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It started with a look.
He looked at me from across the pool and not in the way the father of your best friend is supposed to look at you.
His eyes filled with lust as he examined the curves barely concealed by my bikini.
My first instinct was to cover myself with my arms, but I didn’t.
I sat there on the edge of the pool, pretending I didn’t see him look at me as my body heated to boiling with desire filling me.
I still wasn’t used to men looking at me like that.
I hadn’t seen Kayla’s dad in at least a year.
Her parents divorced and he moved out to an apartment.
I’ll admit to a little schoolgirl crush, but this felt different now.
He had always been attractive, but now he looked even better.
His stomach flatter, the muscles in his arms more defined and his hair styled.
What stood out most was his confidence.
He didn’t hesitate anymore.
He stood up straight and gave orders.
And I wanted him.
I didn’t know how Kayla would react, but I knew it wouldn’t be good.
However, I couldn’t help myself.
I wondered what he would be like in bed.
Anything had to be better than my current boyfriend.
So good looking, but so bad in bed.
He didn’t care at all about how it felt for me in bed.
He just wanted to get off.
He lasted a minute or two tops.
More than once he came as after one thrust.
The only time he lasted longer was when he had been drinking.
Then it was just sloppy, boring sex and I just laid there until he was done.
I wanted a man.
Yet after that long look, there were no more.
The single mom that lived next door started helping him at the grill and got his full attention.
I’ll admit that most guys would consider her a MILF and I was jealous.
I tried to focus on the guys my age at the party, but even though I probably could’ve had my choice of them, x-rated thoughts of Kayla’s dad stayed in the back of my head.
When people started drifting home, I stayed around to help Kayla clean up.
I’m a good friend like that, but also because my boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone.
I called a third time and left a voice mail.
Where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Call me back.
” As I hit the end call button on the phone, I saw him.
Not my boyfriend, but Mr.
“I couldn’t but help overhearing, but do you need a ride home?” I wanted to say yes.
I wanted to say yes and that he could take me wherever he wanted.
However, Kayla was in the next room and well, the complete truth is that I didn’t have the courage to say something like that.
“I don’t think so.
My ride should be here soon.
” “Are you sure? I’m leaving now.
” I thought about it.
I thought about the way he looked at me earlier when I was wearing just a bikini and how my boyfriend treated me.
I knew that while fantasies were running wild in my head nothing would or could happen.
“If it’s not too far out of your way.
” “It’s no problem.
” I got my stuff and said my good-byes to Kayla.
For everyone else, me leaving with him just seemed like a normal thing.
I felt guilty like crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.
In addition to his upgraded looks, he had also upgraded his car.
Gone was the Accord.
In the driveway sat a brand new silver Mercedes Benz sedan.
I heard from Kayla that he was still paying for their house and alimony, however, it didn’t look like it was affecting him to negatively.
He opened the door for me, something my so-called boyfriend never did.
I sat down in the plush black leather seats and I’m not going to lie, in my jean shorts and tank top, I felt like a hooker in the car.
When he started it, all sorts of lights came on in the interior.
A navigation screen even came out of the dashboard.
I felt like I was in the future.
I felt completely out of place.
He saw my look and he grinned to himself.
“Do you still live off of “Taylor?” I nodded my head yes.
The last time he drove me home seemed like a lifetime ago.
He backed out of the driveway slowly but hit the accelerator hard as he drove away.
It sent me back into the seat.
“It was hard to miss all of the guys checking you out today.
” He said as he pulled out of the neighborhood and onto the main street.
” I can’t say I blame them.
You’ve become quite the woman.
” I didn’t know what to say.
My cheeks started turning red.
I felt like I was about to get a lecture from the principal.
“I could tell you liked the attention.
” He put his hand on my bare thigh, shocking me with erotic energy.
I couldn’t believe it.
I froze.
I couldn’t open my mouth.
“I want you.
I think you want me too.
” He his hand slid slowly up my thigh.
My heart pounded.
“Yes,” I said softly.
He grinned and without taking his eyes off the road his hand moved between my legs.
Only my shorts and underwear keeping his fingers from touching me the way I wanted.
I pushed my body towards his hand, wanting more.
“Fuck me.
” “Oh don’t you worry.
I’m going to do that.
I’m going to fuck your brains out.
I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.
” At the next stop light, he turned and headed towards the coast.
If he had been taking me home, we would’ve kept going straight.
My heart started to pound as the reality set in.
I liked older guys, but by older I mean my current boyfriend was two years older than me and the guy I dated before him was three years older.
Kayla’s dad was at least twenty years older than me, probably more.
It was more than that though.
Both of those guys I dated for at least a month before I slept with them.
I had never slept with a guy that I wasn’t dating.
A few very quick minutes later we pulled into the basement parking garage of his condo.
Even in the parking garage it didn’t seem real.
I could feel the stuffy humidity of the underground garage when I stepped out of his car, but it felt like walking on a cloud.
He looked at me, grinned then motioned for him to follow me to the elevators.
It felt very real alone in the elevator with just me and him, the intoxicating scent of his cologne the only thing separating us.
I wanted him more than I had every wanted anyone else.
My body felt weak.
My heart pounded and all I could think about was him inside of me.
I rarely made the first move, but I couldn’t help myself.
I closed the distance.
I wrapped one arm around him and put my other hand between his legs.
He cut me off.
He gently pushed me back.
“Not here.
” The grin on my face disappeared.
“My neighbors are far too nosy and like to gossip far too much.
Some of them know my ex.
” The words hung between us as we waited for the door to open.
A harsh reminder of what we were doing was completely unacceptable by most people’s standards.
I followed him down the hallway and we didn’t say a word until he opened the door.
“After you.
” I walked into the condo and the first thing I saw was the view.
Six stories below the darkness covered ocean washed onto the sand.
Lights in the distance, small boats the only ones that could see us.
He flipped on the lights and a simple, modern and very bachelor furniture and decor greeted me.
I barely had time to take any of it before he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.
I wanted to melt away.
I felt like I walked into heaven.
He pressed his body against mine and kissed my neck.
This was very really and it was definitely happening.
I felt a little scared.
Nothing could stop this now.
His strong hands went from my stomach to cupping my breasts.
I wondered for a brief second what Kayla would say if she saw us like this? I knew that I could never tell anyone about this.
No one would understand and I could only imagine what their reaction would be to a grown man with an eighteen-year-old.
His erection grew against me.
I softly danced against it as he continued to kiss and fondle me.
Technically this was all legal according to the state of Florida, but it felt so wrong.
He pulled off my tank top and I turned around.
I stood in front of him in my white bra.
I wished I had worn something sexier, but he didn’t seem to mind.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure His eyes took me in, filling with lust.
I had become quite the woman.
I got a late start, but I had developed into a curvy, voluptuous woman.
“The things I want to do to you.
” He said as he threw my tank top the side.
“I want you to do it all.
” I didn’t sound like myself.
I sounded like a sexy vixen.
I slid of out of my shorts and kicked off my flip flops.
I stood in front of him in just my bra and not matching pink thong, but I felt like sexier than I had ever felt before.
“Don’t tempt me.
” He grabbed my hand and led me to the still dark bedroom.
He practically flung me onto the bed.
In the dim light from the hallway, he took me in as he stripped off his shirt and shorts.
He had a muscular build, fuller than the guys my age.
He looked so powerful, so in control.
He took my breath away.
His cock rock hard and pointing towards me as he slipped out of his boxers.
This was very real and this was going to happen soon.
He climbed onto the bed and he kissed me.
First my ankles, then my thighs.
I unhooked my bra and flung it out of the way.
He ran his tongue up my hip and kissed my stomach before taking a nipple between his teeth.
I lost my breath.
He moved up until we were face to face.
His weight on top of me, his hot breath against my own.
He kissed my lips and I lost control.
A kiss full of lust and bad decisions.
His lips powerful and on the verge of being overwhelming.
So wrong, but it already felt so good.
His hard cock pressed against me, pushing hard between my legs with only the thin cotton fabric separating us.
I couldn’t help but to rub myself against him.
The resulting pleasure made me moan and made his hands more aggressive.
“You’re on the pill right?” He asked as his hand slid into my panties.
Two fingers found my wetness making me moan before I could answer.
It took me a moment to compose my answer.
“No,” I said softly, afraid that it wasn’t the right answer.
“Do you have condoms in your bag?” I think he knew my answer before I said.
” I didn’t usually carry them around with me, but I did have two in my bag until Wednesday.
My boyfriend and I used them and I didn’t think to put anymore in my bag.
In fact, I didn’t think at all as we were driving here about protection.
All I could think about was him.
“Maybe this will be a two-time thing.
” He sat up and practically ripped my panties off of me.
Instead of burying his cock into me, he buried his head between my legs.
He kissed my inner thighs and it sent me into a world filled with bliss.
He ran his tongue across my waist, purposely avoiding where I wanted his tongue.
I tried to use my legs to direct him, but he pushed them out of the way and continued the teasing.
He brushed his tongue across my lips and it made my body shake.
He looked up at me and grinned, then did it again.
Electric erotic energy shocked my nervous system again.
I let out a loud man as he stopped teasing me.
His tongue focused on my clit and my body filled with pure bliss.
He used his tongue expertly to make moan louder and louder.
Neither of the boys that had gone down on me had made me feel like this.
I closed my eyes as the pleasure grew.
Each movement of his tongue electrified me more.
Within a few minutes, my body started to tighten up and soon started to shake as the pleasure overwhelmed me.
My moans went silent as the pleasure turned into an orgasm.
I grabbed a hold of the sheets as my body arched up as the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced exploded within of me.
I was still trying to catch my breath when he sat up and looked at me.
My chest rising and falling, my mouth wide open, my whole body much more relaxed.
He grinned again.
I didn’t grin back.
I wanted more.
“Fuck me.
” “Next time.
” “Please.
I don’t care about anything else.
” It was true.
I didn’t care about the consequences.
I just wanted to feel him inside of me.
I wanted to make him cum.
“Trust me I want to, but we can’t.
” I didn’t want to take his answer, but I knew he was right.
I sat up and stroked his cock.
I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone else, but there was a whole list of things that could change lives if they happened.
I got onto my hands and knees in front of him and without all of the teasing I took him in my mouth.
I usually didn’t go down on a guy until asked.
However, he brought out a different side of me.
I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around his swollen, red tip.
I sucked on him like it was a delicious lollipop, hoping to pay him back for the pleasure he had provided me.
I slid my lips down his long, thick shaft.
Not only more experienced than my previous lovers, but also larger.
I took as much of him in my mouth before I slid my lips back to his tip.
I repeated the process going slow at first, then quicker.
“Slow down.
” He took my head in his hands to guide me the speed that he wanted.
“I want to feel your mouth on every inch of me.
” When he got the pace he wanted, his hands drifted to my breasts.
He caressed them as I sucked his cock.
I still couldn’t believe it.
His hand found my ass cheek and I paused.
I took my mouth off of him and said, “Do you want to fuck my ass?” My first boyfriend and I had tried it a few times.
I should note that I’m not the kind of girl that does anal every day.
We dated for over two years and sometimes we did things to make it more interesting.
It hurt like hell, but he enjoyed it and I would be glad to do it again for Mr.
He gripped my ass tight, but he didn’t answer right away.
“You are something else.
Fuck it.
I can’t take it anymore.
Get on your back.
I want to fuck your cunt.
” He pushed me on my back before I had a chance to comply.
He climbed on top of me and pushed my legs apart and I felt his whole weight along with his heat on top of me.
We kissed as he pressed himself against my lips.
I felt nervous and excited at the same time.
He pushed into me and that feeling of erotic pleasure started to return.
He pushed deep into me, filling me completely and stretching me to take all of him.
It felt different without the latex barrier.
It felt more natural and a whole lot better.
He didn’t hold back.
Once he found a position that he liked, he thrust into me with his full power.
It didn’t feel awkward or sloppy like with the previous guys.
He fucked me like a man.
Each thrust shook my body and filled me with more pleasure.
Just like with his mouth, he expertly used his cock to give me more and more pleasure.
Whenever I moaned louder, he would do more of that to make me moan more.
I thought I knew what sex felt like, but I didn’t until that moment.
What happened next surprised me.
My body started to tighten around his cock.
Seconds later a powerful climax ripped through my body.
I’d never orgasmed during sex before.
I had girl friends that said they had, but I had never experienced it.
I forgot about everything other than me and him.
I felt like I was floating as the pure bliss flowed through me.
He slowed down to let me enjoy the feeling, but once it passed he quickly went back to top speed.
He didn’t hold anything back.
He fucked me as hard he could.
He slammed his cock into me and the bed slammed into the wall behind us.
He became aggressive and animal-like.
I didn’t know how much I could handle.
Right when I thought I might have to ask him to change positions, he stopped all of a sudden.
He pulled out and his cock exploded.
His hot, white cum shot out and hit me on my chin with such force that it surprised me.
Loads of thick globs of cum shot between my cleavage and coated my stomach.
My mouth dropped open.
I had never experienced anything like that before.
It made me feel so dirty.
It was like he marked me and I loved it.
He collapsed next to me and both of us lay there breathing hard.
His cum still warm on me.
I knew as I lay there that regular sex with the guys my age would never be enough again.
This was so wrong, but it felt so amazing.
I wanted more.
I needed more.
“This can’t just be a one-time thing.
” He looked at me but didn’t say anything.
“I promise to never tell anyone.
” His poker face broke and he smiled.
“You really are something else.
I had no idea you would be like this.
” “Neither did I.



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