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Veronica was an 18 year old firecracker.
With her long tan legs, perky titties and plump ass, the men were always looking at her, fantasizing about her.
She was truly one of a kind.
Her long, curly brown hair cascaded perfectly down her back, and her big green eyes hypnotized man after man.
But she was no slut.
She was smart, and only slept with the men who proved worthy.
As a part time job, Veronica picked up babysitting.
She babysat for many single moms, and was surprised when she was referred to a single dad with triplets, named Jason.
He was 35 and still considered a stud.
She was willing to take the job and arrived on time.
Jason opened the door and gladly welcomed her into his home.
His eyes never left her and he often caught himself staring at her perky tits or plump bottom while he gave her a tour of the house.
Her legs looked amazing and the shorts she was wearing made her hips look perfect.
He began to fantasize removing her tank top and shorts, and licking her pussy.
He shook the thought from his head and prepared to leave.
“The triplets were put to bed 30 minutes ago.
They are only 3 years old, so they don’t always sleep soundly the first few hours.
I should be home around midnight or so.
These work parties are just a waste of my time, but I’m happy to go knowing you are the one who will be here with the kids,” Jason said genuinely.
“I’m happy to help you out Jason.
I’ll call if I need anything, okay?” Veronica said.
“Sure, I’ll have my phone on.
You won’t be having any guys over will you? I know you are 18 years old but -” he began.
Veronica piped in.
“I won’t have any guys over Jason,” she said giggling.
You really are an amazing young lady.
Has anyone ever told you that you are very beautiful? You should be looking for older guys.
You might as well.
They know how to take care of a woman.
Those guys your age are really just trouble,” Jason said.
Veronica was flattered by Jason’s words.
He smiled and left for the party, and all Veronica could think about was Jason and how she couldn’t wait for him to get home.
Around 11pm, when the TV channels were all playing news and re-runs, she decided to explore the house further.
She went upstairs and into the room she knew was Jason’s.
It looked like a regular single guy’s bedroom with a messy bed, a dresser and a few scattered paintings on the walls.
She walked up to the dresser and opened all the drawers.
To her disappointment, she found nothing exciting.
She ventured into the closet and looked through the boxes on the shelves.
She was about to give up when she opened a large blue box.
She saw something sparkly so she took it off the shelf to explore it more.
The first thing she saw was a giant, pink sparkly dildo.
She nearly squealed in excitement.
She grabbed it and set it aside.
She then dug up 2 vibrators, a strap-on dildo, 2 bottles of KY jelly, some anal beads, a whip, a pair of handcuffs and a bunch of porn videos.
She checked her phone time, and saw it was only 11:30.
She decided 30 minutes was plenty of time to have some fun with the dildo and the porno tapes.
She popped the tape in and sprawled out onto Jason’s bed.
The film began.
It was a couple making out on a bed.
They began to strip and rub each other.
She got wet instantly.
She didn’t usually watch porn, but she was enjoying herself.
She removed her shorts and panties as well as her top, leaving her with just her bra.
She picked up the sparkly dildo and rested it at the opening of her pussy.
She rubbed it up and down her slit, sending tingles into her spine.
When the couple on the screen began to fuck, she decided to dip the dildo into her tight pussy.
She slowly pushed the dildo into her slit and moaned as every inch went into her tight hole.
Her pussy stretched to accommodate the wide, long toy.
She let a loud moan slip through her lips, when the uncomfortable size of the dildo began to turn into the perfect filler of her wet pussy.
The woman on the screen was whining and begging for her lover to fuck her harder, so Veronica responded by pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy even faster.
With each stroke of the dildo, she would moan and whine loudly.
She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds that the couple on the screen were making.
She then imagined that the sounds were coming from her and Jason.
The thought of Jason nearly sent her into an orgasm.
She pictured his large cock, fucking her pussy quickly, with her, handcuffed to his bed.
She moaned and thrust the dildo into her pussy, faster and harder, imagining him in between her legs, pleasuring her with his large cock.
She moaned and whimpered, saying his name over and over.
Her tits began to bounce as her pace quickened and her force was exerted onto the dildo.
Her pussy began to tighten and she felt an orgasm building.
She bit her lip to suppress her screams as her creamy juices squirted all over the dildo.
She came, thrusting and thrashing her body to new heights.
She felt her juices running down her crack.
She whimpered and moaned as the orgasm subsided.
She put her hands above her head, to catch her breath, and with the dildo still sticking out of her pussy, she opened her eyes.
The tape had ended and standing there was Jason.
Her heart raced and she couldn’t move.
As she began to sit up, Jason blinked hard and rushed over to her.
“Wait, don’t be afraid.
I didn’t mean to startle you.
You just looked so wonderful.
I had to watch you.
I’m sorry.
I hope you enjoyed yourself,” Jason said, touching her shoulder.
He looked at the dildo between her legs.
She was still a little surprised.
“How long were you standing there?” She asked.
“I heard the video playing and walked in.
Then I heard you calling my name,” he said, reaching for the dildo.
He grabbed the end of it and pulled it out.
She sighed and made a small peep as it came out of her wet pussy.
It was shiny with her juices.
“You looked amazing.
So pretty.
Watching you pleasure yourself, made me really hard,” he said, looking at the dildo in his hands.
She looked into his eyes and decided to confess.
“I was imagining you fucking me hard.
I got so turned on, and I came so quickly.
It was the longest and most intense orgasm of my whole life.
And you made it happen,” she said, scooting closer to him on the bed.
She looked down and noticed the bulge in his pants.
For 35, his cock had some spring to it.
It made a large tent in his jeans.
She smiled and grabbed it.
“Can I please see it Jason?” She begged.
“Yes Veronica.
You may.
I want you to do all the things you fantasized about doing to me, right now.
I know I’m 35, but I want you so badly, it hurts.
You deserve a man like me; a man with experience.
I know how to please you,” Jason said.
Veronica was glowing.
She nodded and began to unfasten his belt.
She pulled his jeans down to his knees and also pulled down his boxers to reveal the huge, throbbing cock.
Her mouth watered as she began to stroke it, slowly.
Jason grunted.
She grabbed the dildo from his hand and stuck it into her mouth and began to suck it, while at the same time, stroking his long cock.
She sucked and licked the dildo clean, enjoying her juices.
She moaned and licked her lips.
She tasted delicious.
Jason was doing a good job holding back.
She knew how badly he wanted her to suck it.
He finally spoke up.
“Suck my cock you little whore.
Eat my cock you slutty babysitter,” he ordered her.
She simply did as he said and slowly opened her mouth.
As his cock disappeared into her mouth, a loud moan escaped his lips.
She began to suck his cock and was gagging herself from his cock hitting the back of her throat.
Her moans were muffled but he knew she was enjoying it as much as he was.
He placed his hands on the back of her head and helped her fuck his cock.
“Ohhh fuck Veronica.
Suck that cock,” Jason grunted.
He felt like he might explode so he pulled her head up.
His cock made a popping sound when exiting her lips.
Online Now! Lush Cams katriona24 As a farewell to his cock, she looked into his eyes as she kissed and licked the head, twirling her tongue and teasing him.
He moaned and titled his head back.
She stood up suddenly.
“Lay on the bed, I want to eat that sweet pussy,” he ordered.
“Oh Jason, lick my pussy!” She screamed.
He smiled and lowered his mouth between her legs.
His lips kissed her pouting pussy lips and the new feeling sent a shiver up her spine.
A moan escaped her lips when his tongue began working her clit.
She wrapped her legs around his head and dug her fingers into his hair.
Jason moaned loudly and and began licking up and down her slit, dipping his tongue in ever so slightly.
He licked and sucked her pussy, making loud slurping noises as he did.
She whined and moaned and pushed him deeper into her pussy.
She bit her lip and lifted her head to watch him eat her out.
He looked up at her and moaned.
He gave her pussy one final lick and moved up to her lips.
He got on top of her and began kissing her deeply.
She tasted her juices on his lips so she bit them lightly, wanting more.
She felt his fingers dip into her wet pussy.
He quickly began to finger fuck her.
He had 3 fingers deep in her pussy.
Her wetness was amazing and Jason wanted her to taste her juices once again.
He pulled them out.
She opened her mouth as he stuck his fingers into her lips.
She sucked them hungrily, tasting her sweet juices, moaning, enjoying it.
He laughed and pulled them out.
“You like your pussy juices?” He asked her, smiling.
She nodded and whined.
“Fuck my pussy please.
I’m so wet,” Veronica whined.
She wanted him more than anything in the world.
And he knew he had to give it to her.
He scooted her to the edge of the bed.
He stood in front of her, lining up his cock with her pussy lips.
He took her legs and spread them wide, holding them.
She giggled as he scooted her around the bed, so that her position was perfect.
He then, with a swift motion, pushed most of his length into her waiting pussy.
His eyes widened and he grunted as he pushed further and further.
He closed his eyes for a moment, savoring the intense tightness of her little pussy.
He pumped in and out slowly, making her whine.
“Oooo shit! Fuck me,” she cried out.
She arched her back as intense pleasure sent waves through her body.
He was grunting, slapping her ass with his balls with each stroke.
He began to speed up, and Veronica was going wild.
She was moaning and Jason huffing and puffing.
She was being pushed back onto the bed with each stroke, so Jason had to pull her into him closer every once in a while.
His hands squeezed her tiny legs, gripping them tightly.
  Jason had never felt a pussy to tight, so fresh, so wet.
He grunted and shoved his cock in and out of her swiftly.
He enjoyed hearing her moan and whine.
He loved watching her face twist with pleasure with each pump.
He was soon shaking her like a rattle.
Her small frame seemed to be flying off of his cock as he humped her young pussy.
He grunted loudly as she flexed her pussy, tightening around his cock.
“You are so tight Veronica.
You like this cock?” He said, smiling.
A grin crept onto her face and she moaned, pleasingly in response.
He laughed as he pulled his cock completely out of her pussy.
Her eyes looked cross, and she whined and begged to be fucked again.
“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered, sternly.
“You’re my babysitter whore now Veronica.
That pussy belongs to me,” he said, as she positioned herself on the bed.
She spread her legs, and her ass stuck out for his easy access.
He rubbed her wet slit, and positioned his cock at her entrance once more.
He stuffed his cock into her tight pussy yet again.
He nearly came right there from how sexy her ass was, and along with the fact that he was fucking the sexiest young woman on earth.
He really was lucky.
He grabbed her hips and drilled into her pussy quickly, making her scream.
His balls were soon slapping her, making a smack sound with each deep stroke.
Her pussy was a perfect wet cavern for his cock to nestle into.
Veronica’s body was shaking from his passionate fucking.
She began to whimper, tired.
Jason was also tiring quickly but he continued.
Her body weakened from his rough force.
Her pussy was making squishy sounds as he fucked it, showing how truly wet she was.
Jason was in heaven, and grunted loudly, moaning with pleasure, saying ‘oh yeah,’ over and over.
Veronica slowly fell onto the bed.
Her body flat, her legs still open.
Jason repositioned himself so he could take her in reverse missionary.
Veronica’s clit was being rubbed against the bed, and she screamed in pleasure as he fucked her from behind.
She rested her head on her arms and just listened and enjoyed the sounds she was hearing.
Just as she felt herself beginning to cum, Jason pulled out of her, exhausted.
He wasn’t done though, and neither was she.
He got off the bed and walked to a chair in the corner.
He sat in it.
She turned her head and just looked at him.
His cock was shiny with her juices.
He was breathing hard.
His eyes were closed and he looked spent.
He was really pretty hot for 35.
She tiptoed over to him and got into his lap.
His eyes shot open and he grinned.
He brushed her arm, sensually.
“You wanna ride my cock you little slut?” He asked grinning.
She nodded and positioned herself above his meat.
He got excited and placed his hands on her tiny waist.
He helped her lower herself onto his boner, and looking into each other’s eyes, moaned as her pussy seemed to engulf his cock.
She bit her lip tighter with each inch.
It disappeared slowly between her puffy pussy lips.
Jason began guiding her up and down his cock.
Soon, his assistance wasn’t needed, but he still kept his hands on her ass.
She placed her hands on the back of the chair to support herself as she began to ride him.
Her skills were amazing for being pretty new to sex.
He watched her beautiful, graceful body slid up and down on his cock.
She moaned and whimpered.
She knew how to ride him.
He grunted as squeezed her perky tit.
Her bra made her tits look so sexy.
Veronica began speeding up, sliding easily because of how wet she was.
Her body was bouncing, her tits, bouncing all over as she rode him harder and faster.
Jason was now moaning with intense pleasure, as was she.
It was almost time to cum.
“I’m gonna cum baby,” Jason said, looking into her eyes.
“Me too.
mmm yeah,” she said.
She slowed down for a moment before going all out.
Her body shaking and twisting as she fucked him as fast as she could.
She squeaked as he pushed her hips down further onto his cock than she thought would go in.
Suddenly, with one long pump, her pussy tightened and milked his cock.
She was having an orgasm.
She rode it out, using his tool to savor every feeling.
Her toes curled, her head tilted back, she bit her lip and whimpered in delight.
As it subsided, she felt a stream of Jason’s hot cum shoot into her walls.
Their juices mixed, making her lap slippery.
Jason grunted and stuffed his dick upwards into her soaking wet pussy.
Savoring how amazing her walls felt; they were squeezing his dick, urging his load to release more and more.
Finally, his balls emptied and Veronica collapsed onto his chest, totally spent.
“You are amazing,” Jason whispered into her ear.
He stroked her hair and then lifted his face to hers, kissing her passionately.
She got off of his softening cock and began getting dressed.
He watched her, with bliss, knowing he had her wrapped around his finger.
He put on a towel and walked her to the door.
She kissed him sweetly on the cheek.
“I’m always free to.
whenever you want my pussy,” she said.
He nodded and opened the door.
As she walked out to her car, his eyes were glued to her tight young ass.
He couldn’t wait for another work party.
This story is not based on actual events.
All events and characters are made up.



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