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“Oh, you’re home,” she called as I closed the front door.
“Sit down, let me get you a drink.
” I sat in the recliner, as instructed.
A smile played over my lips as her hand slid over my shoulder, up my neck to my cheek, and pushed my face around.
As her fingers touched my lips, I kissed them while turning to see the sight before me.
Her eyes, black holes, surrounded by swirling bright blue accretion disks, the twin stars that sucked me powerlessly to her.
My smile broadened, I had fallen into them every time I had seen them and will do so forevermore.
Spaghetti-fied and entangled with her heart and soul, dancing forever on the event horizon.
To an outsider our love would look motionless, to us, it was a joy unparalleled that would last until the last star burnt out.
Her smile, warm and wide, reached her eyes.
Her red lips parted a little as her tongue licked along them tasting our connection, ready to devour my soul.
Her hair, in bunches, tied with ribbons, held away from her neck.
A neck so soft, so delicate and vulnerable, offered to me to take, to protect, to claim as my own.
I could not help but smile back at her.
She placed a drink in my hand, I heard the ice rattle as our lips touched.
A fleeting touch, we pulled back and looked at each other.
After all the time flirting, after all the false starts and now, after all the time we had been together; I still could not believe I was there with her.
My free hand touched her cheek, fingers first, then I placed my palm flat against it.
Looking into her eyes, I said, “I have always loved you.
” “I know,” she replied as she pulled away.
“I have always known, our souls called out, screaming for the other, needing the other.
When you reached out, our hearts touched and they knew, I knew and eventually, you bloody idiot, you caught up.
” She had walked around in front of me through this exchange and now stood with her hands on her hips, shaking her head.
I shrugged and looked at her with a half-smile, and a giggle escaped her lips.
I leant forward, reaching past her and put my drink on the table she was standing in front of.
Instead of sitting back, I put my hands on the backs of her legs and slid them up, under her skirt.
Cupping her bum, I pulled her hips forward and kissed her belly.
As I kissed, my hands moved to the button of her skirt, but she put her hand over them and stopped me.
Putting her hand under my chin and lifting it, she leant over and kissed my lips.
Pushing a leg between mine and resting her knee on the seat, she whispered, “Let me slip into nothing, for you.
” She stood back up and her skirt fell to the floor, I had not seen her undo it.
I looked up to admonish her, but she had started to undo her blouse.
Pulling it off her shoulders and letting it drop onto her skirt on the floor.
She leant back against the chair and as her knee slid forward, pushing against me, she felt the reaction that she had come to know so well.
Then she leant down, putting her hands on the back of the chair, teasing her boobs in front of me.
Every cell in my body screamed to reach up or lean forward, to take them for me.
She would have loved that, welcomed my touch, but I knew the anticipation could drive her wild.
I lay my head back and she pushed back on the chair, leaning down and letting our lips touch again, opening this time.
I probed against her lips, pushed past them and explored her mouth.
Her lips closed against me, sucking my tongue further into her mouth.
I felt a hand slide down my chest, over my stomach and between my legs.
Her raised eyebrows asked the question her lips could not, ‘Hard already?’ The throb she felt under her caress was the only response I needed to give, ‘I was got hard when I heard your voice the first time and every time since then.
’ My hands slid up her thighs, we shivered together relishing each other’s touch.
As I curved my fingers around her cheeks and pulled them apart, I pushed my fingers deeper as they moved higher.
Onto the bottom of her back, I pushed my fingers under the waistband of her knickers, back down over her bum and down her legs.
Breaking our kiss, her whimper made me smirk, “What was it I said?” I asked.
“That I don’t need them,” she let out a little snort as she bowed her head in mock apology.
There was a glint in her eye, there always has been, but this was the glint that matched the smirk on her lips.
Her inner brat was surfacing, she did try to hold it back, she loved the anticipation and the games.
I was in serious danger of losing myself to her, of falling into her everything; it was a risk every time I spoke to her or saw her.
A risk I gladly took and a danger I would willingly lose to.
As our lips touched once more, I felt the passion arc between us like lightning.
Her knickers were at her knees, stopped by the one resting on the chair.
I placed my left hand on the inside of her left leg, moving higher, pulling back from her kiss.
When my hand reached the apex of her legs, I felt her heat and moisture against my fingers, one by one as they brushed over her.
She licked her lips, her tongue telling me of her anticipation.
Pushing my hand forward, parting my fingers, they went either side of her, causing her to whine.
The heel of my hand pushed against her mound, pushing her back, away from me.
” “Don’t ‘hmmph’ me!” I told her, as her knickers joined the growing pile on the floor.
She snorted, before saying, “I’m dreadfully sorry.
” I bit my lip as I stood up, my left hand pulling from between her legs, closing my fingers to pinch against her clit and give it a little tug.
Up, over her belly, looking her in the eye, I turned my hand and started to move it up.
It slid between her boobs, over her bra; catching my thumb underneath one boob, lifting it and letting it drop, making her giggle.
Trying to keep a straight face was getting harder.
With my hand flat on her chest, my thumb rested on one collar bone and my fingers on the other, I wrapped my other arm around her pulling her close.
She leant in looking for a kiss, I wanted to feel her lips against mine, but held back, pulling her closer.
Walking my fingers down her back, a thumb one side of her bra, fingers on the other.
Squeezing them, I felt the catch pop and the straps come loose.
Pushing with my thumb, so that she turned a little, then pressing with my whole hand, I walked her backwards.
She did not hesitate, trusting me to keep her from tripping or bumping into anything.
Her eyes did not leave mine, mine could not leave hers, they were locked in synchronous orbit, feeding each other and feeding from each other.
From the edge of my vision, I saw her swallow and I licked my lips in my own anticipation; the wolf tasting the scent of its prey on the air.
When she touched the worksurface she stopped and her hands slid up my front, tugging at my top.
I put my hands on her shoulders and slid her straps off.
Admiring the view as her boobs are finally revealed to me, framed by her bra caught in the hook of her elbows.
As she pulled my top up, over my head, I gripped her sides and slid my hands up, letting my thumbs brush fleetingly over her nipples.
I kept pushing up her arms and her final item of clothing fell to the floor with my top.
Back along her arms, over her shoulders, my hands come together around her neck.
As I was doing this, her hands dropped to my waist, undoing my trousers, pushing them and my boxers over my hips.
She looked at me with a twitch of an eyebrow as if to say, ‘What are you going to do now?’ Fingertips touching at the back of her neck, thumbs at the front, she gave a little gasp.
I pushed up slowly, my thumbs drawing the line of her chin.
As my fingers traced the edge of her ears, my thumbs moved over her lips, teasing her.
She opened her mouth, trying to bite or suck and her eyes lit up as I pulled back again; this time taking a moment to step out of my clothes and kick them to the side.
“Tease,” she complained but still smiling.
My hands closed together, behind her head, thumbs playing with her ears, I pulled her to me.
Our lips touched once more; her tongue pushed into my mouth.
I felt her breathing into my mouth and inhaled her.
With fingertips only, maybe even just nails, I moved down either side of her spine, feeling each disk as I went, finally pulling her against me.
She wrapped me in her arms, pulling me against her, almost as if she were trying to merge our bodies.
“I want to press my boobies against your chest,” she whispered into my mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams tasty_Heidi It was my turn to snort, resting my head on her shoulder, I paused then pulled her to me again.
After this hug, I turned her to face the worksurface, admiring her beauty.
Wrapping an arm around her belly and placing one on her shoulder I leant over her, pressing my lips against her ear.
I whispered, “I want you to be a good girl.
” She nodded eagerly in response.
I whispered again, “I want you to be my good girl.
” I felt the shiver that ran through her as she turned her head to me, looking, pleading to be kissed again.
How could I refuse? As she submitted to me, I knew I was actually her slave.
Sliding my hands up, I cupped her boobs before letting them slip through my hands and feeling her nipples under my fingers.
She leant her head back onto my shoulder and we turned and kissed once more.
I started to roll her nipples between my thumb and fingers, and she gasped into my mouth.
“You are so beautiful, so sweet,” I told her.
I took a step back and put a hand against the middle of her back holding her against the work surface.
I then pulled the ribbons from her hair and tied one to each wrist, pulling her hands behind her back.
I then wrapped the ribbons around her hands and closed her fingers around them.
Holding her hands in place with one hand; I leant against her and pulling her hair to the side, started kissing her neck.
As she leant her head over, I moved up, kissing higher, up her neck until I was kissing her ear.
I nibbled at the lobe before tracing the lines and shapes of it.
Where I had pulled her hair back, my hand carried on around her neck, around her throat, under her chin, pulling her head back.
Turning her chin to me, looking her in the eye, our lips touched.
Her mouth opened, hungrily reaching out to me.
I teased her tongue with mine, touching the tip of hers, pulling back, licking her lips.
My hands slid either side of her face, holding her as I pushed my lips against hers, driving my tongue into her mouth.
I pressed my body against hers, my hips pushing my cock further forward, against her bum.
She started to grind back against me, I let her do it for a moment before pulling back, breaking the kiss; stopping the grinding.
I placed a hand against her back and slapped a cheek of her bum with the other.
She turned her head slowly to look at me, someone not knowing her so well, might be scared.
As our eyes connected, I spanked her other cheek, just as hard.
I could see her biting her lip, her knuckles going white around the ribbon she was holding her hands in place with.
Her nostrils flared before she snorted and had to turn to face away from me.
With a smile playing across my lips I started rubbing her cheek.
As I was doing so, I drew my fingers together on her back until they were a point.
“Don’t move,” I said, applying a little pressure to her back.
She let a whimper escape her lips before she gave a little nod of her head in response, but I also noted that her breathing was getting deeper.
I nodded to myself and started to drag my finger down her spine, gripping her hands and giving them a squeeze where she held them.
I continued down her back, twisting at the end of her spine, pushing against her coccyx.
As her hips pushed back against my finger, I started to circle it, with her responding by moving her hips in the opposite direction.
She was whimpering more, little moans coming from her and then I stopped.
I took hold of her other cheek and started to rub that, manipulating it, soothing the redness.
I saw her star every time I moved her cheeks apart.
Leaning down I kissed her hands and then started to follow the path of my fingers until I reached the top of her bum.
I opened my mouth and dragged my tongue between her cheeks.
A bit deeper, a bit lower, each time I parted her until my tongue touched her black hole.
There was a sharp intake of breath as I teased around her bum and then she started to push back against me.
Gripping her cheeks and pushing them apart and forward stopped her.
This also gave me better access to her pussy, as I slid my hands down the back of her legs, I dragged my tongue between them.
Parting her legs a little more, before I started to run my hands up and down them.
First at the front, then at the back; now with my hands massaging, now with just my fingertips stroking and caressing.
The noises from above me, that she was making became louder and more urgent.
My tongue explored as far as it could, either side of her lips, then along between them.
Turning and rotating as I worked it from her vagina to her clit.
Sucking on every part of her pussy, giving a little nip here and there.
At one time sucking hard, pulling her clit from its hood, then flicking my tongue over it.
At another, dragging my tongue up, between her lips, opening them, giving me access to her vagina and pushing into it.
Turning and trying to get deeper, twisting my head to change angles, touching in different ways.
“Oh god, I need you in me!” she called out.
Her knees started to shake, her legs buckling.
Dragging my fingers the length of her legs, I stood up.
One hand continued up her back, pushing her down against the work surface.
My other hand reached between her legs, feeling her heat and her moisture.
I gave her a few tentative strokes, putting pressure on her clit with my thumb as I slowly pushed two fingers into her.
Then I stopped.
“Oh!” She tried to push back and then pull forward, trying to fuck my fingers, but complaining as I moved my hand to stop her.
I put my weight on her back as I reached around and ran my hand over her neck up to her chin.
Then I felt it, her muscles tensed, I could feel both feet lift along my legs and her back arching under me.
She was squeezing against my fingers and then it was like she had been tasered.
Her legs began to shake and back arched more; I could feel her hands clenching tighter against my belly.
Her whole weight was on the work surface with the weight of my body stopping her falling.
The hand on her chin, I wrapped around her shoulder and held her to me, letting her ride the wave knowing I was there to watch over her.
Her breathing settled and I slowly withdrew my fingers, as she turned her head and kissed me.
Delicate kisses, gently touching lips and tongues, more than the passion that went before, these were kisses full of love and care; kisses that connected us on a different level.
She pulled back a fraction and with our lips still touching, just, she said, “I still want you to fuck me.
” “Horny little thing, aren’t you?” This was greeted with a snort.
I adjusted my stance, my feet on the inside of hers, I pushed my hips forward until we were touching and then I clenched my cheeks, throbbing against her.
“Yes!” “Yes? Yes, what?” “What? Yes… yes, please? Yes, I want you in me?” I had been stroking myself over her pussy.
Confusion and annoyance crossed her face, “I need you.
” With a hand on her shoulder and the other guiding me, I pushed into her.
As I did, I leant over her and whispered in her ear, “I need you too.
” I pulled back my hips and slid a little deeper, “I want you,” I gasped.
Slowly moving back and forth now, deeper and deeper, until my hips were pushing against hers.
“I,” each.
“Am,” word.
“Yours,” punctuated.
“You,” with.
“Are,” a.
“Mine,” thrust.
“Oh, god yes! I’ll claw out the eyes, oh shit! Of any, yes!, Any, fuck! Fucking slut that…” Her legs gave way once more, I could feel her pussy gripping my cock.
Her head dropped forward, resting against the work surface as her body convulsed again.
I did not stop but slowly kept moving, I was getting close, her orgasm was dragging me to the precipice.
Finally, I stood erect, thrusting forward, deeper than ever; my hands gripped her hips as I pulsed, cumming, filling her.
As I came down, I leant over her, laying my front along her back.
Our breath returned, our hearts slowed, I kissed her softly on the shoulder and the ear.
“Okay?” I asked.
“Uhuh,” she responded dreamily.
Then she turned her head and looked at me, quietly, dangerously she said, “You’re mine, I’ll claw the eyes out of any fucking slut that even looks to try to take you from me.
” Then she giggled, “Sorry, I get a little possessive.
” Smiling, I kissed her cheek.
I stood up, pulling her up with me, unwrapping the ribbons from around her hands and then I scooped her into my arms.
“Wait, stop,” she said.
I gave her a questioning look, “The oven,” she replied.
With the oven turned off, I carried her to the bedroom.
“Your boobs didn’t get the attention they deserve.



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