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Last summer I was translating for my boss on an international business meeting in Okinawa.
We stayed at one of those fancy resort hotels with a great view over the ocean.
Of course we had a double suite room, because we make love every night, but one evening he had a meeting with some old friends, and I wasn’t invited.
So I did what a girl would do.
Take a swim in the hotel pool and check out a few boys on the beach.
But there weren’t any.
So I went to our suite room, sat in the chair at the open balcony door and looked out on the sunset.
It made me long for my lover.
I touched myself.
I heard some sounds that were familiar, but I wasn’t sure why they were extraordinary.
A key turning, a door opening and closing, steps and the squeaking of a sofa or bed.
A young female voice sounded through the evening air.
“I am taking a shower.
” “Yeah, sweetheart, do so.
” The male voice was a bit more senior.
When I heard a fridge door I knew what it was: Sounds from the next room.
It was so strange because it was so clear.
They must have their balcony door open, too.
I just write down what happened next.
I did not see them, just heard them.
Sometimes there were longer pauses in their dialogue, but I just knit them together.
Male voice: Julie? Female voice: Yes? M: Are you finished showering? I am all sweaty and want to shower, Tell me when you are finished.
F: No need to wait, here I am…wait, before you go, I wanna show you something… M: Julie!! What are you doing? Put your towel back on! F: You like it? M: Stoppit! What do you think you are doing? Don’t come closer! Julie! F: I thought you like it.
Look at you……You are so ….
! M: Take your hand away! F: No, no, don’t hide it! M: Julie! F: Why? I know that Karen does it to you! M: Shit! What makes you think that? F: I lie awake at night, and I hear when she comes in your room.
M: It’s not her! F: Then, why do you say her name? Why do you tell her what to do? M: Stop it! F: But you tell her to do it.
You tell her that she should ‘suck it’! M: No, I don’t! F: Don’t lie to me! You know that it is true! M: That’s different! F: No, we are not different! M: It is different! You are… F: I am 18 now! M: I know.
How should I forget that! F: Please, say my name, too! When I do it.
…say it.
M: Julie, it’s so wrong…don’t…don’t…ohhh.
F: Is it good? .
do I do it right? M: Ohhh Julie…you are…we are…Ohhh, you are so good!.
your hands at my balls… Oohh.
I watched some videos.
M: Videos?.
When, where? F: Last week….
on your computer.
M: Shit…you go to my computer…… F.
Am I good at it? Am I good at licking your dick? Squeezing your balls? M: So good Julie….
have you done this before? F: Never…you are my first one.
M: So, you have never….
? F: No, never…you are my first…I wanted you to be my first.
M: Julie, stop…please stop….
it should not be me…it should not be me.
I am not your lover, I am your… F: But I want you to be my lover! You ARE to be my lover! M: No, I am NOT your lover, I am your… F: But you are Karen’s lover!.
and no, it is not different.
She is 20, I am 18.
M: Julie, don’t cry…please don’t cry.
F: Then…let me continue…let me make you happy.
M: But I am happy with you! F: But you tell her how happy she makes you…I want to make you happy, too! M: Ohhh Julie, your tongue…ohhh, don’t stop, don’t stop…ohh…not so hard…not so.
F: I took a shower…please do it to me, too.
M: What are you doing? Julie!! F: I saw the pictures, too…the ones of you and Karen.
M: The ones where we…? F: Yes, the ones where she is on top of you….
the other way around.
M: Shit! F: hahahahaha….
no…no, I don’t….
I promise…hihihihihi… M: Ohhh Julie…so good! F: I want to show it all.
Look! Do you like what you see? M: Hmmm…your small hands….
hmmm…spreading your cheeks… F: Lick me, lick me, lick me…like you lick her.
M: Ohhh,.
shit…you are a virgin? F: Yessss…can you see it? Can you see that I never had a man? M: Yes, I can…and you…you taste so good…hmmm.
F: Yessss, drink my juice…lick me…lick me hard…yessss…deep…deep…deeper.
M: Yesss, put it in your mouth.
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F: You taste so sweet.
Is this cum? M: No, it’s called precum.
F: Precum? Funny name…for a funny taste.
M: You taste so sweet, too.
F: With…with your hands…spread my ass…my….
ass, yeeesssss.
M: And you, don’t stop.
Stroke my cock and play with the head…hmmmm.
F: I want your cum in me…cum in my pussy as you cum in her! M: Julie, I can’t….
we can’t….
it’s so….
F: Why not? If you can cum in her, I want to feel it too! I want to feel the same as my sister!! M: She is your stepsister! It’s different…ooohhh, don’t stop…If you want to make me happy, don’t stop.
F: I want your cock in my pussy so bad! M: Julie, Julie, Julie…I am cumming…I am cumming.
F: Hmmm…hmmmm…hhhhhmmm…hhhmmmm…hhhhmmmm….
uhhhh…uhhh mmmm.
M: Julie, you okay? I shot so many times in your mouth….
F: Ooohhh….
ohhh…yessss, lick my pussy…more…more…more…mooore.
M: Give me a kiss my dear……Come here and kiss daddy on his mouth.
During the whole action, I had my eyes closed and I had my legs spread wide and had fingered my pussy.
The last confessions gave me a shock, so that I stopped masturbating.
But soon after they turned silent, the thought that I just heared a dad fucking, even though it was only tongue-fucking, his daughter made me double as horny and I continued to finger me to an orgasm.
I was aware that the door was open and I did my best to suppress my moaning.
After the waves of excitement ebbed in my body, I needed some fresh air.
Naked as I was I stepped out on the balcony and the cool air made my nipples hard.
I had never experienced it, so the cool air at my wet cunt gave me a strange tingling feeling.
Since I came from my unlit room, my eyes were already dark-adapted and I could see the beach and the sea below me in the faint light.
My room was at the corner of the building and I had just one neighboring balcony to the left, some 20 feet away.
The soft light emanating from the room became a little bit dimmer, and a silhouette stepped out.
Her back was illuminated from the room light and her blonde hair flowed around her shoulders.
Her slender arms rested on the railing; her well-shaped little butt was clearly one belonging to an 18 year old.
I could not take away my eyes from her, even though I knew that she could recognize me any moment.
When she turned around to face the room, I saw a pair of lovely pink, puffy nipples on her little A-cup breasts, she put both arms back on the railing.
When she was arching back, I could see that her Venus mound was bald.
She had a beautiful face with full lips.
“Come out dad, it’s so nice and fresh here!” “What are you doing? People can hear you, and see you!” Dad scolded her.
“They are all sleeping.
All rooms are dark.
” When she briskly turned her head left and right as to confirm what she just said, her hair followed the move.
When she looked to my side, she froze and stared into the dark.
Only the right side of her face was illuminated , but I could see that the intensely peered into the darkness and towards me.
A normal reflex would have been to retreat into the dark shade of the building, but her young beauty paralyzed me.
This girl, just a couple of years younger than me, just had given her dad a blowjob, and he had licked that pussy to an orgasm.
Her lips still must be covered with his salty cum.
I slowly moved my hand up to cover my breast, and when she imitated my move I knew that she had seen me.
“You are right dad.
If you don’t come out, I will come in.
” A last stare into the darkness from her beautiful blue eyes, and she stepped in.
Then I heard the balcony door close, shutting the world out from their forbidden intimacy.
I went back in, too, but as hard as I listened, I could not get a single hint if another taboo would be broken that night.
My boss came back at 11 p.
that evening, and I literally ripped his clothes off and got him instantly hard with my lips and tongue.
When I rode him I could only think of that young girl next door maybe doing the same to her dad.
I even called my boss ‘dad’ when he shot his load into me, but he had too much sake and beer with his friends to fully realize that.



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