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Lying in bed, frustrated beyond belief; my stepmom in her room down the hall.
I wanted to get up and go to her, climb in her bed and pleasure her succulent body.
My body shouted, ‘GO, NOW!’ But my mind told me that she was my stepmom and it wouldn’t be right.
Conflicted, I lay there most of the night getting only a couple hours of rest.
I arose around 10 a.
After eating breakfast, I went in the living room and turned on the television.
Before I could see what was on the phone rang.
On the other end was my friend, David.
Some of the guys were going to the gym to play basketball and he wanted me to come along.
I decided to go.
Some time away would do me good.
Help take my mind off of my temptation.
My stepmom was still asleep, so I wrote her a note explaining where I had gone and was out the door.
My stepmom awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing.
She put on her robe and went downstairs to see who it was.
Opening the door, she discovered Lisa on the other side looking fabulous in a short strapless black mini-dress.
“Good morning,” Lisa said with a huge smile on her beautiful face.
My stepmom mustered a faint hello, still a little sleepy.
“Kevin is not here,” she added, assuming that Lisa was there to see me.
Lisa looked at her, amused, and said, ” I’m not here to see your stepson, Julia.
I was wondering if you would like to have lunch with me, so we could get to know each other better.
” “That sounds nice,” my stepmom said, her face glowing.
She didn’t have many female friends and missed the bonding that was shared by women.
” Come on in and have a seat.
I’ll get dressed and be right back.
” My stepmom saw how sexy Lisa was dressed and wanted to pick out something equally stunning.
She decided on a low-cut silver number that made her look like a goddess.
Or at least, I had always thought so.
She checked herself in the mirror.
Thrilled with how good she looked, my stepmom made her way down to Lisa.
“You look absolutely gorgeous,” Lisa said as her eyes ate up my mother’s perfect figure.
“Thanks,” my stepmom replied, a hint of red touched her cheeks.
“Still not as sexy as you, Lisa.
” Lisa grinned, appreciative of the compliment.
They walked outside and got into Lisa’s mustang.
Speeding off, the car flew down the road.
They decided to eat at the fancy Italian place only a couple of miles away.
As they entered the restaurant all eyes were upon them.
Two sexy women in their forties commanding the attention of all these young good-looking patrons, had my stepmom and Lisa beaming with pride, as well as a little hint of lust.
Noticing the stares, Lisa stated, ” I told you, you look gorgeous Julia.
Everyone in this room agrees with me.
See how they glare at you.
” My stepmom blushed, feeling a tad uncomfortable.
They were led to a table and a waiter came to take their order.
He was a handsome young man.
His name badge read ‘ Angelo.
‘ Lisa flashed a sly smile as her eyes gave him the once-over  “Are you ladies ready to order?” he asked as his eyes lingered over these two older beauties.
“What do you recommend? I’m in the mood for something spicy tonight,” Lisa said, her shameless flirting disarming the waiter momentarily.
She looked at him as if he was going to be her meal.
His suggestion was the spicy chicken, which they both had with a bottle of red wine.
They talked like old friends, discussing their work, ex-husbands and finally their children.
Lisa had two boys, ages 21 and 17.
They were her stepsons.
Something else the two women had in common.
A little buzzed after finishing their second bottle, they ended up back at Lisa’s.
She wanted to show my stepmom this beautiful painting that she kept above her bed.
They walked upstairs hand-in-hand, giggling like schoolgirls.
Reaching the door, Lisa turned the knob and let it swing inward, revealing her lush bedroom.
The painting was exquisite.
Julia and Lisa shared a love of art.
“Relax and sit on the bed,” Lisa patted the silk sheets next to where she had sat down.
My stepmom hesitantly, lowered herself onto the bed.
“You seem a bit distracted.
Anything you want to talk about?” Maybe it was the wine, but my stepmom felt oddly comfortable with Lisa.
Like she could tell her anything.
“Come on Julia.
I can keep a secret.
” A secret was exactly what it was, a naughty taboo secret that she wanted to get off her chest.
Relenting, my stepmom started,” Alright Lisa, but you can’t breath a word of this to anyone.
” This sounded like a juicy one and Lisa waited impatiently for my stepmom to begin.
” Two nights ago, I was woken by Kevin’s screams.
I thought he was having a nightmare and went to see if he was alright .
” Lisa stared, ready for more.
My stepmom continued, ” I opened his door and was shocked to see him lying on his bed stroking his cock.
” Lisa’s mouth watered.
A mischievous grin upon her face.
She replied, “So what did you do?” Blushing, my stepmom answered, “I pretended that I didn’t notice anything and told him to try and get some rest.
The strangest part was that he was screaming for me as he masturbated.
” This part got Lisa’s juices and imagination flowing.
“You mean he was calling ‘ mom’ while he stroked his big cock.
” Lisa’s smile was devious as she asked, ” Does Kevin have a nice cock?” Startled my stepmom blurted, “Why are you asking me that? I didn’t stare at my stepson’s cock.
” “But, did you want to?” Lisa asked, trying to provoke a response.
Julia’s hesitation told her all she needed to know.
“I know his cock is beautiful,” Lisa stated, nonchalantly.
“What are you saying?” my stepmom asked, confusion on her face.
” Have you had sex with my son?” “No,” Lisa replied.
” I’ve just teased him a bit.
” “I can’t believe you, Lisa.
How would you feel if your stepsons were seduced by an older woman, more than twice their age?” Lisa’s mouth curled into the most sinfully decadent smile.
” They have been,” she said her eyes glowing.
“You can’t be serious,” Julia gasped, wondering where this was going.
“Nothing is as good for a boy as his mother’s love,” she stated plainly, searching for a clue to Julia’s thoughts.
“You had sex with your stepson?” my stepmom asked, though she already knew the answer.
“No,” Lisa said, laughing.
“I had sex with both of my stepsons.
It was so deliciously kinky and erotic.
I had the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced.
” My stepmom stared at her in amazement.
“How did you feel afterwards? “A little sore,” she joked.
” I felt great and my pussy was so wet that I wanted to fuck them again.
You never feel completely filled until you’ve had two cocks inside you at the same time.
” My stepmom didn’t want to admit it, but her pussy was tingling as Lisa’s words washed over her.
She never considered the possibility before, but now Julia was contemplating whether she should have sex with me or not.
“I’m so horny,” Lisa said, pulling my stepmom closer and kissing her softly on the lips.
She returned the kiss with unbridled passion, enjoying Lisa’s moist inviting mouth.
Their tongues invaded each other’s mouths as hands groped at soft flesh.
My stepmom reached for Lisa’s zipper pulling it down to reveal tan supple skin.
They undressed one another until they were down to only panties.
Lisa leaned in to taste my stepmom’s soft lips once more.
Her tongue teased her mouth, before working it’s way down to her large breasts.
Lisa took my stepmom’s nipple between her teeth and gently tugged making the tit stick out with arousal.
When her tits were properly adored, Lisa ran her tongue down the length of Julia’s flat stomach stopping at the top of her white cotton panties.
She pulled them aside and began licking my stepmom’s lower lips, circling her tongue around and around until my stepmom was dripping.
Lisa lapped at her cunt in earnest, enjoying my stepmom’s sweet nectar.
My stepmom lay back on the bed, reveling in Lisa’s assault on her pussy.
She took my stepmom’s hard clit in her mouth and ran her teeth across it causing my stepmom to shudder.
******************* As I approached Lisa’s front door my finger moving towards the bell, I remembered her phone message from the night before.
Online Now! Lush Cams Romiinaa She had said that I should come in, take off all of my clothes and head upstairs to her bedroom.
I wondered if this was going to be another one of her teasing sessions.
The thought made me hesitant, but the possibility of finally being allowed to fuck this sexy older woman was what kept me moving forward.
I walked quietly up the stairs until I reached her door.
My heart was racing as I eased the door open.
 What my eyes beheld was beyond comprehension.
There on the bed, lying on her stomach, was Lisa.
Her head between the thighs of a blonde woman, who was moaning her appreciation of Lisa’s oral expertise.
After several moments, Lisa glanced up and saw me standing there slack-jawed.
She had a devilish smile on her face.
Giving me a wink, she went back to pleasuring this faceless woman.
With a grin as evil as it was playful, Lisa said,” Close your eyes, Julia.
I have a surprise for you.
” The name, Julia, shocked me to my very core.
Before I could even process it, Lisa had turned the blonde over onto her stomach.
My look must have been one of pure astonishment when I saw that the woman, totally naked on the bed, was my stepmom, Julia.
The most luscious of smiles graced Lisa’s beautiful face as she took my stepmom’s hand and placed it on my throbbing cock.
My stepmom gasped with shock when she felt my hard penis.
I sighed softly from the thrill of her touch.
And Lisa.
Naughty Lisa was basking in the perversity of it all.
“What is this?” my stepmom blurted out.
“A big hard cock,” Lisa answered knowing full well that my stepmom wasn’t asking about the dick in her hand, but was amazed by Lisa’s naughty surprise.
“Have a taste,” Lisa said.
My stepmom obliged taking my manhood slowly between her soft wet lips.
I let out a low groan and Lisa giggled as she looked at me.
The warmth of her mouth and the fact that my mother was the one giving me head had me on the brink of orgasm.
Sensing my pending release, Lisa slid over beside me and whispered in my ear,” Don’t cum yet baby.
I have much more planned for you tonight.
” Her breath on my ear, Lisa whispered,” Are you ready to be revealed?” “Yes,” I answered, horny as I could ever remember.
Moving to my stepmom’s side Lisa asked,” Want to see the owner of that big cock you’ve been sucking?” “Yes,” she said, after removing me from her mouth.
She opened her eyes and was shocked by my presence.
“Oh, my God, Kevin!” she gasped backing away slightly.
Lisa had the most sinful expression on her face as she watched my stepmom’s reaction.
She moved close to my stepmom saying,”Come on Julia, you can’t tell me you weren’t enjoying your stepson’s delicious cock.
” My dick throbbed in her hand at Lisa’s dirty talk.
My stepmom looked up at me, words escaped her.
Finally, Lisa broke the silence saying,” You two know you want to fuck each other.
Let’s stop playing and get to it.
I’ve been dying to see you fuck your stepson, Julia.
I can’t wait to feel him inside me as well.
” “How about a kiss to start?” Lisa added, pulling me closer to my stepmom.
The sexual tension hung over us as I leaned in to my stepmom.
Our lips were inches apart, but neither wanted to make the first move.
Lisa couldn’t wait any longer and began kissing me passionately on the mouth while she winked at my stepmom.
” His lips are so soft and sweet Julia,” she said.
“Come here and kiss your stepson.
” My stepmom inched closer, closed her eyes and put her lips on mine.
I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to enter.
This was so erotic, kissing my stepmom this way.
Instinctively, my hands moved to her ass.
I squeezed her supple cheeks and she let out a slight gasp.
I started kissing harder as my passion overwhelmed me.
Running my hands up her sides, I reached for her breasts.
Cupping her voluptuous tits, I began pinching the nipples making them stand out proudly.
She reached down and took hold of my swollen manhood.
I sighed as her hand massaged my cock.
“That feels so good mom,” I said as she continued to stroke my stiffness.
She broke our kiss and knelt down in front of me.
Slowly, she licked up and down my shaft enjoying my salty pre-cum.
Soon after, Lisa joined her as they shared my cock.
My stepmom sucked me deep as Lisa licked my balls.
She even flicked her tongue over my asshole, which was strangely pleasurable.
“Your stepson is such a sexy young man, Julia,” Lisa said.
My stepmom was going to send me over the edge very soon.
Lisa noticed my breathing becoming faster and had my stepmom stop her oral love.
They began to tongue kiss again while I watched and stroked myself.
“Do you want to fuck your stepmom, Kevin?” “Very badly,” I answered, my dick throbbing.
“All you have to do is ask,” Lisa teased as she worked my stepmom’s clit with two fingers.
I looked my mother in the eyes.
I was shaking with fear and excitement.
“I want to fuck you,mom.
I’ve dreamed of it for so long.
” This was really going to happen.
I moved on top of her and rubbed my dick across her moist lips.
It slid in perfectly like we were meant to do this.
Starting off slowly, I pumped my hips, driving my cock in and out of her wet pussy.
She moaned as I fucked her harder and deeper.
Seeing the pleasure on my stepmom’s face was making me crazy with lust.
“How does Kevin’s cock feel inside you, Julia?” Julia looked at Lisa and gave her a big smile.
“It’s fantastic,” Julia sighed , then threw her head back against the pillow.
Hearing my stepmom’s compliment had me upping the pace of my thrusts.
I could barely contain myself.
After a few more minutes, I shot my load all over her big tits.
Watching, as Lisa licked my sticky cum from my stepmom’s breasts.
Lisa moved above my stepmom’s face and let my jizz escape her mouth and fall into my stepmom’s .
She greedily swallowed every last drop.
My cock was rock hard again as Lisa and Julia began to make out right in front of me.
It was such a turn-on to see them kissing and groping each other.
Lisa finally broke the embrace.
“Julia, would you like to see me fuck Kevin?” My stepmom nodded.
An anxious look came to my stepmom’s lovely face as Lisa pushed me down on the bed and straddled my manhood.
After waiting so long, this looked as if it was actually going to happen.
I was about to fuck Lisa.
My whole body tensed as she lowered her slit onto the tip of my cock.
“Ready, baby?” Lisa asked before impaling herself on my dick.
She slid down my length, then back up.
Pausing to let my excitement dissipate.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Fuck me, Lisa!” I begged.
She obliged by lowering herself onto me, once more.
This time Lisa bounced up and down, wildly fucking me with her wet pussy.
This gorgeous woman was fucking my brains out while my sexy stepmom watched and diddled her swollen clitoris.
I knew I wouldn’t last very long.
Wanting to be inside her hot box as long as possible, I tried to hold off my impending explosion.
But it was no use.
Lisa’s flaming pussy pushed me over the edge.
” I’m going to cum,” I screamed.
Lisa, wanting to taste my cum, climbed off and positioned her face under me.
Just in time, as I shot my cum into her waiting mouth.
This time she gulped all of it down.
I fell onto the bed, exhausted.
My stepmom lay on one side while Lisa settled onto the other.
They, simultaneously, gave me a peck on the cheek as their breasts brushed against my chest.
Lisa licked my lips and then nibbled on my ear as my stepmom gave me a delicious lip lock.
I could have never believed that this was possible.
Fucking my stepmom had always been a deep, dark desire of mine.
Now, my only hope was that we would partake of this taboo fruit again.
Thanks to Lisa my wildest fantasy came true.
No way I could ever repay her.
But I’m sure she would think of something wicked for me.
I can hardly wait.



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