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Latest stories Taboo Bonding With Her Step-Brother – Pt 1

Miranda and Samantha chat and laugh as they do each other’s nails in what has become a regular weekend ritual for the two girls.
Miranda, who usually goes by Mer, and Sam have been inseparable best friends since Sam and her parents moved in just a few houses down from Miranda right before their freshman year of high school.
They are now in their senior year and everyone at school knows that they do everything together.
They drive to school together, have all the same classes, eat lunch side-by-side, and even are co-captains of the dance team.
They both have very similar body types, toned from years of dancing, with the perfect amount of meat in all the right places.
However Mer is a tad bit thicker.
Although they are very popular at school, many of their “friends” call them the Slut Twins behind closed doors.
The harsh though completely true nickname was conceived after much talk amongst their classmates about how the girls sleep with their teachers to get their grades, and even fooled around with a certain administrator in order to get their matching class schedules.
Most of their weekends are spent together, usually sleeping over at Miranda’s house.
This weekend is no different.
*** Neither one of the girls looks up from painting their nails when a knock sounds on the door.
Miranda’s mom opens it and pokes her head inside.
   “Hey, girls, we are heading off to bed.
Don’t stay up too late,” she says, knowing they usually do.
“We will try,” Mer shoots back quickly with a sly smile.
Once she leaves, the girls finish up their nails and end the night, as they usually do, gossiping about classmates and finishing with their fingers up each other’s needy slits before heading to bed.
*** Mer slowly wakes in the middle of the night, noticing that she has an unusual amount of space in her bed.
Once she gains consciousness, she quickly realizes that Sam is no longer in bed with her.
Rolling out of bed, she notices the clock on the night stand.
“Three AM,” she whispers to herself.
“Where the fuck did Sam go?” she asks herself before tip-toeing out of her room to find her lost friend.
Across from her room, she notices that her step-brother’s door is cracked open and the light is on.
She can also hear the familiar sound of a girl slurping on a thick cock.
“God dammit, Ryan,” she mumbles, “Who are you fucking now?” Curious, she inches towards the light to see who it is, thinking that it must be Amanda, his whore of an ex-girlfriend.
As she peeks into his room, she sees a girl with long, sandy blonde hair kneeling in front of him.
Her arms are secured behind her back with a leather belt around her elbows and a thick black zip-tie around her wrists.
Ryan is simply standing there with his boxers around his ankles.
His eyes are closed as her head bobs on his cock.
Miranda cannot help but notice how thick and nice his cock looks.
She starts to think what it would be like if she were the one in front of him.
 After all, he is only her step-brother.
there’s nothing wrong with that, right? After a few seconds of staring at the scene in front of here, she realizes who the girl is.
“What the fuck, Sam?” she says under her breath, thinking they wouldn’t hear.
Almost instantly, Ryan’s eyes pop open and he glares at his door, making eye contact with Mer.
Without hesitation, Mer scurries away and finds shelter in her bed.
She closes her eyes and pretends to sleep, hoping that Ryan didn’t see her spying.
Moments later she hears her door creek open.
Not sure who it might be, she continues to “sleep”, hoping that it is simply Sam returning to bed.
Without warning, the light is turned on and her sheets are quickly pulled off of her.
“What the fuck is wrong with you, Ryan?” she slurs, acting like she was just woken up.
“Don’t play stupid with me,” he says sternly.
“I saw you watching, you little freak.
You like what you see?” he says with a chuckle.
“You’re lucky I don’t go tell your dad right now how much of a perv you are!” she yells at him, hopping out of bed and giving him a shove which barely makes him move.
Much like the girls, Ryan was also a popular kid back in high school.
He was the star wide receiver for their football team when the girls were sophomores.
After high school, he opted to stay at home and work instead of going to college.
Although he didn’t continue to play ball, he still hits the gym regularly and his bulky muscles were obvious proof.
He chuckles again at her and says with a smile, “Oh, but Mer, you got it all wrong, she came onto me.
She practically begged me!” He pauses for a moment.
“And you wouldn’t dare rat me out, because I have all kinds of dirt on you,” he adds with a sinister grin.
“Like what?” Miranda shoots back, hoping to catch him in a bluff.
“Well, for starters, I’m sure your mom would love to hear that her little girl has been fucking around with her best friend every weekend for the past year or so.
or maybe they would like to know how their star student has to fuck her teachers to get her grades,” he shoots back at her.
Miranda shifts on her feet uneasily.
 The two stare each other down for a moment, hoping the other will give in.
Finally, Miranda breaks down.
“Okay, okay.
You win.
Just please don’t tell her.
I will do anything; she would kill me if she found out,” she begs.
“Anything?” Ryan replies calmly.
Miranda simply nods.
Without wasting a second, Ryan grabs her by the wrist and leads her out of her room.
He leads her back down the hall into his room and closes the door behind them.
Miranda sees Sam still kneeling on the floor, hands still bound behind her, but now a large ball gag is secured around her head.
“Look Sam, I found another toy to play with,” he says teasingly as he sits on the edge of the bed.
“Come here ,Mer,” he says softly and motions to her.
As she slowly approaches him, he grabs her by the waist and bends her over his leg, pushing her panty-clad ass in the air.
“You see, Sam, Mer here is a kinky little girl.
” He pauses a moment and gives her ass a firm smack.
Mer shrieks as his hand impacts her fleshy cheeks.
“Shush, you don’t wanna wake anyone, do you Mer?” he asks rhetorically as he reaches for another gag that is lying on the bed.
He wraps it around her head and fastens it firmly.
“There, isn’t that much better?” he asks her.
Once again she simply nods.
“What was that, Mer? I couldn’t hear you?” he says with a light chuckle.
“Mmhmm,” she manages to mumble through the gag.
“Mer was watching you enjoy my cock,” he says to Sam, giving Miranda another firm smack.
 “And honestly, I think she enjoyed it,” he says with a smile as he points out a glistening trail of juices running down her leg.
He then grasps the back of her panties and swiftly pulls them down around her thighs, exposing her puffy lips, soaked opening, and apparently well-used asshole.
“Well, look at this,” he says as he runs his hand up and down her moist slit, “I knew you were a filthy little slut.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke Has Sam’s ass been used, too?” he asks Mer.
Once again, she nods at him.
“Mer, Mer, Mer.
When will you learn?” he sighs as he grabs a handful of her think brown hair and pulls it lightly as he smacks her ass once more.
“Mmmhmmm!” she tries to yell through the gag.
Ryan continues to run his fingers through her wetness, teasing her entrance slightly.
Mer lets out a low moan as the teasing continues.
“Reach back and spread these cheeks for me, lil’ slut,” Ryan commands as he continues to tease her, ushering more of her sweetness to ooze out of her.
Mer does as she is told, reaching back and spreading herself as wide as she can.
She knows what is about to happen and deep in the back of her head she knows that she shouldn’t allow it; however, she can’t help but crave the pleasure from his touch.
Ryan then slides one finger quickly into her worked asshole, not meeting any resistance.
“I must have really underestimated how kinky you two were.
” Ryan starts to say as he slides in a second finger with ease.
 “You must have been doing this for a while; I bet your pussy is tighter than this ass,” he mocks as he slides two additional fingers into her moist cunt, causing Mer to gasp and moan loudly.
He fingers her holes in silence for a moment before quickly pulling out and standing Mer up.
He lifts Sam off the floor and tosses her into the middle of the bed like she weighed nothing.
“Take her panties off, Mer, and eat her good.
I will be right back,” Ryan says sternly as he loosens her gag and exits the room.
Without needing any convincing, Mer attacks Sam’s pussy, lapping at her clit a few times before sliding two of her fingers deep inside.
She furiously thrusts her fingers inside, causing Sam to shake wildly and moan through her large gag.
Ryan briskly walks across the hall and back into Mer’s room, quickly turning on the light and heading straight for a large bin hiding under the bed.
He knows this is where Mer keeps all of her kinky toys for easy access.
He pulls the bin out and removes the lid.
Right on top of the pile of toys he finds exactly what he was looking for—two large, still slightly wet butt plugs.
Knowing the girls must have used them earlier, he grabs them and heads back to his room.
As he enters, Mer is still going to town on Sam who is now gasping and gyrating more than ever.
He watches for a moment before interrupting, grabbing a handful of Miranda’s hair and pulling her face away from Sam’s sweet cunt.
“Look what I found.
” he says, holding both plugs in front of Mer’s face.
“I think this is what made your tight little ass so loose,” he continues as he assists her off the bed and bends her over the side, retightening her gag.
He then positions Samantha the same way, removing the ties from her arms and bending her over the bed next to her slut friend.
“Both of you, spread you cheeks,” Ryan orders.
As the girls do so, Ryan slowly slides the tips of the plugs up and down their soaked cunts before slowly pressing them into their pussies.
Their slick holes take the toys easily and, as the toys slide in, both of the girls let out a low moan.
Ryan slowly fucks them with the toys pushing the plugs deeper and deeper with each stroke.
Once he gets the toys soaked in their juices, he then wastes no time in slowly pushing them in his sluts’ loose sphincters, pushing them all the way past the widest part until their stretched holes tightly hang onto them.
With the toys firmly lodged inside the girls, Ryan continues to tease Mer, rubbing the tip of his erect shaft in her juices.
Miranda’s body tingles as she is overcome by more and more lust, needing her young cunt to be full.
She pulls her cheeks wider apart, silently begging him to slip inside her.
With one swift thrust, Ryan gives Mer what she wants, sliding smoothly inside her and starting to thrust slow and deep.
Miranda lets out a loud, low grown as her slick tunnel is filled with Ryan’s thick cock “I know you like that.
” he says calmly as he continues thrusting, “.
but I know Sam is still waiting for my large cock to split her open, so you must wait your turn.
” He slowly pulls out, teasing her hole a little more before stepping away from her.
He then gets her to stand and leads her towards his desk.
As she stands there, he opens one of the drawers and pulls out two more large zip-ties.
He wraps one around both her wrists and pulls it tight, then does the same around her ankles.
He then spins his desk chair around and pushes her down in it, forcing her plug deeper inside her.
“Now, be a good girl and watch me fuck your best friend.
” He commands as he walks back over to Sam and stands her up.
He leads her over to the foot of the bed and bends her over the footboard, directly in front of Mer.
Without another word he slides into Sam’s waiting slit, his fat cock disappearing instantly as he pushes in deep.
Miranda watches as he takes her best friend, making her gasp and pant with pleasure.
As she watches, her juices continue to ooze out from inside her, soaking Ryan’s chair as she sits there.
Needy for pleasure, she begins to gyrate her hips, causing the plug the slide in deeper then get pushed back out a little.
She moans quietly as the toy invades her, drool beginning to drip from her chin onto her chest.
Just feet away from her, Ryan continues to pound Samantha’s sweet cunt.
He thrusts his member inside her forcefully, constantly ramming his pelvis into the base of the plug and pushing it deeper.
As he thrusts, his eyes meet Miranda’s, sending her a telepathic message that she will soon have the same fate.
After a few minutes of this vigorous fucking, Sam’s body begins to tense, the walls of her pussy clenching tightly to Ryan’s relentless thrusts.
Her body begins to shake wildly and she screams as she reaches the peak of pleasure, gasping to catch her breath as her body spasms on Ryan’s rod.
Miranda watches as Sam’s climax subsides.
Ryan continues to slide in and out slowly, squeezing every last drop of pleasure out of Sam’s body.
He slowly pulls his slick cock, which is now covered in Samantha’s thick, white goo, out of her and lifts her fully onto the bed.
“You’re next,” he says, shooting her a wicked grin.



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