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Latest stories Straight Sex Rainy Night in the Hayloft

It’s 10:30 pm and Quinn had just arrived home from work.
When he pulled into the driveway, he realized that Harley’s truck wasn’t there.
He noticed the gate to the pasture was open, so he got the Gator and headed for the barn.
As he was driving, he saw lightning in the distance.
Pulling up to the barn he saw her truck and smiled softly, shut the Gator off and headed inside.
Once inside, he heard Shinedown playing on the radio.
Loupgarou was in his stable quietly chomping on his fresh hay.
As Harley backed out of the stall next to Lou, Quinn leaned against the door frame and just watched her work.
Harley, hard at work, didn’t notice he had entered.
She was rushing to finish before the coming storm hit.
Quinn took in the smell of hay, noticing the dirt on her hands and cheek where she had brushed her hair back.
He became aroused just seeing her dirty.
God she’s beautiful, Quinn thought to himself.
 Walking up behind her he slid his hands around her thick hips, working his way to her waist.
He wrapped his arms around her and breathed her in.
She smelled of hay, dirt, sweat, and her rose perfume, a strange combination, but intoxicating.
Harley leaned back into his chest, brushing up against the growing bulge in his pants.
“Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” she responded.
“I’m glad you are home.
” “Mmm really?” He asked, letting the wind fill him more with her intoxicating sent.
The smell of rain on the air turned Harley on, her eyes growing dark with lust.
“Yes,” she responded, “I have missed you.
” She turned to face him and he realized her top was unbuttoned a little for a breeze to cool her while she worked.
He felt his cock grow harder staring down at the perky DD’s that filled her lacy black bra.
Quinn leaned in and kissed Harley, unbuttoning the rest of her top.
His hands ached to feel her skin.
He traced his way up to her breasts, sliding around and unclipping her bra.
Quinn broke from their kiss, “Meet me in the hay loft,” he growled in her ear, smacking her on the ass, as he headed for the tack-room.
Harley giggled, and went to turn up the music.
The wind picked up, and the sound of thunder could be heard echoing over the pasture.
Harley reached the top of the stairs, and saw that Quinn had made it up there before her and was spreading out a horse blanket for them.
The sounds of thunder grew closer as she stood there watching him undress.
She saw the scar from the bullet wound that he received while on duty.
It had been a rainy night like this one when he came into her hospital.
She was so grateful they had met that night.
The smell of rain brought her back to the present and she moved closer to him.
She wrapped her hands around his waist, kissing his back.
Spinning around he wrapped his arms around her kissing her passionately.
He picked her up and laid her gently on the blanket.
Quinn slowly kissed down her neck to her succulent breasts.
He pulled her shirt and bra off.
The cool breeze made her nipples taut.
He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth, licking, sucking and nipping.
Harley moaned in pleasure.
He worked to the other, sliding his hands down her stomach to her jeans.
In one swift move he had her jeans unbuttoned and his hand sliding inside her lacy panties, reaching for her pussy.
She slid her jeans, boots and panties off in one smooth practiced move and laid before him in all of her beautiful glory.
His dark chocolate brown eyes drank her in.
As he played with her breast his other hand found her clit.
He started rubbing and pinching.
Harley moaned, lifting her hips to meet his hand.
He traced his hands down her trembling thighs, gently forcing her knees apart.
He buried his face in her pussy, lapping at her juices.
Harley’s eyes closed, she let out a moan that was covered by thunder.
Quinn continued licking and sucking.
stop,” she managed to let out.
She could see a smile in his eyes as his tongue found her clit and sent her over the edge.
Harley felt her insides releasing into his mouth, as he drank from her pussy.
She laid there shaking as he removed his pants and gave her an evil smile, she knew that was just the start.
His member stood begging to be sucked as it came free from its entrapment.
Harley moved to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wife_Anna Quinn moaned as she moved up and down taking it all in.
Sucking and slurping, she looked up into his eyes and winked.
She let his member slide out to the tip.
She let her tongue roll around the top, and just lightly flicked the tip.
Then she set to work with her hands, pumping his beautiful member vigorously.
Sliding it up and down in her hand, in and out of her mouth.
Quinn moaned out of happiness.
“Stop!” he commanded.
“Yes sir,” she responded quietly.
“On your hands and knees, hands behind your back,” he demanded.
“Yes sir,” she replied.
Once on her knees, Quinn took her hands and placed them in cuffs.
Her hands bound, he was free to do whatever he wanted, and she knew he couldn’t be stopped.
He placed one hand on her shoulder, and gently lowered her to the blanket.
Her ass and pussy were in perfect alignment for him.
“Spread your legs!” he ordered.
Harley obeyed his command.
He rubbed her ass gently then slowly raised his hand up and brought it down quickly, smacking her ass and causing her to involuntarily cry out and jerk away before pushing back, begging for more.
“You like that don’t you, Babygirl?” Quinn asked.
” was all Harley could respond.
Quinn smacked her ass again to get her attention.
“I asked you a question, Babygirl.
” “Yes Sir!” she responded.
“That’s my good girl.
” His hand slid down her ass cheek to her awaiting pussy.
He slid a finger into her pussy, teasing her.
Then two.
Harley moaned as Quinn finger fucked her slowly.
This is torture, she thought.
Outside it had begun to storm.
He stopped, and inserted his massive cock inside her.
Back and forth, slowly at first then harder and faster.
Her pussy started tightening around his dick, and he knew she was about to cum.
He quickly pulled out, and growled “Did I say you could cum?” Just then a clap of thunder, backing up his growl, sent a shiver down her back.
“N-no,” came the breathless, stuttered reply.
With that Quinn, released her hands from their prison, rolled her on her back, and slid all the way inside her.
Harley’s eyes were closed.
She had left this plane and was somewhere else as Quinn ravaged her body.
He picked her up, and laid her close to the edge of the hayloft, just enough that her head hung off the side.
All of her blood went racing to her head, as Quinn pounded her into submission.
Out of nowhere, he picked her back up and onto the hayloft floor.
The blood raced back to the other parts of her body, and Harley passed out for a few minutes.
She came too as she felt her insides tightening around him as he pumped harder into her pussy.
Quinn felt it too, and he felt himself on the edge as well.
Harley cried out in pleasure as her pussy released a massive wave, Quinn groaned and felt himself cum inside her.
He pumped a few more times as he emptied into her throbbing pussy.
He held himself over her as her blue eyes fluttered open.
Her eyes were filled with love and fire, as he smiled at her.
“I have been wanting to tear into you for the past few days,” he said.
“I thought your day off would never get here.
” Harley smiled.
“It’s been a blur.
I don’t know what day it is, the hospital had me on crazy shifts.
” Quinn just smiled at her, as he finished dressing.
“Well it’s Monday,” He said heading downstairs to the main barn.
“Tomorrow is my day off, and I’m not finished with you yet.
” he called from below.
Harley froze as his words hit her.
She scrambled to get dressed and race down stairs where Quinn was waiting with that evil grin of his.
She wrapped her arms around his waist, and looked into his eyes.
“Good, because I’m not done with you either, and the night’s not over.
” With that she reached up and kissed him, and ran for the Gator.
“Key’s are in the truck, see you at the house!” she yelled back.
Quinn just smiled as he watched her race for the house.
“What did I get myself into?” he asked himself as he climbed into her truck and headed home to the woman he loved.



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