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Half awake, desire slowly infuses my soul, the realisation of your warm nakedness nestled into me drives the urge.
My cock, stirring feels the heat of your ass, the smoothness of your skin, as I slowly harden and awaken.
Desire turns to need as the realisation of you fills me.
I draw closer as I start the slow seduction of your desire.
I kiss the back of your neck, softly, almost invisibly and your breathing alters, I watch in the dark as your body arouses slowly.
More kisses to your neck, behind your ear, and you moan as without realising it, your back arches almost imperceptively as my cock gets embraced in increasing sensual pressure by your gorgeous ass.
I feel the ache of emerging desire light your nerves into responsive awareness I need more, my tongue needs to taste your skin, as I bite your neck, just a little too hard, and you moan in response, your body pressing noticeably deeper into mine.
I tell you how I need to fuck you, how I need to come inside you, how I need the fluttering walls of your cunt in orgasm to fulfil my desire.
How I need you to own me in orgasm.
As I tell you, I realise you have awakened, that your wet cunt desires me as much as I desire you.
I reach around and find a nipple tenderly, its response instant and erotic, as the bud hardens against my palm.
I need more and I cannot resist as I pinch firmly, feeling a shudder work through your torso into the greedy need of my desire.
Your moan draws my attention to my hard cock, my bursting desire.
  I realise how hard I am and drag the sensitive tip of my cock through the wet, hot folds of your desire, until I lie throbbing against the burning heat of your clit.
This feels orgasmic in itself, but not enough, not tonight.
 I grab your wrist forcing your hand onto your clitoris, as I arch my hips to bring the tip of my cock to your entrance.
Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm I feel your desire attempt to draw me in as your body responds to my need.
I need to fuck you hard, I need you to know this, as you slowly arouse yourself as you know best, as your hand quickens, and you approach the plateau of an emerging orgasm, I plunge hard into your dripping bliss, and I feel the spasm of your first orgasm erupt and subside as we delve into animalistic, hard, urgent fucking.
There is no mind, just overbearing wild carnal pleasure of our culminating love as your scream joins my low groan as we approach the deliciously agonizing zen of a shattering, explosive shared delirious, unthinking, beautiful orgasm.
The wet strokes of your fingers, erupting fresh tremors of your responsive swollen flesh around me, over my sensitive cock as I realise I am at the point of no return.
You begin the milking rhythm of an unbearably intense orgasm into me, over me, through me, as I begin to erupt into you in response.
The sounds of our carnal voices filling our space, our minds our passion, as we collapse spent into each other.
I slowly and forcibly draw your hand embracing your cunt to my lips to indulge in the fragrance and taste of our orgasm, and feel the warmth of your body smiling in response as we slip into mutual soft submergence of dreaming, of us.



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