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Latest stories Straight Sex A Month with Elias Part 1

‘BRING BRING!’ I wake to the sound of my alarm clock sending a ringing sound through my ears.
Looking at the time I realize I’m late for work.
“Shit!” I run and jump in the shower, my student will be here any second for his training session.
As a personal trainer I have many visits from my students and then we normally train at my house or in my garden as I have all the equipment I need.
I take a deep breath turning the shower onto cold to wake myself up quicker.
I quickly wash my body and my hair and then get out as fast as I can before he arrives, just then there’s a knock at my door.
I run down the stairs as fast as I can, jumping steps on my way down, I fling open the door and its Elias.
“Erm, hi.
I’m here for my training day?” It was his first day with me and I’d never seen him before.
He’d come down for 2 months from Australia and wanted to train while he was down here, I was assigned him because I was the only one available the whole month, Boy was I happy! “Hi, Yeah come on in” I said stumbling on my own words.
He was toned enough already without training even more.
His olive skin glistened in the sun and as he looked up from his sunglasses with his brown eyes my heart did a backflip.
His face, his hair, his body, he was perfect.
Head to toe.
He wore a loose nike vest that occasionally his nipple would pop out of and Basketball shorts which complimented his bum perfectly.
“Are you sure your ready?” He smirked.
Realizing I was still in my towel as I’d just got out of the shower, I quickly covered my body with the door.
“I’m so sorry! I was running late.
” Hesitating, he smiled and began to laugh.
“That’s fine.
” I quickly offered him to come in and he sat on my sofa.
I ran upstairs to get changed into my workout clothing which was less than flattering.
Coming back downstairs I saw he was already using the treadmill, I stood in the door way for a minute and just watched him running.
“Your perfect,” I whispered.
He quickly spun around and jumped off the treadmill.
“Wow, I’m impressed,” he said.
“About what?” “You.
I’m glad you got picked to be my trainer.
”  I swallowed the excitement that filled my body thinking about how I’d get to see him every day for a whole month and see him getting hot and sweaty.
“Well don’t think I’m going easy on you, get back on that treadmill,” I ordered.
Without hesitating he jumped back on and put it to full speed.
I tied my wet hair into a messy bun and sat stretched while he ran on the treadmill and caught him out the corner of my eye looking at my curves while I did the usual downward dog.
  “Slacker,” I cough.
“Its nice outside, wanna workout in your garden?” he asks.
”  I step back and watch his perfect body walk through my patio doors onto the freshly cut grass outside.
“Mmmm,” I mutter, checking out his perfectly muscular back and the best bum iv seen on a man in a while, Not realising he heard me I was soon to learn he did.
“I’m just gonna fetch some water,” I stumble on my own words.
He just turns and smiles.
“Okay beautiful.
” Walking through my front room into my kitchen sexual thoughts fill my head.
I run the tap and get a glass from the cupboard.
Placing my hands on the counter I bow my head down and try to shift the thoughts from my head.
Online Now! Lush Cams Liam_Cossio Just then I feel 2 hands on either side of my waist and the pressure of a body against the back of mine.
I try to speak but he grabs my mouth with his palm to shut me up.
“Don’t say another word,” he whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.
He presses his crotch against my ass and I feel his manhood rub against my peachy butt cheek.
All I can do is groan in anticipation.
He kisses my neck and slowly slides my sports bra over my head exposing my breasts, Taking one hand and pulling my wet hair free from my bun and squeezing my breast with the other.
I tip my head back and rest it on his shoulder, my hair leaving a wet patch on his skin.
He moves his hands down over my toned stomach and pushes a hand into my shorts teasing me with his touch.
A finger slides into the middle of my pussy lips and coats them in my juices, taking his hand back out of my shorts he places his finger in his mouth and licks the wetness from them.
I hear him groan in my ear as he whispers to me once again, “You taste so good.
” Shoving his left hand into the cold running water and holding it above my breast letting the freezing cold droplets of water run down over my nipple.
He presses his now semi hard cock into my ass and grinds at the back of me, Getting me wetter.
He turns me round and shoves me onto my knees, pulling his erection from his trousers and ramming it into the back of my throat.
I gag at the size of his hard on in my mouth, pushing into my tonsils sending chills down my spine.
I lick the head of his cock and bob my mouth up and down on it, gently letting my teeth graze over the length.
I taste his pre-cum on my tongue and he tastes so sweet.
He grabs a handful of my wet hair almost as if ringing it out pulling my head back so my throat opens up for the head of his cock.
I stand up and pull off my shorts to reveal my sopping wet pussy to him.
He tilts his head and smiles a cheeky grin.
Picking me up and placing me onto the kitchen counter, knocking off plates and glasses in our frantic sexual state.
I lay back, pushing his head in between my thighs, guiding his tongue over my clit.
He bites and sucks at it and I feel his teeth graze it which sends my groans into overdrive.
He teases me with his tongue before lifting me up off the counter, wrapping my legs around him he takes a hand and guides the head of his cock into my tight hole.
I scream in pleasure and I see his eyes roll back in his head.
He takes a firm grip of my ass, sliding his hard cock in and out of my pussy, slamming me down onto it hard.
He takes a nipple in his teeth and bites down hard sending me closer to my orgasm while I bite at his neck.
“Ahh,” I hear him moan out in ecstasy.
Slowing down the pace I feel his penis throb inside me and a warm sensation fills my pussy.
“Ah fuck!” he shouts out, “I cum!” “I know baby I feel it.
” He’s so warm inside of me and I never want him to leave.
He walks from the kitchen into the front room and lays me down on the sofa still inside of me.
“Your turn to cum,” he smiles and begins to fuck me again.
******************** This is the first chapter so thanks for reading 🙂 I really hope you enjoy! Thought I’d leave it on a cliffhanger :p xx



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