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Latest stories Straight Sex Happy birthday to me Part 2

I heard Paul’s car pull up to the driveway just as I finished putting on my pants.
I looked around guiltily for any signs that his girlfriend had just given me a blowjob.
My palms started to sweat as I walked to the front door.
As the door opened I was prepared to blurt out the truth–Your girlfriend just gave me a blowjob!–when in walks my sister Stacy, with her friend Madison close behind.
“Surprise!” Stacy yelled, stepping forward to give me a big hug.
Stacy stood just over five feet tall, so I had to lean down to hug her.
I was so happy to see her that I picked her up and swung her around.
“What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be back till Friday!” I said as I set her down.
“We couldn’t leave you alone on your birthday, Sean,” Madison said as she stepped forward.
She smiled slyly.
“Don’t I get a ride, too?” Madison stood half a foot taller than Stacy, and was probably a good twenty pounds heavier.
She put her arms around my neck and leaped up, wrapping her legs around my waist.
I staggered for a second as I struggled to regain my balance.
I had no choice but to put my hands on her ass to hold her up, which Madison did not seem to mind.
I obligingly spun her around.
“Weeee,” she exclaimed, then pouted as I stopped.
“More, more!” I spun her around, faster and faster, until I bumped against the couch and fell backward.
Fortunately I landed on the couch with Madison on top of me.
Her hazel eyes bore into mine and then she kissed me, her tongue tenaciously prying my mouth open.
As our tongues dueled she ground her ass into my crotch and I felt the stirrings of a new erection.
She sucked on my tongue and I reached up to cup her tits.
She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples stiffened against my hands.
They were about as wide as a dime, much larger than Trish’s, and Madison moaned as I flicked my thumb across them.
  “Holy shit, Maddie! Get a fucking room!” Madison smiled, her teeth pearly white and perfectly straight, as she sat back, leaving me gasping for air.
“Hey, it was your idea, remember? I’m just trying to deliver my present to the birthday boy.
” “I said a blowjob, and it didn’t take much to convince you!” Stacy crossed her arms and glared at her friend.
“Maybe I’ll take his virginity as well.
” she glanced sideways at Stacy.
“Maybe you two can lose your virginity together.
” Stacy turned a bright red.
“Maddie, that’s gross! Sometimes you disgust me! You.
” She stopped talking as we heard a car door slam.
She looked over at me.
“Who’s home?” “Uh, Paul and Trish came down earlier.
Paul went to the store; Trish is upstairs taking a shower.
” Madison rolled off of me and I hastily stood up.
The front door opened and Paul walked in, holding a case of beer under one arm and a grocery bag in the other.
“Is that Stacy’s car outside? Hey, Stace! What are you doing here? Let me put these bags down and I’ll give you a hug.
Sean, can you get the rest of the bags from the back seat? Thanks, bro.
” I brought the bags in and found Paul, Stacy and Madison in the kitchen.
Paul had the blender going and the two girls were sitting at the counter chatting away.
I was struck by the similarity between the two.
Aside from being much taller (and her tits being twice as big), Madison closely resembled my sister.
They both had long, dark-brown hair, high cheekbones, and cute little button noses.
Both had big eyes of similar shape, though Stacy’s were chocolate-brown and Madison’s were hazel.
Neither one wore makeup, and neither one needed it.
Of the two, Stacy was the more serious while Madison more fun-loving and free-spirited.
“Margarita or beer? Sean? Sean? Do you want a margarita or a beer?” Paul’s question broke into my train of thought.
“Uh,um, I don’t drink.
” Paul grinned.
“And that’s exactly what we’ll tell Mom and Dad.
Now, beer or margarita?” “Um, beer, I guess.
” I chose the, in my mind, manlier drink.
Paul poured two glasses of margaritas and passed them to the girls.
He popped the caps off of two bottles of Coronas and handed one to me.
“Here’s to the birthday boy.
Cheers,” he said, lifting his bottle towards me.
“Hey, what about me?” We all turned to see Trish walk into the kitchen.
She had changed into a short denim skirt and a white sleeveless blouse.
Her hair was still damp.
“Oh, sorry,” Paul told her.
“I thought you were still taking a nap.
” “No, I took a shower.
I had something sticky in my hair.
I’ll take a margarita, please.
” We toasted and drank.
I had only had beer once before and didn’t really like the taste, so I drank it slowly.
Our kitchen counter was L-shaped, with four stools on either side of the shorter end where we usually ate breakfast.
Stacy and Madison were on one side, and Trish had sat down next to me.
Paul was standing behind the longer side of the counter, acting as our bartender.
He asked Stacy about Yosemite and she and Madison took turns telling us about their trip.
I was distracted when Trish placed her hand on my leg.
I nervously chugged a quarter of my beer as she softly moved her hand up and down on my leg.
During a slight pause in the girls’ tale, Trish said “Pooh bear, can you get me a refill?” She leaned slightly over me to offer her glass to Paul, her breast brushing against my right arm.
“Sure thing, sweetie.
Anyone else?” Stacy still had most of her drink, but Madison quickly drained the last of hers.
“Yes, please!” As soon as Paul turned to blend another batch of margaritas Trish slid her hand over my cock and began to caress it.
I nearly jumped off of my stool.
During the next half hour every time Paul looked away Trish’s hand was instantly on my cock.
My poor stiff prick was so confined in my briefs that I decided to switch to boxers.
I had lost track of the conversation until Paul slammed a shot glass in front of me.
I blinked and looked questioningly at Paul.
“Weren’t you listening? We’re doing a shot in your honor.
” I watched as he poured tequila shots for all of us except Stacy.
I raised my eyebrows at her and she smiled.
“Designated driver.
” She has always been very responsible.
“But we’re all doing one when we get back!” “We’ll do body shots later,” Paul stated with a lewd grin.
I had no idea what he was talking about.
He handed out lime wedges and I watched as he licked the outside of his hand between his thumb and index finger and then sprinkled salt on it.
He passed the salt shaker to me and I copied him, then passed the salt to Trish.
  “Here’s to an unforgettable birthday,” Paul toasted.
We clinked glasses and I followed Paul’s example, licking the salt off of my hand and chugging the tequila in one shot.
I started to gag as the liquor burned a trail from my throat to my stomach.
I thought I was going to puke and I hastily shoved the lime wedge into my mouth and bit down.
It helped with the taste, but my eyes were watering and my throat was on fire.
I snatched up my bottle of beer and quickly chugged the remainder.
It actually tasted good compared to the tequila.
I actually sighed in relief.
I became aware of laughter.
Paul was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down his cheeks.
hilarious! I wish I had a camera.
” I got up from my stool, feeling light-headed.
The kitchen seemed unbearably hot.
I started toward the back door.
“I need some air.
” “We’re leaving in two hours! Be ready or I’ll leave you behind!” Paul called after me.
I knew the fucker meant it, too; he would leave me in a heartbeat.
I walked around the pool for a couple of minutes and heard the sliding glass door open.
Madison strode over and wordlessly took my hand, leading me to the far side of the yard toward our hot tub gazebo.
Once we got inside she glanced around to make sure all the doors and windows were closed.
Satisfied she reached up and softly kissed me, then pressed her lips to my ear.
“We have to be quick.
It’ll be longer next time, I promise.
” She dropped to her knees and tugged down my pants and underwear.
My dick hung limp for the first time in hours, it seemed like.
With the alcohol and me still feeling light-headed I wondered if I’d be able to get erect.
I needn’t have worried.
Maddie wrapped a hand around the base of my shaft and stroked it up and down.
She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.
She alternated between sucking and swirling her tongue around the head.
My cock expanded in her mouth and she lowered her head and sucked my balls into her mouth.
She licked up and down the shaft and then slid her mouth down on my now rock-hard cock.
She didn’t take in all into her mouth like Trish had done; she went about halfway while she started to stroke the shaft.
  She quickly got into a nice rhythm, bobbing her head as she stroked me.
It took only two minutes for me to feel a tingle in my testicles and knew I’d be coming soon.
Without realizing it I grabbed the back of Maddie’s head and quickened her pace just a tad.
I thrust forward as my orgasm hit.
As spurt after spurt shot down Maddie’s throat I looked down at her.
She had her eyes closed and continued to stroke my cock as she swallowed my load.
As my orgasm subsided she opened her eyes and looked up at me, as her hand continued to slowly move up and down.
She finally released my deflating prick and squeezed it one last time.
A drop of cum glimmered on the tip of my dick and she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked it off.
Then she kissed my cock and stood up.
“How was your first blowjob?” she asked with a smile.
“It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt,” I said truthfully.
We went in to change for dinner.
Stacy and Maddie both wore tight jeans; Stacy wore a burgundy button down blouse tucked into her jeans, Maddie a blue striped tank top that showed off her ample breasts.
They both looked really nice.
Trish looked smoking hot in a red dress that accented all the delicious curves of her wonderful body.
She caught my admiring stare and gave me a quick wink.
  All thoughts and images of other girls, however, were wiped clear from my mind when I opened the door for Kelly.
She was wearing a sleeveless white dress with a v-neckline and halterneck straps that seemed to shine against her golden tan.
With her high heels she stood two inches taller than me, and the light from the streetlamp in front of our house had a halo-like effect.
Her long blonde hair seemed to fan out behind her, and I was in love.
  When we went inside Paul had a round of shots lined up.
I foolishly did one, against my better judgement, followed by a beer chaser.
I managed not to gag, much to my relief.
But the next couple of hours were a blur.
I’m normally pretty quiet, preferring to listen rather than talk, but the alcohol loosened my lips.
  I vaguely remember sitting between Kelly and Maddie at the restaurant, with Trish sitting directly across from me between Paul and Stacy.
At one point Maddie’s hand was caressing my thigh while Trish ran her bare foot up between my legs and onto my crotch, but I nonchalantly moved both hand and foot away.
I only had eyes for Kelly.
I must have been funny, or funnier than usual, because she spent most of dinner laughing.
Most likely it was the tequila.
When the waitress brought a cupcake with a lit candle and began to sing “Happy Birthday” I didn’t even get embarrassed, I actually sang along.
Online Now! Lush Cams katriona24 After the last stanza, as I was making my wish and getting ready to blow out the candle, I locked eyes with Kelly.
She smiled and clapped as the candle went out.
Back at home Paul showed us how to do body shots.
He licked the side of Trish’s neck and sprinkled salt on it, placed a lime wedge between her teeth and carefully positioned the shot glass in her cleavage.
He then licked the salt off her neck, dipped his head to her bosom and expertly clutched the shot glass with his mouth, then tossed his head back and downed the tequila.
He took the lime from Trish with his mouth and stepped back.
  “And that’s how you do it,” he announced.
“Your turn, Sean.
And remember, no hands!” I hesitated and looked at Kelly.
She nodded and smiled encouragingly, so I followed Paul’s example.
When I licked her neck I caught the faint smell of strawberries as Kelly shivered slightly at my touch.
My hands shook a little as I placed the shot glass between her breasts, realizing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
When it was time to take the shot I found it wasn’t as easy as Paul made it look.
Some splashed onto her tit as I maneuvered my mouth, finally wrapping my teeth around the glass.
I rose up slowly, afraid I would spill more, then tilted my head back quickly and felt the burning liquid flow down my throat.
I promptly tore the glass form my mouth and stepped to receive the lime from Kelly.
Our lips made contact for the briefest second.
“Okay, girls next.
” Paul had already poured four shots.
  “I’ll go,” Trish offered.
I figured she would go to Paul but surprisingly she came to me.
“Let’s give the birthday boy a treat.
Do you mind?” she asked Kelly.
Kelly looked at me and then back at Trish.
She shook her head.
“Not at all, go for it!” I wondered where Trish was going to put the shot glass when she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled the shirttail out of my jeans.
She pulled my jeans away from my waist and set the shot glass snug between the waistband and my belly.
Her tongue tickled as she licked my neck and I caught a whiff of sweet vanilla.
My stomach quivered as she lowered her head and easily grasped the shot glass, tossing her head back and downing the tequila.
She had barely taken the lime from my mouth when Kelly spoke up.
“My turn.
” She repeated Trish’s actions.
I got goosebumps when she licked my neck.
She had some trouble with the shot glass but managed to down it all without spilling any tequila.
Her lips lingered on mine for a slow heartbeat.
“Next!” Maddie called out.
She didn’t bother to ask permission.
She smelled of wildflowers and she actually nibbled my neck when she licked the salt off.
She stepped back when she was done.
There was one shot left, and everyone turned to look at Stacy.
“I can’t do a body shot with my brother!” she said, looking horrified.
“Why not?” Maddie asked.
“It’s not like you’re going to fuck him or suck his dick!” “Just do it, Stace! Who the fuck cares?” Paul interjected, opening another beer.
  “You can do me if you want,” Trish suggested.
Stacy looked at her and blushed again.
“Fuck it!” She came over and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down so she could reach my neck.
Her tongue felt incredibly soft against my skin.
She practically shoved the lime in my mouth before setting the shot glass in my waistband.
She performed the actions quickly–perhaps before she could change her mind–and when she was done she said “Happy fucking birthday!” Paul, Trish and Maddie began to cheer and applaud and I laughed as Stacy took a bow.
“Hey, what about me? I’m the host of this fucking party! What do I get??” Paul put on his best “poor me” look.
“Is it your birthday?” Trish asked.
I caught a knowing look pass between them.
“Here, Paul.
You’ve been staring all night, so have a good look.
” Maddie lifted her shirt and flashed her tits at Paul.
“Ooh, yum! Where’s the whipped cream?” Trish didn’t seem to mind either Maddie’s actions or Paul’s comments.
She said “We need some music.
And more margaritas!” Soon it was a full blown party.
Paul insisted on doing a shot with Maddie which she happily agreed to.
He spent a long time over her boobs, probably sneaking a few picks before mouthing the glass and finishing his shot.
He pretended that he had spilled tequila on her breasts and openly started to lick her exposed tits.
Trish didn’t notice because she was busy doing a shot off of Kelly.
I nearly came as their mouths met to exchange the lime.
I didn’t want Stacy to feel left out so I did one with her.
“Hot tub time!” Pail yelled.
  “But it takes a while to heat up, ” I told him.
Paul grinned.
“I turned the heat in before we went to dinner.
Now, suits on! Let’s go!”  Everyone moved to obey.
Kelly hesitated and said “”I have to go home and get my suit.
” Stacy looked her up and down.
“I think you’ll fit into mine.
Come on,” she grabbed Kelly’s hand and led her away.
Everyone followed them upstairs to change.
  I was the first one outside.
I dipped my foot into the pool and quickly pulled it back out.
It was cold! I had a slight buzz from the alcohol and wondered if I should jump into the pool to sober up.
While I was contemplating this course of action Paul and Trish came out, followed by Stacy, Maddie and Kelly.
Stacy’s bathing suit fit Kelly–barely.
The bottoms were okay, if a bit tight, but the top was way too small.
The fabric stretched and her tits threatened to pop out at any second.
I was staring at Kelly’s tits, completely mesmerized when Paul’s voice caught my attention.
“Maybe we should make this a naked hot tub party'” he said, staring at Maddie’s ample bosom and practically drooling.
“Chill out, pervert.
Half these kids are minors!” This was from Trish.
Paul spoke up before I could protest.
“Okay, adults in the hot tub, kids in the pool!” As he said this he gave me a shove, and before I realized it I was under water.
I came up sputtering.
“Asshole!! The water’s cold!” I protested, although it did seem to clear away some of the fog in my brain.
I heard a splash beside me and turned to fine Kelly next to me.
“I’ll warm you up,” she said, wrapping her arms around me.
As she leaned in to kiss me I heard several more splashes and our kiss was interrupted by a wave of water crashing down on us.
“Marco!” Paul yelled.
“Polo!!” We all replied as we swam away.
Paul was it for a long time, and it soon became obvious he was trying to zero in on Maddie.
Maddie soon figured it out, along with the rest of us, and stayed put till Paul found her, his hands moving quickly from her shoulders to her tits.
He fondled them or a few seconds before he opened his eyes.
“You’re it!” We played for a while until Paul said “This water’s too fucking cold! Let’s go in the hot tub.
” He swam over to the shallow end and Trish, Stacy and Maddie followed suit.
U turned to Kelly.
“Do you want to go to the hot tub?” I asked her.
“I’d rather stay out here with you, but the water’s so cold!” “I’ll take care of that.
Go sit by the jets,” I pointed toward the middle of the pool.
I climbed out of the pool and went to the control panel.
I turned on the heat and the jets to high, then joined Kelly.
Our pool had built-in seats along each side of the pool and pulsating jets which felt great along your lower back, similar to the hot tub.
While the pool wouldn’t get as hot as the hot tub it would warm up enough to take the chill off.
  As the air around us started to warm up Kelly moved in front of me and sat on my lap, her knees straddling my sides.
We looked at each other for half an eternity, then we started making out like crazy.
Our mouths met and then our tongues battled furiously, first her tongue invading my mouth, then mine invading hers.
Our hands were all over each other as well: I ran my hands through her hair, pulling her close to me, then I slid one hand down her back and cupped her round, soft ass cheek.
I moved my hand inside her bikini bottom and massaged her ass, then I moved my other hand inside her top and caressed her soft, perky tits.
I moved from one to the other, then concentrated on her erect nipples.
Finally I had to taste them, so I dropped my head down and encircled her right nipple, wrapping my lips around it and sucking gently.
I licked, sucked, slurped and practically worshiped that nipple, then switched to the other and did the same.
Kelly ran her hands wildly through my hair nonstop, then leaned down and stuck her tongue in my ear.
  “Fuck me,” she said softly.
Those were the most erotic words ever spoken to me up until that point.
My mouth and tongue continued to work on her nipples as I moved my hands down and tugged her bottoms off.
She lifted and wiggled her butt to help me, then drew away and tugged off my shorts in one swoop.
Both totally naked, she took my hand and led me to the shallow end of the pool, where she pushed me on to the top step and took hold of my erection.
Through my lust and alcohol haze I had a single thought of clarity.
“I don”t.
need a condom.
” She looked into my eyes as as she guided my cock to her pussy.
“It’s okay,” she whispered.
“I’m on the pill.
She didn’t take her eyes off mine as she rubbed my stiff cock along her pussy lips.
I waited in eager anticipation until I thought I would go mad, then she shifted and I felt my cock slip into her warm, wet pussy.
She went agonizingly slow, and the hot tight walls of her pussy sucked my cock in inch after inch after inch.
Finally my cock was buried all the way into her hot cunt, and I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding in.
Kelly closed her eyes and moaned as she rotated her hips, seeming to screw herself even further onto my dick.
She opened her eyes and leaned in to kiss me while she raised her hips and pulled her pussy off of my cock before plunging back down again.
I moaned into my mouth and moved my hands to her ass, kneading her ass cheeks as I guided her up and down on my cock.
The feeling was indescribable, and I wanted it to go on forever.
  “Oh, God, that feels so good!” she breathed into my ear.
“Play with my nipples! Please!” I obediently moved my mouth and swirled my tongue on her nipples, moving from one to the other.
I sucked and swirled, sucked and swirled, and then moved to the other.
Kelly began to move faster and I bucked my hips up to meet hers.
“Oh, God.
oh, God.
ohhhhh!” I grabbed her hips and drove my car into her, again and again.
Kelly arched her back as she bounced in my lap.
Suddenly she bit her lips as her body went rigid.
Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as her body shuddered.
Her lips parted as she moaned softly.
Her expression as he came triggered my own orgasm.
I pulled Kelly closer to me as I shot my load inside her.
My pulsating prick deep in her pussy caused new convulsions in Kelly and she led out a loud moan that almost sounded like a purr.
My lips found hers and we kissed passionately as our orgasms subsided.
She lay her head on my shoulder and I stroked her head.
Suddenly the floodlights came out and wild cheering and applause rained down on us.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we have one less virgin in the world! Introducing Sean Patrick Thomas!” Paul’s voice boomed in announcement.
I looked up to see Maddie strip off her suit and jump into the pool.
  “Next!” To be continued.



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