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Latest stories Straight Sex Monica – Part 4

Monica was casually cleaning herself up, using the towel that the young woman from housekeeping had handed her.
As I lay there spent from our activities, my mind was frantically trying to come up with something plausible to tell my wife about how I missed my flight.
She would not be pleased.
I was looking at the young woman from housekeeping.
Without my glasses, I could barely make out her name tag.
Bernadette… yes, that’s it.
Bernadette was busily shifting her gaze from me to Monica and back to me.
She had walked in while my cock was in Monica’s mouth and had witnessed the explosive end to Monica’s skillful technique.
I slipped from the bed, not caring if Bernadette was looking or not.
She’d already seen all there was to see and I had nothing to hide.
Her gaze followed me as I walked to the desk, found my glasses and put them on.
I had no sooner picked up my cell phone to send my wife a text when it vibrated.
My wife was calling.
“Are you at the airport? I’ve been worried! Why haven’t I heard from you?” “I’m sorry hon, there’s been a snafu…” There was giggling from Monica and Bernadette, and I turned to shush them.
“What was that?” “What was what? Oh… that’s just noise from the hotel lobby.
” I lied.
“I had too much to drink last night, overslept and now I’m trying to arrange another flight out.
” A barrage of questions came at me like machine gun fire.
“Overslept? It’s the middle of the afternoon.
How could you possibly have slept so late? How late were you out last night? What were you doing? Didn’t you arrange a wakeup cal… ” “Look, I have to go, I’m next in line.
” I interrupted.
“I’ll call you right back.
” I quickly pressed the button to end the call.
I placed the phone down and looked up to see that Bernadette had her arms around Monica’s waist while Monica pressed her naked body against her and snaked her hands under the young lady’s skirt.
“Excuse me?” I interrupted them.
“Look, I’d love to stay and play but we have to clear out, and I need to make flight arrangements.
” I looked at Monica in disbelief and amazement.
I was annoyed that our little dalliance had resulted in my missed my flight and required a creative story to satisfy my wife.
On the other hand, I was aroused by Monica’s insatiable appetite and what appeared to be her ability to have her way with anyone she drew toward her.
“We really do have to go Monica.
” I insisted.
We quickly dressed and I gathered my things.
I watched as Monica slipped Bernadette a piece of paper and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.
“That’s my number, we can continue this anytime you’d like.
Oh, and feel free to use the bed to rub one out before fixing up the room.
” she said with a wink and a smile.
Bernadette giggled.
“Bye, have fun you two.
” I smiled at Bernadette and we left the room and walked toward the elevator, my bags in hand and Monica holding her blouse closed.
I had forgotten that in our lust driven frenzy, I had enthusiastically tugged at her blouse forcefully enough to send the buttons flying, scattering them on the room floor.
We boarded the elevator and descended to the lobby.
“There is a shop off the main lobby where you can purchase a new blouse.
” I said and handed her my credit card.
“Sorry about the buttons.
I’m sure you’ll find something you can wear until you get home.
Meet me at the concierge; I need to see if they can help arrange a flight out.
” I stepped from the elevator and crossed the lobby.
I was the second person in line and was admiring the woman working the counter.
She was rather attractive and wearing a very snug fitting skirt suit.
My eyes wandered over the exposed cleavage and hotel jacket.
The hotel crest was embroidered over the right breast and her name tag pinned above her left breast.
Very full and well shaped breasts.
The tag read “M.
” Berdekstres, I mused, what an unusual name.
I wonder where she’s fro… “May I help you?” I heard her call to me, a professional quality to her voice and, perhaps, a touch of annoyance.
I had been caught staring again, a habit that is bound to get me into trouble one of these days.
Today may be that day.
“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, stepping up to the counter.
“I couldn’t help but notice your name tag and…” I shifted uneasily on my feet.
“Um… I missed my flight this afternoon and I was wondering if you could help arrange a flight to Hartford for me?” Monica suddenly appeared beside me, clutching a bag from the shop but still wearing the tattered blouse, holding it together with her free hand.
Dear lord… I thought she would change into her new blouse.
The concierge looked at her amused.
“Rough day, huh?” Monica leaned against me, rolled her eyes and with a grin said, “You’d think a gentleman could control himself.
” I felt my face getting warm and turn red with embarrassment.
“Jesus Monic…” “Hey, nice name tag,” Monica blurted.
“Good with both hands are you?” The young woman behind the desk maintained decorum but softened her demeanour.
“Perhaps I am.
Let me guess, you two are together?” Monica let her hand slip a bit to expose the soft flesh under the tattered blouse and whispered something about finding out how good she really was with her hands.
The concierge gave Monica a slight smile before returning to the task at hand as I provided the information required by the airlines.
“You may wait in here in the lobby, or make yourselves comfortable in the lounge.
I’ll find you when we’ve made the arrangements for you.
You can leave your bags here if you’d like.
Is there anything else I can do for you?” I thanked her for her assistance and, with my embarrassment waning, led Monica to a quiet corner.
When we had tucked ourselves out of the way I turned to her but before I could utter a syllable she flashed me, holding the blouse open long enough to give me a good look at her nipples.
They were just starting to harden as she gather the blouse back over them.
It seems that in our haste to gather our things and leave the room, she had left her bra behind.
And she was only too happy to reveal that fact to me.
I quickly shooed her away toward the ladies room so she could change into her new blouse.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN I also suggested that she go buy a new bra before meeting me in the lounge.
I wondered if she bought one whether she would even bother to put it on.
Probably not.
I watched her walk away, the curve and shape of her hips begging me to follow.
Monica had me helplessly hooked.
I was a junkie and she was the drug of choice.
I quickly found that I couldn’t get enough of her and I was wondering what would come from all of this.
My mind was in turmoil and I was trying to think of something to tell my wife.
As I turned to walk toward the lounge I stumbled headlong into Bernadette, our bodies colliding in a manner that was not entirely unpleasant.
Her body pressed up against me and I reached for her hips to steady her and prevent her falling.
We lingered that way for a moment before I stepped back, giving her some space.
“I beg your pardon, are you okay?” “Oh, It’s quite alright,” she giggled and offered a soft, seductive smile.
“Your girlfriend left this in the room.
” She handed me Monica’s bra.
“I thought you might also like these,” she added and pressed a pair of moist panties into my hand.
“Those are for you.
I hope you two stay here again.
” With a light kiss on my cheek, Bernadette brushed past me and walked away.
My gaze followed her as I stuffed the panties and bra in my pockets, my thoughts taking flight on a cross-country trip to inappropriate destinations.
When I walked to the lounge I was self conscious of what seemed, lately, to be my constant state of arousal.
I tried my best to conceal the bulge in my trousers and clear my mind of thoughts of Monica and Bernadette together.
What does this city do to the women here? Do they all behave this way? For a moment I considered relocating.
I sat at a table in the lounge, and ordered two of Heinekens.
Monica arrived a moment later wearing the replacement blouse which appeared to be one size too small.
Her nipples pressed against the material and she displayed lots of cleavage.
She had obviously decided not to purchase a bra and had conveniently forgotten to button the top buttons of the blouse.
I soon found myself staring again.
As Monica reached for her drink, I delved into my pocket and took out the bra.
“I ran into Bernadette, she gave me this.
” I reached across the table handing it to her and she casually placed it on the table next to the coaster.
“What else did she give you? Something silky, moist and scented?” She seductively raised the beer bottle, her tongue reaching out to the glass mouth before her lips wrapped around it.
She sipped and let a satisfied moan escape her lips as she placed the bottle back on the table.
I glanced up and saw the concierge standing there.
Her presence startled me.
It was as if she had appeared out of nowhere and I wondered how long she had been there.
She glanced at the bra on the table and a smile appeared on her face.
“I’m sorry, there were no available flights today.
I’ve booked you on WorldAir flight 1452 to JFK with a connecting flight to Hartford departing tomorrow morning at 9:00.
Since you’ll be unable to fly out today, I’ve taken the liberty of booking a room for you tonight.
” “Thank you Ms.
Berdekstres, that is very accommodating of you.
” “Hannah” she replied “Hannah?” Monica chimed in playfully.
“What does the M on your tag stand for? Masturbatrix?” I slowly placed my face in my hands as the Monica rollercoaster descended into yet another free fall descent.
Hannah offered her a smile but no further explanation.
“If you would please follow me, I’ll show you both to your room.
” Monica and I glanced at each other and shrugged.
I dropped a twenty dollar bill on the table to cover the drinks and held Monica’s hand as we followed Hannah toward the elevators.
I noticed the confident and self-assured way Hannah carried herself through the lobby.
Eyes would turn to follow her movement.
I also found myself, once again, admiring the fit of her suit.
The fabric conformed to every curve and I was beginning to wonder what delightful discoveries were concealed beneath when Monica interrupted my daydream.
“You’d look great fucking her,” she whispered.
“Excuse me?” I glanced at her.
“Want me to arrange it? Do you want to fuck her? Or at least see if I can get her naked? I do love a challenge but I get the feeling it may not be difficult at all.
” Hannah glanced back over her shoulder at us as if she had overheard Monica.
Monica had what was becoming a very familiar wicked grin on her face.
I had learned very quickly that this was not the same Monica I had known in college.
This was a new and improved version; Monica 2.
There was a new surprise waiting for me around every corner and I was loving each and every one of them while at the same time praying that none of them would get me into serious trouble.
We followed Hannah into our room and found that my bags had already been delivered.
It was a spacious room, with king sized bed, a sitting area, a desk, two wing chairs and a small table.
On the table was a bottle of wine, glasses and a small assortment of cheeses, crackers and fruit.
“I thought you two might enjoy a bottle of wine and something light to snack on.
” Hannah gestured toward the bottle on the table.
“Compliments of the hotel.
” I have never experienced such hospitality.
Most of the hotels I stayed at processed business travelers with a cold, robotic efficiency.
“Thank you Hannah, you’ve been extremely kind and helpful.
” She then stepped toward me, much closer than I anticipated, and immediately I was surrounded by the light fragrance of her perfume: a scent that would soon come to haunt me.
My gaze flickered from the open neckline of her jacket and back up into her eyes.
She raised a hand, placed it on my shoulder and lightly smoothed my shirt.
“If there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable, anything at all.
” and she raised her eyes to mine.
Her words hung heavy in the ai, and the sexual tension hit me like a speeding train.
In the corner of my vision, I could see Monica reclining on the bed with a smile on her face, one hand slowly starting to glide over her breast while the other reached for the hem of her skirt.
“Anything,” Hannah repeated softly, her eyes searching mine.
Lost in the moment and with our eyes locked, I leaned in to kiss her.
To be continued …



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