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Latest stories Taboo A Demanding Stepsister II: Jack’s Revenge!

It had been weeks since Christine had taken control of her stepbrother Jack and used him just for sex.
Since that day, nothing much had taken place between the two step siblings.
Jack had still heard the rumors that Christine was still going around being a total slut, sucking any dick she could find and giving free hand jobs to most guys in high school.
But after the way she used him just for her own pleasure of sexual deviance, Jack began planning on getting revenge on her in return.
He was meticulous in every scenario; each path or direction was thought right through.
Their parents had gone out for the evening and wouldn’t be home till very early the next morning, as Jack began to put his plans in motion.
Christine had just stepped out of the shower, her body dripping wet as she searched for the towel she’d brought with her.
It was missing.
So were her clothes.
Christine snarled, she had an idea who had taken them as there was only one person in the house.
She stormed out of the bathroom completely naked, as she pushed open Jack’s room.
He wasn’t there.
Where could he be, she pondered to herself, as she looked around his room.
“Jack?” she called out.
“Yeah! I’m in here!” a voice bellowed back.
Christine turned and stepped down the hall as she entered her own room.
She noticed the sweet smell of perfume that caught anyone’s nostrils as they entered her boudoir.
She found Jack standing in her bedroom, holding the towel in one hand and her missing clothes in the other.
“What the fuck, Jack.
Who said you could take those!” she called to him as she approached where he stood, and tried to grasp them from his possession.
Jack held firm, though.
“Oh no you don’t, sis,” he uttered as he kept pulling them away from her.
Christine’s body jiggled as she fought for the clothes and towel.
Jack not letting go.
“Fucking hell, Jack.
Give me back my clothes you perv!” she told him.
“Ah, ah, Sis.
First we’re gonna talk,” he informed her as she stopped fighting.
“Talk, about what? How much of a perv you are?” she joked.
“No, actually do you remember a few weeks ago you came to me demanding that I fuck you, or else you’d tell mom and dad about me?” he asked her.
“Yeah, so what.
You wanna fuck again, is that it?” she said, offering a quick flick of her wrists down her naked body, as if offering it to him on a plate again.
“Actually, sis, it’s my turn to blackmail you!” he said with a wicked smile.
“What do you mean?” she said, unsure of what he was thinking.
“Well, what you didn’t know is that the night you coerced me to fuck you, my laptop was on my desk, and the camera was switched on.
It recorded everything.
And I mean EVERYTHING!” he told her.
“What the fuck.
you recorded us fucking? You are a filthy perv!” she said as she prodded his chest.
“No, sis.
You’re the little whore from all the rumors I hear at high school.
You suck every guy’s dick and give hand jobs to others, from what’s written on the bathroom walls!” he told her.
Christine was shocked that he had learned of this.
Yes, she was a slut at high school, but she didn’t want the whole school to know of it, especially not her stepbrother.
“What do you want?” she inquired.
“Well, sis.
We’re gonna have a little fun, since it seems you’re a little whore!” he said as he tossed his clothes to the side, along with the towel.
“If you don’t do as I say, then I’m gonna show everyone,” he told her.
“Fuck, please no, Jack.
I’ll do anything.
Please, fuck, you can’t do that.
I’d be ruined.
anything you want, I’ll do for you!” she said, her heart fluttering.
There was worry in her eyes, yet she was playing along with his story.
“On your knees, slut!” he told her.
Christine was uncertain; he’d never spoken to her like that, really.
The last time was when she coerced him to fuck her, and now it appeared she’d awakened something inside of him.
A darker, deeper side to this once innocent nerd.
“I said, on your knees, slut!” he said again, more demanding.
“Yes, Master!” Christine said as she dropped to her knees like a good little girl.
She was playing along, although Jack wasn’t the first guy to dominate and tell her what to do.
She actually enjoyed being controlled and used and felt safe in his hands; besides, she hoped he’d fuck her again.
Christine knelt there on the floor, in front of Jack.
He looked down upon her innocent looking, pretty face as she stared back up at him with puppy dog eyes.
“Good slut.
” he started to say, as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
It was already erect from looking at her naked body.
suck my cock, slut!” he finished off.
“Yes, Master!” she said.
Jack’s cock was big, pointing directly towards her young face as she leaned forward.
She opened her mouth and took several inches inside.
Wrapping her lips around the length of his shaft, she began to suck him off.
Back and forth, his thick, hard cock slid between her soft wet lips.
In and out, it slid over her tongue as she sucked his cock like a pro.
“Mmm, that’s it, slut.
Oh yeah, you love sucking cock don’t you, slut!” he muttered, steeped in the incredible feeling of his cock being blown by his own stepsister.
She pulled his cock out, and jerked him off with her hand as she looked up at him.
“Yes, Master.
I love cock.
I love sucking your cock, Master!” she told him.
“Good little slut.
Mmm, oh yeah.
Jerk my cock harder, slut.
Suck it deep inside!” he told her, as he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor, along with his boxers and stepped out of them.
She did as he instructed.
She didn’t have to, she could say no at anytime but she wanted this as much as he did.
She loved this new stepbrother she’d uncovered who had taken control.
She hadn’t had sex in days and her pussy wanted it so bad.
Her wet lips slurped and sucked noisily back and forth along the thick, hard shaft of his erect cock.
The veins along the skin bulged as the blood pumped into the thick piece of meat she sucked on.
One hand began to play with his balls.
She rolled them between her fingers, squeezing them occasionally, his groans proof of his immense pleasure.
“Oh yes.
mmmm, fuck that feels so good, slut.
You love cock in your mouth, I know it.
I bet my cock is the biggest you’ve ever had, isn’t it, slut!” he asked her.
Christine nodded as best she could with a thick, hard cock stuffed in her mouth.
She continued on, her mouth sliding back and forth, her head bobbing and her other hand playing with his balls.
After a few more minutes of Christine sucking Jack off, he suddenly spoke again.
“Stop now, slut!” She did as he instructed; she stopped and pulled his cock free.
Wasn’t he pleased by the way she sucked cock? She’d always been told and led to believe she was so good at it.
“That’s a nice slut!” he said, as he ran his hand over her head as if patting a good dog.
“Now, lay on the bed slut!” he informed her.
She rose, stepped to the bed and lay down upon it.
She waited, as Jack pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it to the floor.
He stepped to the bed and around to the end.
“Now, slut.
Spread those legs of yours.
I know you want to.
Spread them wide and show me that cunt of yours!” he demanded of her.
Christine parted her thighs wide, spreading them open and giving Jack a good view of her gaping pussy.
It was wet, not just from the shower but now from sucking cock that had aroused her.
“Hmm, we’re gonna have to do something to get that pussy even more wet, slut!” Jack said.
Christine was uncertain what he meant by that.
Jack moved to the end of the bed and settled down, face down as he shuffled up towards her open pussy.
He lay there, his face so close to her cunt that he could smell it.
Feel the heat coming from it, as it softly glistened in the light that shone down from above upon them both.
He looked up at Christine, staring back down from the top end of the bed, waiting for him to do something.
He leaned in, where his tongue caressed softly over her pussy lips.
Her thighs quivered slightly at the soft, wet roughness of his tongue touching one of her most sensitive places.
He licked her again, and again.
Constantly licking the soft outer labia of her pussy lips.
A small drop of delicate honey seeped from her pussy onto his tongue as he licked her.
Her legs shook, quivering at this beautiful sensation she was feeling that sent shivers throughout her body.
She’d never actually had her pussy licked before, by anyone.
It felt amazing.
“Oooh, oh yes, Master.
Fuck yes, Master please don’t stop!” she whispered to him through groans of sexual pleasure.
Jack reached up, and took a grasp of her legs to keep them steady as he continued on.
He licked on, over and over, non-stop as his tongue lapped at her soft pussy lips that parted at times as his tongue glided over it.
Then, his hands moved forward and he spread her pussy lips wide.
Christine could feel what he was doing as she looked down.
He moved in as his tongue protruded, and it delved inside her gaping pussy.
He could feel how wet she was inside, and how tight her cunt was still.
His tongue slithered around like a snake in the grass, searching to catch its prey for its next feed.
Her body writhed and struggled as Jack kept a tight, firm hold on her waist and legs.
“Oh my God.
oh fuck yes, Master.
Lick my pussy, Master.
Oh shit yes.
mmm!” she groaned as her hand grasped at her head, slamming side to side from the immense orgasmic emotion she felt.
Her body shook at the orgasm that began to rush through her body at having Jack eat her pussy out.
It was, beautiful and yet pure agony at the same time.
It was wonderful.
Jack could feel a small wave of her honey begin to drip on his tongue, as he continued licking her cunt out from inside.
His head buried deep into her body, he could feel the heat of her pussy up close now.
Christine’s body shook hard, violently as he continued to lick her cunt out.
Her chest flushed as she groaned out louder with soft moans of expression.
“Mmm, fuck.
oh my God, yes, Master.
I’m cumming, Master!” she ushered to him.
He didn’t need telling, he knew she was cumming by her reactions.
He continued eating her cunt out, trying his best to hold on to her firm, young body as it writhed around in passionate spontaneous reaction to the immense power she felt.
After a good minute of her reaching pure bliss, she finally began to come down.
Jack pulled away, his mouth covered in her sweet honey as he licked his lips to taste more of her.
“You wanted that didn’t you slut!” he asked her.
“Fuck, yes Master.
I need it.
I want you, Master.
Fuck me, Master, please.
I want to feel your cock inside of me, Master!” she told him.
“Good little slut, because I’m gonna fuck you.
I’m gonna fuck you hard and deep like you’ve never felt before, slut!” he told her with a smile.
“Wait, Master!” Christine said.
She turned to the side, opened a drawer and pulled out a scarf, and she handed it to Jack.
Online Now! Lush Cams Baco_Sousa He looked at it, unsure of what she meant to use it for at first.
“Tie me up, Master.
Tie me to the bed so I can’t escape your clutches, my Master!” she told him.
Jack grinned, a huge Cheshire cat grin he’d seen on Christine’s face only weeks prior when she got what she wanted from him.
He leaned forward and tied her hands to the bed frame, tightly so she couldn’t escape.
“Now then, slut.
I think it’s about time you learned who your real Master is,” he said as he disappeared from the room for a few minutes.
Christine waited, unsure of what he meant.
She couldn’t move, her hands tied tight to the frame, as she lay there helpless.
Jack returned with a few little items of his own he had acquired from downstairs in a bag.
He stepped back to the bed and looked down on the helpless little slut stepsister he had to himself.
He knew she wanted this as much as he did, and she was enjoying it.
He pulled out a couple of pegs, those seen to hang washing up on a line.
Christine looked at them, uncertain what he was gonna use them for; she was about to find out.
Jack grabbed her tits, squeezed them one after another hard.
“Oww!” Christine moaned in some slight pain, yet the pain appeared to arouse her more somehow.
“Shut up, slut.
I know you want this also!” Jack said.
He slapped her tits hard, the sound echoing in the room.
Prints appeared on her tits from where he struck her, yet she again seemed to gain pleasure from it.
He took one peg, placed it on the now hard erect nipple on one breast.
Snapping it shut, Christine yelled “Fuck, yes!” Jack repeated it on the other nipple, snapping it shut to her groan of pain “Mmm, fuck!”.
Jack pulled out another surprise; a long, thick cucumber that appeared to have a condom attached on one end.
“Now then, slut.
Where do you want me to put this?” he asked her.
Christine stared at the size for a moment, the thickness of it.
She knew exactly where she wanted it put.
“Fuck me with it, Master.
Put it in my pussy and fuck me!” she asked him.
“Good answer, slut!” he said.
He grabbed a couple of scarfs from her draw once more, and began to tie each of her ankles to the far end of the bed frame.
Now she couldn’t really move an inch, trapped to the bed yet appearing calm with the trust she had in Jack.
He placed the end of the cucumber at the opening of her pussy lips and then in one swift movement rammed it up inside her.
Several inches deep.
Christine screamed as loud as she could.
“Aghh, fuck yes, Master!” She’d used one before, as well as a banana but never one so violently upon herself or with such force.
It hurt, yet was also pleasurable to some degree.
“I need you to be quiet, slut!” Jack said as he grabbed a pair of Christine’s panties and stuffed them into her mouth.
She didn’t fight, or say no to his actions.
She accepted it.
Loving every second.
Jack began to fuck her with the cucumber in and out, deeper and harder he’d thrust it inside her gaping cunt.
The sound of her pussy getting wet echoed around the room as her body rocked with the motion.
“Yeah, that’s it, slut.
You like that, don’t you.
You like being fucked hard and deep!” Jack told her in a demeaning tone.
Christine’s muffled moans were heard from above, as Jack continued on fucking her cunt with his item of choice.
“Yeah, you dirty bitch.
Fuck it inside your wet cunt!” he told her, enjoying this himself.
He continued fucking her with the cucumber, hard and fast.
In and out of her by now dripping wet cunt.
His other hand moved across her body, he began to squeeze her breasts and slap them over and over.
“You’re a filthy little slut.
You like this, don’t you!” he told her.
Christine was unable to answer, her own panties stuffed in her mouth and the immense pleasure of the phallus object fucking her tight cunt.
After several minutes he stopped, as he looked upon her.
Her face was torn between fear and immense sexual pleasure.
Jack tossed the cucumber to the side, stood upright at the far end of the bed.
He moved around to the top end.
His cock was rock hard, a good seven to eight inches in length and pointed like a compass towards Christine’s naked body tied to the bed.
“I’m gonna take those panties out of your mouth now, and you’re gonna be a good little slut and suck my cock like the fucking slut we both know you are.
If you try to scream, I’ll stuff them in you and leave you here all night!” he said.
He removed her panties from her mouth.



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