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Hi all, my name is Alison.
I am 5’4, and 21yrs old.
I have fairly long blonde hair as you can see from my pictures.
I am actually very small which doesn’t necessarily show in my pictures.
My breasts aren’t very big either, but they suit me, so I’m happy with them.
I’m trying something new with my stories.
Telling the truth! I’m kind of using these stories as a sex blog.
Here’s something that happened to me last weekend.
A few weeks ago I finally got around to sending out an e-mail to everyone on my contact list.
Just a general update on what’s happening in my life, including the fact that I am single again.
I split with my Ex months ago and the friends that I see regularly all knew about it, but not everyone in my list.
I have quite a lengthy, electronic “little black book.
” Quite a few of them are Ex-boyfriends/lovers, but some of the people in it I hadn’t spoken to for years.
I was very surprised by the number of responses I got to my e-mail.
Phone calls and e-mails by the dozens.
It was very flattering really.
Within a couple of days I had dates booked nearly every night for the next few weeks.
Plus a couple of lunch dates on days when I wasn’t working.
The last few weeks have been a dating frenzy.
All with Ex-lovers so sex was almost guaranteed and we both knew it.
I went out on Friday night with David.
I hadn’t even spoken to him for almost a year.
We used to fuck quite regularly but he got a girlfriend and we fell out of touch.
David took me to a nice restaurant and we had a very pleasant evening catching up.
There was a lot to talk about and we were very relaxed in each other’s company.
I knew we were going somewhere nice so I dressed up a bit.
I wore a very sexy short blue dress.
It was low cut with a plunging neckline.
I wore high heeled shoes but David still towered over me.
Unusually for me, I wore underwear! Very sexy underwear at that! A dark blue, almost black material that was kind of transparent.
My nipples could be seen quite clearly through the bra cups and the shape of my lips, were just as visible through my knickers.
After dinner we went to a club.
We did quite a lot of dancing.
David began to get very affectionate and while we were sitting at our table between dances, David put his hand on my leg and began stroking me.
We started getting more serious.
We were kissing passionately and David’s hand worked its way up my leg as he started rubbing my clit through my knickers.
 It was getting very late, about 3am I think when we decided it was time to leave, so we went back to my place.
David could barely keep his hands off me in the car.
I spread my legs and let him rub my pussy while he was driving.
I was also rubbing his cock through his pants and I could tell he was hard! Despite the distractions we made it back to my place alive.
I don’t have a car so David parked in my garage.
My town house is on three levels.
The bottom level is just the garage which opens to the back, a small entrance way with stairs, and the front door.
The lounge and kitchen are up above.
The bedroom and bathroom are above that.
I’m describing this for a reason.
Be patient! As we got out of the car and moved towards the stairs, David was all over me.
He had me pressed up against the wall and we kissed while he had his hand up my dress, rubbing my cunt through my knickers.
I was very wet! I took his hand and led him towards the stairs but he was very impatient.
He reached both arms around me and pulled me back in to him.
Both hands were on my breasts while I turned my head and kissed him some more.
He slid his hands down between my legs, lifted my dress and put his hands inside my pants.
I broke away laughing and ran for the stairs.
David caught me quickly and as I started to climb the stairs, he quickly reached up my dress and pulled my knickers down to my ankles.
I fell forward onto my hands and kicked off my knickers as I continued to half run, half crawl, up the stairs.
 David caught me by the ankle near the top of the stairs and I stopped running, turned over onto my back on the top step, and spread my legs.
From his view point a few steps below me, Dave had a perfect view of what I was offering.
He moved in between my legs and kissed me.
Then he slipped my dress off my shoulders and pulled it down my body.
I lay back on the carpet at the top of the stairs and lifted my hips so he could take my dress off.
Then I spread my legs again as I lay there, wearing nothing but my high heels.
David frantically undid his belt and dropped his trousers to his knees, freeing his hard cock.
I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him as he slipped all seven inches into me in one quick thrust.
That was our first fuck for the night.
Right there at the top of the stairs.
We barely even made it out of the garage.
David fucked me hard and fast and came very quickly.
When he was done, we got to our feet and moved into the lounge room.
It wasn’t really much of a fuck, but I had been teasing him terribly all night so I’m not surprised he came so fast.
I sat David down on the couch and knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock.
It was at least five minutes before he was hard again.
As soon as he was hard enough I straddled him and rode him while he sucked on my nipples.
I reached down with one hand and stroked my clit while I fucked him and soon I had an excellent orgasm.
I collapsed against him with my head nuzzled into his neck while my trembling subsided.
David wasn’t done yet though.
He rolled me off him and got me to stand in front of the couch and bent me over.
My high heels made me just the right height for him to fuck me from behind.
He grabbed hold of my hips and fucked me hard for about 15 minutes before finally letting go another load of spunk inside me.
We took a break for a little while and I got us both a drink and we sat on the couch and talked.
I finally got to take my shoes off.
My feet were killing me! Eventually we made our way upstairs to the bedroom.
It must have been getting on towards 5am before we finally hit the sheets.
Of course we didn’t go straight to sleep.
One more passionate session ensued.
David had me doggy style on my bed and I reached back between my legs and brought myself to a screaming orgasm as he fucked me for the third time.
I collapsed forward after David finished fucking me and I must have fallen straight to sleep, because I don’t remember anything else that night.
I woke up to the feel of someone touching me.
David was gently stroking my breasts and running his hand up and down my body.
As I stirred he leaned in to give me a kiss and as he did he slipped his hand between my legs.
I was barely awake and I was getting fingered! I sleepily spread my legs as David climbed on top of me.
Men and their morning hard ons! I was getting fucked before my eyes were even open.
Surprisingly, he lasted quite a while and I had a delicious morning orgasm before he finished.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven As he shot another load of cum into my dripping wet pussy, I smiled at him and said, “Good morning,” and kissed him before he pulled out his cock and collapsed next to me.
What a wonderful way to start the day! As I lay there, basking in the afterglow, I noticed that the sunlight coming through the blinds was very high.
I wondered what time it was.
I reached over to the bedside table and checked the time on my mobile phone.
It was 11:55am.
I said “Fuck” and leapt out of bed.
I told David that he had to go because I was having lunch with my parents and my Dad was due to pick me up at 12.
That was total bullshit! I had a lunch date planned and Michael was picking me up at 12.
I couldn’t believe I had slept so late.
I told David to get dressed and while he did I went to the bathroom.
I quickly brushed my hair and my teeth.
I wiped between my legs with a flannel, there was no time for a shower.
When I came back David was dressed.
I wrapped myself in a towel and I rushed him out of the bedroom, all the while praying that Michael would be late.
 I took David down to the garage and gave him a quick kiss and nearly pushed him into his car.
He looked a bit stunned at being virtually thrown out of my flat.
I opened the garage door and waited for him to drive out.
As David’s car was pulling out of my garage at the rear of my unit, I heard the front door bell ring.
I was still just wrapped in a towel.
Fortunately, the dress I had worn the night before was still on the floor at the foot of the stairs.
So were my knickers.
I was dressed before the roller door had finished closing.
I pulled the dress over my head and put on last night’s knickers and went to answer the front door.
My heart was racing! I could still hear David’s car as I opened the door and threw my arms around Michael saying, “It’s so good to see you.
” I have to tell you a bit about Michael.
He is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not kidding, he is magnificent.
He has the body of an Olympic athlete.
He is about 6 feet 4 and very well-muscled, but without being bulky.
He has very strong arms and shoulders and a washboard stomach.
I could cream myself just watching him take off his shirt! He is very handsome and has a smile that could melt hearts at fifty paces.
I know he has done some modeling in magazines, including a nice underwear spread, because he showed me the photos.
He was born to be a model! All of this is secondary to what he is packing between his legs.
His cock is quite long at about 9 or 10 inches but he doesn’t look long.
That’s because it is the thickest piece of meat I have ever had inside me.
I can’t get my hand around that monster even when it’s soft.
Michael would be perfect except for one thing.
He has the IQ of a carrot! Seriously! I have never heard him say an intelligent sentence and I knew he wasn’t coming here to talk! Michael nearly crushed me as he gave me a big bear hug, lifting me off the ground in the process and smashing his lips into mine with a big kiss.
He got a good feel of my bum as he lifted me into the air.
I really needed an opportunity to go and have a shower but I saw all hope of that fading as Michael put me down.
He said, “You look hot,” as he squeezed my right breast with his hand.
This was about the most intellectual thing Michael has ever said to me.
As I closed the front door I said, “Thank you,” and smiled at him.
I moved to walk past him but Michael wrapped one arm around me and pulled me into him again.
He kissed me again and I responded.
He was fucking gorgeous! Michael’s hands kept roaming over my breasts while we kissed and then he slipped a big meaty hand between my legs.
I kind of tried to push his hand away but he barely noticed.
I tried to say `wait’ or something like that but he continued kissing me and my words were muffled.
Suddenly his fingers were inside my knickers and moments later, inside me as well.
I was really worried about how Michael would react if he realised he was stirring his fingers in someone else’s cum.
He just smiled at me and said, “You’re wet,” as he pulled my knickers down far enough that they could drop the rest of the way to the floor.
I had only been wearing them for about two minutes.
Michael had me pinned against the wall and he lifted me up high so he could reach underneath me and undo his jeans.
I needn’t have worried about Michael suspecting I was wet for other reasons.
His ego just automatically assumed I was wet for him.
He was so up himself! About ten seconds later he was up me as well.
Michael had his hands under my bum and he just lowered me onto his cock.
There was a moment of resistance but I was incredibly wet from all last night’s activities, as well as from being fucked by David less than ten minutes ago.
The weight of my body did all the work.
My ring opened and I took that magnificent hunk of cock into my wet cunt.
I was only getting about half his length in this position but I was being stretched wide.
Michael moved me away from the wall and stood in the middle of my foyer, raising and lowering me onto his cock.
He certainly wasn’t making love! He wasn’t even fucking! He was weight lifting, and I was the weight! He kept it up for a long time and eventually I couldn’t help myself.
That huge cock was stretching me and having a very desirable effect.
Another strong orgasm washed through me.
I screamed with the pain/pleasure of it loud enough for all my neighbours to hear.
Michael just laughed.
 He hadn’t come yet but he lifted me all the way off his cock and put me down on the floor as he pulled his jeans up.
We walked up the stairs, on weak knees in my case, to the lounge room, where Michael got undressed and the fucking really began! Four hours later I finally got Michael to stop fucking me.
He had fucked me all afternoon.
He only came twice that I noticed.
I did considerably better! I tried to suck him off to give my pussy a rest but Michael likes to be in control.
I only sucked him for about five minutes before he pulled my head away and turned me around to fuck me again.
About 4:30pm I tried to give him the usual hints that it was time for him to leave, but I should have known better.
Michael doesn’t pick up on hints.
Finally I had to say, “You have to go now.
I have a date tonight!” Michael looked confused for a moment and then he laughed and said, “That’s ok, as long as I’m first.
I don’t go slops!” I refrained from telling him that he had been “going slops” all afternoon.
Phil is due here at six.
That gives me time for a long hot bath.
I should be okay.
Phil likes blowjobs and anal.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to talk him into giving my pussy a rest.
This is technically not a gangbang story but I hope you like it.
Alison xxx



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