it showed.
Sarah did the introductions as I sat down on the couch.
You know what I was thinking.
Three tipsy ladies and me; my mind raced with anticipation.
My fantasy of a threesome was not to be, it turned out.
The three had something else planned that was to be just as interesting.
Beth, even though she was twenty-one, had never given a blow job.
Tonight, Beth was going to learn how, and Sarah had volunteered my help.
Beth was eager to learn, but an available cock was needed.
I was already hard when Sarah asked me to remove my sweat pants.
“Wait,” I said.
“You don’t just get to do this.
What’s in it for me?” Sarah stated the obvious, “You, my friend, get to cum.
” “I want more,” I said, trying to negotiate with the three ladies who were eager to get started.
“What do you want?” Sarah asked.
“You and Jill take your tops off.
I want to see tits.
Beth takes everything off.
If she’s going to really do this then I want to see all of her.
” Sarah and Jill agreed right away.
They were too eager.
I should have asked for more.
Beth was reluctant.
She probably would have removed her top, but hesitated at being the only naked lady.
She eventually gave in to the urging of Jill and Sarah.
Sarah pulled my sweat pants off and my manhood popped out, standing straight and erect, all 8 ½ inches of it.
Jill and Beth stared at it; Sarah laughed.
She knew how big and thick I was and had been waiting for the moment when she could show her buddy’s love muscle to her friends and see their reaction.
Jill removed her top and bra, exposing two beautiful boobs, bigger than I had expected.
Beth slowly undressed, keeping her panties on as long as she could.
As I watched, Sarah stroked my stiff tool, milking out pre-cum that ran down the side of my shaft and over her fingers.
Sarah removed her top.
I knew her body well and was always impressed with how fit she was and what a great body she had.
Beth, staring at my cock and finally getting into the mood, took off her panties, exposing a neatly trimmed slit, small, pear shaped tits, and a great ass.
So here we were.
Me with a large, swollen, erect cock ready for Beth’s attention, Sarah sitting by my side, her nipples hard, stroking my wet erection, Jill kneeling in front of me, also with hard nipples, and Beth, now with everything exposed, moving between my legs.
Sarah gave a little impromptu verbal “lesson” in cock sucking, pointing out all of my cock’s sensitive areas, and then leaned over and demonstrated her technique, licking the swollen head and swallowing my shaft.
Online Now! Lush Cams onefoxybrunette Jill and Beth watched as Sarah worked her mouth and tongue all over my rod.
When Sarah was done, Jill got up on the couch beside me and leaned over and took my prick in her mouth.
I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples and she moaned and groaned as she tried to take all of me.
She was good, and liked to take me deep.
The head of my cock touched the back of her throat.
Beth was watching all of this, and was next.
She was excited, but hesitant.
Thankfully, she was feeling frisky from all the booze and turned on by me admiring her body.
She leaned forward and took my member in her hands, stroking it slowly, milking it.
Sarah, Jill and I watched as Beth licked the swollen head of my cock, and then put it in her mouth, sucking on a cock for the first time.
Sarah coached her; Jill encouraged her.
I sat back and enjoyed her warm mouth.
Beth didn’t suck very hard, and she didn’t stroke my cock while she was sucking, which is what I like.
And, there was a little too much of her teeth on my shaft, which tends to hurt.
Nonetheless, as she went along, she got better and more into it, eventually sucking harder and stroking my manhood with both hands.
The three ladies took turns, each working their magical mouths on my cock, bringing me closer to the inevitable.
While Jill’s mouth and tongue were all over my manhood, I played with Beth’s tits and nipples.
The real action, however, was further down.
Sarah, always ready to play, had her fingers, all of them, in Beth’s pussy, and Beth was letting us all know how good it felt.
When it became Beth’s turn again, she was much more active with her mouth and tongue and hands.
Jill squeezed Beth’s tits and pulled on her nipples and Sarah continued with her fingers in Beth’s wet hole, while Beth continued with her improving sucking abilities.
Beth moaned as she took more and more of my shaft in her mouth.
I watched all three ladies.
Sarah and Jill working on Beth’s body, and Beth writhing in pleasure as she sucked my cock.
I was ready to explode, but no one had said whether part of the lesson was to have Beth swallow.
I made it clear to all three that I could not hold back anymore.
At the last second, Beth pulled my cock out of her mouth and arched her head back.
Just as she did, I shot my gooey load.
Beth did not learn how to swallow at her first blow job that night, but she did get to experience her first facial.
At first, she didn’t realize what had happened.
Then it became clear to her that she had cum on her face and tits and on her hands and arms.
All three ladies broke out in laughter.
Beth didn’t know what to do with it all, and just stared at the cum running down her boobs.
Sarah was good at many things, one of which was getting me to cum a second time.
While Jill helped Beth to clean up, Sarah worked on my shaft until I was semi hard again.
The three ladies returned to taking turns licking and sucking my shaft, until Sarah removed her shorts and panties, and climbed on my lap, burying my rod in her cunt.
Jill and Beth watched as Sarah went to town on me.
There were shouts of encouragement.
”Fuck him! Fuck him!” shouted Jill and Beth.
Sarah had me ready to cum in a few minutes.
When I told her I was ready, she reached one hand behind her and pulled my cock out of her pussy.
She stroked it against her ass cheek until I shot spurt after spurt of cum into the air and onto the carpet.
Beth just watched.
Jill tried to catch some in her hands.
Sarah returned my cock to her slit.
While I was still hard, she got herself off before sliding off onto the couch.
We all sat there for a few minutes.
Jill and Beth started to get dressed.
“Wait a minute,” said Sarah.
“He’s not done yet.
He can get hard again.
“Who’s next?”



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