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In my imagination I was wondering what you would wear, but I also was thinking about how you would wear your hair for me and what sort of make up you would wear.
Then I was thinking about how fun it would be for us to go out for a dinner to a really nice restaurant and what you would wear out with me? (We will leave the remote home tonight) If I was coming to pick you up to take you for a drink and dinner what would you wear? I know a nice place that looks out over the Indian Ocean.
I would wear my cream Calvin Kylen jeans, and my red stripped button up shirt and black slip on shoes.
Its a nice restaurant with booths so you could sit next to me and we could enjoy the view and I could still gaze at you, we would be able to touch as well.
I would like to have a nice frosty beer to start, would you like a glass of champagne? Something lovely light and sparkling? We could start with oysters if you like them or prawns.
It would be so nice to have no interruptions and just chat about life and our feelings and tease each other.
It’s a shame I don’t know what your wearing! I would hope to try and glance down your top and since its warm if you wore a skirt, you would not have to wear any panty hose.
My hand could find your nice smooth thigh to brush against.
I could tease you by kissing your neck and telling you how I am going to slowly undress you when we get home.
Do you like fish? They have beautiful fish here in Perth, maybe grilled Red Emperor with asparagus and baby potatoes? Would you like a glass of white wine? Maybe a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc, nice crispy white? While we wait for that to come you could nibble on my ear and tell me what you have planned for me! We could hold hands and kiss gently.
People would look at us and feel the heat coming off us.
Our thighs touching under the table and I would whispering about how I want you and how I want to taste you.
My cock is hard in my pants for you.
Can we get to dessert do you think? Or should we have each other for dessert? The taxi ride to the hotel is fun.
You wont let me do anything but kiss you and nuzzle your neck.
I am wanting you so badly and I can smell your scent in the cab as we get closer and closer to the hotel.
In the elevator I pin you to the wall and press my self against you.
I can feel you nipples pressing against my chest.
You can feel my hardness against your pussy.
The bell rings and we step off and walk to the door I pinch your bottom and fumble the key out of my pocket.
I finally get the door open, you have been teasing my hard cock! There are flowers and a bottle of champagne on the table, I push you against the door and kiss you deeply.
Its my turn to tease, I undo your top button, and stop there, and leave you panting as I open the champagne for us and pour two glasses.
We both sip and then kiss and can taste the wine in each others mouths, I pop one more of your buttons and can now see the sexy lacy camisole you are wearing.
I have been wondering what you have been hiding under your top.
You take another sip of wine and we kiss again and you let a little dribble into my mouth, it tastes of you and is sparkly.
I pop the last button and slowly pull your top off.
You look so sexy in lacy, but I can not wait and slip the thin straps off your shoulders and kiss your neck and bite your shoulders.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave I take your wine and set it next to the bed.
I peel the camisole over your head to revel your beautiful breasts in a sexy bra.
So sexy I can not help myself and bury my face between your breasts.
You are working on the buttons on my shirt now and biting my neck, I reach around and unclip your bra and you slip out of it.
I have to stand back to look, you are so beautiful Lucy! We kiss again and you can’t be bothered with my buttons and drag my shirt off over my head, we are still standing and kissing.
I can feel our skin touching, your nice warm breast pressed against me.
I find the zip on the back of your dress and your hands are busy with my belt, your skirt drops to the floor and you undo my belt, my button and unzip my pants.
I gently push you back on to the bed and stand over you, you only have on your shoes and lacy panties and a smile.
You look so pretty and sexy and I have a grin from ear to ear.
I kneel between your legs and pull your shoes off, then suck on your toes one at a time, are you ticklish? I slowly work my way up your thighs, and get to your panties.
I can smell you, rich and sweet when I touch you you jump, your panties are so wet! I pull them to one side and bury my tongue deep inside you.
Tease your clit with my tongue, I had plans to eat you and tease you but I can’t stand it any longer.
I stand up and kick off my shoes and socks, you are already pulling your panties off, and throw them off somewhere.
I have my pants and under pants down around my ankles and step out of them and into your arms.
I feel your breasts against me and your legs wrap around me as my cock slides straight into you like it was made for you.
I bury myself deep inside you and just hold you and kiss you.
You feel so fantastic Lucy! Then we both start to move almost with out knowing it.
We move against each other and my cock is sliding slowly out and then back in, further inside you then I thought possible.
We hold each other tight then I start to pull out so only the head is just inside you and it feels so nice.
I try and tease you for a sec but we can’t help our selves and I slide deep inside you again, the pace picks up and I love the sound of you moaning and saying my name into my ear.
I start to drive into you and we are both getting close and both moaning and biting and kissing.
You are clawing my back with your nails and now I am really driving into you! I can’t stop, cum with me my love I need to hear and feel you cum.
Your pussy clenches and you moan my name.
My cock feels huge inside you as I explode and empty into you! I cant believe how fantastic it feels.
We stay locked together, I can not move.
Then when we get our breath back we roll onto our sides, I reach and get us a glass of champagne, but because we are on our sides we can only dribble it into each others mouth and it spills.
We lick it off of each other.
Lucy you taste so nice, a mix of your scent, sex and champagne.
We lay in each others arms and kiss and cuddle, finally we doze off and sleep for a bit, but when we wake we are still in each others arms.
I wonder what will happen next.



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