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Who are you? We were on the bus on the way back from the first away game when someone finally said it.
It had been hanging in the tension filled air that completely bewildered the new members of the band.
“So who wants to play ‘Who are you?'” called an anonymous voice in the crowd and everyone sophomore year and up looked around with eager looks on their faces, me included.
We were under the cover of darkness, so the camera couldn’t see us.
The band directors were all in their own car, leaving each bus with only the bus driver, who couldn’t care less, and a drum major, who normally led the game and explained the rules.
The freshman continued to look bewildered as our drum major, Ella, kneeled on her seat to explain the rules.
“Okay!” her high, clear voice cut through the excited chatter, “So, here’s what the game is about! We split into two sides, girls on the left, boys on the right.
Each side takes turn being blindfolded, and the opposite side chooses someone to go ‘take their turn’ with the blindfolded person.
” “So here are the rules.
Rule number one: you can’t tell them any hints, no talking at all.
The only person who can tell them anything is the person who will say what the person who is being guessed about will not allow, no more, no less.
Rule number two: you cannot go against what conditions are set, and if you do, you face disqualification.
Rule number three: you can’t force someone to play.
Rule number four: you get three guesses, and three guesses only.
And finally, rule number five is that you cannot tell anyone what happens who isn’t in band.
No parents, friends, family members, anybody.
Doing so will result in.
” She smiled slyly at this and gave Gunner a look full of meaning, which made him take his belt off and snap the leather together.
I licked my lips as we quickly rearranged ourselves.
Once we got to our new spots, we all started stripping down to our underwear.
Our band was in pretty good shape, and we all changed around each other, so we had nothing to hide.
I was unzipping the uniform tops around me on the band members, as were the rest of the color guard, since we just had to remove a shirt and pants.
All the girls continued and removed the bands from their hair to let it flow freely.
Some freshman looked terrified at what was going on, but were joining in the strip show as the removed their clothes.
I kept unzipping the tops, walking up the aisle to help, people turning their backs towards me for the zippers to be pulled down.
It was always an unspoken rule really.
Nobody wanted the other team to have an advantage with the uniform or level of undress, so we all got down to our underwear, bras and panties for girls, boxers/briefs for the guys.
Pretty basic.
I found my band little brother, Jorge, and helped him with his uniform.
He turned towards me and looked kind of scared, and I smiled at him, which seemed to reassure him.
“Just pay attention, and it’ll all start to make sense.
Who knows, a lot of the time you’ll get more than you bargained for.
” I winked then and walked away to strip for myself, fully aware that he was staring at my ass the whole way.
When I got to my spot, almost everyone was stripped down but the color guard, who were helping others strip.
They were now stripping down, taking off their shoes, tops, and pants, folding the uniform neatly and stowing it into their bags.
Once everyone was ready and eagerly leaning forward in their seats, Ella stood up again, now only clad in a red lacy bra and black panties, coincidentally our school colors.
She held a clipboard for the points limply at her side, a pen behind her ear, her long, straight black hair flowing down her back, lightly brushing her juicy ass.
Like I said, we are all in pretty good shape, but she was all muscle with a juicy ass and voluminous breasts, probably 36C’s at the least.
She opened her mouth and bent over slightly to talk to the passengers.
I noticed our bus driver for the night kept looking in the mirror at her.
“Okay! As always, guys will be blindfolded first, so let’s draw from the hat of seniors which guy will go first.
Drumroll please, Jack!” A boy stood up slightly and started beating the back of the seat until Ella closed her hand in the bands ‘stop playing’ signal.
I noticed some cameras turning on and knew that I’d need to search the net later for the video to see how I did with my designated guy.
I looked down at my lacy dark purple bra that barely covered my 38D breasts that lead to a small waist and ass as juicy as Ella’s, what I liked to call my ghetto booty, with a dark purple lacy thong that matched my bra.
I smiled as she opened the piece of paper, and spoke.
“Jeremy! You go first!” Everyone hooted and hollered, and a bunch of guys slapped him on the back.
Jeremy is pretty ripped, a good six-pack, solid golden brown tan all over him, stopping briefly where his shorts usually start and starting again at just above his knees, not a bad looking guy all around.
His eyes are dark moss green and hair light brown and cut short.
I tipped my head slightly towards the clarinet girl in front of me and whispered, “I wouldn’t mind having a go with him,” smiling coyly and then dissolving into giggles with her.
Ella waltzed her way halfway down the bus to him, blindfold in hand.
He smiled devilishly when she straddled his lap.
His face was buried in her breasts while she tied the blindfold around his eyes, then she ground on his crotch before walking back to the front.
Every move was watched by us and the bus driver, who alternated between watching the road and her body bounce.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino He went over a bump hard and her breasts (most of the breasts on this bus actually) nearly flew out of their lace prisons.
She steadied herself and addressed the girls side of the bus.
“Okay girls, who wants to be the communicator?” No hands really went up, so Ella chose Penny, a flute player in light pink panties and bra.
She had perfect handful breasts and completely erect nipples, just grazed by her perfect blonde hair.
She had a pretty smile and went over to sit on the lap of the guy in front of Jeremy, named Eric, I think.
Ella spoke up again for volunteers to go first, and most of the hands went up, mine included.
She looked around for a bit before choosing Annabelle, fondly known as Belle.
Her loose curls of mahogany-colored hair, chocolate brown eyes and creamy white skin were quite contrary to my cinnamon skin and black hair with green eyes.
Her tight ass and perfect tittie-fuck breasts were in a lacy white bra and lacy white boy shorts.
A camera in front of me did a full up and down of her body with zoomed in on her erect nipples and wet pussy as she walked quietly to Penny to tell her the boundaries.
Penny smiled and addressed Jeremy, “The only thing she doesn’t want to do is anal, and she said it’s because she left her lube at home.
” Jeremy groaned and shifted in his seat as I saw his erection grow bigger.
“Wouldn’t I wanna take that for a ride,” I thought to myself, and trailed my hand over my nipples through my bra.
I was fully aware of a camera focused on me manned by none other than Jorge.
“Might as well give him a show,” I thought as I watched Belle go down on her knees between Jeremy’s legs and pull his boxers off his body.
An eight inch and extremely thick cock standing completely erect as she circled her hand around it, jerking him off slowly.
Jeremy grunted and thrusted into her hand before she leaned forward to wrap her lips around the tip of his cock, sucking hard.
Jeremy’s hand snaked into her hair and he ran his fingers through it a couple of times, probably taking inventory of the length and texture.
My fingers dipped into my bra and I tweaked my erect nipples, bolts of pleasure going through my body as I watched Jeremy get a firm grip in her hair as Belle’s head started to bob up and down on his cock.
I pulled my bra off for easier access to my nipples for my left hand while I pushed my right hand into my thong, finger circling my clit.
I watched as Jeremy moaned in ecstasy and gripped her hair firmly before he started forcing her head down on his cock, then holding her in place as he started thrusting into her mouth, fucking her face hard, causing her to gag.
I pulled my thong off and spread my legs wide, running my finger up and down my pussy before shoving it into my slick cunt.
I watched Belle pull herself up before pulling off her bra and panties, revealing erect nipples and a shaved pussy practically dripping with her juices.
She mounted his lap and he gasped as he felt her tight cunt surround his hard cock, and he panted out his first guess.
“Catie?” Penny smiled.
“Nope, good try though, and remember, if you guess right you not only get the point, you get to have your way with her.
” He moaned as Belle ground on his cock and he stuttered as he spoke again.
“Is it B-b-belle?” Penny responded yes, and in a flash he practically ripped the blindfold off and reversed their positions to where he was on top, slamming his cock into her.
I moaned just as Belle did and shoved another finger into my cunt and threw my head back.
Then, I felt someone nudge my hand away as a tongue flicked over my throbbing clit.
my eyes snapped open and I looked down to see the top of a curly brown haired head that I recognized very well.
Josh was a color guard member who had proclaimed himself official pleasure provider of both male and female guard members.
He looked up at me and smiled wickedly while gesturing for me to keep watching Jeremy and Belle go at it.
I very willingly complied as he began sucking on my clit and shoving three long fingers up my cunt.
I groaned in ecstasy and shoved my pussy into his face as Jeremy flipped Belle over and shoved into her from behind.
He reached under her to rub her clit while he kept shoving his cock into her hard.
Her ample breasts were swinging with his momentum and Belle moaned loudly, pushing against his thrusts.
We watched on, and Josh flicked his tongue against my clit while curling his fingers to hit my G spot with each stroke of his fingers.
I whimpered in pleasure.
I watched as Jeremy slammed into Belle harder and she screamed in pleasure.
We all saw her body go crazy as she orgasmed hard.
Jeremy pulled out of her, turned her around and fucked her mouth again before pushing all the way down her throat and cumming hard.
Belle sucked every last drop from his cock.
That did it for me.
Josh was flicking his tongue across my clit rapidly while finger fucking me fast and hard.
“Oh my God, yes!! Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop!” I yelled as I reached down to hold his head in place.
From the grip his free hand had on my thigh, he wasn’t going anywhere.
I screamed again with my release as I came hard and heared photos being snapped of me without really caring.
Josh looked up at me and licked my juices from his lips before giving me my thong back and moving back to his seat.
This was gonna be a great overnight trip home.
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