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Maxwell “Max! Help me!” she cried out to me but I couldn’t go help her.
There were three vampire slayers on me as well as on her.
She fought them, but she was hurt.
Those fuckers had tried to stab her but luckily missed her heart.
They stabbed her on her arm instead.
I screamed in rage as I saw the blood trickle down her arm as she tried to fight them off.
I kept my eyes on Viviana as I slammed one vampire slayer down on the ground hard enough to break a bone.
He cried out in pain, but I couldn’t care less.
I grabbed the other one and twisted his neck in a flash while the other one came at me with a wooden stake.
I dropped the dead body on the ground and ran at the third vampire slayer.
He attempted to stab me in the heart, but I was faster than he was.
I grabbed his wrist and twisted it.
He cried out in pain and instantly dropped the wooden stake.
I grabbed his head and twisted it as well.
He dropped to the ground motionless.
I ran to Viviana, but I was too late—two were already holding her down as one stabbed her with the wooden stake.
I heard her scream out in pain, then total silence.
The fuckers killed her.
“No!” I screamed out as I finally reached them.
I grabbed the one who staked her and twisted his neck hard before I went for the other two.
I grabbed the one who stood to the right of Viviana and twisted his neck as the other one stepped over Viviana’s body to me.
I threw the dead body away and went for the other one.
The fucker had taken the stake from Viviana’s body and was attempting to stake me also, but too bad for him, I was stronger and faster.
I was behind him in a flash and bit into him, not giving him the chance to escape.
He cried out in pain and I smiled like a mad man as I twisted his neck to end his pathetic life.
These fuckers thought they could slay us.
I looked at them in disgust and turned back to look at Viviana’s body.
Viviana, the love of my life, was gone.
I was too slow; I couldn’t even save her.
I screamed out in rage and pain.
I fell down beside her, picked her up and held her lifeless body.
I covered my face in the crook of her neck and cried.
*** I woke up in cold sweat with tears on my face.
I felt like someone had stuck their hand into my heart and squeezed it with all they had.
Viviana, the love of my life was dead.
All because I was too damn slow.
I couldn’t even save her.
“Aarrghh!” I screamed in frustration and punched the wall with my fist.
Damn it all! I’ve killed many vampire slayers in my two hundred years of existence as a vampire.
Funny how they are supposed to be the ones hunting us to kill, yet I’m the one who is hunting them.
They all deserved to die.
They killed Viviana when she had done nothing wrong.
When Viviana died, my heart died along with her.
After her death, it felt as though all colors of life had faded into gray.
Nothing was worth looking at anymore.
Life had no more meaning, and I hated being the one who survived.
I got up off the bed and walked into my kitchen to get the bottle of blood that was given to me as a gift.
I poured some into a cup and drank from it.
It wasn’t nearly as good as drinking from a live human, but it would have to be enough.
Since Viviana died, I stopped feeding from humans.
My cell phone rang, interrupting my thoughts, and I went to check who was calling me.
The screen read Anthony.
Anthony was my friend and my partner in taking care of the night club, The North West.
I saved him from some vampire slayer a century ago and since then he’s been a loyal friend and partner to me.
“What’s up?” I asked, picking up the phone.
“Max, come down to the club and have fun.
You’ve been cooped up in your house for far too long, mate.
” “Nah, man, it’s okay.
I’ll pass.
” “Max, buddy, you can’t spend your whole life hunting down those vampire slayers.
I’m saying this to you as a friend, mate.
I don’t want to see you do this to yourself.
” “It’s none of your damn business, Anthony!” I yelled into the phone, unable to control the sudden burst of anger.
“If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be alive right now,” I said with anger in my tone.
“I’m not saying I’m not grateful that you saved me, mate.
You know that I will always be grateful towards you.
But its fine, mate, I understand if you want to be left alone,” he replied then hung up.
“Fuckin’ shit!” I yelled out slamming my phone down back on the counter.
An hour later I found myself getting ready to go check on my club and apologize to Anthony for being such an ass to him.
I had just finished taking a shower and walked out of the steaming bathroom to my closet.
I wore my boxer briefs and then grabbed my black dress pants and pulled them on.
I slid my belt through the loops and buckled it.
I then grabbed my white dress shirt and slid my muscled arms through them.
I buttoned the three buttons at the cuff of my arms and buttoned my shirt then tucked it in.
I fixed my navy blue tie and fixed my collar to finish it off.
Then I grabbed my dress coat and pulled it on to finish the whole look.
I was ready to go see my club and apologize to my friend.
Ella I wiped the steam off the mirror, and looked at my reflection.
My dark black hair had already begun to go into its natural set of curls.
My eyes flashed red as the hunger began to seep in.
I wanted to feed.
I needed to feed, but the person in the mirror looked complacent with deep green eyes, pale skin, and red lips.
Behind the facade, the real inner demon was howling.
When was the last time I fed? I reprimanded myself.
I could already hear the voice from my mother.
“Don’t get too hungry.
You won’t be able to control yourself.
” I looked away, and started towards my closet.
With no shame, and completely nude I walked through the hallway, past my room and into my walk in closet.
Through the full-length mirror I could see every feminine yet toned curves throughout my body: long lean legs, leading up to a firm, round bottom, and perky breasts.
I was attractive enough, as I should be.
I looked no older than twenty-three, when I was actually about a century and a half old.
I was still young, but the art of seduction had come to me as naturally as a spider spinning a web.
I was a predator and I knew how to hunt.
In all honesty, you just had to know what you wanted and how to get it and I knew what I wanted: human.
Now to the slightly more difficult part: how to get it.
Just as a hunter chooses their weapon, I looked through the numerous items on the racks and settled my eyes on a simple black dress.
I was in no mood for gourmet.
I wanted to grab my prey’s attention, but I didn’t want the whole club’s eyes on me.
I wasn’t like other succubi who enjoyed the hordes of gawks, stares, cat calls, whistles and testosterone that came our way.
I combed through my hair, and began to apply mascara, some loose powder, blush, and some baby pink lipstick.
After adjusting the shoes, dress and accessories, I looked at the final product of the night.
The woman in the mirror was beautiful, with no hint of the danger that lurked underneath.
However, for a second her eyes had faded into a dark abyss then snapped back to their deep green.
I picked up my bag and so did she.
With a smile on my face I went to my favorite place to eat: The North West.
*** My heels clicked as I walked up to the side entrance of The North West.
Unlike the main entrance, there were no flashing lights, college sluts, or frat boys begging to be let in.
The side entrance was mainly for those who wished to enter and leave with a cloak of invisibility.
Pushing through the door, the blue flashing lights and the deep beating of the bass overwhelmed my senses.
The amount of sweaty bodies, pheromones, alcohol, and music was extremely alluring.
It took every ounce of self control to stop myself from taking anyone off of that dance floor and satisfying myself.
With catlike grace, I walked around the dance floor, and towards the bar, all while looking at the menu in front of me.
There were the usual types in all different colors and sizes, but then my eyes caught on something else.
My gaze landed on icy blue eyes across the room and above in the balcony.
My heart rate quickened, and I had to find release from those eyes.
I moved my head as if gazing past him, when in all actuality I wanted to indulge in such a rarity.
I had only seen him one second and yet I could already sense so much about him.
He was massive in every single way.
With a towering frame of six foot, brown curly hair, and some stubble on his jaw, he had managed to grab not only my attention but that of every other female as well.
His confident, cool demeanor was dangerously wicked.
How I would have loved to lick his lips, then bite the bottom one, exposing his mouth to me, and have a taste.
Then a sensation hit my stomach.
This was strange; it was almost like nausea (as humans liked to describe it).
It was disorienting and it spread throughout my limbs.
I quickly ordered a shot of whiskey in order to combat the alien sensation.
Downing the shot, I followed up with a White Russian.
Nursing it slowly, I took my place at a stool.
I looked at all the young men that would wade out to the island of liquor.
Like a watering hole, the bar was a place that at one point or another all creatures would go to.
Looking at the prey available to me, I felt as if someone was watching me with extreme intensity from behind.
Getting up from my seat, I casually looked behind me and realized that blue eyes were looking at me.
I held his gaze for only a fraction of a second before I looked away and retreated to the dance floor.
No doubt, the man would have been delicious but he was dangerous.
It was obvious from his body language and dress that he held a lot of power.
Rule number one of being a succubus: don’t kill anyone who will be missed.
Online Now! Lush Cams Adrian_Rae Looking back to see if he had lost me, I saw his seat empty.
Could he have followed me to the dance floor? “Hello, sexy.
” Hot, sweaty breath fanned my neck, as I felt hands grab my ass and trail up to my waist.
Normally, I would be the one doing the seducing but at this point I was too hungry to care.
I leaned into his touch and began to rub myself against him in time with the beat.
I took in his features, and noted he was so average.
Brown straight hair, brown eyes, average height, and from the smell of him, completely buzzed.
Seconds later, I felt his hard on against my round curved ass.
Usually, I would take my time.
Enjoy the slow building of the heat, make him chase me, and play a game of cat and mouse, but tonight was different.
I was too hungry to wait for his advances and play it off as the shy girl who didn’t know any better.
I closed the little distance we had between us and grabbed his package.
I felt his member stiffen against the fabric of his jeans as he gasped.
I smiled seductively, trailing my hands against his chest; I ran my tongue up his neck towards his ear and then whispered, “I want you.
” He chuckled.
It was obvious he was used to the attention.
Grabbing his hand, I led him away from the dance floor and into the back of the club.
Completely grinning like a maniac, my meal had no idea what was in store.
As soon as the air of the cold winter night hit, he pinned me against the wall.
His tongue invaded my mouth hungrily with desire.
Gripping his shirt, I began to moan in pleasure as he trailed heated fiery bites along my neck.
His growing arousal pressed against my stomach as his hands searched across, feeling every curve of my body.
My growing hunger exploded all at once and the demon was unleashed.
I flipped us around and soon had him up against the wall.
Unbuttoning his shirt with ease, I traced my hands down his muscular chest, and all the way down to his trousers.
Unbuttoning the fly, and pulling down his briefs, his member popped out ready for inspection.
He panted heavily in anticipation as I gave feather light touches in the area around his groin, near the insides of his thighs teasing him a little.
“What do you want boy?” I asked, looking at him straight in the eyes.
He met mine but was silent.
He needed encouragement.
Stroking lightly against his shaft, he moaned slightly.
“Now, answer the question.
What do you want me to do with that beautiful cock of yours?” “I want you to touch it,” he moaned out.
I gripped it firmly, stroking it then held still.
He moaned louder as he tried to push himself against my hand.
I felt my hand grow slippery and wet with his pre-cum.
Trailing a finger up to my mouth I licked the juices and said , “I think you forgot the special word.
Didn’t mommy teach you any manners?” His gaze lingered at my mouth, completely in awe of the seductress in front of him.
He only managed to stutter , “P-p-please.
” “Good boy.
” I gripped his cock and continued to give him a hand job.
On another night, I would have taken my time.
Sucking his cock, wanking him, and follow up with whatever fantasy he wished to indulge in.
However, tonight I was too hungry to care about giving him some pleasure in exchange for his soul.
He was building up to orgasm, his member swelling and oozing with juices.
I anticipated the moment, and kissed him passionately.
Then like a bottle of champagne, he erupted.
His soul then began to drift between our mouths, in his moment of glorious abyss.
I was only supposed to take a piece, but I found myself feeding from his life force, and completely unable to stop.
I gripped onto him tighter as he began to beat frantically against me.
The poor thing didn’t understand that he was about to die.
I stopped suddenly and he collapsed unconscious against the floor.
I was never quite able to finish the job completely.
Instead of taking one victim, I would indulge in two or three to satisfy my appetite.
Adjusting my dress, and managing my hair.
I felt satisfied.
Not completely full, I almost walked back into the club for another meal.
I heard a rustle.
It was quiet, almost unnoticeable but I could feel a presence that was no alley cat.
I entered the club completely aware that someone had seen everything.
I dashed into the dancing crowd, and exited the side door as quickly as possible.
I was the predator, not the prey, yet here I was running away.
What the hell was wrong with me? Anger flooded through my system as I revved up my motorcycle and sped away into the night.
Max I watched as the mysterious woman rode her motorcycle away.
I could have easily caught up to her.
Being a vampire had its perks.
We had unnatural strength and speed, and amazing hearing.
But my God, watching her drive her motorcycle away made me regret not going after her.
It was the first time since Viviana died that I had felt anything for anyone, and yet, just seeing that mysterious and beautiful woman made me stop in my tracks.
It was like everything disappeared once I made eye contact with her, and it was her alone in my line of vision.
I tried to go near her despite my conscience yelling at me, but I never reached her.
Some random guy had beaten me to it, and she danced with him then left.
Oh, how I would have killed to be him.
But what was she? Not a human.
That’s for sure, and definitely not a vampire.
Maybe a succubus? She definitely had the body.
I’ve never personally met any succubus before but I’ve heard about them.
I’ve heard people say that succubi have the most amazing bodies, and my mysterious woman absolutely had an amazing body.
Oh God, did I just say ‘my mysterious woman’? I shook my head, disgusted with myself.
I felt like I was being unfaithful to Viviana even though she was no longer alive.
“Ugh,” I grunted, turning away from the road to go back into the club.
I walked past the dance floor to the back where there was a door that led to the manager’s room.
Anthony was sitting down at his desk looking over some papers when I walked into the room.
He was a handsome man with his short brown hair and green eyes.
He had a lean body, muscular enough, but was a young vampire.
When I first met him and saved him from those goddamn vampire slayers, he was barely 30 years old in his vampire life.
Now he was basically in his mid-century old and one of my closest friend.
“Hey man,” I said to him as I sat down across from him.
“Ah, mate! You made it!” he replied happily.
“Yeah, I’m here now,” I said to him, sounding bored.
“How are you, Max? It feels like years since I’ve seen you,” he said as he set his papers aside.
“I’m okay.
But, I’m sorry about snapping at you earlier man.
I didn’t mean to do that.
” “Oh! It’s okay.
I shouldn’t have bothered, no worries mate,” Anthony replied smiling.
Okay, well, I have things to do so I’ll see you next time,” I told him as I got up and headed towards the door.
“Mate,” I heard Anthony say, but I didn’t stop to listen as the door closed.
I was walking past the dance floor, heading towards the exit when a human woman stepped in front of me blocking my way.
I stopped in my tracks to avoid running into her.
She had light blue eyes and blond hair that came to her shoulders.
She had all the right curves in her body with nice long legs, but she was a far cry from being as perfect as my mystery woman.
She gave me a flirty smile and said, “Hey, handsome.
” She was totally unaware of what I was, and who I was.
I didn’t return her smile; I just looked at her uninterested.
“Why don’t you buy me a drink?” she asked smiling with an air of confidence.
She was probably used to guys lining up to buy her drinks, and was probably never turned down either.
Seems she was about to be disappointed.
I didn’t want anything to do with a human.
“Sorry, I’m rather busy at the moment,” I said as I stepped aside to continue walking towards the exit.
She grabbed my arm to stop me and I turned to look at her, a bit annoyed.
Didn’t she know a dismissal when given one? “You don’t need to play hard to get, handsome.
You already have my attention.
Every guy in this club would fight to get my attention,” she said confidently, as she pushed her body up against mine.
I put my hands on her shoulder and she smiled as if she had just won the biggest prize ever.
I smiled and leaned towards her face as if to kiss her, but I only whispered in her ears and said, “Not every guy.
” I gently pushed her body away from me and side-stepped her to walk away, but before I did, I saw the disappointment and embarrassment on her face from being rejected.
I didn’t care as I walked away from her and continued to the exit.
Thirty minutes later, I was back at my house.
I took off my dress coat and hung it on the hooks by the door and undid my tie as I walked to my room to get changed.
After I changed into comfortable clothes, I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of blood.
As I drank the blood from the glass cup, I heard what sounded like a picture frame falling and crashing on the floor in the living room.
I set my cup down and went to investigate what the source of the noise was and when I got to the living room, I saw the cracked picture frame of Viviana and I on the ground.
I picked it up and looked at it.
How had it fallen? I looked around the room, expecting to see someone else there somewhere in the room, but I was alone.
*Author’s Note: This was a collab with my best friend, Eve Mercurio.
She also has an account on lush, and I believe she said she will be starting some stories of her own soon.
But anyways, this is our first attempt at writing together, and I think we did pretty good, but I’ll let you readers be the judge (:  Please leave some feedbacks on how we did.
It would be much appreciated.
Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!*



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