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Latest stories Straight Sex Breaking Her Walls Down

“I have a treat for you, Paige,” he whispered into my left ear.
I shivered, “Oh my goodness.
” I couldn’t believe I was really on my knees on top of his dining room table, wearing nothing but my panty hose wrapped around my wrists and bound behind my back.
He smiled darkly, then reached into his jacket and pulled out a silk scarf.
I felt my heart race even faster as he leaned towards me and slipped it over my head and tied it.
Suddenly all I could see was darkness.
I couldn’t see anything.
I couldn’t see his reassuring blue eyed gaze, telling me I was beautiful and I was safe with him.
I licked my suddenly chapped lips, “I don’t know about this, Will.
I think I might have a panic attack.
” All I heard was his heavy sigh before I heard his retreating steps leave the room.
“Will? Where are you going? Don’t leave me here!” I called after him, tilting my head back to see if I could see under the blindfold.
I shivered a little, I’d begun to sweat in anxiety and it started to cool on my skin.
I could feel goosebumps sprout on my arms and down my back.
I rotated my wrists, testing my restraints.
Surprisingly, the panty hose held against my tugs.
“Dammit,” I cursed, I really hoped he wouldn’t leave me here.
Suddenly I heard his heavy footsteps coming towards me and felt a wave of relief go through me.
“Were you waiting long?” he teased.
I rolled my eyes behind the blindfold, “Of course not.
I’ve been just dandy.
” Out of nowhere he gripped my neck tightly, making the air rush from my lungs on a startled gasp.
“Is that attitude I hear in your voice, young lady?” he asked, his tone dead serious.
I swallowed thickly, “I’m sorry, sir.
Please don’t punish me.
” “Don’t tell me what to do little girl,” he warned, his hand tightening on my throat for a couple seconds.
He released me and I heard him place something on the table next to me.
“Now, as I said earlier, I have a treat for you Paige.
” I shuddered, I was scared and yet so excited.
He instructed me to lean forward and place my cheek against the table.
I obeyed and blushed, I could feel his eyes on my exposed lady parts.
“You have the most delicious looking rosebud of an asshole, Paige,” I heard him groan from behind me.
I felt his warm breath creep over me before I felt his tongue slide down my bottom.
I yelped and thought about crawling away from him but I knew better.
He pressed his tongue against the entrance of my ass, fighting for access.
I panted and despite my own embarrassment pushed my hips back into his seeking mouth.
“You like this don’t you,” he taunted, jabbing his tongue into my ass, the wet thick muscle slipping in a little, “I’m barely rimming you, and already your pussy juice is dripping onto the table.
” I moaned in defeat, of course I liked it.
I loved having my ass played with, despite what I was raised to be believe about certain aspects of intimacy.
I wanted him to shove his whole tongue inside me, I wanted him to pound my ass with his huge cock until I would never be able to sit correctly ever again.
“Oh Paige,” he groaned into my skin, “This teenage ass is so fucking scrumptious, baby.
I could eat your tiny asshole all day.
” “Fuck yes!” I moaned, arching my back in offering to him, “tongue fuck me, please.
” He complied with a growl, attacking my ass with a vengeance.
I was a shivering mass of gasps and moans as he jabbed his tongue in and out of my hole like a cock.
I felt him spit on it and place something cold and hard against my entrance.
I jolted up, “What the fuck is that!” “Get back down, Paige,” he growled, his hand gripping my hip tightly.
“No, you tell what the hell you’re trying to put inside of me now dammit!” Suddenly, he ripped the blindfold off my face and I blinked wildly until my eyes could adjust to the light.
Will was standing in front of me, his tux rumpled and hair tousled.
A look of utter annoyance painted his ruggedly handsome features.
He held what looked like a shiny slim dildo up in his right hand, “This, is the ‘treat’ I was telling you about.
It’s a vibrator, a very strong one, and I wanted to use it on you tonight.
” “You wanted to put that…in my butt?” I asked in shock.
He smiled, “Actually, I wanted to put my dick in your butt.
” I blushed at his erotic admission, “I don’t think I’m ready for that right now, I’m still trying getting used to having just you down there.
” “Down there?” he chuckled and shook his head.
He put the vibrator down onto the table and reached around behind me to untie my wrists.
I rotated my hands to get the blood flowing again and looked at him from under my lashes.
He looked so sad, he must’ve thought he would surprise me, which he did, and thought I would probably love his little ‘treat’.
I sighed, “Maybe we could try again? But this time without the blindfold and restraints.
At least just this time.
” He smiled like a kid on Christmas morning and grabbed my head in both his hands and proceeded to kiss me breathless.
I yelped as he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and headed for the bedroom.
“Hold up,” he said, turning back towards the dining room, “Almost forgot our new toy.
” He picked up the vibrator and headed back towards the bedroom.
I giggled as he tossed me onto the bed, something he told me he liked to do because it made him feel like a caveman, and since I was so light it was easy for him to do.
He began to strip, staring at me hungrily all the while.
“Wait,” I stopped him.
His fingers stilled on the buttons of his shirt and looked at me in confusion.
“Dance for me,” I bit my lip, trying to hide my smile but failing miserably.
He smiled and blushed, but to my surprise began swaying his hips side to side.
Although the whole thing was awkward and unbelievably hilarious, I found myself almost drooling in lust as more and more tanned muscular skin was exposed to my curious eyes.
He made a show of twirling his shirt over his head before tossing it at me, mimicking my move from last night.
I laughed as I threw his shirt into a corner, he was so silly.
This was the Will I knew, goofy and outgoing.
His belt came next, and he looked at me with a dark smile as he snapped it a few times.
I jumped with each sharp snap, remembering how it felt when he had spanked me so hard the first time we were together.
And how wet it made me.
Suddenly, an image of myself naked and bound laying across Will’s knee, moaning and wiggling around as he rained down sharp blows on my tender ass with his leather belt, popped into my head.
What the fuck is happening to me.
Will dropped his pants unceremoniously, and shucked his briefs off in the same fashion.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven For a second I thought his strip tease was over, but then he proceeded to shake his hips side to side, making his cock bounce from thigh to thigh and produce a weird slapping sound.
“Ew, stop that you weirdo!” I laughed, covering my eyes with my hands.
He laughed and came forward to push me onto my back.
I smiled as he leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose tenderly, it was little things like this he did that made me feel so cherished and delicate.
“Roll over onto your stomach, little girl,” he commanded softly.
I immediately obeyed, sighing as I felt him begin to caress my naked back.
He gripped my hips and told me to bring my knees under myself but keep my shoulders to the bed.
He spread my ass cheeks apart, and gave a strong lick down my ass.
I gasped loudly, God it felt so good.
He did it again and again, sometimes pushing his tongue inside a little bit.
I started pushing my ass back towards him, seeking more of his naughty, dirty mouth.
But after he spit on it a few times he stopped.
I groaned in frustration and looked back at him in confusion.
“Don’t move, Paige,” he warned before pushing up from the bed and grabbing his jacket from the floor.
He pulled the vibrator from a pocket and came back towards me.
It twinkled in the light like a magical object, and I felt my stomach start to flip flop.
It looked pretty slim, maybe three inches in diameter, but the thought of anything in my ass completely freaked me out.
I gulped as he knelt behind me and began sliding it between my pussy lips.
I jumped when it first touched me, it felt cold and weird, but soon it took on my body heat and I moaned whe he slowly pushed it inside me.
“You like how it feels in your pussy, baby,” he whispered as he pumped it inside me.
I nodded and groaned as he switched the vibrator on inside me.
Even on its lowest setting it I could feel the soft vibrations throughout my entire midsection, and it felt damn good.
“Do you want more?” “Yes please, I want more,” I mewled into the pillow beneath me.
He chuckled and turned it higher, pumping it harder and faster inside me.
I began bouncing back onto the vibrator in his hand, moaning Will’s name into the pillow over and over.
This thing was going to make me cum hard.
But Will withdrew the vibrator from my body and slid it up to my ass.
“Now just relax, and remember to breath,” he coached me.
With that he began pushing the vibrator into my ass, slow and steady.
I wanted to move away but willed myself to breath and relax, even though my ass began to burn uncomfortably as more and more of the vibrator slide into me.
Once he got past the ring of muscle at my entrance, it was easier to relax and let more of the vibrator slide into me.
“That’s it baby,” he panted, rubbing my hip in comfort, “you’re doing so good, sweetheart.
” His breathing was heavy and laboured, and it turned me on knowing this was turning him on so much.
He stopped pushing and I assumed that all of the toy inside me.
I felt like it was up in my stomach, but the toy was only five or six inches long.
I moaned and shifted my thighs, I felt so full already and could only imagine how I would feel with Will’s monster cock deeply embedded in my ass like this.
“You have no idea how badly I wish it was my cock in your ass right now, Paige,” he growled, gripping my hips tightly.
“Me too,” I moaned, and really meaning it.
“Oh baby,” he sighed right before plunging deep inside my pussy.
We groaned in unison.
He began a hard and steady rhythm, giving me long and confident strokes.
I felt so crazy, his balls were bouncing against my clit, and when he thrust inside me he pushed against the end of the vibrator, making it move back and forth in my ass.
He smoothed a hand up my back and gripped my shoulder, giving himself more leverage to go faster and harder.
“Oh fuck!” I screamed, “Give it to me Will, give it to me!” He grunted and fucked me harder, pressing the heel of his palm against the vibrator.
I felt it click on, and shuddered uncontrollably as vibrations erupted in my ass.
I felt so needy and achy, I wanted to cum so bad.
“Harder Will,” I growled over my shoulder, “I want more, fuck me like you want to hurt me.
” He moaned and brought a leg forward, giving himself even more leverage.
He turned the vibrator on to full blast and gripped both of my shoulders, and proceeded to try to fuck the ever-living shit out of me.
My mouth hung open and I could feel myself drooling but I didn’t care, all I cared about was the intense pleasure Will was giving me in this moment.
His hips collided with mine with an earsplitting slap over and over.
The bed shook and groaned beneath us, the legs scraping loudly on the floor with our movement.
Our fucking was savage, I could feel a warmth spread in my center, and I knew that I was going to be sore as hell in the morning.
Neither of us spoke, we were unable to, we only grunted and moaned, me giving the occasional short scream whenever Will gave me an exceptionally hard thrust.
His cock throbbed inside me, and I knew he was going to cum soon.
I grabbed onto the pillow beneath me for dear life as felt my body began to orgasm.
I felt it approach from different corners of my body, my toes spasmed and curled, my thighs shook uncontrollably and my ass began to tremble around the vibrator.
It was the sound of my name spilling from Will’s lips as he stilled and unleashed his cum inside me that pushed me over the edge.
As I came, I felt my ass clamp down on the vibrator and begin to push it out of my body, which Will immediately pushed back inside and kept his hand there.
“That’s it, baby.
Fucking cream on my cock,” he urged breathlessly.
I gurgled embarrassingly and shook wildly with the waves of pleasure going through my body.
When I finally stilled, Will slowly withdrew both his cok and vibrator from my body.
I could my ass flex a little before closing.
I slumped over onto my side, and sighed as Will curled his body around me.
“You are so amazing,” he whispered into my hair, smoothing his hands up and down my back.
I smiled, “You’re amazing.
” He tightened his arms around me, “What else do you want to do today? We can do anything you want.
” Though that sounded tempting, I promised my father that I would be home by four.
“I have to be home by four,” I said sleepily into his chest, snuggling closer to him.
All he did was sigh, and I decided to get a few hours of sleep before getting up to get ready to go.
But I could’ve sworn that right as I slipped into my slumber, I heard him whisper, ‘I love you, Paige.



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