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The stars shone off of the impossibly tall buildings, the distant city skyline a glittering reminder of what was at stake.
They had broken a protocol set for decades, and they knew what happened to the rebellious.
It would not belong before morning.
The rising of the sun would end this illusion, and the Foundation would come for them.
Hearing the sigh of his sleeping breath, Calliope held Levan tighter.
The warmth of his skin took her back, back to when they still had time.
* “Levan, I am to be your bride.
” The petite, blonde woman standing in front of him blushed.
Forcing down the lump in his throat, Levan managed a smile.
How wonderful to see you again.
” He spoke with a stiffness that he couldn’t quite mask.
Since childhood he had known that this would be his fate.
To become married to someone he could never love.
The Foundation allocated spouses in adolescence, according to family wealth and projected career.
This was said to maintain order and prevent passions from becoming too high.
The Foundation was not interested in passion, it was not conducive to a functional world.
Frann was of a lordly family and he was an esteemed scientist in the biolabs.
A great match, on paper.
But Levan had fallen in love with another.
Her dark hair, womanly body and sweet scent were on his mind even now.
Even faced with what he had feared- being trapped in a mundane life as dictated by the Foundation- he saw only her in his mind’s eye.
Frann was pretty enough, but he was already enthralled.
Calliope had shown him so much, had worshipped him and allowed him to return the favour.
The taste of her drove him to breaking point.
He realised his thoughts were wandering and tried to focus on Frann’s father, yammering as usual.
in six days.
Hardly enough time.
My daughter deserves the best! Regardless, we will push on.
We shall see you at the signing, then?” Levan answered automatically, “Of course, sir.
I look forward to it.
” He left as fast as he could without drawing suspicion.
He had to get to Calliope, had to confirm their guess was right and the time had come.
The sky was full of craft tonight, mostly public vehicles carrying people home from their work day.
The occasional private shuttle could be spotted, with their updated tech and shiny exteriors.
Levan sometimes dreamt that he could buy one for his beloved, that they’d fly away and he’d show her a world outside of the city.
When he reached his apartment, she was there.
Silhouetted against the window, she wore a black robe and her hair spilled over her shoulders.
“Is it done, then?” her voice barely a whisper.
He crossed the room to her, spinning her around to face him.
“It is not done yet.
It will not happen.
Everything we said is true.
I will never want anything but this.
” He caressed her shoulders, staring into her brown eyes.
Usually so full of hope, tonight they were dulled.
He had seen this look before.
When they stopped to think about their situation, when they acknowledged that they were never supposed to have been, she seemed to shrink into nothing.
“Are you here, my love? Are you still mine?” At the sound of his pleading voice, she came alive.
She threw her arms around his neck and brought her lips to touch his.
Within moments her tongue was flicking out to taste his mouth.
He parted his lips and hungrily met her kiss.
She ran her hands up his long, lean back.
His shoulders were so broad and it always amazed her that such a gentle heart resided in such a strong body.
He nipped her lip with his teeth and she dug her nails into his shoulders.
“Be nice!” he admonished.
“I’m always nice to you, baby.
Don’t you like the way this feels?” She tore down his back, fingernails pressing ever so slightly, and sending shivers throughout his body.
He answered by grabbing her ass with both hands and biting her neck.
Calliope moaned, as he knew she would.
In their glorious year of forbidden love, he had gotten to know every inch of her body and how it all reacted to his touch.
“I like the way you feel.
” He wrenched her arms from him and stood back to look at her.
She was tall, and large.
Her breasts were ample and her stomach was soft, her hips generous enough for him to hold her by.
She often lamented her size, but he cherished every part of her.
Pulling her to the edge of their bed, he dropped to his knees before her, eager to settle her worried mind with the pleasure and safety they had so often before found in each other.
He undid the ribbon tying her robe closed and gently opened the fabric.
Online Now! Lush Cams Mitch_Corrigan She wore nothing underneath.
Before him, a goddess.
If Levan could only understand she felt the same.
That his frame sent her mad, his long arms and legs making him seem every inch the warrior she saw in his heart.
He traced his fingers lightly over her stomach and leant in to kiss it.
She looked down at him, twisted her fingers in his wavy blonde hair.
Gently, Calliope sat on the corner of the mattress.
He leant in for a kiss but she denied him, leading his head lower.
She sighed deeply as he buried his face between her legs.
He licked her slowly, purposefully.
His tongue worked from her entrance to her clitoris and sent waves of torturous pleasure through her body, hardening her nipples.
Levan smiled wickedly to himself as her felt her labia swell.
He brought a finger up and into her warm, wet vagina, sliding it in and out slowly.
She moaned as he added a second, then a third.
As he sped up his movements he felt her start to come, all in response to him.
His own erection was straining against the fabric of his pants and as if reading his mind, Calliope pushed Levan away from her body and quickly got down off of the bed.
She kissed him with an animal passion, pushing him onto the floor and fumbling with his belt.
The moment she had removed his pants she went down on him, taking the tip of his cock in her mouth.
He gasped, “Oh fuck!” No matter how often they did this, the feeling of her lips wrapped around his length drove out any rational thought.
There was only she and him, only what they brought for each other.
Everything else be damned.
She took her time, going slowly and then fast, stopping only to lick his balls and kiss his thighs.
He had brought her ecstasy and she wanted to return the feeling to him.
When at last she found the salty taste of precum on her tongue, she withdrew.
Staring into his eyes, Calliope climbed on top on him, lowering herself onto his huge, hard penis.
The shuddering relief they felt at being united once more was almost enough to make them come right then.
She rocked back and forth, his hands on her hips to guide her movements.
Occasionally she felt him stiffen ever further and it filled her whole pussy, as though he owned every space in her body.
A thin layer of sweat began to coat their bodies, the warm night intensified.
Levan needed to be deeper, not satisfied with how close they already were.
She knew the look in his eyes, and climbed off of him, turning around on all fours.
“Oh Cali.
That sexy ass of yours! How could I ever want anything else?!” She laughed at his silly compliment and wiggled her body.
“I’m waiting, lover.
” Levan wasted no more time.
He thrust into her from behind, getting so deep into her vagina that she cried out with the first movement.
Again and again, he filled her hole.
His sack banging against her, she felt her clitoris being stimulated again.
He began to grunt and pant as he moved in and out.
This is it.
Nothing else!” She understood.
She too felt that they were meant to be, perfectly fitting each other’s bodies.
Perfectly matching each other’s minds.
No-one could stop them from being together, not when it felt so right.
Their heaven continued as she began to buckle and shudder against him.
She was coming first, just as he liked.
She screamed his name as he quickly began to rub her clit, hoping the double stimulation would please her even more.
His pace quickened and he felt her gush fluids onto his cock.
This sent him into overdrive.
He continued his frenzied thrusts until he too, came.
The release shook his whole body and his hot cum mixed with her own.
They were finally sated and collapsed onto each other.
They gazed at each other, forgetting what was expected of them.
They gazed at each other, knowing that this was true love.
* Coming back to the present reality, Calliope wiped a tear from her eye.
Levan had abandoned his prestigious work, abandoned the city to be with her, a dreamer with no real prospects.
He had skipped out on his matched partner to show her the world.
She had to make it worth it.
She had to match his bravery, kindness and skill.
She would show him every day that she loved him, with her heart and her body.
The Foundation would come for the lovers.
They would not find them.



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