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Latest stories Taboo Julie’s Naughty Idea – Part Three

After the evening with Eden, Gerry and I just flirted with each other in the house.
We didn’t have any more sex for about a month.
Eventually, I approached him and we had sex.
I’ll go over all the details of what happened.
** One night, after work my mother brought home one of her friends and presented the friend to Gerry for a gift.
She wanted her friend to have sex with my stepfather.
My stepfather seemed overjoyed that my mother wanted him to be with her.
He certainly didn’t turn it down.
My mother went inside to make drinks while her friend danced for Gerry and masturbated for him.
Gerry shouted out commands to her.
Eventually, she slipped into the hot tub and had sex with my stepfather.
I was jealous and a little intrigued so I sat and watched.
I peeked out of my shades and played with my pussy.
I rubbed my fingers all over my pussy lips and pushed my fingers into my cunt and fucked myself, while I watched.
My pussy was creamy when I pushed my fist into my cunt and I fucked myself to orgasm.
I screamed loudly and came all over my fist.
Except this time, Gerry wasn’t in my bedroom watching me.
I kept remembering how good it felt to have Gerry’s cock inside of me.
I was hoping that, after we’d had sex recently, that it wasn’t a fling.
I really liked him and enjoyed having sex with him.
I knew it was wrong, but until it was time to go to college, all I could think about was Gerry.
I got dressed and pulled up my panties and passed out.
I didn’t wake up until about three o’clock the next day.
When I woke, I was hornier then ever.
I pulled my panties down and played with my pussy.
I was still wet and creamy from the night before, when I’d masturbated watching my mother’s friend fuck my stepfather.
From my drawer, I pulled out a vibrator.
I took my nightgown off and sucked on the head of the vibrator and slid it deep inside of myself.
I fucked myself and lifted a breast into my mouth.
I sucked on my nipple while I fucked my pussy really hard with the vibrator.
“Fuck! I’m going to come.
” I had a huge orgasm on my bed.
I put my panties on and grabbed my robe.
I didn’t put my nightgown back on.
I walked downstairs to see what was going on.
When I got downstairs, Gerry was in the kitchen.
He looked dreamier then ever.
I was going to ask him to hang out with me after my mother left for work.
“Good afternoon.
How are you today?” “I’m really good.
How are you doing? I heard all the commotion out in the hot tub last night.
” “Your mom brought her friend Josephine home.
She’s a wild lady.
” “It appeared that way.
” “She’s not as naughty as you though.
I’ve missed you.
Your mom’s working tonight and staying over at your father’s again.
They have another morning meeting.
Do you want to hang out?” “I was going to ask you that.
Maybe we could play a game?” “Fuck, yes.
I like your games.
” “Will Eden be joining us?” “No!” “Okay.
” I loosened my robe and let my breasts fall out.
I was only in my panties.
My mother was upstairs, but I was aching to be with Gerry.
“Jesus! Your tits look amazing.
I have to feel them.
Your mom is upstairs taking a bath.
Come here!” I went over to Gerry and we shared a passionate kiss.
His hands were all over my breasts.
His fingers slipped into my panties and he rubbed my cunt right in the kitchen.
He felt how wet my pussy was.
Gerry removed my robe and put it on one of the kitchen chairs.
“Fuck, baby you’re soaking wet.
Sit on the counter and I’ll lick your pussy.
” “What if mom comes down?” “She’s in the bathtub soaking.
Don’t worry about it.
Let me taste your pussy.
I’m so hungry for you, kitten.
” “Okay.
I really want you, too.
” I sat up on the counter and Gerry took off my panties and put them into his pocket.
He looked at my creamy pussy and licked it like an ice cream cone.
He kissed my pussy lips and sucked on my clitoris.
I was grinding my cunt into his face and running my fingers through his hair.
My pussy was throbbing on his mouth.
“Jesus! Your tongue feels amazing.
Fuck!” I ground my pussy fast over his mouth.
I took the dish towel and bit on it while I screamed into it and had an orgasm on Gerry’s face.
Gerry swallowed my juices and bent down to suck on my nipples.
“I’ve got to fuck you now.
Bend over!” “What about my mother?” “She’s busy.
” “Okay.
” Gerry took off his shorts and I bent over.
He slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard.
His cock felt amazing in my wet cunt and he held my hips while he pushed deeper into me.
“I’m coming!” Gerry came inside of my pussy.
He took my panties out of his pocket and helped me back into them.
I felt his cum dripping out onto the cotton crotch of my panties.
He helped me put on my robe and re-tied it.
“You drive me absolutely crazy.
See you later.
” “Okay.
Thanks for the hot action.
” “My pleasure!” I giggled and went back upstairs to my room.
I felt very wanton after my sexy encounter with Gerry.
I went to take a shower.
Online Now! Lush Cams DesiredAlexis When I was finished, I dressed.
I had to go to the store to pick up some supplies for our evening together.
I threw on a dress and sandals and left to go to the store.
I drove to the market.
Once I got into the store, I saw Eden.
I didn’t want her to see me, because I wanted to be alone with my stepfather.
“Julie, so good to see you.
Haven’t seen you since the night at your house.
” “Hey! How are you doing?” “I’ve been thinking about your stepfather.
He’s a hot fuck.
We should all play together soon.
” “I’ll call you sometime.
Nice to see you.
” “Great.
Talk to you soon.
” Eden left and I went into the ice cream aisle.
I grabbed vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whip cream, and bananas.
I went to the checkout and paid.
I walked to my car and drove back to my house.
I was pretty excited to spend more time with my stepfather.
I put all the stuff away and went back into my room to get myself ready.
I grabbed the lingerie that I had bought the last time and put it on.
I did my make-up and fixed my hair and went downstairs.
“Gerry! Are you down here?” “I am sweetie.
Do you want some wine?” “Sure.
” “I have a little surprise for you first.
Give me a minute to get myself ready?” “Okay.
” “I grabbed all the supplies and met Gerry in the family room.
” “Jesus! You look amazing.
Come over here!” “I thought we could have a little fun.
How about a human sundae?” “What do you mean by that? “Sit down and enjoy the show!” I took off the lingerie and left my Jimmy Choo shoes on that he bought me last month.
I spread out a quilt on the floor.
I sprayed the whip cream all over my breasts.
I put two cherries on my tits and poured chocolate sauce all over my stomach and pussy.
I put the vanilla ice cream and sprinkles all over my body.
I sat up and lubed my banana with the peel and slid it into my pussy and fucked myself.
Gerry looked at me completely amazed.
He undressed himself and stroked his cock while I masturbated with the banana.
I fucked myself harder and faster with the banana.
I let out a loud scream and had an orgasm.
I peeled the banana and played with it, like I was giving it a blow job.
I did that a few times and slowly pushed the banana up my vagina.
It got very mushy inside of my cunt.
“Are you hungry?” “I’m very hungry.
You’re so fucking sexy.
” Gerry got on the floor and licked the whipped cream off my breasts and ate the cherries.
He ate the ice cream off my stomach and licked the sprinkles off me.
“I’m ready for that hot pussy with the banana in it.
” I giggled and Gerry licked my pussy.
The banana had gotten a bit mushy, but he used his long tongue to scoop out whatever didn’t get mushy and ate it.
His tongue drove me absolutely crazy and I had several orgasms.
“I’m coming!” “I love when you come.
” Gerry continued to lick my pussy and tried to get out all of the banana.
“I’ve got to fuck you.
” Gerry slid his cock into my pussy and we made love.
He kissed me passionately while he played with my enormous breasts.
My legs were at his side while he pushed in and out of my cunt.
“I love fucking you.
You’re amazing.
” “I’m coming! My orgasm made Gerry really excited.
He then pulled out of my vagina.
  “Get on your hands and knees!” I obeyed and Gerry got behind me, slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast.
He held onto my hips and pushed his cock in and out of my pussy.
He also put his pinky into my asshole.
I was enjoying the action up my asshole.
“Fuck! I’m coming.
” “I want to put the sweet stuff on your cock!” “Okay.
” I took the whip cream and sprayed it all over Gerry’s cock.
I put sprinkles all over the whip cream and squeezed the chocolate sauce over it.
I got on my knees and licked the creamy mess off his cock.
I licked his cock with all the delicious things on it.
I lightly squeezed his balls and wrapped my lips around his cock and gave him an incredible blow job.
I worked my mouth deeper and deeper down his shaft.
My mouth was stuffed with his cock.
I was making all kinds of wet, sucking noises.
My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth.
“Baby, you suck cock like a prostitute.
” “Fucking hell!” “Kiss me.
Come over here!” Gerry and I shared another kiss while we rolled around on the quilt on the floor.
It was an incredible evening and I’m pretty sure I completely turned my stepfather on.
“Julie, you’re hot as fuck! Where do you come up with these ideas?” “I have to think of things that will keep you interested.
Things that my mother would never do.
” “You have my undivided attention.
I love fucking you.
You’re a very hot girl and will drive all the guys crazy when you go to college.
” “I hope so.
We can always get together on the holidays when I come back home.
” “Honey, I’ll fuck you any time you want.
You’re a hot piece of ass.
” We both giggled and took a shower together.
Gerry slept in my room and we made love a few times during the night.
We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I did think that we’d get together with Eden one last time before I went to college.



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