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My name is Yasmin Banks.
I’m thirty two years old and I’m from South London.
I had saved up a few grand to backpack through Southern Malaysia.
It was something I had always wanted to do since I left college fifteen years ago.
One thing after another had always prevented me from following my dreams.
So, here I am, backpacking in Southern Malaysia with a tour guide.
The magnificent and breath-taking views of the country made me gasp in astonishment.
All beautiful greenery for miles around.
And in the distance you could see the stunning view of the turquoise sea and beaches.
I was with a group in a small resort by a beautiful beach and nearby was one of the jungles which we were forbidden ever to go into alone due to dangerous animals.
I had always liked doing my own thing and not being told what to do, so one early morning while everyone was still in bed sleeping, I crept out of the resort slowly and walked towards the jungle with backpack on my back and my camera around my neck.
I walked into the jungle on green grass mixed with mud.
I was grateful to have good walking boots on my feet.
I ducked down quickly when a black bird with a large, yellow beak flew low and flew up into the tall, green trees and sat on one of the branches rustling its feathers.
It watched me curiously as I straightened up and continued to walk through the jungle.
I stepped over small puddles and jumped over gaps.
There was a loud screeching sound in the trees and when I looked up there were a couple of chimpanzees swinging from branch to branch.
One of them was carrying a baby on its back.
I thought it was so adorable.
I sighed in awe and felt happy that I had made the right decision in coming here.
I came to the end of the path in the jungle and there was no way back but forward into the murky depths of the swamp.
I swallowed nervously as I took a step towards the swamp and then stopped and turned my head quickly over my shoulder as I sensed I was being watched by someone or something.
There were so many sounds of the jungle, which I didn’t know what they belonged to.
I saw the chimpanzees again and raised my camera up to the trees where they were happily swinging.
I took a few snaps.
Suddenly, I heard a loud growl behind me so I slowly turned around and my green eyes grew wide with terror as a large, but beautiful tiger stood high up on a rock amongst the trees.
I cried out in terror and ran straight into the swamp moving quickly as I could across it.
I glanced back and to my utter horror, the tiger jumped down from the rock and started to enter the swamp and began swimming after me.
I shrieked again with terror and tried to swim as quickly as I could over to the bank on the other side.
Because I was so petrified, I started to panic as the swamp water was much deeper half way across.
My head went under the water and then I gasped out loud when I re-surfaced again.
I looked back and saw the tiger was getting closer.
As I turned back round my eyes grew with utter terror as a large, green python snake lowered down into the swamp from the tree branch and began swimming towards me.
I screamed out in utter terror as it opened its jaw at me and then it was lifted up into the air as the tiger pounced on it.
I hurried on swimming over to the bank where I gasped to catch my breath.
I watched in astonishment as the two deadly predators were attacking each other.
The python trying to wrap its self around the tiger’s body to squeeze it to death.
I quickly got to my feet and climbed up onto a large rock.
The tiger had won the battle and with the body of the python in its mouth.
It looked up and looked straight at me.
It dumped the dead python on the ground and then shook its body spraying swamp water from its orange and black striped coat everywhere.
It breathed heavily.
It walked towards me and jumped up onto a rock close by making me jump back in fright.
Online Now! Lush Cams babbyhornny The tiger was panting and jumped onto the large rock I was on and sniffed my aroma with its large, pink snout.
To my surprise, it began nuzzling me and began to purr.
It looked at me and then turned and disappeared behind the rock.
“Hey, Wait!” I said.
I rushed behind the rock and was shocked to find a beautiful naked man with chiseled cheekbones, and a toned bronzed body with shoulder length wet black hair.
He had the deepest of brown eyes I had ever seen.
” I stepped back and cried out as I lost my footing, but he grabbed hold of my right arm and pulled me up in his strong arms.
We looked at each other, each of us staring deeply into each other’s eyes.
My bosom rose up and down as I began to breathe heavily.
We wanted each other.
There was a sexual bolt of chemistry pulling our bodies closer together.
I felt something poking into me and I glanced down and saw to my amazement it was the man’s penis; it was fully erect.
I glanced back up at him.
“Who are you?” I asked.
The man looked back at me in confusion.
I guessed that he didn’t understand English.
He started nuzzling my face and neck like an animal.
I grabbed hold of his face in my hands and kissed him full on the lips and he responded automatically wrapping his strong arms around me, starting to peel off my wet outfit.
The mysterious sexy man lowered me down to the ground once he got all of my clothes off and got in between my legs.
My pussy was hot, wet and ready for him, and I gasped as he entered inside me.
He sucked and kissed on my nipples cupping them in his hand.
I arched my back as our lovemaking was hitting all the right spots for me; it had been a long time since I had been with a man.
I let out soft moans as I wrapped my legs around his waist as he thrust deeper and faster into me.
He let out soft moans and groans as well.
Even loud growls that sounded like thunder through the jungle.
Our lovemaking got faster and harder until it hit sexual peak and we both came.
I cried out and he let out a roar that bounced off every tree in the jungle making a flock of birds fly off from the trees, monkeys screech in the trees, snakes slither up trees and across the ground, and other jungle cats growl deeply as well somewhere deep in the jungle.
The man and I looked at each other and he stroked my hair with his hands and then began nuzzling me again lovingly.
Suddenly, it dawned on me, hitting me like a bolt of lightning.
This mysterious, sexy stranger was the tiger who I’d thought was going to kill me but rescued me from the python who tried to kill me.
The same tiger who nuzzled me exactly the same way the man was doing right now.
The man smiled at me and his eyes turned golden, then he pulled out and got to his feet.
I got to my feet quickly, “wait, will I ever see you again?” I asked, feeling my heart pound.
He stepped up to me and grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me with passion.
“Come with me?” he asked.
I was shocked.
“You speak English?” I asked.
The man grinned down at me, “a little.
So, will you?” I thought about it and as I gazed deep into his eyes and smiled nodding my head.
” He kissed me long and hard with happiness, lifting me up into his arms.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Name, what’s that?” “I am Yasmin,” I said, pointing to myself.
He smiled.
“Simba,” he replied.
“We must go now.
” With that he shape shifted back into a tiger and let out a growl.
I crouched down and stroked the tiger’s head.
“Okay, lead the way,” I said.
Simba responded with a growl then walked forward with me at his side.
Along the way, I couldn’t help smiling back at the memory of Simba’s passionate lovemaking.
I looked forward to it again when he’s back in human form.



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