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  The year was 1991… A few cirrus clouds swirled like strokes of an artist’s brush across the blue desert sky.
Even in the midst of desperation, with all hope having vanished, one can still see the beauty in their surroundings.
Sometimes it’s necessary to mask the ugliness.
Sometimes it might be the last thing ever seen.
Hot burning sand stuck to his face.
Of course it would, they had just tossed him in a hole and shoveled sand until he was buried up to his chin.
The sand burned his eyes, it was even in his mouth, gritting against his teeth.
Breathing was a struggle.
Without any room for his chest to expand, he couldn’t fill his lungs with air.
And panic — aching, desperate panic, always makes the suffering worse.
When one’s eyes are at ground level they can’t see very far.
But he could see the dozen or so men wearing tailored business suits, who had brought him out there.
Hogtied and gagged with a bag over his head, they’d put him in the trunk of a car.
It had to be one of the three dusty identical black Lincoln-Continentals he could see parked nearby.
They had pulled him out of the trunk and shoved him in a freshly dug hole.
Two very large brutes had shoveled the sand around him before walking back to the car to put their suit jackets on.
Straining, he could just turn his neck enough to see a green canvas tarp a few feet to his right.
What the hell is under that tarp? Listening intently for his rescuers, he hoped to hear a police siren.
Surely they’d be here at any minute.
They must be coming in a helicopter.
He raised his eyes toward the sky.
The men were all talking and laughing.
Fucking assholes!  A brown lizard scampered up to him, stopping only inches in front of his face to inspect him.
He attempted to blow at it to make it go away.
The lizard crept even closer.
  “Go away!” Amused, the brutish men all began to laugh at him.
  “Maybe that little reptile will eat his eyes out?” one bellowed.
Again he looked to the sky as best he could, searching for help.
Where the fuck are they?   *************************   The Arrival The Las Vegas airport seemed more like the shopping mall of a midsized town.
It was surprisingly small.
However, the slot machines scattered about everywhere gave it that Vegas charm.
Where else could you find legalized gambling at an airport? Justin Story had been looking forward to this trip to Vegas.
Washington, D.
was boring.
Sure, it was the center of political power, but it was so mundane after living in New York City – the Big Apple.
The great nightlife, restaurants, parties, the beautiful women who’d converged there from all over the world.
Now that was New York City.
It was truly “the city that never sleeps”, and he’d loved it.
New York is where he’d made a name for himself.
His list of journalistic awards had grown so long, he couldn’t remember them all.
He was Justin Story, the star reporter for The Continental Post, America’s number one national newspaper.
He’d uncovered more scandals than anyone could name, exposing government corruption that had brought down senators, congressmen, and titans of industry.
Sure, Justin Story was a name he’d created, but it had become more than that.
It had become a household name in America.
His image was a bigger than life persona.
It was who he had become, and where else but in America’s cultural capital should he be? New York, not Washington.
  He hadn’t held back his disappointment when the publisher moved the paper to Washington.
Sure it is the nation’s capital, but outside the glitz of power, the politics, it is a hot and humid hell hole.
Washington is neither artistic nor is it creative, unless the creation is corruption.
Besides being a stagnant hole, there was very little exciting nightlife.
So Story had jumped on the opportunity to get out of town and cover a story in Las Vegas, America’s Sin City.
  Las Vegas, much like New York City, is twenty-four hours of action.
Casinos, parties, strip clubs, beautiful hookers, the Mob; yes, a lot like New York City but a lot smaller.
Corruption in Las Vegas? What is new about that? The Mafia built the place.
It was crawling with Costa Nostra.
But rigged casino gambling, money laundering, government payoffs, prostitution, and possible white slavery that went beyond just the Mob? With the probability of connections to Hollywood movie stars, CEOs of mega-corporations, US Senators and possibly the state gambling commission, now that was a story.
Yes, a story that could set the nation on its head.
A story that only Justin Story could uncover.
Stopping at the baggage carousel, Justin saw his brown leather case.
He never packed a lot, not much in clothes anyhow.
The aging piece of leather luggage had seen its better days but it was still quite functional and that’s all that mattered to Story.
“Story?” A tall skinny black guy in his late twenties, sporting an ill fitting, off the rack, gray suit, stood staring at him.
“Are you Justin Story?” “That’s me.
” “I’m Detective Simms with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.
” He opened his wallet to show him his badge.
The young detective nervously looked over his shoulder and tugged at his arm.
“Come with me.
” Story followed the lanky black detective through the doors, across a wide sidewalk to a waiting blue Ford Crown Victoria with plain hubcaps.
I can’t believe it, the typical detective police car.
Anyone anywhere would recognize that immediately.
I hope we’re not being followed.
Quickly shoving Story into the backseat, the young detective ran around the front of the car and hopped into the front passenger seat.
Right away, Story noticed the middle aged, balding man sitting behind the steering wheel.
Like Detective Simms, he also wore a cheap suit.
For a second they locked eyes in the rear view mirror, then the car peeled away from the curb and sped off.
“Story, huh?” The balding man grunted.
“Finally, I meet you in person.
” Again he eyed Story in the rearview mirror.
  “You must be Lieutenant Hubert Stowe,” Story said while lighting a cigarette.
“You can call me Hubie.
” “Call me Justin.
” “Alright, Justin.
We gotta go over a few things.
” “Sure, of course.
” “So, you told me on the phone that you’ve got experience wearing a wire.
” “Yeah, several times.
” “Simms…” The Lieutenant nodded his head.
Detective Simms passed a wired mini-microphone and roll of tape across the back of his seat to Story.
“Wear that at all times,” Stowe instructed.
“We need everything we can get on these guys.
I mean, hell, you’re getting the story and we’re getting something we can take to the FBI.
We sure as hell can’t take it to our guys, the Staties, and especially not the gaming commission.
” “You can’t trust any of them?” “Hell, no!” The Lieutenant cleared his throat.
“They’re all on the take.
It’s up to you to get the goods on this place.
” These guys are crazy as shit if they think I’ll wear that fuckin’ wire all the time.
“So you told me on the phone, the gambling is rigged, they’re paying off officials, all the women there are prostitutes — maybe even sex slaves held against their will.
” “Yeah, that’s my take anyhow.
They got some kind of hold on those chicks.
Goddamn, those bevies are all gorgeous.
It looks like they are whoring out the Miss America pageant in there.
I mean goddammed goddesses.
” “It’s a casino, hotel, strip club, brothel, all under one roof.
And we gotta prove it.
” Lieutenant Stowe scratched his chin.
“This place has been untouchable since it opened in the mid-1950s.
Even the fucking Mob leaves them alone.
” Story shook his head as he stuffed the microphone components into his bag.
“Let me get this straight — you’re saying whoever runs this place isn’t Cosa Nostra?” “That’s right, even the fucking mobsters leave them alone.
I mean they fucking won’t go near the place.
” Stowe grunted, “Hey, are you going to offer me a goddamn cigarette or not?” “Sorry ‘bout that.
” Story pulled the cigarette pack from his jacket pocket and offered it over the seat back to both detectives.
Stowe took a cigarette and popped the dash board lighter.
Detective Simms waved the offer off and glared out the side window.
Finally taking a long draw off the cigarette and exhaling, Stowe said, “Damn, I love these things.
I’m supposed to be quit.
The old lady nagged for years and I finally quit just to shut her up.
” “So, are you guys going to keep me under surveillance or what?” Story asked.
“As much as we can,” Lieutenant Stowe answered.
“You got the room taken care of and all, right?” “Yeah, the paper sprung for one of the better rooms to make me seem more authentic.
I’m using the name, Anthony Donatello.
” “Good, you need them to think you’re a serious player — a high roller from the East Coast.
After you check in, get a massage or something, eat in their roof level restaurant.
It’s very posh, I understand.
Then enjoy some of their strippers.
One of ‘em or a hostess chick will probably latch onto you.
She’ll escort you to the casino.
” “Okay.
” “They’ll probably let you win big at first.
Then the chick will go with you to your room.
Be damn careful she doesn’t see that wire.
But get it all.
After she fucks your brains out, make sure you get her to say how much you’re paying her.
” “Perks of the job,” Story grinned.
Pussy? Undercover? Now we’re talkin’.
“Then meet us at Rick’s Diner on The Strip tomorrow morning.
” “Not too early, I hope.
”  Lieutenant Stowe chuckled.
“Yeah, okay.
Make it noon, and it will be breakfast for you.
Us too, we’ll be up most the night.
Simms here will be stalking you in the casino.
Hell, I might even let him keep an eye on you in the strip club.
I think he likes looking at titties.
” Showing no expression at all, Simms stared out the side window.
Stowe slowed the car and pulled up to the curb.
“Here’s your stop.
” “But we’re back at the airport?” “Yeah, for sure.
Hail a cab from here.
We gotta keep the suspicion down.
” “Tomorrow at noon.
Rick’s Diner.
” “I got it.
” Stowe grabbed his bag and exited the car.
In the phone booth across the street, a large man in a gray suit with his back turned, chatted away on the phone.
“Just like you said, Boss.
They must’ve driven around and they’re back.
” Story waved down a cab and hopped into the back seat with his bag.
“Where to?” asked the cabbie.
Story eased back in the seat.
“The Devil’s Harem Casino.
” The cabbie sped off toward the city.
Story gazed out the cab window at the barren, brown mountains that surrounded the enormous, flat desert valley that held Las Vegas.
He felt excited.
Goddamn, I like doing undercover for stories.
The cab turned onto Las Vegas Boulevard South, the Strip as it’s known.
It was easily one hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside, yet tourists were crowded onto the sidewalks.
They made their way up the Strip, past Caesar’s Palace.
Story was surprised when the cabbie turned off the Strip and went down what looked like an alley.
This can’t be right.
  The alley opened up into a luxurious courtyard.
The circular driveway was paved with marble.
A large centerpiece sported a remarkable remake of Michaelangelo’s David, only with an extraordinarily large phallus.
The cabbie stopped in front of the Art Deco entranceway and looked back toward Story.
“This is it.
” Story handed him a ten dollar bill.
“Does a sawbuck cover it?” “Yep.
” “Keep the change then.
” Story scooped up his bag as he slid out of the backseat.
    The Devil’s Harem Looking up, he counted thirteen stories to the building.
Hell, that’s damn unlucky.
A doorman that looked to be Native-American wearing a red suit and sporting a long ponytail, opened the heavy glass door and greeted him.
“Welcome to The Devil’s Harem.
” Something eerie about the doorman’s grin made Story feel uncomfortable.
In fact, as he stepped into the circular foyer, it felt like the hair on the back of his neck had stood up.
A whiff of cold air wisped by him, and as he was walking through the foyer, he thought he caught some kind of almost subliminal image.
Looking up, Story saw a huge, extremely ornate chandelier.
He looked around on all sides and the entire wall was mirrored.
  It was when Story looked down at his feet that he began to notice a barely darker shade of marble tile on the floor.
From studying it he thought he noticed something.
Finally, he saw it.
A pentagram pattern that covered the entire floor was formed by slightly darker tiles that were almost unnoticeable.
That’s funny – how appropriate – The Devil’s Harem.
The door at the other end of the foyer opened automatically as he stepped closer.
A very young and beautiful Asian woman in a short, red skirted business suit greeted him.
“Welcome to The Devil’s Harem, Mr.
” Dumbfounded, Story suddenly stopped.
“How did you know–“ “Your name?” she interrupted and smiled.
“You made a reservation didn’t you?” “Well, yes.
” “Good,” she said, “we were expecting you.
” Gesturing to the front desk, she continued, “He’ll check you in.
” Behind the desk, a clean cut young blonde man, also wearing a red business suit smiled at him.
“Ah, Mr.
” “Yes.
” “That’s not all your luggage is it?” The front desk agent’s smile seemed outrageously wide and somewhat disingenuous.
“This is it.
” The clerk snapped his fingers and a bellhop, a very short, older man, in a red suit like the others, came scurrying around the corner with a pronounced limp.
The bellhop, also a hunchback, sported an eerily wide smile just as the front desk clerk had and just as disingenuous.
The bellhop reached for Story’s bag.
  “Oh, I can carry my own bag.
” But the bellhop grabbed at it anyway.
“Please, Mr.
Donatello,” the desk agent chimed in.
“We do not allow guests to carry their own bags here at The Devil’s Harem.
” Then the agent again broke into his eerie wide grin.
The bellhop jerked Story’s bag out of his grasp and smiled.
Staring at the strange bellhop, Story suddenly heard the desk agent.
“Sir, your room key.
You’ll be on the sixth floor.
” The agent then handed the key across the desk to the bellhop who took it and looked at Story.
  “I’ll let you into your room, Mr.
” Again, the eerie smile spread across the bellhop’s face.
  “Be my guest,” replied Story.
It soon seemed to him as if the weird front desk experience had been made even stranger by the lights of the lobby becoming noticeably dimmer while he stood there.
  Story followed the bellhop to the elevator and to his astonishment, the elevator doors opened without the button being pushed, as if expecting them.
Then to further his astonishment, the sixth-floor button lit up without even being touched.
The bellhop stood facing Story, exhibiting his bizarre smile as the elevator rose.
The bellhop’s strange gaze never broke from Story as the elevator began its ascent.
He felt relieved when it arrived at the sixth floor and a bell dinged.
The doors opened and the bellhop stepped out, leading Story down the long hall of room doorways.
The carpet was the same shade of red as the employees’ suits.
The strange atmosphere of the place got even more bizarre as the hallway was decorated with large and very ornately framed reproductions of William Blake’s infamous Satan paintings.
The bellhop hobbled slowly down the corridor then stopped at room 666 and unlocked the door, gesturing Story to enter.
‘Fucking 666,’ thought Story, ‘really, this is too goddamned weird.
’ Immediately, he was aghast at the room’s appearance.
While very clean and the furniture looked to be very expensive, the red velvet walls, red carpet, red drapes, and red bed spread seemed a bit overdone.
The entire wall at the head of the bed was a floor to ceiling mirror and a large mirror graced the ceiling above the bed.
Just as he had asked for, the room had a king size bed.
The bellhop placed Story’s bag on the luggage rack then stepped over to the window and opened the curtain.
“Will that be all, sir?” Story pulled his wallet out and handed the bellhop a five dollar bill.
  Sharply snapping the bill, the bellhop stuffed it into his pocket.
“Thank you.
” He turned and hobbled toward the door then turned back toward Story.
Donatello, sir.
” The man’s strange grin reappeared.
“Yes?” “The casino, Lucifer’s Wager, is on the fourth floor.
The Demon Belles Nude Review, the strippers, are on the third floor.
Massages are offered on the second floor, and there is a very upscale restaurant on the roof, Satan’s Feast.
” “Thanks.
” “No, Mr.
Donatello, thank you.
Thank you.
” The bellhop turned and left.
  That sure was strange.
Story shook his head.
And this fucking room is just bizarre.
Easing over to the window, Story drew the curtains open and peered out.
The lights from Caesar’s Palace shined across the roof of the building that separated The Devil’s Harem from The Strip.
I wish I was staying over there tonight.
Finding himself quite hungry, Story soon took the elevator to the Satan’s Feast on the roof.
Thanks to his American Express undercover account provided by The Continental Post, Story ordered the filet mignon with lobster tail.
Despite his usual pickiness with food, both the filet mignon and the lobster tail were the best he’d ever tasted.
Afterward, he realized the heavy dinner had made him sleepy, so he went back to Room 666 for a short nap.
  Upon awaking it was 10:25 pm.
Very early by Vegas standards.
Story got up, brushed his teeth, showered and put his suit on.
Time to visit the Demon Belles.
He snickered.
Titties and ass.
  The Demon Belles Nude Review He could hear the thump of the music as he neared.
Upon entering through a haze of thick cigarette smoke, he recognized the tune the DJ was playing, INXS’s ‘The Devil Inside’.
How appropriately timed is that? Three girls who could’ve easily been Playboy centerfolds danced on the main stage of the club just under an enormous rotating, chrome disco ball.
As they gyrated, their body’s glimmered with a sheen of sweat, showing off their perfect femininely muscle toned bodies.
  Glancing to his left, Story found himself in disbelief at what he saw.
On what he expected to be a side dance stage was a stage set up like a huge bed.
On it, at least a dozen naked young ladies were engaged in full on, for real, lesbian sex.
What the hell? It was minutes before he could pull his attention away from that site, then he looked to his right to see what awaited him there.
Story found himself amazed yet again, as several men in red body paint, wearing horned devil’s masks, were fucking women in various positions.
He strolled ever closer to make sure what he saw was authentic.
It was.
He closed in on that bedded stage on the right.
On stage, plowing a gorgeous blonde doggystyle, one of the devilish men stuck his unrealistically long tongue out and wiggled it provocatively at Story.
Fucking freak! Live sex shows? Surely that isn’t legal in Nevada? “Have a seat and let me get your drink order?”  Story nodded at the topless waitress that had just addressed him.
She motioned to a table.
The waitress was just as gorgeous as the dancers on stage.
“What will you have?” “Oh, give me a gin and tonic on the rocks.
Hell, make it a double.
” As she turned toward the bar, he noticed the Devil’s tail attached to her skin tight red spandex leggings.
They really do take this Devil’s thing too far.
Story eyed the dancers on the main stage.
“Your double gin and tonic, sir.
” She sat the drink on the table.
Story reached for his wallet.
“So let me pay-” “Not necessary, Mr.
Donatello, Room 666, it’s on your room tab.
” How do they all know my name and room number? This is just a little eerie.
“And the tip?” “Gratuity added,” she smiled and turned.
Pulling a cigarette out, he lit it and took a long drag before sipping his gin and tonic.
Story decided he would sit back to enjoy the stage show and wait to be approached.
That was when he caught a glimpse of Detective Simms sitting at the bar.
Sitting slightly hunched over with his elbows on the bar, Simms looked back over his shoulder at Story.
Their eyes met for a second, then Simms hoisted a beer to his lips and looked back over at the dancers on the stage.
He’s in that same cheap suit he was wearing earlier.
So obvious he’s a detective.
These Vegas cops could really work on their undercover skills.
Donatello?” “Yes.
” Standing by his chair was a beautiful young woman with long stylish, strawberry blonde hair.
Quickly, he turned in his chair to directly face her.
Her dress looped well below her tits, giving him a top to bottom view of her ample cleavage.
“May I join you?” “You may indeed.
” He stood up to pull a chair out for her.
“Why, thank you — a gentleman.
” “I try.
” His eyes explored her features.
She was stunningly gorgeous, early twenties, with perfectly smooth skin.
Like the other women he had seen, she could’ve passed for a Miss America contestant.
“Are you a dancer?” Having noticed she was wearing an evening dress instead of stripper attire, he thought he’d ask that question anyhow just to study her response.
  “I can do that if you wish?” “Oh?” “I’m your host for the evening.
I can dance in here for you.
I can accompany you to the casino,” she smiled seductively, “I’m here for whatever you need.
” Her light blue eyes melted into his.
Well, just like Stowe had said.
“Oh, uh, um.
” Story was surprised when he stammered.
He had always prided himself at being prepared for anything.
But a girl this beautiful, making the offer he thought she was making had truly caught him off guard.
“Your name?” “Oh, silly of me not to have told you already.
” She stared deeply into his eyes as she whispered just loud enough to be heard over the music, “Lilith.
” “Lilith? Um – yes, Lilith,” Story stuttered.
“Lilith is a beautiful name.
” And quite appropriate.
“Anthony, right?” Story just stared at her.
“Your first name? You are registered as Anthony Donatello, aren’t you?” “Oh, yes — yes, I am.
” For a second he’d forgotten his undercover name.
  “I mean it is Vegas, some people don’t register under their real names,” she said, cornering her eyes at him.
“Oh, no, I wouldn’t do that.
I – I’m Anthony Dona – Donatello, alright.
” He was visibly nervous.
“Why of course you are,” Lilith threw him a discernibly knowing smile.
“Why would you say otherwise?” She sat back in her chair.
“Anthony, may I bum a cigarette?” “Su- sure.
” Story fumbled at the package in his breast pocket and finally brought the pack out.
Lilith took a cigarette, placing it to her lips as Story pulled out his lighter.
She took a long drag and exhaled the smoke in his direction.
“I think you’re ready to do some gambling.
Am I right?” “Yeah, yes, that, you’re right,” Story choked out.
“Let’s do the casino?”   Lucifer’s Wager With Lilith at his side, Story had done much better than expected at Faro and Blackjack.
Up $2,500 from the original $1,000 in chips he’d purchased, he was feeling quite confident.
  Other than the Satanic neon signs and artwork, the casino seems on the up and up.
Only the live sex show in the strip club seems to be breaking any laws.
Grinning at Lilith, he gestured toward the roulette tables.
“I’ve never played roulette but have always thought it looked cool in the movies.
” “C’mon then, let’s see how your luck holds out.
” Lilith took him by the arm as they strolled toward the roulette tables.
I’m beginning to think those detectives have me on a wild goose chase.
I need to figure out an angle for a story somehow.
There was a moderate crowd in the casino but it bubbled with excitement.
Lilith led Story to a table with only a couple of players.
“How much?” “Ummm, I’ll put down a couple of c-notes.
” “Aw c’mon, Anthony,” urged Lilith, “you just cleaned up at Blackjack.
” “Well, five Benjamins then.
” Story’s jaw jutted out as he grinned, his confidence beaming.
“Don’t be a pussy, Anthony.
” Lilith grinned as her eyes sparkled with mischievousness.
“A pussy?” His jaw dropped in surprise.
“Okay, okay, a full grand.
How’s that?” Staring at her with a big grin, he took out the cash and tossed it on the table.
She smiled and rubbed her hand along his forearm.
“That’s more like it.
” “What number, hmmm…” Story scratched his chin while mumbling.
“Try thirty-three.
” She looked at him for a response.
“Any particular reason?” Still smiling mischievously at him, Lilith quickly looked toward the table, pulling her lower lip over her teeth and shook her head then cornered her eyes back at him.
“Sounds great to me.
” Looking at the dealer Story pushed his chips forward.
“A grand on thirty-three.
” “The man in the gray suit says a grand on thirty-three, what’ll it be?” spouted the dealer.
The ball rolled onto the spinning roulette wheel.
It rolled and rolled and bounded onto twenty-four.
“Twenty-four!” shouted the dealer, scooping the chips into the house’s pile.
“Oh, man,” Story’s shoulders drooped.
“That sucked.
” “Try it again,” urged Lilith.
“Yeah sure, you work here,” Story answered.
“No, don’t quit.
Same number, I think thirty-three is lucky.
” “A grand?” “Be a man, Anthony.
” He looked to the dealer less confident than before.
“A grand on thirty-three.
” “The man won’t stop, will it be deja-vu?” The dealer grinned.
The wheel started and the ball dropped.
Spinning and spinning, this time it seemed like it went on and on to Story.
The ball dropped.
  “Thirty-three!” shouted the dealer.
Online Now! Lush Cams NezukoJapan “A winner!” “Wow!” Story grinned in disbelief as the chips were pushed to him.
“C’mon, Anthony, play again,” Lilith clutched his arm while she rubbed his back with her hand.
“Thirty-three,” she urged again, “and put everything on it.
All of it.
” “Aw, no way.
” He shook his head.
“No way it’ll drop on thirty-three again.
” “C’mon – don’t be a pussy,” she drew it out.
Gazing into his eyes, her tongue teased through her lips, beckoning him.
Sweat beaded up on Story’s forehead.
Hell, it’s the magazine’s money anyhow.
“Alright – Alright! I’ll, hmmm, just do fifty-five hundred on thirty-three.
” His voice trailed off.
“The man says fifty-five hundred.
We’ve got a big one, can we reel him in?” The dealer shouted as a crowd of onlookers had built around them.
“Thirty-three?” The dealer looked to Story.
Story nodded.
His expression had turned serious and he nervously exhaled.
The wheel started and the ball dropped.
It rolled and rolled and finally bounced and stopped.
“Oh, my!” shouted the dealer.
“Thirty-three!” “Oh damn! One-hundred and ninety-eight grand!” Story shoved his arms into the air triumphantly.
“You’re a winner, Anthony,” Lilith gave him a hug and quick kiss on the lips.
“What do you want to play now?” “I’ll hold,” Story nodded his head, “I’ve got another night.
I guess I should turn in my chips.
” “C’mon, then,” she said nudging him with her shoulder.
Escorting Story to the bank cage, Lilith held tightly to his arm.
She softly stroked his back as he slid his chips through the window.
Stone faced, two cashiers routinely counted them out.
Donatello, Room 666, right?” one cashier asked as he wrote out the receipt.
Damn, how do they all know that? “Yes, that’s right.
” Story turned and smiled at Lilith.
“You can cash this in for as many chips as you wish later, Mr.
Donatello and don’t forget before you check out, to bring your final receipt if the house still owes you anything, and we’ll write you a check.
” “Oh, I’ll be getting a check?” “Sure you will, of course, Mr.
” Stuffing the receipt into his pocket, Story turned to leave without looking up.
A hard bump almost knocked him to the floor.
He had collided with someone solid as a rock.
Quickly looking up, Story saw it was a tall, deeply tan man with long black hair pulled back into a pony tail, and wearing a very expensive gray silk suit.
As the man’s dark black eyes met his, Story was immediately intimidated by the menacing lack of emotion of his face.
“Oh, excuse me,” Story exclaimed, “I didn’t mean to bump into you.
” He recognized the man from the photos he had studied earlier.
“No problem, Mr.
None at all.
” The dark man’s deep crusty voice exuded an accent that Story couldn’t put a place to.
It’s getting fucking weird with everyone knowing my registered name here.
Hopefully, just great customer service, but geez.
Once outside the casino portion, Story turned to Lilith.
“Do you know that man?” “Oh, yes,” she nodded, “that’s Asmodeus.
He’s upper management.
” “Do you know who owns this place?” “Well, Anthony, we all assume that would be Mr.
Natas,” Lilith answered.
“Evidently, he’s back in town.
I saw him with Asmodeus earlier today.
” “Is Natas a guy with very even facial features, light blue eyes, um, maybe looks to be forty years old, usually impeccably dressed.
” “A pretty good description, yeah, and he’s extremely good looking, really a beautiful man.
” Lilith laughed.
“Why all this interest in him?” “Aw, nuthin, really,” shrugged Story, “I’m always curious, that’s all.
” “Well, I’m curious myself.
” Lilith smiled and drew her arm into his.
“Oh, you are? And about what?” “Whether you’d like me to come up to your room?” Story half smiled.
“Why not?”   Room 666 “You know, 666 is the number of the beast.
” Pressing the key into the door lock, Story paused, almost hesitant before he unlocked it and pushed it partially open.
“What beast is that?” Lilith whimsically asked.
“The beast is the Anti-Christ, a devil.
” Holding the door open, he allowed Lilith to enter the room first.
“Well, that’d be appropriate around here.
” “Oh, yeah.
Why’s that?” Story was intrigued.
“‘Cause what’s about to happen tonight is pure one-hundred percent sinful.
” Turning toward him and grabbing the front of his shirt, she pulled him to her.
Their lips met as they embraced.
Kicking the door closed with the stiletto heel of her shoe, Lilith grabbed Story by the crotch.
She led him, catwalking backward toward the bed, her hand softly clenching Story’s erect penis through his trousers.
The curtains to the room were mostly closed, allowing the room to be dimly lit by the many lighted signs that brightened the night sky over Vegas.
Story found himself mesmerized and hornier than he’d ever been.
Between the images he’d seen earlier in The Demon Belles and the beautiful creature that had him by the crotch, he just wanted sex, hard fucking sex.
Lilith stopped him just short of the bed and pulled his face t



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